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  1. For sale or trade beautiful custom Fodera Monarch Elite 5. These are the specs: Body Woods • Monarch • Mahogany Body • Ash Tone Block • Curly Walnut Top (non-solid) Neck Woods • Ebony Fingerboard • 3-pc. Maple Neck • Blank Inlays Construction Specs • Birth Date - December 2016 • Neckthrough Construction • 33" Scale Length • 5 String Configuration (19.0mm Spacing) • 24 Frets (large frets) Electronics Options • Fodera / Pope 3-Band Custom Preamp • Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil Pickups • Monarch Control Layout Now has strunged in E-C but in the past with low B was also a very good sound. Comes with original Fodera Custom case and accessories. Can consider part trade with Fodera standards, Sadowsky, Mtd, Alleva ecc.
  2. For sale MTD 535 with spalted maple top, mohogany body, wengè neck and board. Very good conditions, with original case and documents. Trade considered only with fodera, Sadowsky 5 or alleva Coppolo 5
  3. The Natural is sold now. Silver burst available
  4. For sale Fodera Custom Monarch Deluxe 5 with rare Dyer Oak top. This bass comes new from Thomann in 2018 (12.100 Thomann price) and it’s in like new conditions. Lightweight ash body, birdseye maple Fb, last generation fodera preamp, wood coverer duncan dual coil pick Up, 34” scale. With fodera Custom case and documents.
  5. Consider to sale one of my 2 Sadowsky usa 5. If one sells I keep the other one. 1) Sadowsky Usa custom vintage 5 2017, perfect conditions, Natural with mastergrade figured top, with Sadowsky case, 3,6 kg; £4300 2) Sadowsky Usa Satin 5 Silver Burst 2018, very good conditions with some normal signs of use, with Sadowsky case, 3,7 kg. £3000
  6. Very new bass, one month of life. New Metro series (no express), PJ configuration, beautiful sage green color. With original case.
  7. Very beautiful Rob Allen MB-2, Unlined fretless, incredible sound in only 2,5 kg. With superb woods on the top and finger pare. Hard case included.
  8. Wonderful Fodera Emperor 5 Custom, built in 2017, ash body, birdseye fb, quilted maple top. incredible sound. Custom fodera dual coil PU. Perfect conditions, with original Custom case and tools.
  9. 34 scale. I don’t know the year, serial is 356
  10. Very beautiful Rob Allen MB-2, lined fretless, incredible sound in only 2,5 kg. With superb koa top. Original case included.
  11. Beautiful Smith BSR5P, the top model of bolt on series. With owesome quilted top and back, 5 pieces neck. Very good conditions with some small scratches on the finish. All working fine. Perfect Smith sound.
  12. For sale or part trade beautiful Warwick Infinity Custom Shop NT5. Very good condition. Comes with hardcase.
  13. For sale or trade beautiful jazz bass Fclef Custom model made in usa. White with matching headstock, gold hardware, Pope preamp, duncan pick up. Beautiful rw fretboard. With hardcase. Very good conditions only little signs on the body finish.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Beautiful NS Design CR4 original series made in Czech Rep. very good conditions, with original stand and case. Trades considered with fretted basses
  16. PU Custom made by Manne. https://www.manne.com/guitar-components/#puguitar
  17. The ultimate fretless bass, beautiful craftmansship by Manne guitars. Very new model, mint conditions. With original case. https://reverb.com/item/4633409-manne-acoustibass-satin-special-5-2017-cma-cga Trades considered with fretted basses.
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