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  1. They have a new shirt headstock now, bye they sound great those basses
  2. Please post here photos of the best looking p bass (not only by fender). Body color, pickguard etc thanks!!
  3. Hello! Hope you enjoy this demo! https://youtu.be/UBppZld21tg Stay safe! Alberto
  4. I’m selling this beautiful Cort upgraded with Sims Super Quad pickups (one of the best and versatile pickup set I’ve ever tried) and dot side leds. Sounds amazing and super versatile. The upgrade was really expensive but worth (made by Martin Sims in person) No trades
  5. What if Cort makes a new model of bass, super affordable price (300-350 usd), but with NEW Bartolini pickups (no more MK1) and more versatile? Would you buy it? Please vote on the poll! thanks!
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