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  1. I found turning treble down, and boosting mid and bass got me in the ballpark. But the old 3 band EQ won't really do it. I'm looking forward to trying a Stingray Special, with its revoiced EQ, when they eventually get some left-handers out.
  2. It looks to me as if the JMJ has Hipshot tuners to start with? And the corresponding extender is the BT7? The extenders are built using the tuners so I would expect it to be possible. You could confirm by emailing Hipshot.
  3. You could try round core strings. I've always found these to be more compliant under the fingers. Something like DR Sunbeams.
  4. I’ve only ever got around 5 hours from my Bighead.
  5. *** NOW SOLD *** For sale is my RJT60B, Revelation's take on the Fender VI bass. Bought new around 3 years ago, this is a lot of fun to play, although I think of it as a deep guitar rather than a bass. Condition is as new, with just a minor finish blemish on the rear, in the belly cut, which was there when I bought it. Supplied with a rather flimsy gig bag which is at least the correct size, and the tremolo arm (which is the only lefty compromise, being a poorly bent RH arm). Collection preferred although postage is possible at extra cost. More photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s4qpef55viw1o7d/AADgLOXvCufZU2_LGWo73KBya?dl=0
  6. Here's my Harley Benton Progressive 5-string bass, bought new as a "Deko" from Thomann a few years ago. It's in good shape with no obvious Deko faults. Everything works as it should, though I was never too happy with the setup on it - a friend reckoned it might benefit from a fret levelling, as I could never fully eliminate rattles. That said I just plugged it in for the first time in a while and it seems fine! Collection preferred but I could post this at additional cost as I still have the packaging. More images here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tar97iqfyurtdfr/AACUKjJoyCgW9Q4D70uEyZ_ea?dl=0
  7. For sale is a Harley Benton PB Shorty Deko, purchased new as a "Decorative Instrument" from Thomann a few years ago. I put some Chromes on it, played it for a few weeks then put it in storage. The only Deko flaws I found were a slightly warped pickguard and one of the tuner bushes not fully inserted. It's regrettably gained some minor corrosion on the pickguard screws but other than that is in good shape. Collection preferred but I do have packaging, so it could be posted at additional cost. Further pics here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sm8aeolzk644xld/AABEMuO_K3Re8o4qg8fe5peGa?dl=0
  8. I have the same setup. I usually use both for gigs because they just sound great as a pair:
  9. I bought a Revelation RJT60B on a whim, and I'd agree with that assessment. Forget finger style bass playing, slap etc. It feels like a guitar to play, and I can't help adding some reverb and playing open chords on it. That said, played with a pick and eq'd appropriately it can fulfil the bass role if needed.
  10. I've had a few extenders and that plate is always flat so it fits flush against the headstock. It's hard to imagine how it has come to be curved like that. I suppose it's possible that it's within manufacturing tolerances. Have you asked Hipshot customer support about it? They are usually helpful. You could dismantle the Extender and try straightening it if you have a vice.
  11. Bridge, oil & wax neck and metal battery cover place it between 1993 - 1996. Looks good to me but I agree £1500 is a bit much. You can find 3EQ Stingrays for a lot less, and there's no particular benefit to getting an older one.
  12. Paul Webb released a rather good album last year as Rustin Man called Drift Code. Nothing like Talk Talk and not much fancy bass in evidence, but well worth a listen.
  13. Footloose always gets a good reception. Fun to play too
  14. Try contacting the UK Music Man distributors. They’ve sold me spare parts in the past http://stringsandthings.co.uk
  15. Slade, Wizzard, Shakin' Stevens, Mariah Carey, Mud, Band Aid and Wham are all in the set list for next weekend. Slade and Shaky are quite fun to play but the rest are dull... I did get to play Christmas Wrapping last year. It went down very well but we don't have our female singer anymore, so it got dropped
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