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  1. Exactly. I've owned two. I prefer the 62AV.
  2. Both very distinctive basses. I hope they show up and the thieves dealt with properly. I think this was in Doncaster unless I'm mistaken. (EDIT: Oh, as the title says)
  3. Yes, the Stealths are all graphite... neck and body.
  4. Whoever bought the Walkabout got a great amp. I just got mine, one of the last brand new ones and I believe it's one of the best hybrid amps ever made. I'd choose it over many of the current offerings, of which I've owned a few!
  5. Just ordered a blackface Walkabout or else I'd have been on it.
  6. I have one of these. (On closer inspection mine is the earlier EVO model and this is the EVO II is it not.) Wonderful UK-made combo at a great price. GLWTS.
  7. Re: consistant pricing: The dealers need to make money in order to survive. Everything is fine until one of them 'breaks rank' and advertises for a cheaper price and then the others are forced to follow suit. They don't have to speak to each other for this to happen. The margins on equipment is not what it was and bills have to be paid. Factor in returns, warranty repairs, shipping costs etc in addition to existing running costs and that money has to come from somewhere. I know from my own experience that margins can be very poor, especially when someone is determined to be the cheapest on the web. On the other hand there were one or two brands (mentioned in this thread) where margins are very good and deals can be had.
  8. Nearly... but I have never really gelled with a Jazz bass that I have owned. Lovely bass, I'm surprised it hasn't gone. GLWTS.
  9. In more affluent times I had two Pino's (not at the same time). End of the day it was just a decent P bass. No more, no less. I expected magic tone. One even had a tiny ski-jump at the heel. Worth £4k? Not to me.
  10. A very professional transaction in ALL respects. Have no worries dealing with Noah.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Good luck on it's safe return. I have no time for thieves.
  13. I bought a S/H Wal ProIIE in cherry for £300 from The Bass Centre, Wapping in January 1987. It recorded so well shortly after the producer was trying to buy it off me. Yes, I wish I still had it. I remember The Bass Centre had lots of famous players on signed posters as you went up the stairs. It was indeed the best bass store around in those days. I used to drool over the Status and Steinbergers... the Steinberger was my holy grail.
  14. There is no standard EQ solution for 'baked-in'. Some amps like GK have an upper mid presence by default and others such as Aguilar have a low mid presence. Some amps are gritty and some are clean. When an amp has a baked-in sound it's usually impossible to 100% dial out... BUT sometimes it's the baked-in sound that you were looking for.
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