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  1. For trades it depends- The truss rod cover plate is with the bass. Thanks
  2. I've taken this beautiful bass in a trade, but it's not my cup of tea. So I have to resell it. The bass is perfect and sound really good. Comes with original Pedulla case. Here the topic of previous owner.
  3. Ciao GIanni, non mi interessa grazie lo stesso
  4. Beautiful Sadowsky Nyc, with stunning burled top and rare Brazilian RW fingerboard (available only inside USA). Perfect conditions. With Sadowsky case.
  5. For sale or part trade beautiful Fodera Emperor Classic 5 in red colour. With stunning Birdseye maple Fb, Pope preamp, dual cool Fodera-duncan pick up. Very good conditions, only a couple of signs of use in the finish. With Fodera hardcase. Part trade considered.
  6. Ok. However if you want send me a pic in pm so I can consider it
  7. If it’s a recent Nyc we can also talk about
  8. Trade considered with MTD535, Sadowsky 5, Ken Smith 5
  9. 5 pieces tiger maple body with mohogany core, with transparent red finish.
  10. For sale beautiful Sadowsky PJ Hybrid, buyed on Thomann in April 2019. The bass is in new condition, with original case.
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