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  1. I have swapped and changed basses so many times over the years and am currently on my third Stingray which I have had for 5 years now. I bought all three of them secondhand and have been very lucky to get them at very low prices by being patient and hunting around. I would highly recommend buying a used USA model which could cost you less than a new Far East made Sterling by MusicMan model. The Sterling range are very good but I don’t think the necks are a patch on the USA models. Saying that I would never fork out the kind of money they want for the new current models, I am sure they are great but they are serious money now.
  2. Pretty sure it’s Peter Randall
  3. Those of you that are using the Beyer DT770 pros, are you running the 32ohm or 80ohm? I would primarily use them with an audio interface or headphone out on an amplifier, will both of those drive the 80ohms?
  4. Do you have any pictures of the EBS and microtubes? Just o get a general idea of condition.
  5. I have reluctantly decided to sell my Seamoon Funk Machine. I got this at the beginning of September direct from the states, and it has had no more than 2 hours use. It is basically new with box, instructions, and small rubber feet. In august I started building my first pedalboard and I specifically wanted a down sweep filter for synthy type sounds. I originally wanted a 3Leaf filter but couldn’t find one anywhere, and then stumbled upon the Seamoon and was sold. It took a while to arrive, but it was spot on with my OC-2 and after less than an hour fiddling it got packed up while I did some decorating and I started looking for more pedals. A 3Leaf Proton came up and I decided to A/B it against the Seamoon. The down-sweep is nowhere near as good on the Proton, but it gives me the ‘regular’ filter tones and it’s good enough for my uses. I can’t afford to keep both so hopefully someone else can get some use from the Seamoon. Happy to ship insured or you can collect.
  6. I think you can get them direct, or there’s a store called Prymaxe, or try on Reverb. They all come from the states though, but I had no issues getting mine over and didn’t pay anything extra.
  7. I have had a Seamoon for a few weeks although I haven’t had the time or opportunity to really dig into properly. Like Doddy says above, it’s a bit unique in just being a down sweep, something that I don’t think everyone realises despite a few videos on YouTube. The consensus seems to be its tricky to dial in but I didn’t find that. I found a few sounds I like and it was easy to get a the cool synthy down sweep sound I had in my head and have heard on records. It has a huge amount of shaping considering the one thing it does. It’s weird but since getting the Seamoon I hear the down sweep filter on more and more songs when the radio is on. It’s obviously a bit part of a lot of synth sounds and I need to start writing them down to jam along to. I have just picked up a 3Leaf Proton which has a down sweep, and my plan was to let the Seamoon go. The down sweep on the 3Leaf isn’t as good and I am now battling my brain which is telling me to get some money back. At the moment it compliments the ‘normal’ filter on the Proton and so I’m thinking about keeping both. Given the slightly negative reviews of the solid gold and my experience of the Seamoon, I’d say go for it, it’s great fun, but if you haven’t already, get your head around the fact it won’t sound like a normal filter.
  8. I like the nod to the OC-2 with the knobs.
  9. I love it already, but I bet it’s going to be expensive. 😩
  10. I had the same thought yesterday, surely you can change the fan for a better quality/quieter equivalent for not much. I had an ABM 300 head many years ago, and can’t remember how loud the fan noise was. I’m getting old and fussy now and I would love another ABM, but fan noise would drive me nuts after years of small class D.
  11. Then there is still hope! I think there are a few artist preamps on the way as well. I really fancy going back to Ashdown.
  12. The Geezer is £1099 at PMT, the Shavo is on sale at £664, and the dual VU rackmount ABM 600 IV is £799. No doubt they are worth it, but still a bit too much for my needs.
  13. That looks class, but if it’s priced like the Shavo or Geezer It’s going to be too much for me ☹️
  14. I follow Guy on social media and he has been dropping suggestions/hints that there is a Ashdown collaboration coming soon. I was thinking a pedal or maybe even a bass, but someone recently asked if he was still using ABM heads and replied “watch this space”. I need an amp but I think I might hold off just in case it’s something really interesting.
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