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  1. Hi, its for sure special oder, because the body is swamp aus. I own this Bass a few years and is a great Instrument. Good luck with the sale dave
  2. HI , for sale j retro uni pre like new original pakege only inside a bass for 4 months . location münich germany prize 120 pound without delivery. cheers and greatings alexis.
  3. I trade a bass with dave and everything went perfect , he was very kind and answer all my questions really fast. deal with confidence he is a truly gentelman. cheers
  4. I got Today my limelight 74 jazz bass, plays Great, defintly Vintage like , The Price is ok for his Quality, i Really Think in this parts basses you Need some luck as well. I do have to Say the nash basses are nicer Finish you Really See the high gloss and only in the paint job goes a lot of money. Thanks for advice folks Cheers alexis
  5. Please some one hast to buy this one i cant sleep, such a nice bass Good luck
  6. I play last week i few nash basses ,nice Instruments, nice finish but for sure Not for his value , i would buy used custom shop .I both a limelight i Hey to do a Video or some Sound Clips i gona be in the Studio in 2 week. Cherry.
  7. By the way Station music is Kind of Paradise did i mencion that?
  8. I got to play some nash basses in a shop Call Station music ,nice finish and all but i could Not decide. every bass nearly 2300 Euro with that money could buy some really Top used gear. So i both a limelight today ,74 jazz From cool and Classic guitars , lets see i keep in Touch.
  9. Hi, someone know were to Buy pickguard Material Fender like Quality? Thanks
  10. I gona try some nash basses here in Germany and tell you People Thanks
  11. nice basses as well , but i kind of preffer no quaerter sawn necks , i think to old style necks like old fenders are better more punch, but maybe is only me
  12. thanks for you advice, are the nitro finishes good quality on those limelight?
  13. Hi, Im looking for a nice jazz bass, im interested on a nash because they look great and are not so expensiv, some opinions would be nice. Thanks. Alexis.
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