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  1. Only the Meatbox left - surprised it's still here.
  2. Last two left to go: make ears bleed, bust guts and subs, or both simultaneously! A wall of sonic destruction or delight available right here.
  3. Last 4 to go - would love to see these gone soon. Open to sensible offers.
  4. Love that refinished ripper with the maple board and the added P pickup - no doubt that bass sounds amazing!
  5. I am letting go of my much cherished 1975 Gibson Ripper, with a factory fretless neck. Not particularly common and an absolutely wonderful sounding and playing instrument, with a gorgeous Ebony finger board and sunburst finish. The neck is in good shape, with some playing wear but certainly lots of life left in it. It comes with the original hard shell case. Controls are Volume, Tone, and Mid control, which allow for a wide variety of sounds. The pickup selector chooses between Both Pickups in Parallel, Bridge Pickup, Both Pickups in Series, Both Pickups out of Phase (this may seem a little pointless, but I have found to be a really useful setting when paired with octave and synth effects - it seems to boost the octave tracking and depth from synths like the EHX micro synth and EQD Bit Commander). I purchased the Bass back in 2015 and since it has lived in my home studio and only used for recording. It has wear as you would expect from a 44 year old instrument, most notably a bit wear and some slight warping in the pick guard and the chips at it's screw fixings by the neck (seen clearly in photos). The electronics and hardware are all in good working order. It is missing the original bridge cover, otherwise all original hardware is present and correct. I can ship this if I need to - likely within £50 for shipping and insurance, though collection would be ideal. I can facilitate collection in either Belfast or London, and will be driving from Belfast to London (through Scotland and down) at the end of July, so will be covering a fair part of the UK so could also arrange an exchange around that. Here are a few photos - I can arrange more for particular details if required:
  6. A bunch of these are still available
  7. I'm open to sensible offers of money and trades with this.
  8. Found a short scale Dano elsewhere so this is now for Sale.
  9. Looking to sell my 2009 Danelectro '63 Long Scale bass. - £180 The bass has been used extensively for both touring and recording work - and always sounds fantastic. Just find myself wanting a short scale variant more for my uses. as such it wears a number of chips and dings to the paintwork, but this is all superficial and in no way hinders the functions of the bass. All hardware, electronics, truss rod...etc are in perfect working order. Photo below (let me know if you need more) - wearing tapewounds in the photo, though currently strung with D'addario NYXL rounds: Additionally, here is a brief sound clip of it: https://www.instagram.com/p/BoWqwMFAX7-/?utm_source=ig_web_options_share_sheet
  10. Bump for updated sale list and some photos.
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