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  1. You know that thing that happens when you're just browsing and you see something you don't need, but you have to buy it anyway ? The one on the left is my self built one, the one on the right is fairly obviously a Roland PK5.
  2. I worked on a building site once where the guy from the power company, in rerouting some supplies, wore a wig. He was climbing a set of steps, went too far and cracked his head on the concrete floor slab above, requiring a visit to hospital. Blood everywhere When he returned the following day, the head was fully bandaged, with the wig sitting proudly atop the crepe bandage.
  3. This isn't the normal hair dye. This is weapons grade.
  4. I thought that when I saw him. He has unusually dark hair for a gentleman of his age... Then again, I have a large solar panel, so I'm in no position to comment on such matters.
  5. Have you heard the Todmobile version of Awaken with JA on vocals ? It's a life affirming performance.
  6. Thank you sir. I'll see what can be done
  7. I had the immense good fortune to play Loreley the same year as ARW. Lee's sound as mighty through the PA and resonating across the hill. Seeing the ARW setup backstage before it was all wheeled on is something I won't forget in a hurry either. Rick's keyboard setup, complete with its own stereo PA for monitoring, all on one massive riser. I have very dodgy video of a walk from backstage to FOH (the bass destroys the sound through my phone). https://photos.app.goo.gl/Mb6qRxUjAyQgiQBF7
  8. How does that work ? Not trying to be dumb, but is there a specific thing you have to do ?
  9. Should you find yourself in a position to courier the bass, please let me know. I'm ready to buy and would make payment without delay. Failing that, I'll see when I could next be down in your area.
  10. I'd have this in a flash, but the thought of a 9 hour return day to Leeds doesn't fill me with enthusiasm right now. There are one or two tunes I'm working on that could use that sound.
  11. I love the idea that Michael Tobias would choose to write Fingeboad. It shows that even top end Luthiers have a sense of humour. (It's a reference to a misspelling many years ago that became part of internet mythology). I like this bass even more now.
  12. I have to admit. I was quite proud of myself there. It cost a fiver for the vinyl lettering and arrived in 2 days.
  13. We have a mutual friend / acquaintance in Mike, your keyboard player. We've done gigs with him in his other band. This is a crude setup too, I guess, as it does pretty much the same thing.
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