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  1. Christian picked up a bass from me just an hour after originally messaging me. Lovely guy and easy transaction. Cheers
  2. A few messages but no sale as of yet. Will throw in a Sadowsky Portabag for the buyer and I also have boxes to ship safely. Cheers
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Might need a tiny bit of cash on top! Just added a video demo for those that asked for one. Cheers
  6. I’ve listed two Sadowsky’s up here to gauge interest but if one sells the other will be be withdrawn so do get in touch if you’re interested. Sadowsky Japanese Metroline RV5-PJ Alder Body Morado Board 1 7/8” Nut Width Hum cancelling P and J pickups 19mm string spacing Sadowsky Preamp with VTC Around 9lbs/4.2kg Built in 2018 Sadowsky Portabag included. The inlays are the amazing Jockomo stick on ones which remove without leaving a mark if you prefer. Same with the rubber finger ramp below the P pickup. New photos added below. There is the tiniest bit of buckle rash but it wouldn’t show up in pictures. It’s in really great condition but wanted to show every imperfection I could. I’ve owned it since new and it hasn’t been gigged a huge amount. Would much prefer pickup from Chessington, Surrey or Central London but would consider posting. Any questions give me a shout. Thanks Dan
  7. Hi all - thanks for all the messages - didn’t expect it to be this popular this quick! I’ve done some quick pictures below - I’ll give it a proper clean up and restring before the buyer gets it. Any marks that appear in the pics are either just the lighting or finger prints. The only actual imperfection is a small scratch on the back top horn (pictured). Couple of other things - it currently has an 18mm bridge on as it’s my personal preference but I will swap it back to the original for when I sell it. Also, the small thumb ramp is just a stuck on rubber foot, it comes off without leaving a mark so will sort that too. Thanks for all the interest, I’m willing to reserve it for anyone who wants to put down a small deposit. As I said, it’s needed for a couple of shows but should be good to go around the end of next week as I have something arriving. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers Dan
  8. SOLD!! Reposting as my old topic got locked for some reason, please let me know if I did something wrong! For sale at a final price drop before withdrawel is my Musicman USA Sub Sterling. Made in the USA in 2005, not a cheaper 'Sterling by' model These were made along USA Stingrays and are pretty rare, particularly in the UK. Upgraded to Aguilar Preamp with push/pull for passive mode and switchable mid EQ. Sonic Blue Nitro Finish Neck stripped and finished with gunstock oil Weights in at just 8.8lbs It has the original alnico pickup but the cover has been swapped to cream. I have the original knobs/pickguard/pickup cover and electronics, although I wouldnt want to guarantee the preamp still works since it has been removed for a while. I will include a Musicman Hardcase is posting but pickup from central London or Surrey is preferred. Demo below showing various settings, any questions give me a shout. If this doesn't sell in the next week or two I will be selling elsewhere so let me know asap! Thanks Dan
  9. Hi Alec - one little video at the link below but will try to do another one at some point soon. Thanks Dan https://www.instagram.com/p/CZe2vVFg3h-/
  10. *Withdrawn for now* Putting up for sale my Japanese made Metro MV5. It's a great bass, only selling to fund another Sadowsky purchase. It's in pretty much as new condition and I have an extra off white/mint green pickguard for it. 4kg/9lbs, balances very nicely. Has the preamp with VTC and sounds mega. The 'inlays' are the jockomo stick-on ones (look them up if you don't know them, they are amazing) but they can be removed without leaving a mark if you prefer. More pics to come but gauging interest for now. I wont be able to sell for a week or two until the new one arrives as it's needed for some shows. UK postage possible but pickup from central London or Chessington, Surrey preferred. Any questions, give me a shout. Thanks Dan
  11. Few messages but no sale yet, feel free to make me an offer. Would also potentially consider a mustang trade (not the PJ one) Cheers
  12. I had the same issue with these strings for a set I bought around a year ago but barely used. Ernie Ball weren't interested and suggested I 'wipe down the strings' and buy another product of theirs - I've never had it with any other set, even after several years...
  13. MEY Guitar and Double/Upright bass stool. Now discontinued but comparable in quality to K&M. This cost me £120 about 10 years ago and only selling due to a clear out. It folds flat for easy storage transportation and is a comfortable 1 arm carry. Removable back rest and also fully adjustable from very high to very low. Also has a fold out foot rest. Full disclosure - there is a small 2-3cm rip in the leather that is covered by gaffa tape, doesn’t effect function at all. There is also one screw missing at the back of the back rest but but again doesn’t effect anything. Pickup from Chessington KT9/South West London or I may be able to deliver for fuel costs. Any questions let me know Thanks Dan
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