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  1. I still have my old Zoot Deluxe Custom, kept hold of it although I don't gig 4 strings any more and the preamp (an OPB3) no longer works. Keep meaning to dig it out and get it sorted as it's my joint favourite bass shape!
  2. Ah the old "hit with a chisel than colour it in with a Sharpie" relic technique, only the most masterful luthiers are capable of such work.
  3. The regular Zoot custom model and the Boudica are really cool body shapes IMO.
  4. I still use my TC BH250 as a rehearsal head, don't think it's been over 1/3 of the way up more than a couple of times. Would have killed for that sort of price/power/size combination when I was young and getting a bus to practice/gigs!
  5. Nice one thanks, will pass the information on. My mate has just bought the regular 200w Gnome and is after a small cab for home use so looks like that would be ideal for him.
  6. Think my mate is after the cab which is why I was looking so nobody else buy it! Seeing as you're the man to ask - how bad is the dent in the top of the cab? Andertons mentions it but no pic.
  7. Was cab shopping for a mate and spotted a used Ashdown CTM15 at Andertons for £199, no idea if that's cheap or not. Andertons second hand pricing is usually ok though. https://www.andertons.co.uk/second-hand/sh-ashdown-ctm-15-bass-head-w-bag-t%3Bch
  8. If I had an amp that cost me 3 x £200 in repairs I would use a different amp or a different repair shop.
  9. Ashdown CTM15 is probably your best bet, overpowered and oversized for what you're after though: https://ashdownmusic.com/products/ctm-15 Maybe try and find an old Hughes & Kettner Bass Master / BATT? http://hughesandkettnermicroamps.weebly.com/batt--bass-master.html
  10. Smallest bass valve amp would be the Ampeg PF20t wouldn't it? Not exactly mini though.
  11. This, the pickups (and preamp) are budget units and definitely of their time. Cort like paying for a license to slap a brand name on in house parts and the electronics are the weak point. You don't need to spend much either, I replaced the Selects in my Hohner with Duncan Designed J units and they sound much better, I quite liked the Select P pickup I had though.
  12. Never really had a problem with modern solder, I use the 60/40 stuff off eBay as mentioned above.
  13. Can I have some free stuff please?
  14. Was hoping they'd have their uke basses on sale but there doesn't appear to be any .
  15. Looks super that, fits in with the aesthetic of the surrounding gear as well.
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