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  1. This one belongs to the drummer in my band, a fellow lefty:
  2. They’ve built a few at last. They’re being sold through The Vault, EBMM’s online store, and are for USA delivery only. But an interesting development nonetheless. I’d certainly like to try one. https://shop.music-man.com/instruments.html?instrument_type=5465&left_handed=5515
  3. It's the rest of the band messing up. Trevor Bolder is correct to go to the chorus there. Compare it to the second verse.
  4. Gilmour played a lot of bass on the Floyd albums over the years.
  5. Wow, I didn't know this existed. One of the influential albums that made me want to play bass. And seemingly unobtainable!
  6. Yep, still available. PM me for more details if you are interested!
  7. You don’t need the latest and greatest iPad to do this. I’m happily using Garage Band on my 2014 iPad Air 2 with the Focusrite iTrack One Pre, which they were selling for 25 quid a few months ago. It’s true that any class compliant interface should work, but it will need separate power.
  8. My band are experimenting with BandLab, an online DAW that runs in a browser (there's also an iPad app), so you can access it using whatever device you have. I'm not sure it's capable of producing pro-level output but it seems pretty capable for us to work on arrangements so far. I did find that audio recording was sometimes a bit glitchy on my 2012 MacBook, but I have a newer one from work which worked really well.
  9. I had a recent rattle that was cured by reseating the ball end of the E string, which was a new one on me.
  10. I'm working on two great ones that will probably get played live when normal service is resumed: Springsteen's Born to Run and XTC's Mayor of Simpleton. I'm slowly getting the hang of Dean Town as well, as an exercise.
  11. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick. The first time we played it I had a horrible moment of onstage terror halfway through the prior song, but it went OK in the end. We couldn't really hack it convincingly though, so it got dropped after a couple more performances.
  12. Yes. I haven’t heard anything from them yet.
  13. I have a ticket for Brand X at MK too. They say the tour is going to be rescheduled for 2021
  14. My ‘96 seemed rather quiet when I got it, then I checked and found it had no battery. It definitely produced some output without one. (edit) it’s a 3eq as in the post above
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