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  1. Sandberg California TT4 Lovely looking, playing and sounding Sandberg California TT4. Made in Germany of course. It's a very well built, high quality bass. It does look great of course, but most importantly it plays and sounds very good too. This TT has the optional blocks as position markers, and some nice flaming in the neck in the right light. The controls are volume/pickup balance/tone. The bass is in overall good condition, but has signs of use (fine scratches/swirls, some dents) and the pickup poles show some corrosion. Though no structural or affecting damages are present. All hardware and electronics work like they should, and the fretwork still looks great too. This bass weighs 4.1kg according to my kitchen scales. Asking €900 The bass is located in the Netherlands, but I am happy to ship insured within europe/UK at buyers risk. I have an ugly hardcase that will be included for shipping. I might have interest to trade for a good Stingray (lacquered neck preferred) or a precision.
  2. I was seriously thinking about it this morning, when I checked ebay again and the first few pages were full of crap from this seller. As always... He actually has some decent stuff between all the wrecks, but of course way overpriced too. He doesn't seem to sell any of the overpriced crap/stuff, but I assume he has to store all this stuff somewhere.. I don't understand his business..
  3. All true! This is a bass that just can't sound bad. Even with old roundwound strings these G3's sound great. I probably should not sell it...
  4. That looks convincing. Nice job Davide!
  5. I've encountered the same with a 75 mustang. How much I love the looks and sound, I couldn't play it for a long time. I discovered that the different balance (little neck dive) made my left wrist cramp. Though I am sure I will try another one at one point, maybe a little change in neck profile or body/neck weightbalance changes everything drastically. For now, GLWTS... There are few basses that I think look truly great in black. The jmj is one of them
  6. Trades added. I would be especially interested in a 2eq stingray with lacquered neck.
  7. Fender American Original 60s jazz bass Lovely 60s inspired jazz bass from Fender: The bass is in excellent shape. It has a small damage to the thin nitro lacquer near the bridge, but otherwise it pretty much looks like new without any fretwear or other marks. The original case is in very clean condition too, and all case candy is still there. The pickup covers haven't been mounted, so no holes are drilled. Asking €1.400 Trades and partial trades are welcome. I'm mainly interested in a 2eq stingray with lacquered neck (classic in raspberry?, early 90s honeyburst)... Some other examples of what I might like: 80s jazz bass special, Squier JV/SQ precision, light weight 80s precision special, 70s fretless fender P per example, fretless blade jazz...... My taste is pretty traditional, usually. The bass is located in the Netherlands, but I am happy to ship within europe/UK.
  8. Gibson G3 1976 Nice old black Gibson G3. This bass was made in 1976, of course in the USA. It's just a terrific playing and sounding bass with a voice of its own. Action goes low on this one, so it is really easy playing. The G3 has a rather clear and aggressive sound, which can be great for various styles. I've played it with rounds as well as flats, and it sounds great with both. It's a pretty light bass; my kitchen scale tells me it's weighing 3,65kg. A few more pics: As you can see, the G3 is in a good shape for its age. It has a few small damages and some wear on the back of the neck, but overall it looks pretty clean. I've had people thinking it to be some kind of reissue a few times 😄 This bass plays really well and allows low action. The neck is straight and adjustable, and all hardware and electronics work like they should. Fretwork is good too. Apart from the strap buttons, all should be original. The intonation screws have been changed for shorter ones by the previous owner, but I've got the originals included in a little bag. This bass comes with it's original case, which is in very good shape too. Also some original paperwork is included. New Dean Markley strings have been fitted last week. As much as I love the playability and sounds of this bass, I rarely play it due to other sound preferences band-wise. I think it left the house about 5 times since I got it a year ago... So let's see if I can swap it for something different that I'll be using more. Price €1.500 The bass is located in the Netherlands, but could be shipped insured at buyers risk/expense. Trades/partial trades are welcome. I would be mainly interested in a good 2eq Stingray with lacquered full maple neck (like early 90s, would love a honeyburst). Some other example of what I may like; a good precision (Squier jv/sq, quality copy), jazz bass special, early 80s precision special, good "lawsuit" era stuff, fretless 70s fender precision, effects... I am into 4 string basses, fretted or fretless. Usually I like traditionally styled stuff. Pm if you have any questions or an interesting proposal.
  9. I've owned a blue one. It sounded really great... But in the end the weight kept it in its case mostly. I could handle the weight, but a little lighter just feels more comfortable to me.
  10. Lovely, I would love to have a light one at one point. They tend to be a little more heavy indeed.
  11. Very nice looking jazz, but not interesting enough for me at the moment. Thank you.
  12. I'm not necessarily looking for any trades (well, a 2eq honeyburst Stingray with lacquered neck...). Though I could possibly be tempted if something nice is offered. I mainly like traditionally styled stuff.
  13. Fender Mustang Bass 1975 Cool old Fender Mustang Bass in Mocha finish. Pots and serial say it's a '75. There are no further dating stamps applied on body or neck, but the year should be about right. This mocha finish really looks great as it is transparant, so you see the nice wood grains. The bass is not fully original. There is a Lollar replacement pickup fitted in an aged pearl pickguard. I got this bass with the period correct pickguard (replacement?), but as you can see it looks great with an aged pearl pg now. A thumbrest with screws is also included. As you can see from the pictures the bass has been used well. It has a lot of battle scars, and a finish crack on the frontside. No structural damage though. The neck is straight and adjustable, with pretty good frets. All hardware and electronics work like they should. The Mustang is a cool little bass that plays and sounds great. I love the sound with the fender flats that are fitted now, which are a good midway for a modern/vintage sound. Bunch of pictures: I was looking for a good Mustang for a while, to use as my main bass in a pop-rock formation. How much as I love the sound, it appears that my fretting hand doesn't enjoy it that much for some reason. A battered old non-original case is included for protection during transport. Price: €1.265 fixed. This is what I spent on this bass, and I´d like to get that back. The bass can be tried and picked up in the Netherlands, but I am willing to ship within the EU/UK at buyers risk and expense.
  14. I'd advice a Roland cube 30 bass. These amps just sound good, and have various amp simulations and effects to play with.
  15. Metallica Bass Tab books. Condition is used, but they are complete without loose pages etc. The cover of the black album has some damage. There might be some pencil marks in there, but nothing special. Asking €40 for the 4 books.---> Pricedrop to €35 The GNR and Aerosmith book are also for sale for an additional €8 each. The GNR is also for bass with tabs, the Aerosmith without tabs and meant for guitar/piano.
  16. Great lot of GNR and Aerosmith DVDs. There are a few rare bootlegs among them. All are factory pressed except GNR live in 2010 which is a dvdr. I´d like to get €50 for the whole bunch My location is in the Netherlands, but I am happy to ship.
  17. Bump with a lot of trade options added.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  19. I think it has the elongated heel indeed. Don't have the bass in my hands right new, but there is a thickened area from the headstock towards the fretboard. The colour should be autumnglo
  20. Sounds like a coincidence(?) .. If it's something that rickenbacker did, it's unknown to me. But maybe someone recognizes this and has an explanation. The bolts are parallel to the pickup bolts, so I assume that the pickup cover had been mounted there. Just a theory though
  21. Nothing. My guess is that the pickup cover had been mounted there. I'm planning to fill them up and make them visually dissappear (as far as possible).
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