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  1. I think it also has a lot to do with the lack of demand for that style of front end, times have changed and the trend towards compact, intuitive amps which pack features into as few controls as possible is the opposite of those old TE heads which are pretty archaic in their execution. Whichever way you slice it an amp head based around a GP12 SMX pre is going to be pretty massive regardless of weight. An old TE preamp in a rack bag coupled with a powered cab would be a way to get that setup without the weight as would the preamp pedal they currently produce. Also with the constant debate on here about class D's apparent lack of heft (or whatever) and the perception that old school watts are louder/fuller there would be no guarantee that a lighter amp would sound the same anyway. The same people who still prefer their old Trace heads to modern micro amps would probably not be satisfied by a Trace with the same generic power section, especially seeing as a lot of them are already predisposed to think the original ones are best. Btw I played Trace in the 90s and absolutely ditched them because of how they sound as did a lot of players at the time, this was before we got old and also before bass amps were even close to being lightweight.
  2. This is very UK centric and I think massively overestimates the global popularity and legendary status of TE. They aren't on SVT levels at all and checking sold listings on eBay will tell you all you need to know about how desirable they are. In no way did they dominate Ampeg etc in the USA which makes the UK seem like nothing in terms of sales. The point about them being stuck in an era wasn't questioning how good they sound or how usable they are today, it was simply saying that with the amount of choice people have now they are just not particularly desirable which again if you look at eBay prices is hard to argue against. They had their day and the market has spoken - nobody wants those old TE amps any more. As I said in the post above reducing their decline to Peavey taking ownership at their peak and letting them rot is just not true, they were on the slide and factories were closed long before ownership was finally transferred to Peavey in 2005.
  3. They became irrelevant because Kaman sold the company in the late 90s and it eventually ended up with the dreaded Gibson and their obsession with stagnation and closures, couple that with increased competition and consumer choice - SWR, Ashdown and Hartke were all popular around here in the early 2000s with SWR being the amp you wanted - and they were never going to last. I moved from TE to USA Hartke gear at the time and I wasn't alone. I don't know precisely when Peavey came into ownership but they aren't responsible for the fall of TE at all.
  4. You probably weren't hearing much of his amp live either unless it was a pretty intimate venue. Also he was using all valve Trace stuff (V6/V8?) which sounds completely different to their regular gear so you wouldn't get close to that with a modern class D TE anyway.
  5. But they have done this though, Peavey have created a versatile lineup which caters for a wide range of gigs and also make the preamp floor unit for the increasing amount of players who don't use a traditional amp at all. The people moaning are the ones that want the old style preamp frontend bolted to a class D power section, apparently that would be a good seller for Peavey in 2021 😂 What I was saying is that times have changed and Peavey have done well to make the brand relevant again after a quarter century of TE amps selling for peanuts on eBay because nobody wants them.
  6. Not really, just people stuck in an era and bemoaning why a company who have modernised a dead brand aren't catering to their specific niches. All TE are is a bought and sold brand name, nothing more. It's being used to sell things Peavey don't want under their main line and are doing a pretty good job of it IMO, definitely offering something different that seems to be pretty popular.. As I said it's not like they aren't producing a separate preamp anyway, if you like the sound of it then buy one and use it with whatever kit you want.
  7. AFAIK Stuart Zender didn't use amps in the studio and used a variety of different amps live, all his TE were valve jobbies too weren't they? Plus his technique, basses (there's a lot of the Warwick tone in those recordings) and effects all play a much larger part in his sound. You aren't getting close to those CDs by sticking your bass into a TE pre bolted to a class D amp, not even ballpark and you'd be better off getting a Helix rather than dreaming about TE if you want to cop that tone. In fact for most players if you want to emulate their recorded sound or an aspect of it then the amp is the last thing you consider. As for Kim Deal's sound I won't pass comment there 😂
  8. You can get combo jacks where the centre hole on the Speakon will accept a 1/4" jack, they are labelled as such on the front of the connector. As said above you can adaptexisting cables or buy adapters like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Neutrik-NA4LJX-Speakon-to-1-4-Jack-Adaptor-4-Pole-Speakon-to-Jack-Socket-PRO/281995789398?hash=item41a8424456:g:jKEAAOSwM91acFSB Speakons aren't new and are rightfully the standard on bass amps, they are much better although I do wish manufacturers would either all agree on this or just use the combo jacks.
  9. It's what they want to produce and they seem pretty successful. I must have missed the memo that said the amount of different products = better quality, there's something to be said for a bit of focus IMO, besides Peavey already make larger amps under their own brand name. They do a modular rig for a variety of gigs, a small combo for acoustic/cafe gigs and a preamp for people who don't even want to use an amp, seems pretty comprehensive to me and would suit a wide variety of people as evidenced by folk on this very forum happily using and recommending them. Like I said, it aint the 80s any more, the TE brand has moved with the times and their fans should be glad of that as it's this or nothing I think, whether we like it or not their main market is going to be the USA and the wants of a small niche of British players in their 50s slapping out cheesy Mark King lines isn't going to be a consideration for them. Besides you can still gig the preamp pedal with a lightweight powered cab of your choosing and have a modern rig that sounds like the old stuff, if I wanted that sound then that's what I'd do.
  10. I'm guessing you know perfectly well what they make, you can always check on their website if not though. Their range of amps, cabs and combos seem to be selling well, people are gigging with them and they are an attractive proposition for a lot of players so absolutely not a toy. In fact they are everything the old Trace gear selling for peanuts on eBay fails to be - something a lot of bassists want to buy and use. It doesn't have that Trace Elliot sound or frontend because very few people want that, it aint the 80s any more. I'd say to go from a dead and highly unfashionable brand with minimal value outside of a small circle of older British bassists to a legit contender is a massive achievement, particularly when you look at how crowded the market is. Straight after the Elf was released TC made their copycat head and Warwick followed suit showing a trend for super micro amps, looks like the bean counters were right on this one.
  11. A lot of selling groups I'm insist on PP Goods & Services for posted items, anybody insisting on bank transfer or PP F&F gets booted.
  12. Too much of a coincidence, my money is on this being Mick Mason's latest horcrux. OP see here, a known scammer and convicted fraudster who also uses a 12 in his email addresses, both for himself and various pretend characters. Has been active recently ripping people off on Facebook:
  13. We used to use TNT at work until their rates were no longer competitive, never had an issue and their Express Shipper software was excellent. All the drivers were superb as well.
  14. Andertons reviews are always unlistenable for me, they always remind me of failed children's TV show presenters. Still better than Gear4Music who just get one of their guitarists to plonk away on a bass for 5 minutes while recording it on their smartphone.
  15. Peavey are doing great things with the Trace brand IMO, they revived a long dead relic that only a small minority of players have a fondness for and made it into a range of amplification that stands out in a crowded market. Trace were very much a product of their time and a range of amps based on what they used to offer players would absolutely tank today. I played and gigged TE back in the 90s btw and still played through a Trace preamp in our rehearsal room before covid hit, there's no desire to go back to it from me. Would consider an Elf if I needed a little rig though.
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