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  1. Hello! A quick overview on the brand new Ultra series. IMMO better than the previous Elite version. Cheers! Al https://youtu.be/nb5Hkp21V7c
  2. Selling this wonderful MTD 535-21 made in USA. It sounds definitely killer... All the characteristic are described in the photo attached (letter sent by MTD itself). No original case included. Shipping included in Europe. No trades sold
  3. I'm selling this beautiful looking and sounding Tune WB6-FM, fretless (lined), with piezo system and great woods. It sings a lot and it's in excellent conditions! I'm not interested in trade. I ship everywhere
  4. I traded in some gear with a shop and I picked up this BRAND NEW Fbass BN5. But I did that to sell it because I need to monetize. Pics come directly from the shop. I can get more detailed pics but I don’t event want to unbox the bass. Fbass is always a guarantee. Shipping in UE. No trades
  5. avri means that it is made with pre cbs parts right?
  6. Another price drop! 3450 GBP plus shipping! super deal! 34 gap
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