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  1. These are fantastic instruments. Mine are the Fame badged versions but they're the same things. See avatar for more details. Highly recommended !
  2. Good luck with that. They're having a bit of a renaissance right now and the waiting list is in excess of two years. Maybe a good time to sell !! ;-)
  3. So was mine and I couldn't hold onto it at the time. I then only got this 1987 model a couple of years back. It wasn't in great nick, so I sent it to Toby Diggins who refinished it. It's now immaculate. In terms of playability, I'm not sure it's any better than the Ibanez, but it has a place for all its own reasons.
  4. I had one of these in 1983 and it was the only bass that was ever stolen from me. For that reason alone, I'd always wanted another. Not sure how many they ever made, but I now gather they were a 1983 only bass. This isn't mint, but it's in very nice condition. This is my '80s corner.
  5. I'm calling myself out here... I'm having some difficulty with the idea of keeping the Jaydee. For various reasons. It's so nice, I'm scared of damaging it at a gig. I'm growing to really dislike the MK relationship with these basses. I'm not an MK wannabe. I could do something else, more versatile, with the money. I really didn't realise that getting something so nice was backing myself into a corner.
  6. I'm absolutely proud to have had him work on this bass. He's top drawer.
  7. Hope you're enjoying the bass. They're far more versatile than many give the credit for. This is mine. Toby was willing to listen to my daft idea of translucent cherry into purpleburst.
  8. That's a beaut. Should you ever feel you no longer love it... ;-)
  9. Many months later... I have two of these, but mine are Fame badged. Such high quality construction and I'd certainly have snagged that one too. This is my six string with fretless four just poking its head in too.
  10. It's all completed now and I'm just waiting on it being delivered. New colour scheme and headstock facing. Not all will like the colour scheme, but I do. 🙂
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