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  1. SOLD!!! Please delete. Thank you!
  2. Thanks!!! Yes, it's a great bass, but I have to many. And you know that I'm more into 6 string basses
  3. P-Bass made in Japan without serial number Put together in Germany by a professional luthier from individual Japanese parts -Alder Body -Maple Neck -passive electronics, 1 Volume, 1 Tone -Nordstrand Pickup: 1 np4 P-Style Pickup -Nickel-Hardware, Hipshot Ultralite, Gotoh-Vintage-Bridge -Pickguard tortoise -Schaller locks -La Bella Black Flatwound -3,9 kg
  4. Here is a video of mine playing this bass (+effects). Enjoy
  5. Thank you very much!!! I really appreciate that!!! It's really cool to meet some nice people here from all over the world! I wish you a nice and groovy Sunday!!! Cheers
  6. yeah, the Solids sounds amazing and I really love the Nordstrand electronics. Cheers!
  7. Here some sound examples: http://www.thomasetschmann.de/cds-projekte/estacion-maa
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