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  1. If I remember correctly, these already came with an original USA stingray preamp installed from the factory. As sound concerns, these basses are on par there with their more expensive brothers completely. At least that's how I've experienced them.
  2. I've owned a few silver series and they felt as good as most regular japanese fenders. A silver series telecaster guitar I've owned was really great playing and sounding. It had a very thick poly finish.
  3. Partial trades still welcome on this one. I am especially after a good playing offset Fender guitar like a nice Jazzmaster.
  4. It's a shame indeed... I've traded a lot with UK members here on bc before the new situation. Though I've bought a bass from the UK in brexit-era that went through customs without a bill. That was lucky, probably not a common thing unfortunately.
  5. There are a lot of dealers that stick to their high asking prices though. For example there is an amp dealer that has nice stuff but priced way too high. Made him an market-fair offer on 2 items that have been on there for 2 years... Declined. Good luck then In general, I wouldn't advice to use reverb as a reference for the actual market value.
  6. I'm not that technical to really understand that kind of stuff. Sounds like a good explanation though👍 I've decided to go with the 8Ohm cab, as it's much more practical when using my other heads.
  7. There is a red one for sale on reverb at the moment (Italy based).
  8. Well, i did A/B the cabs. I didn't expect them to differ so much in sound as they do. Volume wise they are pretty much similar with the Ampeg B25B. The 4/16 Ohm cab seems more mid oriented where the 8 Ohm cab has definitely deeper lows in the same neutral EQ settings. Also the the highs seem a bit warmer and more clear on this one Both cabs sound really good, and maybe the differences narrow at higher volumes. Now I have to decide which one is the best choice for me... I am leaning towards the 8ohm, though the more mid focused 16ohm cab can of course be great as well. Let's not forget that there's is an amp on top with some eq on it, and i also have a preamp pedal I can use. It's a tough one for me. Anyone has some suggestions to come to a wise decision?
  9. Yes they come in 4ohm and 8ohm versions. My four has been rewired to 16
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