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  1. pineweasel

    NBD (belated). Super Light!

    How do they get the weight down? Are they chambered?
  2. pineweasel

    Music detuner

    I usually use Audacity for this, load the original and save a pitch shifted version https://www.audacityteam.org/ Amazing Slow Downer is good but the free version only handles part of a track
  3. pineweasel

    Fender Hard Case Spares?

    Aren't those cases made by SKB? Worth a look here: https://store.skbcases.com/
  4. pineweasel

    Who did you see live last?

    Saw JZ Replacement last night at Mau Mau Bar, a great little place on Portobello Road. An intense but funky sax/bass/drums trio with Tim Lefebvre on bass, and a real treat to see him do his stuff up close. Some great tones, especially the gnarly distortion he was getting from a Microtubes X7. Excellent drums and sax from Jamie Murray and Zhenya Strigalev too. They are playing a late show tonight at Ronnie Scotts - recommended if you like that sort of thing.
  5. pineweasel

    De-Frett - Is it worth it?

    Here's a great fretboard replacement on a Fender from a few years ago. Reasonably cheap too:
  6. pineweasel

    Best practice amp for both bass and guitar?

    The Roland Cube bass combos are pretty good for bass and clean guitar sounds too, thanks to a bunch of built in effects.
  7. pineweasel

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    Save a bit at Richtone, currently £389 https://www.richtonemusic.co.uk/product/line_6_helix_hx_effects_multi_effects_pedal/
  8. pineweasel

    What Bass Guitar is this?

    Looks like this one:
  9. 1970s prog rockers, that’s who. Mike Rutherford of Genesis, for example, would switch between guitar and bass within a song, often using bass pedals to fill out the bottom end when playing guitar.
  10. pineweasel


    Drop D tuners are great - I have one on both my lefty Precision and Stingray. You need a Hipshot BT1, treble side, short key for the Stingray. The only slight annoyance with these is that it's based on their own HB1 tuner, rather than a MM tuner, so it looks different, and it has a higher gear ratio.
  11. pineweasel

    Pork and Pickle

    That’s strange, I have the similar Pork Loin and Volume is the overall output level of the pedal. I adjust it so that the levels match when the pedal is off or on (about 9am on the dial in my case)
  12. pineweasel

    Musicman Stingrays - Overrated ?

    Where is the measurement for the E? The FAQ only gives 6/32" for the G, and tells you to set the pickup parallel to the pickguard. The only older guidance I have found was quoted on the EBMM forum, which does give a height spec for each side, placing the G slightly closer: “While depressing the E string at the last fret, measure the distance from the bottom of that string to the top of the pickup magnet for that string. Adjust for a distance of 4/32 inches. Do the same with the G string but, this time, aim for a distance of 3/32 inches. Final adjustment may have to be made to the G side by ear, so that the volume is even across all strings.”
  13. pineweasel

    Musicman Stingrays - Overrated ?

    Eh? That is precisely the info for setting the pickup height in the EBMM FAQ.
  14. pineweasel

    International Shipping of Bass With Rosewood Fretboard

    I listened to an interview with Chris Martin IV of Martin Guitars, and he said the CITES people are aware that the rules for musical instruments containing endangered wood are somewhat draconian. Hopefully exemptions will be made in the future.
  15. pineweasel

    Equipment used for learning by ear?

    Yes, this is a good app. I use the iPad version. Slowing down and looping difficult passages is useful, and another good trick is to pitch shift the track up an octave, which can make the bass line stand out.