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  1. Get a used German Corvette, super basses.
  2. I can remember looking for one of these when I was 15 and a big Nirvana fan, loads of them had the beaky bit of the headstock snapped off in fact IIRC one of Krist's was snapped here too. Weirdly most you see nowadays have a complete headstock. Ended up settling for an RD Artist instead.
  3. Probably quieter than expected?
  4. To be fair it doesn't have the widespread appeal of the two we currently do, our guitarist is the one who keeps suggesting it not me! Annoying that the bassist doesn't bother to play along on 99% of the official video as she's a really good player. Toured with Sting, Wayne Shorter and the B52s according to her wiki. The only Xmas songs which guarantee a full dancefloor for us have been Mariah and Slade.
  5. Slade and Mariah for us, Fairytale is my least favourite Xmas song to play. This one has the most interesting bassline though:
  6. No way would I be doing that gig unless there was a suitable fee involved. The only choice would be to tell them now or on January 1st which would depend entirely on how petty I was feeling.
  7. That's even brighter than I remember, should come with a warning! My little Leopard Gecko died a few years ago, never knew her age (she had two owners before us) but she was at least 19. Got a Coleonyx Elegans who is a great little guy and a pair or Ambystoma Opacum now.
  8. Any pics? That thing was nuts (in a good way!) Do you still have lizards btw?
  9. The question was answered by a moderator in the first reply, pretty sure the OP got the info he needed.
  10. Warmoth did dinky little bodies didn't they?
  11. Ask the seller if he has the leftover bass neck and strat body going spare!
  12. Bit of an odd one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ba-55-5-String-Bass-Guitar-short-scale-partscaster-style-eccentric-funky/254450366052?hash=item3b3e6c7664:g:CzoAAOSwLABd8Nzs At last a genuine reason for splaying the tuners, there's no other way they would fit!
  13. Tried to pick the book up but the edges were sharp against my hands then the binding started to unravel.
  14. If you have a big gig coming up then ask your local music shop if they have amps you can hire or scout local selling pages for a cheap old combo, will buy you some time and take the pressure off at least. TC service centres are here: https://www.tcelectronic.com/brand/tcelectronic/store-finder?type=POS&division=CREA&isoCode=US#googtrans(en|en)
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