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  1. Those amps sound very nice actually. I own a HD150 music man amp, with the original 2x12. It sounds very good and loud with that cabinet. Soundwise I think it is similiar to my bassman 135 The 75 watts seems a little, but maybe the 412 moves some air.. If it's not to far away from you, it might be worth the while to try it out.
  2. Can't comment on the embassy, but I've bought the vintage pro New a few months ago and like it a lot. It really is a well built bass that sounds great, just like I expected from reading all the positive reviews. Action can be set really low without trouble. I have also played the thunderbird standard, and this one feels a fair few steps up. And yes the headstock is huge... Mine was discounted when I bought it, apparently because they were replacing it with a revised version (I think the fretboard wood changed from rosewood to indian laurel).
  3. I didn't even know the basic specie, so it was a great help. Really
  4. I managed to find a nice 5-er: It is a great playing bass with low action. Initially I was looking for a 4, but I like the narrower spacing on 5ers. There is an obp3 fitted, which I'll replace for a simpler obp1. The bass sounds great anyway though
  5. Thanks, your birch suggestion helped me further . I think this could be Masur Birch though, like this Fodera guitar which is described having a Masur Birch top:
  6. I can confirm that this is a very nice precision. If you are initially looking into late 70s Fenders, you might want to look at this one. It's just a few years younger, but it's still similar to a 70s, only nicer build quality than all 70s fenders I have owned so far. The "good stuff" from the early 80s are my favorite fenders. The seller is a nice and reliable guy, and has graduated at packing school.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Cool Streamer-style Bass, made in Germany by Wolfgang Staab (founder of SKC Bogart). The bass probably dates back to the 80s. Pictures: Of course this bass looks great with its (looks to be) ebony neck as a supercool feature, but it sounds great too. It is equipped with Bartolini pickups and a Noll preamp. The bass is in reasonable shape. It has some usermarks, but nothing substantial. There are scuff marks on several positions on the fretboard. My guess is that it won't be to hard to remove them by polishing. I got this bass in a trade, but don't need this in my collection. €435 (approximately £390) The bass is located in the Netherlands, but I am happy to ship within the EU/UK at buyers risk and expense. It will be shipped in a simple hardcase.
  9. Fender American Vintage '62 Jazz Bass Nice reissue Fender Jazz, made in the USA (2004). This jazz has a vvt configuration, which is apparently not uncommon on exported avri 62 basses. More pics: As you can see from the pictures the bass has been used well, so it has acquired a "roadworn" look. Technically the bass is perfect; all hardware and electronics work like they should, neck is straight, frets are fine. This bass plays smoothly with its thin neck and narrow vintage frets. The sound is best to be described as a good jazz bass. The original brown tolex case is included, as well as the original mute kit and some paperwork. Fixed price €1.150 The bass is located in the Netherlands, but I am happy to arrange insured shipping at buyers risk and costs.
  10. Trades are welcome too. Any nice (2eq) stingray out there? Otherwise, surprise me!
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