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  1. Agreed, I bought a used Sandberg TM5 earlier this year for a grand and it is superb. Probably the best playing bass I’ve ever owned.
  2. I followed the instructions under Can I have a refund, it says "If this is the case, please track your order and make your request via the contact form and select My event has significantly changed, what are my options?" Only the automated response so far but they do say refunds are available for date changes so I am confident.
  3. I applied for a refund from See. https://support.seetickets.com says "The only time we would offer a refund is if the event is cancelled, moved to another date, or if details of the event are significantly changed after an order is placed (significant changes being a change of headline act (concerts only) or venue)" I told them I was unable to attend any rescheduled gig. I've had an acknowledgement and await further info.
  4. If you got your ticket from seetickets, they offer refunds if the date of an event has changed, so I don't see why you can't get one.
  5. Yes, they’d already announced before this year’s planned UK shows that JG wouldn’t be playing, but without PJ there’ll be no original members on the rescheduled shows. I’ll be trying to get a refund, sadly.
  6. It’s a bit cheeky to charge an extra few hundred dollars to leave out the preamp and controls!
  7. Yes, definitely an fairly early Custom, although it has the two piece output socket instead of the Pro’s single chrome casting. I wonder if the black finish is original? Good price by recent standards.
  8. I like my Mono but if the OP doesn’t leave the house the Thomann one will be great. A friend has the guitar version and loves it.
  9. I must have missed the OC-4
  10. I don’t think the neck width or nut are the issue. You’ve got barely any break angle on that G string. Does the open G rattle?
  11. I have a lefty in a Hiscox and it fits nicely. They have comprehensive sizing info on their website so measuring the ESP and getting in touch with them would be the best thing to do. They supply small cushions to ensure a snug fit:
  12. Could be a long wait then, depending on the minimum number required.
  13. I have a Tone Hammer which is similar. The noticeably loud fan comes on after 20 mins or so then never turns off, even if you're just using the DI. Aguilar told me it was normal, and it's not a problem for gigs so I live with it, but it's annoying
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