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  1. Yeah it's the same regulars, the 5 string fretless is actually something I'd be interested in but not at that price, if they knock it down to £50 then I'm on it! Weirdly they had the 4 string version of that bass and the 5 string of the fancier model (the 5000 or something?) for about £60-£70 if memory serves, no idea why the fretless basic model is still so much as a deko. I also seem to have missed all the 5 string fretless acoustics they had a year or so ago. That Nashville guitar is the only interesting instrument on there for a good price and they seem to be hanging around despite being cheap, I think they look great.
  2. I've stopped going on, clicking on basses you've been waiting for only to find they're sold out is soul destroying.
  3. I had wondered about those as they've been hanging around the Deko bargain bin for ages. Nice to know you got a good score, looks lovely!
  4. I think it's illegal to post anything with skidmarks on it.
  5. I think your CAPS LOCK key is broken, Ronnie Pickering doesn't use lower case.
  6. Ok managed to unpack mine, it's noticeable flimsier than the normal Pro Go and does seem to lack a lot of the niceties of that case such as the padded vertical handle (it's just a budget strip of webbing on these) and the plush lined front pocket. The straps and retaining mechanism also seem to be a lot cheaper from memory, will need to check when I get home though. Also the latch to secure the flap of the front pocket is a PITA. On the plus side it is nice and slim while offering adequate protection, the front pocket is big enough without making the case too bulky and it's light while being made of durable material. Still a decent gigbag and well worth the £50 but I would never pay the full price for it (£119 at Gear4Music!!!) when you can get the much better standard Pro Go for about £20 less. The cost saving measures on the Pro Go X make the price look a little silly IMO as you can get more for less within Gator's same range of gigbags.... I'm glad I got it for £50 though and will be using it to carry my spare bass around in for sure.
  7. Mine arrived at work after I ducked out early for a function gig so will have to wait until tomorrow to check it out. If it's anything like the full fat pro go then it should be a total steal though.
  8. If you have really big basses try the Blake ones, you can get most basses in those and they're £49 delivered.
  9. Last one left but the price has gone up to £119, looks like you got the last bargain @KK Jale.
  10. I currently use one of the Blake gigbags to transport my spare bass and while it was very cheap, is amazing quality and has tons of storage it's also very big, especially for the compact Cort I keep in it. Been on the lookout for something slimmer but similar in quality to my current Pro Go and the Blake so this has come just at the right time for me, thanks for the heads up!
  11. I take it these are a slimmer version of the normal Pro Go? I have one of those and it's ace so this should be right up my street. In fact in a few days it literally will be right up my street as I've ordered one!
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