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  1. pineweasel

    International Shipping of Bass With Rosewood Fretboard

    I listened to an interview with Chris Martin IV of Martin Guitars, and he said the CITES people are aware that the rules for musical instruments containing endangered wood are somewhat draconian. Hopefully exemptions will be made in the future.
  2. pineweasel

    Equipment used for learning by ear?

    Yes, this is a good app. I use the iPad version. Slowing down and looping difficult passages is useful, and another good trick is to pitch shift the track up an octave, which can make the bass line stand out.
  3. pineweasel

    Hipshot Bass X-Tenders - Talk To Me

    Agree with all the positive comments above. Excellent, reliable devices. I have them on both my gigging basses.
  4. pineweasel

    Happy as a pig in sh..

    I remember library music like this becoming popular in the mid 90s. There were a number of great compilations released at the time, such as this one: https://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Sound-Gallery/release/608134
  5. pineweasel

    Tedeschi Trucks Band- situation vacant

    Yeah, I got a ticket for this. Was looking forward to seeing TL on bass in this band so it’s a bit disappointing he’s left.
  6. pineweasel

    Tower Of Power Manchester 29 May

    Yes, I'm sure Rocco won't be playing, sadly. See "Tower Of Power's Statement On Rocco" at the end of this article: https://www.bassplayer.com/artists/rocco
  7. pineweasel

    Is this nice?!

    Not my cup of tea, and a crazy price. But I do like the sensible separate control plate. I don't think I've seen that on a new Fender P before?
  8. pineweasel

    NBD Roscoe Beck 4

    5 string control diagram, but surely the same for the 4: http://www.cnjradio.net/fendergits/SD0196500APg4.pdf
  9. pineweasel

    Bass shops in London

    The Bass Gallery have a couple of Spectors in stock, according to their website: https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass?_=pf&pf_v_manufacturer=Spector
  10. pineweasel

    Bands with Two Bass Players

    Another post rock band from the late nineties, Ui. Made a couple of decent albums
  11. pineweasel

    Stingray bargain?

    They've just posted another interesting one:
  12. pineweasel

    Stingray bargain?

    A decent buy at the original price, but at £650 that's a steal.
  13. pineweasel

    TH500 idiots guide??

    The Drive control is essentially a variable AGS, so just turn it all the way down.
  14. pineweasel

    Rare Basses

    Here's my Shergold Marathon 8 string. I have read that they only made about 50 of them in total, so I reckon my lefty is probably unique.
  15. pineweasel

    Xmas songs

    Very pleased that one of my bands is now doing this. Great fun to play!