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  1. I have a couple of these which I am greatly enjoying - albeit their effect is subtle and nuanced. Their most obvious impact is with dirt - If you haven't already, I would highly recommend bookending your gain stages with these. Good luck with the sale!
  2. After some consideration and increased time with this instrument in recent months I have decided to withdraw it from sale.
  3. Well that was quick... ON HOLD - Pending Payment
  4. Up for sale is an Origin Effects Cali76b Compact Bass compressor pedal - £215 incl. tracked postage. This is a great compressor, and practically an industry standard for stombox compressors at this point. It's in great condition, and I even have the box and sticker (just need to dig them out the attic). I'd also consider trades p/x for any of the following: Effectrode PC-2A Compressor, Darkglass Hyper Luminal Compressor, Kala U Bass (journeyman or similar), Hofner Igntition Bass (club or violin). Payment by bank transfer or PayPal (friends and family) would be preferable.
  5. Hi there. It is indeed! I have ended up playing it a fair bit these past few weeks. Let me know if you're interested and we can work something out I'm sure!
  6. Apologies all for the delays in updates - had some things that needed attended to, which took me away from the computer for the last 24 hours. Pedal is now SOLD.
  7. I'm sure I can do. Send me a direct message and we can sort the details
  8. Shouldn’t be a problem - may take a day or two longer than usual due to the current situation.
  9. For Sale is a Grizzly Bass from Creation Audio Labs - £140 + postage (£5 UK, and £10 for further afield). It's a fantastic pedal capable of a wide range of tones and can cover many jobs from preamp/tone shaping thanks to it's powerful EQ filters (mid scoop and LPF), as well as it's Overdrive and Distortion circuits which can add everything from a little wart, beef, and fatness, all the way up to full grind. The pedal is also deceptively compact and in a nice hefty and strong enclosure. Fancy lights too! You can read more here: https://www.creationaudiolabs.com/grizzlybass Cash is king, but I'd be open to considering trades for any of the following - vintage voice jazz bass pickups, vex mastotron, modulation pedals, strange delays or reverbs...etc
  10. A modern icon of electronic music. Comes in perfect working condition, and with the Unit Portables carry case and a selection of accessories and spare knobs. A wonderfully designed and built synthesizer, that offers all manner of creative possibilities with it's many forms of sampling, sound design, multi-track recording, and a wide variety of interesting performance features, all in a sleek and robust portable package. This has come to define the sound of much of the music made in recent years, and always a great source of inspiration, as well as great to immerse yourself in as you create a myriad of new sounds. *The aerial has a slight dent and bend to it, but still extends and works as expected (sampling the radio is one of my favourite tools for immediate creative inspiration). Add £5 for postage, or collect from Belfast.
  11. For sale is a wonderful Tube/Valve Boost pedal from the masters at Audio Kitchen. SOLD Works absolute magic as an end-of-chain device for bass, adding depth, and a tube sheen to everything, with some wonderful harmonic detail. Paired with a compressor, and Barber Linden it's like a modular B15 preamp. I've had it paired with either a Radial JDI or RNDI as valve DI, and it really sounds amazing in this role (this has lead to me purchasing a new DI model, hence this sale) Comes with original box and power supply, and I'm also throwing in an adapter to let you power it off a power supply (Can be powered off Cioks DC7, Strymon, True Tone CS6 all work off a 12v power outlet) Add postage for £5, or collect in Belfast. Perfect cosmetic condition exactly as when I received it, just with some velcro on the bottom. In their own words: The Small Trees (TSTs) is an all valve, Class A clean boost, and put simply – it makes things better. Based around a single ECC82, TSTs is comprised of two stages – the first stage providing 16dB of clean boost, the second, a valve line driver. Essentially TSTs is the ‘Green’ side of TBTs, housed in a smaller enclosure and powered via a 12V adaptor. ‘What’s the point, though?’, you cry. Well, enough TBTs users contacted me to say they have found the green side invaluable as a guitar and bass front end, that after the umpteenth email it seemed sensible for us to provide it as a stand alone. Most musicians I know are searching for that magical lift to their sound, a sprinkling of fairy dust which creates its own space in a mix or even just makes their instrument more fun to listen to night after night. That is what TSTs does. In fact, having it in circuit sounds so much better than bypass that I have witnessed guitarists leave it on all gig and just ride the Gain knob with their foot, pushing the level when needed. As you would expect TSTs are hand built with just the same love and care at our workshop in West London as all of our gear. This care and craft pervade the influence TSTs has on any signal which passes through it, which in turn testifies to the time and effort spent testing and comparing components and circuit tweaks. Whether you need to create an exciting DI guitar sound in the studio, bathe a bass signal in harmonics or enliven the output of a soft synth or sampler, TSTs will make your ears smile.
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