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  1. For sale are a selection of effects pedals. All in good working condition, though some baring the signs of use, and some with Velcro attached. No original box unless noted. Can arrange collection in/around Belfast. Postage will be an additional £10 Elektron Analog Drive £160 Highly underrated box capable of delivering all manner of drive tones, and even clean boost. The Harmonic Fuzz circuit inside isn't particularly pleasing. Has the possibility to be run in preset mode or "WYSIWYG" for more classic pedal functionality. The three band EQ with sweepable Mid Band allows for all sorts of tone shaping, and having access to presets on the fly can make this a one stop shop for all your dirt and EQ needs. Has a chip in the paintwork, shown in the pictures below. Comes with original box and Power Supply Unit. Empress Compressor £160 An absolutely wonderfully compressor, offering studio-grade functionality. Clean/Transparent best capture it's tonal presentation. Whilst it's wide range of controls and comprehensive metering allow for precise setting of all aspects of the compression. I have used the sidechain functionality extensively for live sidechain/pumping effects, feeding it a signal from the Kick drum, which was massively rewarding. ON HOLD - Darkglass Vintage Microtubes £120 - SOLD Not sure what there is to say about this. A now iconic drive pedal - there is magic in the ERA control which is sadly missing on all other iterations of the Vintage Microtubes (which is a shame as I feel EQ doesn't capture all that this control does). I have often used this as an always-preamp, and even run two on the same board for a wide range of tones. Unsurprisingly I have ended up with more of these than needed, and so I am letting this one go. Malekko Diabolik £130 SOLD Incredible sounding Maestro Brassmaster derived (by way of Malekko's own B:Assmaster) fuzz pedal. Condensed to it's simplest and most necessary form. Independent clean and fuzz level controls allow for a wide range of sounds, with subtle blends given almost overdrive-like tones. Don't worry though, this pedal is practically begging to be opened up and let out to room the fields of fuzz glory. Delivering a wall of squelchy, squishy, octave-harmonic laden fuzz. A perfect foundation for synth tones, or more than enough to make ears bleeds, and level buildings. Mark Bass Compressore £100 Another wonderful sounding compressor. Warm and rich on the tonal front, with enough control to cover most compression-based needs. It pretty much never sounds bad and offers studio level compression, fully utilising the Tube/Valve unlike some other designs. Comes with original box and it's own 12v Power Supply Unit.
  2. Decided to hang on to this one for now.
  3. Sold one of these about a year ago - many many regrets. If times were different I would be all over this. Good luck with the sale.
  4. He played the Ripper I believe, which shares the same body shape.
  5. I should add that I also have two sets of Dunlop heavy Core strings - 115/95/75/55 gauges, which is currently setup up with. I'll throw these in with the bass for whoever buys.
  6. For Sale is a Yamaha BB734a Bass fitted with Delano pickups - the JMVC & PMVC FE/M2 pickup set I had this bass put together for a tour playing with a Disco / Electro-Pop artist, and had it tuned CGCF. The pickup change is a real upgrade form the original YGD pickups IMHO - offering a much fatter, tighter/focused, and articulate tone, which pair really well with the onboard active electronics, as well as sounding fantastic on their own. One of the best Bridge J style pickup sounds out there - with all the burp-y sand growl-y mids whilst stay fat and full. The P can grind with the best of them or deliver lovely pillow-y lows. The pickups are very responsive and present different playing styles and techniques beautifully. They are particularly good at projecting the dropped tuning, though equally sounding fantastic in standard tuning too. There is a bit of general wear, with a few dings int he finish of the headstock the most noticeable. These are wonderfully made basses from Yamaha, with a lovely smooth finish on the neck lending to an easy play. The electronics are great, and as someone is generally a passive-only player, I actually found the preamp circuit useful and pleasing to use. I sadly don't have the original pickups for this bass (though I really feel the Delano pickups offer a considerable upgrade here), but do have the original gig bag which will be included in the sale. Happy to arrange pick up/delivery in Belfast or wider NI - and will likely be in London sometime late September so can also arrange something then if preferable. Otherwise insured delivery is an additional £30. I am open to trades/part-exchange with this bass - in particular I would consider: Sire 5 Strings or Sterling by Music Man basses (4 or 5 string variants).
  7. For Sale is my much loved 1978 Gibson Grabber. This bass has been almost constantly by my side for the last decade - travelling the world as my main touring bass for a good chunk of that. It's in prettygood shape other than the wear and tear expected of a bass of this age. Some cracks in the pickguard, which were there before I purchased it. A previous owner has also shifted the strap button by the neck around, so there is an additional hole on the back of the body where it has previously lived. It is currently fitted with black strap locks (I think I should have the originals to hand too), and I will include a strap with the fitted attachments in the sale. Truss rod and electronics all fully operational, and there is still a good bit of life left in the frets. Weight: 4.3kg Currently rocking a medium to low action. Mostly original parts, minus a couple of screws, the E string tuning peg, and a replaced sliding plate as the original was warped when I bought it. The replacement was a NOS part. OHSC is included though a bit beaten up - I will sort photos of this. Not looking for trades at this time. Add £50 for insured delivery. Can arrange pick up/meet up/ or hand delivery in Belfast/NI, and will likely be in London at some point in September so can sort something then too if that would be preferable. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
  8. I have a couple of these which I am greatly enjoying - albeit their effect is subtle and nuanced. Their most obvious impact is with dirt - If you haven't already, I would highly recommend bookending your gain stages with these. Good luck with the sale!
  9. After some consideration and increased time with this instrument in recent months I have decided to withdraw it from sale.
  10. Well that was quick... ON HOLD - Pending Payment
  11. Up for sale is an Origin Effects Cali76b Compact Bass compressor pedal - £215 incl. tracked postage. This is a great compressor, and practically an industry standard for stombox compressors at this point. It's in great condition, and I even have the box and sticker (just need to dig them out the attic). I'd also consider trades p/x for any of the following: Effectrode PC-2A Compressor, Darkglass Hyper Luminal Compressor, Kala U Bass (journeyman or similar), Hofner Igntition Bass (club or violin). Payment by bank transfer or PayPal (friends and family) would be preferable.
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