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  1. Selling this gorgeous Ken Smith BSR5 elite. It sounds stunning.. used but in good condition, perfectly working. Serial number 5EG227002W. Original hard case included. Shipping everywhere (not included in the price). not looking for trades
  2. Like new, it doesn’t need presentation.. a piece of art and unique gorgeous tone. Quite rare because of the strings through body system and blue dot side LEDs. Hard case and tools included. Specs in the attached pic. shipping in Europe included. For uk, duties up to buyer no trades thanks!
  3. I may accept trades... with five string basses
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Hello! I'm selling this true black beauty custom shop by Maruszczyk. Like new, used in studio only. Shipping everywhere. No trades Specs: 5 string 35’ inch scale Alder body, hard rock maple and fingerboard All finished in black matte Delano pickups (with three way switches for every pickup to change the internal wiring) Delano 3-band EQ Hipshot A-Style bride 18 mm string spacing Weight 4.1 kilos
  6. Hello, here comes a sound test (recorded directly into UAD audio card). Description of the various combination in the caption of sound cloud link. You can really get ton of tones! https://soundcloud.com/albertorigoni/walsims-test cheers!
  7. You have a 3 way switch for each pickup, so you can choose the internal wiring> series, parallel, single coil. then you have a switch for leds, dot and front side, dot only, off John east preamp with 2 stacked knobs, on for gain the other for frequencies selection
  8. Hello! I’m selling the Mike Dirnt Fender Precision signature in mint conditions. Sounds and looks great but I prefer P with maple fingerboard. original fender hard case included Shipping (cost not included) everywhere no trades thanks! al
  9. I may consider partial trades with Wal 5, or high quality basses such as Alleva Coppolo, Fodera etc
  10. Hello everyone! Long story here but I will try to be synthetic. Before Pete, owner of Wal, passed away in mid 2000, he started a project of a new bass together with Martin Sims of Enfield Guitars. After the death of Pete the project was put in standby and only one year ago Martin Sims decided to complete it. When I discovered that I purchased it, that was before Covid. Now after one year I received it but unfortunately due to financial issue I can't keep it so I have sadly to sell it. It looks and sounds gorgeous. Moreover is super versatile due to SIMS Super Quad Pickups and John East pre-amp. It's indeed absolutely UNIQUE. Here follows the features: By Wal: Body: Mahogany core with maple top & back 5 piece Maple neck Super dark ebony fingerboard (24 frets) Bridge Polyester black finish By Sims: 2 Sims Super quad pickups with 3 way switch for each pickup (single coil, series, parallel) John East preamp (stacked knobs with gain and frequency control) Front and dot side less (you can choose between just dot and both dot and front side through the switch). Hard case included but not Wal.
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