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  1. I know this bass very well 🙂 and I can say it is extremely responsive and has a huge B. A great instrument for everyone who has something to tell with his/her fingers. Willem is a great seller and this bass would put you far above 16K Euro retail price due to the massive amount of upgrades it has.
  2. Selling my Fodera Imperial 5 with a breathtaking Chestnut Burl Top Specs: Alder Body Chestnut Burl Top Brazilian Rosewood Board 35’, 19mm Spacing Weight 4,68 kg Seymour Duncan Dual Coils Fodera Pope Preamp Custom Ebony Ramp Built around 2000 Fodera Teardrop Case The bass has been played and has some small dings here and there, nothing serious. These blemishes have been reflected in the price. Everything works as expected. The weight is quite moderate for a Imperial. ON HOLD
  3. Selling my very unique Alleva Coppolo LG5 Custom. It is like new (besides one small chipped out ding mentioned below) and has the following spec: Spalted Alder Body - very lightweight, yet quite responsive, this is Jimmys most expensive body wood choice Amberburst Finish - looks less orange than in the pics Very nice Macassar Ebony board with binding MOP dots 34" 19mm spacing at bridge Jimmys proprietary pickups and electronics, pickups in 60s positions Built 2019, Weighs 3,9 kg (!) I bought it in new condition, but just today I managed to chip out a small piece of finish at the back of the neck joint - I will add a picture later. Besides that the bass is absolutely like new - even the transparent foil is still on the back cover plate. The sound is typical Alleva-like, so it tends towards the classical early Fender timbre - although the Ebony board adds some snap and opens the upper registers - if desired. I personally prefer the vintage models, but for players with a slightly more flexible and modern demand this Alleva would be a great find. Asking 4.900 EUR (4500 GBP) plus shipping, trade value is 5.400 EUR. Trades considered: Alleva Coppolo LM5/LM4, Ken Smith BSR Elite, Fenders until 1973, F Basses with nice tops, Fodera Elite 34" or less, LeFay Remigton Steele 6, Mattisson. .
  4. Selling my MINT Xotic XJ1T5 Natural. Ash Body Maple Board with Luminarc Dots, 34’ 18mm Spacing 4,4 kg Xotic Pickups in wooden covers Xotic Preamp (V/V/T passive, B/M/T active, Hi/Mid Select Switches, Act/Passive) Xotic Gigbag (also like new) Absolutely like new ! Everything works fine ! SOLD
  5. Fodera Imperial 5 from 2004 in like new condition. The shown pictures are from March 21 and not optimized in any way. Super rare Brazilian Tulipwood Full Top and Board (this has been a 3000 USD upgrade and is currently not offered anymore by Fodera. Brazilian Tulipwood is a Dalbergia species and should not be mistaken for North American Tulipwood which is a common light wood used for bodies. 35" scale, 22 frets and 19mm spacing at bridge. 5pc Maple Neck. The Tulipwood is attractively contrasted by Purpleheart pickup covers and dots. The body is made of Ash. Pickups are Aero Dual Coils, preamp is the famous Pope. The bass has been well cared for and condition is like new. Truss rod, electronics, hardware - everything works as expected. OHSC included. SOLD !
  6. 3000 EUR = 2576 GBP at current exchange rate 🙂
  7. 5500 EUR = 4722 GBP at current exchange rate 🙂
  8. Thanks Nikos. And it plays and sounds superb !
  9. Just made a very smooth trade deal with Nikos. Excellent communication, a friendly and serious seller - and a true bass connaisseur ! Highly recommended ! Enjoy the bass Nikos !
  10. Second smooth deal with Milan. Fast and reliable ! Highly recommended ! Enjoy the basses 🙂
  11. That is a wonderful bass in excellent condition for this age ! The top seems to me more like Ebony which should contribute to an overall quicker response.. What are the two switches for ? The original TCT Preamp had no switches. Anyway a piece of history ! And one of the nicest bass designs ever imho...
  12. Selling my just traded-in MTD 6 string. It is a great player and one of the earlier basses Michael Tobias has built. It has spent most of its life with an active preamp and a huge power supply jack built into the body. According to the previous owner (a fellow BCer) Michael himself restored the bass to its original state, re-installed the original Bartolini pre and closed the hole with a matching wood part. The quality of the work is excellent as expected. The bass has a wonderful low action and with its 3,9 kg it is a featherweight, considering it is a 35" 6er ! Amboyna Burl Top (that is a VERY expensive wood today) Leightweight Ash body Maple neck and board Wenge cap on headstock and Wenge plates Bartolini pickups and preamp (V/Bal/B/M/T and Mid frequency switch) 21 frets 18 mm spacing at bridge 35" scale 3,9 kg (true !) Original HSC (has seen better days) Everything works fine. Frets have long life left. SOLD
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