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  1. Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro Its truly a great bass with a very good sound and easy playability. It has been set up with fresh Fender rounds (low action). The fretwork is good and the neck is a joy to play. The bass sounds the deal with flats too, but I like it with rounds a little more. I've played a few of the earlier thunderbirds, and there is no comparing; this one feels and sounds way, way better to me. I bought the Bird and the case new about a year ago, and haven't used it much since. I think I got it out about 10 times, as I happen to play my Fender type basses mostly. The bass looks like new and doesn't have any damages. The case has some marks from moving around, but hasn't seen any action. I am offering this bass with mixed feelings. On the one hand it's a great piece, and on the other hand it does deserve better than being a case queen. Expect to pay €750 for this bass +case when new. My fixed price: €550 The bass is located in the Netherlands, but I am happy to ship at buyers risk and costs. I am not interested in trades or lower offers.
  2. Beautiful Overwater fretless bass, custom made for the original owner around 2005. The bass has a stunning quilted maple top and a nice green/blue burst finish. The fretboard is made of ebony. It's an active bass. Pics: There are several cosmetic damages to be found around the bass; dents, scratches, missing paint chips; battle scars. The fretboard shows signs of use but is definitely in very good condition. All hardware and electronics function like they should. The bass plays very well and has plenty of the mwah you want from a decent fretless. An original, high quality Overwater gigbag/softcase is included. asking €1.250 I am located in the Netherlands, but happy to ship at buyers risk (insured, well packed) As I just bought a CS Fender, I am not really looking for trades to keep my bankaccount happy... But you can always try me with something nice (basses or guitars, I like Fender style stuff mostly)
  3. Cool old Steinberger ´Magazine´ from the early 80s, which probably functioned as promo material: Great item for any Steinberger connaisseur €30
  4. Thanks for the responses so far, they are very helpful From what I've read on the net, its not very easy to get a replacement certificate. Especially when not the original first owner. In the end its just a piece of paper of course, only giving garantee that there is a neckplate with a matching serial. Though I'm the kind of guy that likes stuff as complete as possible usually... The seller seems like a reliable party.
  5. Hi. I have been offered a Masterbuilt Fender Mark Kendrick 66 jazz bass It has playwear on the front side, and the certificate is missing.. Otherwise it should be complete and great. The seller is looking for €2.750 Would this be fair considering condition and missing certificate? Cheers Patrick
  6. The lacquer has kind of a creamy and sweetish smell that I recognize from a Fender American original 60s jazz. Any chance there is nitro involved here? And does anyone know an simple way to check?
  7. Down to €1.300. I would also be interested to trade for a Fender avri 63 precision, Stingray or Sabre classic, or partial trade of better Squier stuff per example.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. I'm not an expert on woods. But from what I've read, the straight vertical grains on the back of the neck could suggest it is quarter sawn indeed.
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