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  1. I have to admit. I was quite proud of myself there. It cost a fiver for the vinyl lettering and arrived in 2 days.
  2. We have a mutual friend / acquaintance in Mike, your keyboard player. We've done gigs with him in his other band. This is a crude setup too, I guess, as it does pretty much the same thing.
  3. It also didn't cost the £2k or upwards that Taurus would cost, used. If I could find one. I'm maybe £100 all up. Maybe a little more. I'm still keen to do a simple internal analogue synth. It's all out there and I'll continue to look into it.
  4. I'll check those out, thanks for the lead !
  5. Dave, The MB setup works lovely, I have to say. Yes, I'm forever grateful for that following we have and the gigs we get to do now. It's all a dream for me.
  6. It certainly does interest me. If I build another of these, ok when I build another, I'd like to do one with an internal synth, possibly based on Arduino or Raspberry pi. that could still have midi output to use an external module if required. It's a rabbit hole I didn't expect to go down...
  7. Aye, right !! German gigged moved to Sept, a week before we're in NL with Pallas. It's not all bad. Franck now looking to cancel Glasgow.
  8. I will do. I'll post soon. Two of our three gigs are now postponed. Innit great ?
  9. I hope all goes ahead there. We're living through interesting times. Our gig the following week in Germany is postponed to later in the year. Cruise to the edge is postponed too.
  10. Thank you. I'm very please at how it's turned out. The strange thing is, I'm not tending towards an overtly synthy tone, very low cutoff and zero filter resonance. Just the biggest roundest tone.
  11. It's now finished. It needed a name and this seemed appropriate.
  12. Thank you. I'm pleased at how it's turned out.
  13. This is how I'll be using it next time out. Handy space for my effects processor and the synth, which is a Waldorf rocket.
  14. Mine ended costing a little more than that, but it's ended up pretty much exactly how I wanted it. Looks nothing like a Taurus though, but I'm fine with that. Once I've lacquered the end cheeks, I'll be done.
  15. I have a short clip of the bass pedal when it was unfinished, earlier this week. I only had the brainwave of using it hold my GT1B after this. We were just messing about with a couple of arrangements and I thought a low note or two would fit right in. Use your good headphones. It produces lows that a phone speaker will completely miss. IMG_1185_Trim.mp4
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