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  1. Ibanez Affirma A104 Rare original early 90s Ibanez Affirma A104 (with saman body wood), designed by Rolf Spuler. Only 1000 of the originals were made in the Japanese Ibanez Custom Shop. They are pretty rare and sought after. This is number 720. The bass is in good condition for it's age. There is a small damage near the d-tuner, otherwise just smaller usermarks. The neck is straight and adjustable, the frets are still good and the electronics including piezo work like they should. This Affirma plays great and has a nice range of sounds using the pickup, piezo and 2eq preamp. Included are the original Affirma case and original paperwork (!), and a small bag of adjustment tools. Asking €2.300 As for possible (partial) trades I am interested in; vintage Fender basses, Music Man Sabre (walnut), Modulus Flea in sparkle finish, good tube amp like Ampeg V4(b), or Ashdown ctm 100, solid state amp like EBS or Gallien krueger (400RB, 800RB), maybe a good fender (avri) strat or Vintage offset guitar.. I've got some other stuff to add in a trade if something reaaaaally nice is being offered. I am located in the Netherlands, but shipping is possible at buyers risk.
  2. That's probably a reason why there are so few; anyone looking in the Jackson direction probably isn't looking for a traditional jazz 😉 This is a very good alternative for a j-deluxe version of a well known brand though. I like the playability and sound of this Jackson better than similar usa Fenders of that era that I've played.
  3. Fender Bassman 135 Great classic Fender Bassman 135 full tube amplifier. It's a very good sounding head that has plenty of volume, which does a great job with bass or guitar. The serial number starts with F1 which apparently means it's from 1981. The head is in good condition, it has never let me down in the 2 years I've had it. There are Fender "special design" tubes fitted with no 023556. All functions work like they should, though a few pots may be a bit sketchy from not being turned frequently. There is some black "molten" stuff on the transformer behind the tubes. Not sure what that's about. It's truly a nice amp, but I am going to look for something different to try. Probably Ampeg as I already like simulations of some well known amps. Asking €850 The amp is located in the Netherlands, but I am happy to pack well and ship at buyers risk. Potential UK buyers; please note that shippingcosts will be very high and you'll have to pay taxes etc on top.
  4. -no -no -depends on location/method -you are the one in the receiving country.... Check your country's policy/rates Cheers PS: contact me through pm if your seriously interested so we can discuss further.
  5. I can't see a reason why to spank this little Squier. Looks like a very decent CV jazz👌
  6. Here is my original Freaky Styley promo poster from 1985:
  7. Same here. It has been my favorite album since I started listening to them (californication era).
  8. The Getaway is actually the first album since californication that I listen to regularly. It would have been nice if a follow-up would have been in kinda the same vibe. Though I guess we'll have to wait and listen first.
  9. Jackson JZB-2 Jackson jazz bass, made in the USA. They have been produced for only a short while, so there are not many around. The ash body has some nice grain to it, and the neck feels great with it's satin finish. Action goes low which makes it very comfortable to play. The preamp and pickups are EMG which combine nicely. It sounds full and balanced with a lot of tonal options using the preamp. The bass weighs in at 5kg, so it's not necessarily a light instrument. The condition is very good. It has a small damage to the paint near the neck. Otherwise it just has some minor usermarks. The frets are in good condition, as are the neck, hardware and electronics. More pics: The original hardcase is included. Two of the bottom studs have been broken off, but it's still functional with all latches intact. Asking €850 I am located in the Netherlands, but could ship at buyers risk. Tradewise I might be interested in a good low power tube head (Ampeg, ashdown) to replace my bassman 135 with something less clean, or maybe a precision or vintage reissue strat.
  10. Last drop to 300 before withdrawal.... This is really a good price for a bass of this build quality..
  11. My guess is that a lawyer has contacted him with the suggestion that there might be money in it for both of them... Given the fact that this dude was obviously fine with the situation before..
  12. Seems to be mostly original. Of course the logo isn't. The pickguard has also been replaced (incorrect white 1-ply). Earlier 70s didn't have a thick body finish yet, so might be an original feature. I think it's the original finish.
  13. Cool. Something learned🙂 There are no useful markings on the neck..
  14. Still available. I am not interested in any lower offers. Note that bass gallery sold a same reissue at £1250. My current price is about half of that...
  15. I think the Celinder sound fits the track best, but like them all actually.🙂
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. I sent you a tip on another miller a few days back. Apparently you don't read your pm.
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