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  1. Great, thanks a lot. I'll look into it anyway, as this kind of stuff is so frustrating😅
  2. Okay, that explains Apparently I don't get it so will see if I can fix things tomorrow. Imgur app is horrible and appears useless for sharing links.
  3. Yamaha RBX1000 Great high-end model from the RBX range. According to the serial explanation of Yamaha, this bass was made between 1986-1989. This RBX1000 is an active bass and has a 2eq preamp along with a vol and pan control. It is finished in a pretty trans black, which makes the (ash?) grain show through nicely. It's a pretty light bass, my kitchen scale sets it at 3,44 kilo's. So it's a comfortable bass to play for longer sets or rehears. Tonewise it's a versatile bass, and sounds serious. I like it especially with bass and treble boosted a lot for a deep thunderous modern sound. Cosmetically this bass is in "road worn" condition. It has a lot of scratches, dents and a few chips of paint missing... Technically the bass is all good. All electronics and hardware work like they should, the neck is straight and adjustable, the frets are still pretty good and allow low action. The bass has been set up with fresh Fender strings, so it's ready to go. All in all this is a high quality, well used bass at a decent price. €550 The bass is located in the Netherlands, but I am happy to ship at buyers risk.
  4. Well, this would fit a certain cool Music Man bitsa I got from you :). Very cool.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. What do you need to know? Actually google gives quite a few hits to read about this basses.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. I bought Paul's Modulus Flea, which has been a pleasant transaction. In this post-brexit situation it took 3,5 weeks and all kinds of unclear tracking situations before it got eventually delivered. Paul didn't hesitate to be on the case and enquire info when needed, which was very helpful. In short; great, committed and friendly guy to deal with. And of course the Flea is super 😎.
  9. Aria Pro ll SB1000 Great reissue of this classic by Aria, made in Korea. It's a really well built and versatile bass with great punchy sounds. The bass can be played passive (vol, tone) or active (varitone switch) and sounds great either way. The bass is in very good condition. There is a small damage to the lacquer on the front on the headstock, otherwise it looks pretty neat. All works like it should and it plays great with a low action. Asking €875 I am located in the Netherlands. Shipping is possible at buyers risk.
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