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  1. Just when I decided that the jazz bass sound didnt cut it for me bandwise, ive got a ´78 jazz ´per accident´. I thought id try a set of TI flats that I had lying around. You only live once right? Id say it is really a great match! Those strings really bring out a lot of character. I still love the typical jazz bass with fresh rounds sound, but at the moment TI flats are a revelation to me. I tried fender flats on a jazz bass before too; those sounded good, but not as characterfull as the Thomastiks.
  2. There are some lovely sparkling rays out there 🙂
  3. Up for sale is a German made Sandberg fivestring bass. Apparently it's a '93 custom model (that's what the previous owner told me), now known as the bullet model. Its a lovely looking instrument, with a stunning birds eye maple top. I'm not sure what the other wood is, but it looks pretty cool. Some pictures: The bass has been used, so it has some play wear. This bass has 2 issues that need to be pointed out. At first; the treble knob of the preamp doesn't function. Secondly; the truss rod nut has partly rounded and would require replacement. At the moment the neck is set almost flat with low action and little relief, so it plays great. It's a very comfortable thin neck by the way. Its a very easy playing fiver, thanks to the comfortable thin neck. The bass is also very resonant which feels and sounds already great unplugged. It is not a heavey bass for a fiver, my kitchen scale says it weighs 4.15 kilo´s. New GHS 44-121 strings have been fitted. Asking €750 Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. The bass is located in the Netherlands, but I am happy to ship within europe/UK.
  4. Does the body show some grain?
  5. If it was only passive..
  6. This bass is traded, so no longer available
  7. Shouldn't be much different from inland shipping right? Eurosender offer a great service (ime) at a good price, fully insured. Anyway, GLWTS of your nice looking and good priced ray!
  8. I was looking for a good Music Man for a while, that needed to have a lacquered neck. I don't like the oiled ones as much.. Today I went for a drive to pick up this 30th anniversary model! Its such a beautiful bass... Tommorow I'll be done with the set up and give it a spin. I haven't heard it with proper fresh strings yet, but it sounded great already with dead rounds. So I guess flats would sound great too. First I'll mount a set of fat beams for full Stingray aggression
  9. That looks really really great! It oozes that 70s Fender vibe, though probably with a better build quality👍
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