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  1. The Strandbergs look good but they’re expensive https://strandbergguitars.com/eu/the-boden-bass/
  2. At least you have the option. I want to buy a lefty Stingray Special but they're only available from the US at vast expense.
  3. As a fellow lefty, if I was after a Sterling I'd grab it. It will be hard to find another one anywhere, and you're only looking at a slight increase in cost and some delay in delivery compared to pre Brexit. It sounds like Thomann's post sales service is still good if there are problems.
  4. I do like this freewheeling jazz version of Hey Jude:
  5. I has assumed you could order spare parts from any Sandberg dealer. Is that not the case?
  6. I use a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 with my iPad Pro. It’s bus powered but doesn’t seem to drain the iPad battery too much.
  7. It’s an original Dimension from around 2003 or so. They reused the name.
  8. That looks very like a WD Music bridge I fitted to a Fender about 15 years ago, except mine was chrome. Probably this one, mysteriously not listed on wdmusic.co.uk though https://www.wdmusic.com/standard-4-string-bass-bridge-details.html
  9. That is the Gotoh vintage bridge, which is a bit more substantial than the old Fender bridges. Look at the thickness of the plate.
  10. Same serial number too. I don’t think it’s just appeared at the Bass Gallery either, if you sort by Date Added it’s not up the top
  11. They seem to have gone backwards on worldwide availability in recent years. I've been after a lefty Stingray Special but they're US only, and I've only got vague statements about maybe offering them in the future from EBMM customer services. You could try asking Strings and Things, the UK importer. Is it the rosewood that's illegal? The CITES musical instrument exemption comes into force on Dec 14th in the EU and is already applied for US exports, so you'll be OK then. Until Jan 1st anyway!
  12. Info here http://www.davidcassidy.com/fansite/FansPages/Memorabilia1985TourProgram.html Specifically this page: http://www.davidcassidy.com/fansite/FansPages/1985TourProgram20.pdf Looks like it is Rory McFarlane (credited as Ruari)
  13. An 808 plus a 303 in your web browser: https://808303.studio
  14. When I saw "NBD Marathon" I assumed it was going to be an old Shergold.
  15. Looking closely at the picture, does it have some mild ageing done? It's not my thing but their relicing options seem to be very well done.
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