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  1. I now replaced the worn golden tuners with Gotoh Res-o-lites ! Amazing ! They are well made and really lightweight to prevent neck-dive.
  2. For sale: Paul Lairat Gabriella 5 Fretless Myrte Top, various woods for body and neck - please look at the Homepage for details. The fretboard is made of Wenge. The bass is an acoustic bass and has a piezo pickup + Vol/Tone. 34“ and 18mm spacing. 4.1 kg. Comes in an acoustic bass gigbag. Deep and wooden sound somewhere between Fretless and a double bass. Condition is very good. Unfortunately two ugly dings on the body. Look at the pics please. Retail price is 5400 EUR. I am asking 2400 EUR plus shipping from Duesseldorf / Germany. This is a video from Paul Lairat with a 4-string (not mine): This is mine:
  3. For sale: Tino Tedesco 5/21 with a breathtaking Quilted Maple top. Lightweight Ash Body, Amberburst Pau Ferro fretboard Nordstrand Dual Coils in EMG format Aguilar 2-bd with active/passive push/pull 34,5“, 19mm spacing, <4 kg Non-original gigbag Plays very easy and comfortable. Like new condition ! My price: 2.000 EUR plus shipping from Duesseldorf / Germany
  4. You ask me whether I am paranoid ? I only asked you something about your senseless post in my thread. No answer, OK. But no need to become personal offensive. You do by yourself for what you blame others. You also could have said: Oh sorry, it was just a bump. But you go your own way. Good luck.
  5. What do you want to point out with that post ? Is that good or bad ? Is that a lot or too less ? Is my bass worth less or more now ? Would you like to motivate the reader to look elsewhere ?
  6. Would be happy to trade against a Smith Neckthrough 5er... or a F Bass BN6 with a nice top ... or a Fodera Elite. Could add some cash if needed.
  7. Some obscurities here again: Nail holes seem to have lacquer in it ! Why is there a shadow on the finish in the electric cavity near the neck pickup wires ? Again: Oly White in 63 : ALWAYS with matching headstock ! Oly White or Blonde: ALWAYS with tortoise guard ! Frets are 100% sure renewed. I have seen lots of original vintage Fenders and this fret end shaping is too poor/ too sharp to be original ! Nut is definitely renewed. 63/64 nuts are more "glassy" and would not look like white. Pots renewed. Solderings are broken. Circuit plate has wider screw holes than used in 63/64. Nail hole at the neck has unusual position. OK stamp in neck pocket has been oversprayed ! Again these obscure white finish at the neck end - never seen on original basses. Looks like the neck had been mounted too early after refin. And so on and so on. Please note: I do NOT try to blame the sellers of that particular bass or of this ad that they offer basses that are not original. But it would be great to get more evidence. My recommendation: Always be in doubt when something seems to be unclear ! So, I would highly appreciate if the seller could provide more details. And all these forensic discussions do not say anything about the player quality of the bass! These basses could be amazing pieces - even if they are proven original or not.
  8. Agree. The bevel looks typical modern and not 60s.
  9. I definitely disagree sorry ! From where do you get that assumption ? Please use Google. The major vintage web sites all disagree ! Perhaps in the very early 60s stack knob times there could be a Oly White body appear without matching headstock. I myself own a Fiesta Red 61 without matching headstock as it was finished in UK. But later (after 62) it would have been a custom order as ALL custom colours (besides Blonde) where made with matching headstock. It is definitey NOT normal to have a custom colour 64 without matching headstock. And of course there were since the beginning Jazz Basses built with Ash bodies, ALWAYS without matching headstock and with translucent blonde finish. No exception. And I played a 62 Ash body Blonde Jazz Bass at Vintage Guitar Oldenburg. It was definitely original - proven by some of the attributes I asked for.
  10. Nice. Without the matching headstock it should be a translucent Blonde finish with Ash body. But it does not look translucent in the pics... And the white finish marks on the neck end are not common. So, do you have any detail pics of the neck pocket or the nail holes to verify the finish is original ? And could you measure the body thickness ? Of course the pickup coils and bobbins are interesting too. At this price range much more evidence about all the parts would help. Just my 2c.
  11. Fodera Monarch Deluxe 4 with very nice Redwood Burl Top. Specs: Mahogany body with Redwood Burl Full Top (upgrade) Ebony Board with Abalone Blocks (upgrade) 5-pc Maple neck (upgrade) New Pope preamp (upgrade) Aguilar PJ pickups (EMG pickups are included and easily swappable w/o soldering) 34", 19mm spacing Build year about 2000 Non-original case or bag. I offered the bass years ago with a small crack in the fingerboard. It has been professionally repaired by a local luthier and will not move anymore. Retail price with all that upgrades would be ~10k USD plus shipping/VAT
  12. Selling one of my Ken Smith BT6 - with black headstock and the legendary 3-knob preamp. This one has been well played and therefore shows a lot of wear. Although it performs quite well and plays like butter like all Smiths from that era. Bridge and neck pickup have been renewed. The gold plating of the original tuning machines is faded - so I installed Gotoh Res-O-Lites, which are the best lightweight ones out there. The originals come with the bass. Neck back is nicely worn (like old vintage Fenders). Lot of dings and dongs on the body. But - it is a vintage Smith in full working order. Frets have been professionally dressed by my tech just these days, so the action could be set to really low. Please note the neck through construction which is going all the way along the body, not amended by "toneblocks" glued to the neck on the body back. This construction is much more expensive than the newer ones as it is built from one bigger piece of wood. I own a second one which is still like new and I want wo keep that one. Soundwise they are nearly identical. Comes in a noname case. Asking 2800 GBP plus shipping from Duesseldorf / Germany
  13. With pain in my heart I consider to part with my Alleva Coppolo LG5 Supreme, which is configured close to the one Paul Turner played recently. Spec: Alder Body Olympic White with matching headstock Exotic Rosewood Fingerboard with Dots and Binding Nitro lacquer 34", 19mm spacing Proprietary Alleva Coppolo pickups and preamp Built 2011 for January NAMM Weight 4.7 kg Original gigbag The bass has a 1cm ding on the bottom of the body near the output jack, not visible while playing, otherwise in excellent condition, everything works fine. Currently strung with Dunlop flats. In the pictures a Hipshot bridge is shown. The bass was originally built with the Alleva Coppolo bent plate bridge, which could be remounted again on demand. SOLD You know - January 31st international sales between EU and GB will become much more expensive for both sides. So think about it to grab one rare Alleva before then.
  14. Pics not visible here either...
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