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  1. Very brave comment to make on public forum but I'm not sure what this has to do with bass tuners 😁
  2. Some manufacturers provide spec sheets, Gotoh list the inner hole diameter as 3mm on Res-O-Lite and GB tuners. Wilkinson seem to provide a datasheet but don't give that measurement which is unfortunate as the WJB750 would be a nice, cost-effective upgrade for these.
  3. Saw this pop up on Facebook before, looks absolutely fantastic.
  4. Thanks that's very helpful, I usually use D'addario EXL165-5 on my main bass . I'm considering swapping out my backup bass for something a bit more like my main bass in terms of pickups and string spacing (JJ and 18mm) so this looks like a good candidate, shame about the neck pickup rout (I hate white scratchplates!) but it isn't a dealbreaker.. Not sure why the P version is passive yet also more expensive though.
  5. Nice one thanks, what's the low B like? Watched Lobster's quick demo and it didn't sound great on his. I like that they do the JJ with a cheap active circuit in there as it gives you an easy upgrade route for a better preamp, I have a spare Artec SE3p knocking around which would turn this into a nice backup bass.
  6. Try both and see which sounds best, also compare the weight as heavy old combos can be an awkward schlep. Worth checking the Ashdown has the original drivers in as well going by the state of it and also worth seeing if either is making farting/rasping sounds.
  7. I used the Ikea laptop stand on my old Markbass Club cabs which have a near 45 degree tilt so I wouldn't worry about anything falling off. A lot of the time the angled cab was stacked on top of the other too, still no movement. I did put the rubber grip mat on the underside of the stand too so it gripped the cab tolex and dampened vibrations.
  8. I've heard great sounding players, terrible ones and everything inbetween regardless of amp choices. Last wedding band I saw (they had just a pair of small Turbosound tops, no sub) the bass player was using a bog standard passive Jazz through a MarkBass AC combo plonked on the floor and he filled the room with it, sounded huge with loads of body and definition.
  9. I think that was on eBay a while ago. Seems like all they've added most of the saved length back on to the rear of the bass, that's probably only a few cm shorter than it was before.
  10. Probably the worst thing about a conventional amp setup to what I use now is that on bass amps there's no volume control for the snare or keyboards. Manufacturers should think about adding this feature in.
  11. This all day long, there's no going back. We're using a cheap PA (all Alto stuff) now that the RCF gear has gone and it's doing a great job for the pub/club circuit, so good in fact that it's a bit of a relief we don't have to upgrade in a hurry and it's much lighter as well. Even the single small sub kicks out some decent low end in a big room.
  12. I just use a mini USB mixing desk, this one: https://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/Soundcraft-Notepad-5-Analog-USB-Mixer/1XK3?origin=product-ads&gclid=CjwKCAjwgr6TBhAGEiwA3aVuIaoFQOp56U4E2tixeCgA8xU_6hMIWa7Sibsru6mEH8HogkqeOoPwsBoCNjEQAvD_BwE No tuner but can play audio over USB and the mic preamp sounds great.
  13. With modern amp repair for micro heads you're probably out of the realm of traditional amp techs and would be better off taking it to someone who does laptop repairs or similar, people who work on far more complex boards (often without schematics) which are many times more delicate and time consuming to disassemble than a bass head. You'll probably find a lot of these guys are a hell of a lot cheaper as well as having the relevant equipment such as microscopes and rework stations needed for board level repair, they will probably have a much quicker turnaround time too. There's a guy near me who will do board level repair on a Nintendo Switch and make it economically viable, he's invested a lot in his setup so I imagine a bass amp PCB would be easy work for him.
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