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  1. Tnx. Just trying to photograph everything with my smartphone that a potential buyer needs to know
  2. It seems denser than rosewood. It reminds me of some pao ferro fretboarded basses I've owned.
  3. Fender Precision Special 1982 Lovely '82 Precision Special, made in the USA. This is a more versatile version of the traditional P bass, with an added 2eq preamp. In passive mode, the special works just like any other precision. Though in active mode, this bass can add something special by tweaking the high and low frequencies. The neck has a wide 44mm profile and feels great imo. This Fender is almost 40 years old, so it has gathered its lacquer damages from use throughout the years. The candy apple red lacquer also has gotten matte, which is not unusual for car finishes from this era. Technically the bass is all good functioning with a straight and adjustable neck and electronics that work like they should. The center position of the bass eq knob doesn't feel very clear, though this should be fixable by tightening the back of the pot (so I was told). Its fully functional though. It is a great playing and great sounding Precision, which will be suitable for many styles. The bass has been set up with fresh Sadowsky 45-105 stainless strings. The original hardcase is included. It is missing one latch, but is fine otherwise. Price: €1.850 The bass is located in the Netherlands, but can be shipped within Europe/UK at buyers risk/costs. Shipping rates can go from €35 and up, depending on the insured amount. Yes, I will listen to (partial) trade offers! A cool Stingray will definitely have my attention, preferably early 90s because of the lacquered neck. Further you may feel free to try me. My taste is pretty traditional usually.
  4. Jason bought my Ibanez Musician. All went great, good communication throughout. Great BCer to deal with! Enjoy that one Jason!
  5. That CAR G 3 is 😎 I had to buy the book too, with my second Gibby bass incoming (walnut '75 eb3l) . and I'm really enjoying it. There are a lot of basses in there I never knew they exist!
  6. Neuser Courage 5 Here we have a beautiful Neuser bass, handmade in Slovakia. I´ve got this through a trade 2 months ago, but happen not to use/need it as I mostly play my 4 string oldies. The specs (copy/paste from previous owner): Specs: * Neuser Courage 5 string * Alder Body wings * Spalted Maple top * Carmelburst Colour with Gloss Finish * Ebony fretboard * Neck thru * 7 piece maple neck with mahogany stringers * 34" Scale. * John East J-Retro Preamp * Neuser Pickups * Neuser Custom Bridge * 18mm string spacing This is a really great sounding and easy playing 5-string. It just plays great with a low action. There is a J retro preamp installed, the mini toggle is from the previous preamp and is currently not connected. The Neuser has a lot of dents/bucklerash/usermarks, but that is all just cosmetic. Everything works like it should and the bass is in great shape technically. I love how the bass plays and sounds, but won´t use it in my band due to other needs and preferences. So I´m curious if I will get a cool trade offer for this beauty. Asking price/trade value: 1.250 euros Trade/partial trade offers are certainly welcome! Think 4 string, fretted or fretless. I usually love designs that are pretty traditional (Gibson, fender, musicman etc...) . Tempt me! The bass is located in the Netherlands, but I am happy to ship with europe/UK. Costs will be around 45 euros with insurance. I have a hardcase available for shipping.
  7. It's a very versatile bass. Sounds great with either flats or rounds. I also think the price is unbeatable. I've set it low for a quick sale, but surprisingly it's still here.
  8. I think this one is just below 10lbs. I remember it weighing in at 4,5 kg... But I should reweigh to be sure. Actually I initially thought it was around 4 kg, when coming from my 5 kg fenders😁
  9. Front switch = pickup selector Rear switch = active/passive Top row: volume, master tone, gain (to control overall volume from the preamp) Bottom row: bass, mid, treble (or reverse)
  10. Ibanez Musician MC924 Great vintage Ibanez top of the line model from 1980. It has passive and active electronics and has therefore a wide range of sounds. It plays good with medium low action (doesnt get as low as my Gibson, but it will be fine for most of us). Its a pretty bass with its nicely selected grained woods which show through the transparant lacquer. The fretboard is made of ebony The bass has a lot of battle scars and a crack in the lacquer at the controls. Ive had the frets leveled about half a year ago, so they are in great shape. All electronics work like they should, though a pot or 2 may benefit from a little drop of cleaning spray. Ive had the bass set up with Fender 45-100 flats at the moment. A cheap but clean hardcase is included in the sale. Fixed price now 550 Euros. I am willing to ship within europe/uk at buyers risk and expense. Rates may vary from 45-75 euros based on destination and shipping options. I know people will contact me that they ship basses from their country within europe for less, but I have only one shipping option that I know of (UPS) that takes this size parcels. PS: This bass had been listed previously (at a higher price point), but I withdrawn it because of doubts. Now really something has to go
  11. Withdrawn because of lack of interest. I'll be setting it up as my flatwounds bass now
  12. Martin bought a guitar from me, and my experience with him has a 5 stars recognition. Contact was good along the transaction and he paid quick without any hassle. Thanks again Martin
  13. Great pedal from EHX Its in good shape (I've bought it new and have barely used it since) and all working of course. The specific type of adaptor that is needed for this pedal is included (European plug). Price: €150 Shipping within the EU/UK is included in the price.
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