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  1. Very nice looking VM5. I’ve been playing with a similar one in the Sandberg Configurator. It’s much newer than 2004 though, that body shape was only introduced in 2015.
  2. Somewhat unexpected news from the Gang of Four, they are touring the US next March with original members Jon King and Hugo Burnham, their 80s bassist Sara Lee, and Dave Pajo stepping into the shoes of Andy Gill. https://www.gangoffour7781.com
  3. These are very neat but not new, they’ve been around since 2014
  4. I'd be looking closely at the bridge. The A string saddle maybe? Or one of the springs?
  5. Interesting to read about Live Dead 69. Not your average tribute band, it includes ex-Dead member Tom Constanten and other associates like Mark Karan, who played in Bob Weir's band RatDog. They are playing Europe '72 in full on this tour so that would be a good place to start.
  6. I've used Hipshot detuners for years and found the tuning to be very accurate. There is a knack to the initial setup with a new string, and some graphite in the nut slot helps too. There's a video from Hipshot on Youtube that explains it all
  7. A few that inspired my early bass playing: Night After Night - U.K. Livestock - Brand X Live in America - A Certain Ratio
  8. They did do some nice Hand Stained models around this time, although they may predate the 2012 pickup change. e.g
  9. Ah right, that's true. It was just a guess as I've seen the single B through body on some other basses. It does appear to be a locking strap pin, the "Reach Reducing Pin"
  10. Through body option for the B string
  11. Thomann is listing them for £1074 (apparently the full delivered price).
  12. I’ve read good things about these basses, and now there is a lefty available: https://www.ibanez.com/eu/products/detail/ehb1005msl_1p_01.html Can’t say I like the colour but I would like to try one.
  13. I bought a virtually new Sandberg TM5 with the original strings, and fitted my preferred 45 - 130 set. I did a full setup, although only small adjustments were necessary, and it plays superbly. You’re planning on a similar change in gauge so you should be OK. That said, there’s no harm is asking for your preferred strings to be fitted from new. Sandberg have a great reputation for customer service so they might be happy to do so.
  14. Half a Double 4 by the look of it, and “Asia Market Only” https://pjbworld.com/cms/index.php/p-x-4-combo-amp-asia-only/
  15. Be interesting to see what that Burns goes for. It doesn't look like it needs much work, and people ask quite a bit for decent examples, e.g https://notomguitars.com/products/1964-burns-vista-sonic-bass
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