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  1. I already have a pre EB sabre, but still keep looking at this one🙈. I love the finish and overall look of this specimen. Any idea how it compares to an old one?
  2. It's not light, but wouldn't say it's heavy as hell. My Gibson Ripper has more weight to it. If memory serves right its about 4,6 kilo.
  3. Music Man Stingray 30th Anniversary Up for sale is a great Stingray. It's a 30th anniversary model from 2006. Apparently these are scarce, as only 783 were produced. The body is made of mahogany, which is unusual for a Music Man. The neck is made of a high grade figured maple. Stunning! The body and neck are completely finished in a transparent crimson red. Picture time: Its a great, open sounding Ray. I've had a few and played a bunch, and this is definitely one of the best sounding I've encountered. It even sounds great with dead strings! The Ray is in good shape. It has its user marks, but nothing serious. It's mostly surface scratching and a dent at the bottom. The original tolex hardcase is included. The bass is now fitted with fresh DR fat beams. I've had this listed earlier, but withdrawn it due to doubts as it is a great bass. I haven't played it since withdrawing it, so I made up my mind and decided to let it go for real now. I still have a Sabre for the MM sound, so I'm happy . Asking €1.550 (which is around £1395 nowadays) The bass is located in the Netherlands, but could be shipped fully insured within europe/UK. Reasonable cash offers and (partial) trades are welcome; fretless blade jazz, bunch of effects pedals per example. I am not looking for 1-1 trades, but you may try to tempt me with a RcknBckr, 70s fretless precision or vintage mustang bass....
  4. Shippingcosts to most destinations in Europe will be around 65 euros with neck attached, or 35 euros with the neck detached. Both options include insurance.
  5. Near offers and trade offers are welcome. I might like a good fretless bass (pretty blade jazz) or a bunch of pedals per example. I've also got 2 EBS 112CL cabs available..
  6. Sandberg 5 string bass project: Here I have a neck and body from an early 90s Sandberg bass. The body has a nice birdseye maple top, and looks great. It has some wear, but no major structural damages. When I got it as a complete bass, the truss nut had been worn out. I replaced the truss rod bullet with a new one, and all seemed fine. But when adjusting to the right tension, the nut wouldnt turn enough to adjust. It feels like something there is loose or out of place (doesnt feel broken to me as there still seems to be reponse), but I do not have the technical skills to think what to do about it. I dont want to bring it in for repair, as I do not know what to expect and it might get pricey. My thought is that I might have loosened the truss rod out of its place when I completely removed the truss rod nut....but I dont know. Otherwise the neck is nice and straight with still good fretwork. So when fixed, it is a nice neck. The headstock has a top that matches the body. The tuners are included and work like intended. Picures: €450 (which is around 405 gbp today) I will consider trades like a bunch of effects pedals.. The bass is located in the Netherlands, but could be shipped.
  7. EBS Fafner Great EBS head, which sounds great in all circumstances. The amp sounds very good clean, but I especially loved to spice things up with the drive function. I used the amp with 8ohm and 4 ohm cabs, but it goes as low as 2ohms. The amp is in very good used condition. I´ve had it checked last week, and also had a new preamp tube installed (thought the old one was fine, I thought id refresh it for the sale). I really like this amp and it has been my favorite for the last 2 years. Though recently I bought and old Music Man amp that I had serviced, that I think is a special one. Besides that Ive purchased an old Marshall head in the meanwhile which also sounds great (but needs some service). Asking €700 - - - > now only €600 The amp is located in the Netherlands, but could be shipped within Europe/UK. Id probably wrap ´n pack it three times to avoid any damage Please contact me if you have any questions.
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