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  1. Bass is mine now ! Absolutely amazing ! Thanks Burak !
  2. Just traded in this wonderful bass but I am not a 36" lover, even if this bass does not play and feel like that. Specs: Chestnut Burl Top Alder Body Brazilian Rosewood Board ! 36" scale 19mm spacing at bridge Aero Dual Coils in Chestnut Covers Pope Preamp Gold HW OHSC Weight 4.62 kg The serial number sets this to the legendary Chestnut times in the 90s. Condition is superb, hard to see any dings without a very close look. I don't really know but it seems to me that this bass has been fully refurbished at Fodera once ago. Even the gold plated HW has no fading. Low action, everything works fine and the sound is as you would expect from that config: a huge B and a responsive, dominant and organic timbre. Asking 5700 GBP which is a steal for this bass, considering the rare woods that have been used here. Chestnut tops and Rio Boards are a 3000+ USD upgrade against common woods. No trades please - price is firm. Sorry for the blurry pics - I had no better lighting today. Updates will follow.
  3. Selling my legendary Steinberger graphite paddle bass, an XL2 from 1992. Condition is very good. Everything works fine. The neck is straight and the action could be set very low. The leg rest is the newer one. Frets are in very good shape and still have years of life on them. Original EMG pickups. This bass has the rare detuner on the E string. It works perfectly and could adjust the E string to a low D in a heartbeat. Just put a fresh set of GHS double ball end strings on it. The gigbag is not original I guess and is not the most reliable one. There are better ones available in the market - but it still does the job. These Steinbergers are perfect travel basses as they are not as sensitive against climate changes like its wooden sisters. Plus the size reduced to a minimum what a 34" could be. I am asking 2300 GBP or 2500 EUR plus shipping from Duesseldorf/Germany. This is the lowest price I can see anywhere in the web today. No trades please. Sorry for the poor pics - I had no better lighting available today. I will upgrade them as soon as possible.
  4. Selling my MINT condition Fodera Emperor II with the following specs Holly Full Top Semi hollow Ash Body Alder Tone Block Amazon Rosewood Fretboard w MOP inlays 35" scale, 19mm string spacing Extended Low B Titanium locking bridge Duncan Dual Coils in TK positons and Amazon Rosewood covers Built January 2016 Pope Preamp Amazon RW ramp Weight 4,6 kg OHSC This is a fantastic Fodera with a huge B string. The TK positions basically support the clear and focussed mids so that the bass is standing very present in the mix. Not a single mark on it. Virtually like new. The extra options rise up the retail price for this bass above 16000 USD - plus VAT/shipping. Asking 8000 GBP (8800 EUR) plus shipping from Duesseldorf / Germany. Absolutely no trades unless you have a nice Fodera 6 Elite with 34" scale or lower or a fully original pre-CBS Fender. Newborn site here: (Click picture to view page) More pics:
  5. Selling a Fodera Emperor II Elite from 2001 with the following specs: Amazing Buckeye Burl Full Top Alder Body Brazilian Rosewood Board w 21 frets ! 35" scale, 19mm String spacing at bridge Pope Preamp, Seymour Duncan Single Coils in 70s positions Gold Hardware 4,58 kg OHSC Top codition with only 2 dings on the body back (ca 2-3 mm). The 21 frets board and the 70s single coils make this a slap monster with a warm timbre due to the board wood ! Low action. Everything works fine. Asking 6200 GBP (6800 EUR) plus shipping from Duesseldorf (Germany). Not looking for trades unless you have a nice Fodera Neckthrough 6 with 34" or less.
  6. Selling my matching pair (neck + bridge) Nordstrand Dual Coil 5-string Pickups. Top condition. Perfect replacements for EMG40 pickups: 102,2mm x 38,4mm (1.51″ x 4.02″), Splittable for parallel or single coil operating. For 19mm string spacing. SOLD
  7. Now with Aguilar Pickups and a passive tone blend. And new pics.
  8. These 20th Anniversary Smiths are fantastic and ... lightweight ! 4.6 kg is on the lower end of Smith 6ers ... Free bump from me. If I would not already own a Birdseye Redwood 6 from the 20th Anniversary series - I would buy this one in a heartbeat.... Unfortunately my collection should definitely not grow anymore ... GLWTS !
  9. It has the first 9V version of the 3-Bd. BMT circuit. Yes, you are right about the „real throughneck“. These necks are slightly slimmer than the later BSR necks. They are much more complex to build than the toneblock versions.
  10. Selling an all-time classic in top condition - a Ken Smith BT6 Elite from 1997. Specs: Wonderful walnut top 5-pc Body and 5-pc Neck (neckthrough) 34" Scale 18 mm Stringspacing Original Smith Teardrop Case Smiths from the 90s in this condition are quite rare finds. Low action. Everything works as expected. Asking 3.900 EURO / 3.600 GBP plus shipping from Duesseldorf / Germany. Sold to a fellow BCer....
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