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  1. I play gigs with two bands and have always had one favourite bass that I use for everything. That favourite has changed every few years; a couple of Jazzes, a Precision and now a Sandberg. I enjoy the familiarity of playing one good instrument which I know really well, and the simplicity of just grabbing it for practising, rehearsals or gigs. I have a few others, such as a fretless, an 8-string and a cheap spare Jazz, but they just get played at home occasionally.
  2. One of the hot topics when I looked in yesterday was “I put roundwounds back on my P and I’d forgotten how great they are”. Meltdown assured?
  3. I like their website. It has decent info on the main model ranges, and the configurator does a great job of showing most of the options without being over complicated. They could make it clearer that extra choices are available, but I bet they find a lot of interest is coming from Facebook and Instagram these days, so the perhaps the website takes a back seat.
  4. XTC’s psychedelic incarnation, the Dukes of Stratosphear
  5. Sire should have something suitable, I would think?
  6. I think Hiscox basically do just this one: https://www.hiscoxcases.com/collections/bass/products/precision-jazz-standard-bass-hard-guitar-case I have one for my Wal. It has various shaped pads that velcro in to hold the instrument in place, no matter what its shape is. Very nice, high quality case.
  7. That’s a good looking bass. Can I ask where you got the replacement knobs?
  8. If you have a smart phone there are quite a few decent drum machine apps to try, either free or pretty cheap, on iOS or Android. I use DM1 on my iPhone.
  9. Also check out Firehose, the band formed by Watt and Hurley after D Boon’s death
  10. I'd not heard of this. Very impressive. Looking forward to having a go later.
  11. Some of the Sandberg models have 24 frets, and they have adjustable spacing from 18 to 19.5mm
  12. Interesting comparison video featuring the Double 4 and 801
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