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  1. Polyphia, Sikth, Periphery, Bring me the horizon, Trashboat, Architects, Don Broco, Of mice and men, Monuments They don’t all play five string but I guarantee all of them are playing drop tunings which will make use of that 5th string nicely. James Leech from Sikth and Tom Doyle from Don Broco do some really interesting stuff even if the music isn’t to your liking.
  2. I have had a couple of US MusicMan Stingrays over the years (had to sell them at various times when money was tight). As other have said, these have the bigger necks and bodies and the US Sterling basses are downsized a little and have the pickup switching options (although so do the multiple pickup US Stingrays) I have played the Indonesian Sterling Basses, they are good, but I would always suggest getting a secondhand USA over a new Sterling by MusicMan if you have the money as the US made stuff seems to hold value a little better. I don’t think you would be disappointed with either, but there is just something about the neck on the US basses that tips it for me.
  3. I have built up gear, and sold it all a few times now, I just don’t get the point in keeping stuff I might use in the future. you can get a good amp secondhand pretty cheap these days so I’d sell up and upgrade your studio stuff. last spring I was sure I wouldn’t play again in a long while so I sold my amp and used the money to get a bike so I could have a potter round the countryside and get some exercise. I kept my bass only because it was a ridiculously good price and I could never replace it for what I paid. I was due to have a one off gig in a few weeks which just got cancelled and I was quite happy to just borrow or buy a cheap combo and then maybe even sell it afterwards if no more gigs came in. Now the gigs off I am going to buy a new interface for my computer.
  4. As others have said, you did your research and you have got a great bass. Even though this will sound a bit cocky, the only basses I would be worried about buying secondhand are vintage fenders, other than that I can usually spot a dodgy fender rip-off a mile away, and to be honest they seem to be the most copied instruments. I have seen people try and pass off cheaper Sterling and SUB basses as American made Stingrays but the headstock, tuners and aftermarket logos are usually a giveaway. After years of buying and selling you begin to notice tiny details like serial numbers in the wrong place, logos that don’t match with the age of a bass, the wrong type of tuners, the wrong colour nut, the wrong type of bridge saddles, the list goes on. We are an honest bunch on here, and I would be happy buying from folks on here with feedback and a good reputation. You get more chancers on eBay and Facebook so do your research like you have already, or buy used from a reputable shop like bass direct or the bass gallery.
  5. Another vote for the EBS session combos, way bigger sound than you would expect, lovely amps and not massive money so you should have some left over for pedals and other bits. If I needed something small for home I would also be tempted by the Ampeg Micro VR stack just because it looks amazing and I keep seeing them pop up in YouTube videos and they sound great.
  6. I had a tweeter go in an EBS cab a few years back and started pricing up repairs. After a bit of research it turns out it’s usually the diaphragm in the tweeter that goes and it cost me a bout £3 to replace and ten minutes work. I was lucky in that instance but even managed to find a whole replacement unit for about £30. If you can, unscrew the tweeter and do a internet search for the same unit, it may just save you a few pounds
  7. Like others have said, try a change of strings before you do anything drastic. I cannot cope with the tension in flats, I feel like I am fighting them the whole time. For the most part I have had Elixirs on my Rays but will always say good things about Slinky’s and also Dunlop Super Brights worked well.
  8. Yes that is perfectly normal. My understanding is that the front and back of the headstock are finished with a gloss poly (or whatever they use) and then the line is where the finish stops and they then use a wax/oil finish for a smooth satin feel. Some people have the whole neck refinished/glossed, and years ago when I had my first stingray I used multiple coatings of Birchwood Casey Tru Oil and Gun Stock Wax (ernie balls recommended finishing products) to get the neck almost to a gloss feel without a full spray finish. These days I really appreciate the original finish on my stingray, and mine had aged and worn so well, it’s the fastest neck I have ever played.
  9. NJE

    Eh up

    I think a lot of us have been there. I haven’t touched a bass in 18 months, sold my amp and swore I wouldn’t gig again. Currently learning a set list and researching amps 🤣. I am very fond of those Yamaha’s, my first bass was an RBX260 with a single P pickup. I kept it while ‘upgrading’ basses and eventually had a full USA American standard Precision, but the Yamaha always sounded better, more top end and bite.
  10. Looking at new prices, I can get a Rootmaster 115 combo for £450 and a rumble will be around £590. I could do an OriginalAL 500 head and cab for somewhere inbetween. My limitation at the moment is that unless I could get something like an ABM combo for around £250 I would need to do finance. There are so many options but I am slightly swayed by Ashdowns good customer service.
  11. I am in a similar position, sold my Aguilar/EBS rig last year as I didn’t think I would be playing again any time soon. I still don’t think I will have a regular band but a gig has come up with some old band mates and there may be a few sporadic gigs. I have no idea what to buy, but unless something really cheap turns up I will probably buy new to take advantage of finance. Currently deliberating between some good deals on the following: Ashdown OriginAL 210 combo Ashdown Rootmaster 115 combo Ashdown OriginAL 500 head plus a cab?? Fender Rumble 500 I really cannot decide what to do, I haven’t heard a bad word about the rumble 500 but the Ashdowns are a bit cheaper and the rootmaster is similar power.
  12. These are spec’d so well for the price, and I love the fact they are doing nice touches like matching headstocks and vintage colours.
  13. I know plenty of musicians/bands that would gladly go and play the opening of a cupboard door for nothing just as long as it was a gig, they got out for the night and had a laugh with their band mates. Whilst people are happy to do this then why wouldn’t a venue/festival/pop up bar put the feelers out for free bands. I am the grumpy bugger who won’t leave the house for at least petrol money, food and drink thrown in, because whilst I enjoy playing, gigs are hard work, especially if there’s a big PA to set up and strip down, and I actually like being at home with my wife and kids, so I want to be compensated for not being there. I can’t be annoyed by people who gig for nothing, it’s a hobby for the vast majority and you don’t get paid for playing football or golf at the weekend as far as I know.
  14. NJE

    Chunky Jazz Neck

    I think your all right, it may be much simpler to buy the bits and put something together. That would also give me the option to spec a few other things as well. I would love an Ebony board and lollipop tuners for a start.
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