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  1. I'm reminded of how Trace Elliot came to exist. they build PA systems and moved that approach into building highly capable bass rigs. It's not their fault that everyone abused the pre shape and graphic. That's when that whole hifi bass sound came from.
  2. The mismatch between the value of the basses and the place selling them suggest to me that if they're there legitimately, the seller won't have had this as his first choice route for selling. If this is a fire sale caused by a life event, I feel deeply sorry for the owner. Fortunately, I don't have sums like this tied up in basses.
  3. Thanks for the insight, that's very useful. I had envisaged the 802 for use with my acoustic band. If I'm being honest, the current combo isn't a difficult lift either. I'll check out the Marcus Miller 101 too.
  4. Folks, What page would the details and pricing be on ?
  5. I'm currently toying with the idea of getting one of the above. I currently have a Markbass JB combo, the 1x15" and a matching NY 151 Blackline qx15" cab. It's a compact 2x15" setup, but I'd like something that's even more compact and an ideal casual pickup for the increasing number of acoustic gigs I do these days. Does anyone have any experience with them ? It's this guy here :- It would be as an alternative to this, my current setup :-
  6. I had one of those, in a brownish colour. We've all done things that we look back on and wonder why, just why...
  7. I'll help you out here. Early 90s, I sold a Wal for £350. Yep...
  8. Oh, I'm glad you approve !!! That means a lot to me. 😎
  9. It's a beloved instrument. It'll be coming to many great gigs in the future.
  10. I do love this bass. The singlecut seems more normal than I might have imagined. Here it is with my other 6, a Fame badged Mayones. I must get a family shot with the 4 string Fame in there too.
  11. Customer asked for it, same as the black / gold bridge. I wouldn't have asked for that but will never change it, all part of the story.
  12. It's a bit lively, but has a trick up its sleeve. As well as the three band active, it also has an old fashioned passive tone pot. Just for taming it. (But I still sound like me. Whatever that is.)
  13. David, It all makes sense now, I hope. 😉
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