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  1. Bass is already gone please delete.
  2. You can Deal with confidence with Harry , great comunicaton , i made a trade with him and got a great Bass, really Nice Set Up better then many luthiers do. Thanks Harry Greatings from germany
  3. It will BE Nice to trade with a music man 5 strings!!!!!!
  4. trade option fender p bass custom shop plus cash from me??? this bass is like new!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Such a nice Bass , Wish you good luck with it!!
  6. Trade with p Bass or pj Basses 5 or 4 strings
  7. Hi , someone try or own any lakland Bass made in Japan? Ar they good quality ? Thanks !!! Cheers alexis
  8. Nice one Sven !!!!!! I Play IT once great Bass and at this price is a great offer . Good luck with it
  9. Trade Option music man 5 strings !!!!!
  10. Price drop 1650 pounds!!!!!
  11. Price drop now 2000 pounds Trade Option Yamaha trpll 5 oder Nathan easth 5 strings
  12. Im thinking maybe this one is a Keeper!!!!!
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