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  1. I watched them all recently, I loved it at the time as I was about 16 I think and just starting in bands and writing songs. I was aware of Guy at the time but didn’t know the connection until his book came out. I remember being obsessed with his playing on Pink Floyds live album Pulse. I saw him do stand up a couple of years ago and he is a true story teller, so easy to listen to and very entertaining. I just want another book now.
  2. Oh dear lord, I want one of these so bad...😫
  3. I have owned some expensive boutique basses and played quite a few more, but the most pleasure and fun I have had playing a bass has been when I had a fiesta red classic vibe and a vintage modified precision V. No they aren’t perfect but I never smiled so much getting such a brilliant sound and experience out of such cheap basses. next on my list is a Sire V7
  4. I’m with you, I have a 2001 and as soon as the battery starts going I get very farty distorted sounds coming out and the volume drops. I think after the early 90s they all moved over to having plastic battery boxes apart from the Classic series.
  5. I can’t do it personally, but a friend of mine has the ability to strip out everything apart from bare essentials from his life when he needs to save. No money is spent of coffees, lunch, snacks etc and when he goes food shopping it’s real basics, but always healthy stuff, I’m not saying go and eat super noodles for six months. It’s amazing how much you can save by cutting out the coffees etc and getting rid of things like Sky TV, Netflix etc. Saying that, as deepbass5 says, I am always far more impressed by good players on cheap gear, a superb bass isn’t going to do nearly as much for playing as you think.
  6. Is it a glass finish that has worn through? If it’s a full on gloss you want I would suggest getting in touch with David Wilson, he does phenomenal finishing work but you would probably need to ship it to him. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002025970885
  7. I think he has got a great tone to his voice and it is a great tune. I think people get too hung up on how he got to where he is, and the fact he was in a boy band, but I wish my voice was half as good as his.
  8. Two good real world reviews is always helpful, thanks chaps! What is also swaying me is the aux in and headphone out, that could be a real help. i have bought too many amps without trying in the past so I might actually try and find one to test out somewhere.
  9. These guys might be worth an ask, UK based as well; https://www.guitarbuild.co.uk
  10. I decided to pack up playing a few months ago and I sold my Tonehammer 350. I then got coaxed into playing with an old band so I need a new head. I don’t want to spend much but the Genzler has caught my eye along with a couple of others and I was wondering if any folks on here had been using one and what the overall impression of them is, durability and tone etc.
  11. I saw that for sale, great deal in a great bass, and one of the best introductions to a 5 string you could get. I tried 5 strings twice and only the second time did I get in the right mindset that worked for me. I always thought of it as some alien instrument and it’s not, it’s a 4 string bass with a massive long thumb rest 😄. In all seriousness though, I played it like a 4 string for a while and then slowly went through my set lists with various bands to see where I could drop down to notes on the B rather than go up to notes on the A. Soon it just became natural but don’t feel like just because it’s there you need to use the B string all the time. The other piece of advice I always give is to put away the 4 strings, so many people just give in and go back to what is familiar and comfortable. I sold my 4 string the day after I got my first proper five so I had no choice but to get on with it or discover it wasn’t for me long term.
  12. I may have missed it but has anyone mentioned Sting yet? Justin Currie - Del Amitri Tyson Ritter - All American Rejects Pete Cetera and Jason Scheff - Chicago Tal Wilkenfeld - Solo stuff Troy Sanders - Mastodon Brian Wilson - The Beach Boys Kip Winger - Winger
  13. The peavey did pop up in my searches, very cheap too! Will have a proper look at it.
  14. Grendel bass by Michael Tobias Design made in the Czech Republic I think? I think it’s essentially the same as the newer Saratoga’s by MTD. He also licensed the design to the bass centre and it was called the stadium. I believe they were all made before Michael Tobias could start making basses under his own name again after a non compete period but I am not sure how accurate that is, read it somewhere....
  15. I think this bit of real world feedback is convincing me this amp is a good move. I had an old Reidmar which I loved, but it got stolen and I replaced it with a Aguilar Tonehammer which was also a great amp. I have recently sold the Aguilar as I was “done with bands” but I have just been sucked into doing some playing again. I want something fairly cheap and with some decent volume and this is one of the best options I have seen.
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