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  1. Took me a while to find the picture but here’s the passive F type headstock Overwater P I remember seeing. The knobs look similar too, but if it’s the same or even a similar bass it’s had a tough life.
  2. The logo and heel joint looks spot on to me, and I remember seeing Overwater basses on their Facebook page with a F type headstock. I don’t really believe his claims having owned two Overwater basses, but he could have easily trashed the bass and then just thought ‘feck it’ and changed over to black hardware to create a certain look.
  3. There are some monster players that appear on these kinds of shows. I remember an article on Trevor years ago in one of the bass magazines, top notch player. Phil Mulford is another that springs to mind and my personal favourite is Ben Epstein who was in ‘The Voice’ house band. He and Ash Soan on drums were a phenomenal rhythm section.
  4. I’m from Pembrokeshire and travelling down To see family on Thursday if that’s any help?
  5. Where abouts are you? I travel a bit with work so might be able to organise something. Posting would be tricky and expensive. Not had good experiences with couriers and cabs/combos.
  6. I can see what they are trying to do, it’s a bit generic sounding, like a poor mans jamiroquai/Brand New Heavies/Incognito, but with a good band, live it could be a lot better and more dynamic. The singer needs to be put out of his misery or find the auto-tune software on his computer. I would say with a kick-*ss singer and a good band it could be good.
  7. Just in case anyone has too many basses and not enough amps, I could be interested in trades for a bass. I’m not gigging but still playing at home.
  8. If it was me, I would keep as much of the bass the same as possible so no re-spray etc. All of the dings and marks sound like they have been well earned and add to the ‘mojo’ so keep it all as part of the bass’ story. I would source a new high quality blocker neck, Warmoth or Allparts and have all of the decals duplicated which is pretty simple to to. You won’t get the bullet truss rod but it will be really close. i don’t know if you have Instagram but there is a guy on there called Jagged_offset_electric and he gets some beautiful necks and does nitro tints and all that kind of thing and I am sure someone like him would be able to help with decals. So new neck and the rest original for me, then frame the old neck with a load of pictures of you using it or use it as a back scratcher.
  9. Just looked at the original Facebook post, I think something has been lost translation here, I think his post was just to say ‘hey I’m getting my bass out to play today’ rather than I’m bringing out a new signature bass. Could be wrong though...
  10. *Price now reduced, TH350 - SOLD! - £350 for the GS212 My gigging days are over for the foreseeable future and I have an old Ashdown combo at home for practice, so the Aguilar rig needs to go unfortunately. This is the Tonehammer 350 and Aguilar GS212 600w 4ohm cabinet. I have been using this set up for a couple of years now and it has done me really well, very portable and loud as your using the full power of the head with the 4ohm cab. I mostly played pop/soul and this had ample power to keep up with my old 11 piece soul band, so don’t be worried about volume. The head is in excellent condition having only seen a dozen gigs and never used it at home as I have a small combo. I bought it new and it has always been stored in its original plastic bag and then in a purpose bought padded gig-bag for added protection. Comes with power cable, manual and in original packaging. The cab is in really good condition, a few scuffs to the plastic corners, a little bobbling etc but all perfectly normal for carpet covered cabs, I always find carpet covering hard wearing but tricky to keep looking mint. It has been used but cared for and always stored in the cover and again hardly used since I have owned it other than a handful of gigs. It has four detachable castors for moving it around but its not a heavy cab. It will come with a Roqsolid custom made padded cover which it is always stored in. The Tonehammer is £499 new, I’d like £350 and I’d like £365 for the cab (with cover) so £715 in total. If it goes as a complete rig I will also throw in an expensive heavy duty Speakon to Speakon cable. Any questions please get in touch, I should have some positive feedback on here somewhere as well. (edit to try and sort text formatting)
  11. Why would it be a wind up? I’m sure a lot of guitarists have basses, might be missing something here 🧐
  12. Apparently the book only goes up to him starting the RHCP. I’m sure the first 16 odd years of his life are interesting but I’m not sure a whole book on it gets me that excited. I would like to know about the later years as well. I completely agree, Anthony Keidis’ book is good read.
  13. Not far off, it’s a copy of a 60s bass from Italy I believe. It’s definitely an acquired taste but the original Goya Panther basses this is a homage to are gaining cult status thanks to Janek Gwizdala and Juan Alderete.
  14. A very good friend of mine works in music production/writing/session work etc and he and a lot of friends/colleagues swear by the Sennheiser HD25’s. Apparently they have a very flat natural response and sound fantastic.
  15. When I have hit these kind of patches I tend to just put it all away and do something else for a while. I have been through phases over the years when I just play a lot of acoustic guitar and then eventually I feel the urge to play bass again. I haven’t picked my bass up properly in months, no time, no energy and no enthusiasm. Today I got as far as pulling the case out from under the bed and playing a couple of notes. I also have the urge to learn some Vulfpeck so that might be my next challenge as I am done with bands for a while.
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