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  1. For sale is my Overwater Scott Devine J-Series 4-String Bass. It is the standard version (1-piece maple neck, swamp-ash body) with the 33 Scale and 16.5 mm string spacing. Very good condition with one minor ding (you can hardly see it on the pictures) and scratches on the scratch-plate. Is was my main bass for one year, but due to corona just played at home. I have a few vids and sound samples that I can send you, if you are interested. I want to sell it because I ordered an Overwater Bass P-Bass with some custom options. Bass comes in a Hiscox Case as you can see on the pictures below. Shipping is possible, but at you own risk. Please feel free to ask.
  2. New Price is 2850 GBP ( 3300 Euro)!
  3. Actual string spacing is 17,5 mm
  4. Hi there, the next bass I want to sell is my "Adamovic Jupiter 6 String". What a wonderful bass 😍 I know that selling this bass will broke my heart, but whenever I play my 4 strings it is like coming home. I don't have use for 6 Strings, especially not for the B-String. The specs are: Light Mahagony Body flamed amazaque top Guariba/wenge Neck Zollernia fingerboard Set neck 2x Häussel bass bar PUs with passive electronic < 4kg massive low B string! You can see that this bass was used, but there are no big scratches, dings or dongs. The wooden PU covers were replaced by Harry Häussel, because of some cracks probably due to fluctuations in temperature. As Häussel told me Adamovic don't use that kind of wood anymore for wooden covers. Now these are wooden covers made of ebony. I prefer local pickup, but shipping is possible, too. But I have to emphasize that shipping is at your own risk. Please feel free to ask questions. I also have some sound snippets, if you are interested.
  5. This is by far the most beautiful Fodera I have seen 😍!
  6. Hi there, I want to sell my Overwater Scott Devine Signature 5 String Bass. Specs: 33" Scale 16,5 mm String Spacing 3-piece-Flame and Birdeye-Maple-Neck (AAA-Quality) string-trough 3-piece body from alder and swamp-ash Graphit-Reinforcements in the neck to handle a low-B "extended neck joint" Bolt on (combines the advantages of neck-trough and bolt-on) John East Elekronik 3-band-EQ < 4kg including case good condition, you can see that this bass was played, but there are no bigger scratches, dings or dongs sound samples available great and enormous B String for a 33 Scale I am living in Wiesbaden, Germany. Although I would prefer local pickup, shipment is possible, too. Because of one bad experience that I made in all those years, please be informed that shipment is at your own risk. I am not famous in this forum here, but I am long time member in the german bassic.de forum and on ebay-kleinanzeigen.de, where you can find this bass, too. Trades or partial trades are possible, too. But in this case we have to meet somewhere, since I not buying basses, without having played them before, anymore. Feel free to ask questions.
  7. The bass is located in Wiesbaden, Germany.
  8. For sale is my Ken Smith BSR 5 EG Elite ( 2011 ) Cocobolo-Top Mahagony/ Walnut Body ( not 100% sure about the mahagony ) Weight is about 4,9 kg. ( Very ) Good condition with a few scratches, but no serious dings or dongs. The electronic and truss-rod work without problems. The neck is straight. Sounds wonderful. And the new BSR are much more comfortable to play without neck diving in contrast to the old BT`s. With original hardcase and papers. I prefer local pickup, but shipping is possible, too. Feel free to ask me questions. I know that I have no reputation here on basschat and I am not very active here in this forum ( I am more active in bassic.ch ) but we can find a secure solution, if you are interested in this bass.
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