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  1. nice one for sale or trade i got this one in a trade , is only to light for my hands , great jazz killer slap tone from 2019 only two dents on the back the neck joint see photos specs spalted alder body , custom option 3,9 kilo maple neck , macassar ebony board white binding alleva coppolo pickups and preamp hipshot lollipos and vintage style bridge for trade i will consider a f bass bn5 but im open to other basses , i got other bass for sell trade at the moment i will consider to trade 2 basses for a nice fodera .or some heavy alleva will be great cheers alexis
  2. hi for sale or trade built in 2010 great one just not for me , got marks on the body ome finish dings but overall in a great condition , the neck is great specs walnut body with blodwood and a grat spalted maple top 5 pieces neck maple blodwood and wenge 34 scale 26 frets hausell pickups and glockenklang electronics string spacing ist 17.5 hardware hipshot comes with a new thomann case for trade am looking for an f bass bn5 mainly but im open to offers , i got other bass for sale trade i could do my two basses for 1 fodera as well DSCF0589.RAF DSCF0590.RAF DSCF0591.RAF DSCF0592.RAF
  3. trade with a Nice f Bass , stenback, alleva coppollo or fodera Standard Classic . Up¡!!!!!!
  4. So i decide to Go with macassar ebony and in the end decide to use regular single coils Pickups
  5. Pretty Sure i will Take macassar ebony
  6. Thanks for Your words ,this Bass is amazing If Just we're 22 or 21 frets will BE a Keeper. Greatings Alexis
  7. Back Body Pic , Looks amazing, Fingerboard maybe Honduras Rosewood im tempted with macassar ebony too , i going to get Pics soon Honduras-Griffbrett (4).pdfpdfpdfpdfpdfpdfppdfpdfpdfpdfpdfpd
  8. I think im going to get Moore Pics next Week !! Cheers alexis
  9. Hi , my friend and great luthier is making a Bass for me again , really best Basses for that Price Range , my Jazz Bass 5 from hin is a Dream, i Hope this new one will BE a Dream to Here the specs Walnut Body (i Cut the tree 8 years ago) One piece hard Rock Maple Neck 34,5 Scale 22 frets honduras Rosewood or Maple i will Post Pictures Passive , Nordstrand music man Pickup and Jazz Bass on the Neck . Until Nom only got a Pic from the Body Wood but i will Post Moore
  10. Open to near offers or f Bass bn5 plus Cash, or p Bass Rosewood Fingerboard or ebony plus Cash
  11. I bought a Bass from seifregno and all Went great fast shipping and great packaging Deal with confidence with him Thanks !!!!
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