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  1. Ashdown have UK Custom Shop rackmount ABM600s at a great price at the mo. Order direct.
  2. The Ashdowns are not made in the UK these days. Some of the range may be but the ABMs are made in China I believe. I had an EVO IV not long ago. At low volume I didn't notice much difference in tone to my older UK-made ABM combo. Both sounded great. My memories of the SVT 3 I owned are a little vague now. It has a few tubes in there plus one to drive the mosfets. It won't compete volume-wise with the Ashdown but sound-wise it had that Ampeg sound which works great with bass. It will be interesting to see what Yamaha do with the brand when they get around to revamping the amp line.
  3. I think the new firmware gives some classic tube emulations? There's very little info out there for non-owners but this amp gets more appealing by the month. I'd definitely be giving that a try Loz!
  4. I always thought Ashdown use the BLACK ones these days and it is the white ones that are hard to come by. Are the Ashdown ones not the same? I'm looking for a single white one... I think my missing one must have gone up the vacuum cleaner. I've looked high and low...lol
  5. I recorded some bass today into Logic using the DI on my LMIII from 2013 (one of the last Italian ones but not Class A/B). I played a Precision and was amazed at the great sound from the DI and I even set it pre-EQ. It's not as wide sounding as my Noble or Neve but it sounded great in a different way, just like a Fender should. It doesn't really sound as good as that through the power amp and speakers but it demonstrates how nice sounding the preamp is.
  6. On the plus side you'll probably only do that once. Yes, the Noble hangs onto some power for a bit just like the amps Grandma used to make. I always unplug at the Noble end first as I pack the cable separately anyway.
  7. Yeah, that's the 121P with the nicer handle. Anyway I think I've decided on a 102P (which has the recessed handles). I suspect the 121H might sound nicer but the tiltback 102P ticks a box.
  8. I'm considering a Markbass combo. I notice that the newer CMD121P combos have a lovely top loaded leather handle with yellow stitching and MB logo rather than the older uglier and prone to breakage plastic one. However I have never seen a pic of the CMD121H with the newer handle. It would seem a natural improvement to that combo too. Has anyone come across a CMD121H with the newer leather handle? Is it a thing?
  9. Just pedantically saying that there is no Markbass CMD112P. Perhaps you mean the CMD121P - the small 1x12 combo 🙂
  10. I had the ABM 600 EVO-IV head. Kinda wish I'd never sold it. I A/B'd it with a UK-made EVO-II combo that I bought at the same time (and still have) and sound-wise they were almost identical. It was also the first time in a while I had owned a non-Class D amp and yes, you guessed it... the 'heft' was apparent.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Yeah it must be a AV62 not AV63 as they weren't making the AV63 in 2008 and it doesn't have the clay coloured dots either.
  13. Exactly. I've owned two. I prefer the 62AV.
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