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  1. The necks on these basses are fabulous. Soundwise it's the best PJ I've played too.
  2. Re: 3 bolt neck mounting. Indeed the 70s 3 bolt Fenders can be a bit loose. It's not to hard to stabalise though, by putting chips of wood in the right places. I've got a good result on a '75 by narrowing the body holes for the 3 screws by inserting wood chips, and adding a thin slice of wood in the neck cavity where a gap was on upper horn side. Since then, it was much more stable.
  3. Yamaha Attitude LTD ll Lovely top of the line Yamaha Attitude (Billy Sheehan signature) in a nice sea foam green finish. This has the stereo output jacks, D-tuner and scalloped frets. The bass is in reasonably good shape. It has several dents/scratches around the body, but overall it looks fresh and looked after. All hardware and electronics function like they should. This bass has a thunderous sound (ideal for rock), but can also sound a bit more mellow with the neck pickup engaged. Pictures: The original case is included. This has some wear and tear, but is solid. I took this bass as a partial trade recently, but don´t need it for myself. Asking €1500 The bass is located in the Netherlands, but am happy to ship at buyers risk and expense. I am not really looking for any trades at the moment, unless you are shifting a decent 60s Fender that your willing to trade in combination with my Ric or Modulus. I might also consider a mid 60s Fender Duo Sonic ll guitar with original case.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Heavy Metal Tele comes to mind. Edit: a quick Google seems to confirm this.
  6. I dont have a pre EB stingray lying around to compare. But my memory says its similiar to the old sabres ive owned. I think nut width is 42mm (should measure to be sure), but less chunky (thinner back to front) than a modern Stingray. Its a nice punchy sounding bass
  7. I bought a very nice Andre van der End bass from Lee. The service from Lee was a great experience overall. I received updates with every little step in the process, which I very much appreciated. The bass itself is really nice, and was well packed. Shipping was sorted swiftly too. Id happily deal with Lee again in the future. And of course I can recommend him as reliable member of the BC community. Mods, please feel free to censor this feedback if it is too positive 😁
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