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  1. I've had a few extenders and that plate is always flat so it fits flush against the headstock. It's hard to imagine how it has come to be curved like that. I suppose it's possible that it's within manufacturing tolerances. Have you asked Hipshot customer support about it? They are usually helpful. You could dismantle the Extender and try straightening it if you have a vice.
  2. Bridge, oil & wax neck and metal battery cover place it between 1993 - 1996. Looks good to me but I agree £1500 is a bit much. You can find 3EQ Stingrays for a lot less, and there's no particular benefit to getting an older one.
  3. Paul Webb released a rather good album last year as Rustin Man called Drift Code. Nothing like Talk Talk and not much fancy bass in evidence, but well worth a listen.
  4. Footloose always gets a good reception. Fun to play too
  5. Try contacting the UK Music Man distributors. They’ve sold me spare parts in the past http://stringsandthings.co.uk
  6. Slade, Wizzard, Shakin' Stevens, Mariah Carey, Mud, Band Aid and Wham are all in the set list for next weekend. Slade and Shaky are quite fun to play but the rest are dull... I did get to play Christmas Wrapping last year. It went down very well but we don't have our female singer anymore, so it got dropped
  7. Great band. I saw them play on the Boys and Girls in America tour, they were excellent live. They come over here once a year and do a weekend of gigs in London - the next ones are in March 2020.
  8. You can share files with anyone by sending them a link, as far as I know
  9. You have to stop sharing the original folder, then it will disappear from your Dropbox.
  10. You're using a shared folder in Dropbox, so anything the owner copies into it gets copied to your Dropbox too. If your drummer just sends a link to the folder you can choose which individual files you want, and can download them or copy to your Dropbox selectively, and delete them when you want.
  11. Thanks for this. I'm very happy with my TH500 and two 1x12s at present, but I'm playing small venues. I do like the minimalist design of the BB800.
  12. Does anyone know how the Quilter stacks up against the Tone Hammer 500?
  13. Curious, I've had mine for years and it has two, one on the back panel and one on the RH panel
  14. I've not seen the Stealth before, but it looks like an evolution of the Bass Sleeve, with the large pocket replaced with discreet, smaller compartments for accessories. I've used a Sleeve for a few years now and it's a great bag. Instrument protection is good and it's comfortable to carry. I do find large Fender style tuners will be nudged out of tune as there's no depth to the bag but that's not a big problem. I also wish it had better protection on the base for when you put it down, but mine is lasting well nevertheless. If you're happy with the more limited storage I would think the Stealth would be a good buy.
  15. He's played drums for some big names, such as Donny McCaslin, so he's no slouch
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