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  1. 4,9 kg, but it feels lighter as it hangs well balanced on the strap.
  2. Selling my wonderful F Bass BNF5 Fretless. Compared with the AC5 this model has no chambered body but a second magnetic pickup. This BNF5 has the Ebony bridge which in my ears has a better support for an organic fretless sound than its metal sister. Spec: Ash body, high gloss Maple Neck with Ebony Board, no lines F Bass Pickups with Matching wooden covers F Bass Electronic (V/V/T and 3-Bd. EQ, Passive Mode and Coil-Tap) 34,5“ Scale 19mm Spacing Ebony Bridge F Bass Gigbag Everything in top condition with the following exceptions: on the lower body side there is a 1cm ding (look at the pics) and the electronics cover has some wear from unprofessional opening. The bass is strung with LaBella Black Nylon Flats, providing a wonderful singing tone. Asking 2.500 GBP (2.700 EUR) plus shipping from Duesseldorf/Germany.
  3. The Maroon coloured coils are correct for all Fender basse until early 64. Copper coloured coils appeared in 64. So this is legit. Very nice bass. Tragic that one pickup is a replacement...
  4. Trade only against Smith, F Bass, Fodera, Ken Lawrence. +/- cash.
  5. Selling my wonderful and MINT Modulus Quantum 6 with Buckeye Burl Top. It‘s a cracking bass but 17mm string spacing is too small for my fingers. Specs: Alder Body, Graphite neck bolt-on, Bartolini pickups Aguilar OBP-3 preamp Dunlop Straplocks 35 scale, 17 mm spacing at bridge Low action, neck straight, sound has lots of attack, deep lows and crisp highs, sounds definitely ‚modern‘. Technically perfect. New Price 2800 GBP 2500 GBP plus shipping from Duesseldorf/Germany.
  6. Just bought a 65 J from Seni. Very good bass as expected, smooth transaction, always good communication ! Thanks my friend. Waiting for the next deal with you !
  7. Still looking for trade against a Fodera 5 or 6
  8. Yes indeed ! Congratulations ! That one was the very beginning of my life long Smith love. Sold it due to financial trouble and regretted that sale immediately. Tried to get it back years later and now it popped up here at TB... A very good BT5 ! I love that fine Koa grain. Thanks for the pictures. That helps a lot.
  9. Hi all, Anyone out there who owns an old Ken Smith BT bass with a 3-knob preamp - preferably 1991 or older ? I would be very happy if I could get a picture from the preamp with solderings and wirngs intact. I just received a BT6 from that era where the previous owner swapped out the original pre and unsoldered some wires. Now I need the correct connections ... Anyone who can help me...? Regards Rainer
  10. Thanks Simone, very nice, but I would highly prefer a 5er or 6er.
  11. Still available ! Open for reasonable cash offers !
  12. Very nice ! These lightweight Xotics are worth a try for every Jazz Bass lover! plus excellent seller = top deal ! Is that black or blue ?
  13. Wonderful bass. I am pretty sure that the top is rare and now distinct Chestnut Burl. Good luck.
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