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  1. Looks like an old Yamaha RBX170. My first bass was a Yamaha RBX260 very similar but with just a P pickup. Superb bass for the money but was only a budget instrument and not worth big money secondhand. If it plays well and sounds good I would suggest she doesn’t sell the bass and just saves a bit longer for the new one, as I doubt she would get £100 for the bass. Rough guess £120 for the bass and amp if she cleaned the bass and took the stickers off.
  2. NJE


    I only just discovered that, she’s had some great guests. The house bass player gets a great sound from his Sire bass too. My life mostly revolves around kids tv and kids books these days.
  3. NJE


    “BIRD!” It’s about the only thing my son watches that I gladly sit and watch as well. There’s nearly always something in there for the grown ups.
  4. NJE


    I seem to remember reading that Carey kept the pickup and bass guitar sides of the businesses separate by using the different names. I know he has effectively stopped building basses but perhaps he still wants to distinguish these from the pickup business? His new pedals are under another name as well, Rocket Surgeon.
  5. I could be wrong but I thought a lot of the sound was down to it being on fretless.
  6. I’m sure there are loads of folks out there that are far more organised or dedicated than me, but when my son was born 2 years ago, I just naturally gave up most of my playing anyway. It doesn’t help that my wife works nights a lot of the time in the NHS and I obviously need to be around. I just found I would rather be with him or getting sleep than in a smelly rehearsal room or playing loads of shitty pop/rock/blues music to drunk people in the local watering hole for £50 a night, life is too short and they are only young once. I just felt like my band/music life was like a cross between Phoenix nights and a musical equivalent of the office.
  7. What strings are you using? I find certain brands very rough and unpleasant to play. I have been playing for 20 years and I don’t have hard skin or calluses on my fingers. I used to think that this is what you needed to play for long periods but it really isn’t. like others have said, it’s sounds like you playing too hard and it’s hard to change that overnight. I found turning my amp up louder than I needed it made me play so much softer and then it just became part of my technique.
  8. Sounds like you just have a duff string, it happens sometimes. I would just contact Rotosound and explain and I am sure they will send you another.
  9. Yeah I had it too, obviously no second run.
  10. I use Elixirs currently, never had anything but hugely positive things to say about them. They outlast everything else and make the hefty initial outlay well worth it over the course of a year. D’Addario NYXL strings are also incredibly long lasting, especially as they do not market them as a ‘long life string’. They don’t stay super bright, but they have kept a good level of brightness the months I have had them on, which is amazing considering a set of Ernie Ball Slinkys (which I do love) last me a couple of practices and gigs and then need replacing. I hate to be controversial and potentially antagonise any fans, but I personally find Rotosounds strings dreadful.
  11. I have had many occasions over the years where I have thought a combo would work best for me, but luckily I snap out of it quite quickly. You already have two superb cabs which are pretty powerful alone and all you should need together for bigger gigs. Head wise I really like the Ampeg but I remember it being a bit hefty. It depends on whether you have PA support and what size band/gigs you have, but I have a Aguilar TH350 and never needed any more. I have used it in an 11 piece soul band and a loud pop/dance band. It’s cheap secondhand and so is the TH500. If I was really flush, I would love to try the Vandedkley head, or some Mesa heads, but to be honest most of the new class D micro heads are decent. You won’t go wrong with MarkBass, EBS (I had one and it was amazing) or Genzler etc
  12. I have used external drives daily for saving graphic design files and I use HDD drives for long term storage and backups, but my day to day 1TB drive is a Samsung SSD and it is so quick and reliable compared to the various HDD drives I used to use daily but corrupted.
  13. Hi, where are you in the country/world? Im on my phone and can’t see location.
  14. It’s amazing how we all perceive sound differently. I have always struggled with passive instruments, particularly P basses because if the room wasn’t right, I struggled to hear myself and cut through. In contrast a Stingray set pretty much flat with small adjustments here and there for the room (never understood how anyone could just boost the bass and treble all the way) gives me some of the best results live. The room and stage has always been the biggest factor for me though, had moments where a P bass was perfect in one venue and then sounded absolutely awful the next weekend somewhere else. I still aim to have the Leo Fender Holy Trinity one day so I have the main bases covered (excuse the pun).
  15. I have used a couple of broker services over the years and always call the main office and ask if they will ship instruments and are there any special requirements. I ask for the name of the person I spoke to and make a note. I have never had any issues posting without a hard case (only done it twice) so long as you use an appropriate amount of packing. Now this is a vague term, but in the cases (excuse the pun) where I didn’t have a hard case, I used the original shipping boxes plus a ton of extra bubble wrap and reinforcement. I take photos at ever stage of packing as proof and have the fall back that the instrument made it from China/America/wherever in that box so it should make it across a few counties in the UK, especially with the extra packing. I also insist on sending instruments full insured for their replacement value, not secondhand value so that I and the buyer are covered. I have to say that I have never had to pay anywhere near £85 for delivery, even sending a NS Upright to Europe. Luckily I have only had to claim once, I bombarded them with photos and emails about how/why the damage had been caused and got a full payout for what I asked for......happy days.
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