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  1. I would be writing to Schaller to see what they had to say. I can’t believe their lightweight tuners are all this feeble - maybe they had a duff batch?
  2. I don't think this is an isolated bass track, it's been extracted with software.
  3. I’ve done the procedure in that video. It’s a little concerning the first time you sand the neck but it does work well, and once you’ve reapplied the oil and wax you’re rewarded with a great feeling neck that also looks fantastic.
  4. I've got a leather strap with two holes at one end, so I could quickly change between them if I wanted to. A bit like this:
  5. I like it more when the lineup isn’t too compelling. No rushing around the site to catch all the acts you’ve planned to see, more ambilng about catching random acts you’ve never heard of. Also, there’s nothing up against Macca
  6. That new case is a curious choice. Hard case fans will surely consider it too flimsy, but it looks bulky and awkward to use compared to a gig bag. Regarding the SR5, they look so much better without a pickguard, don't they?
  7. It's Shanice Ruby Bennett https://www.instagram.com/p/CddUuXuMNIA/
  8. I'd have a look at the Ibanez EHB headless range, lightweight and well balanced by all accounts.
  9. For me the trick was to only slacken the string slightly, just enough to allow the saddle to be pushed in the required direction.
  10. There’s no market for a gig bag built like a proper rucksack surely? Nobody is going to do the Pennine Way with their Precision. I’m happy to walk a couple of miles with my Mono; any further and I will be taking public transport or driving.
  11. Agreed, I have a very comfortable Mono Bass Sleeve
  12. I’m in the matching vehicle and instrument camp: VW California and Sandberg California. Plenty of space in the Cali for drums, PA and what have you. And you can hang out in it or even have a snooze upstairs.
  13. Looks like a 1996 BBN4. You can see it in this catalogue on page 10 https://www.vintagejapanguitars.com.br/en/yamaha-1996-electric-guitars-and-basses-catalogue/
  14. I do my own setups and have swapped hardware, pickups, pots etc. too. I used to steer clear of anything involving cutting or filing but did some protruding fret ends recently which was surprisingly straightforward and satisfying.
  15. Never listened to the Wood Brothers but Chris Wood made his name in Medeski, Martin & Wood, well worth a listen if you like freewheeling keyboard led funky jazz.
  16. Nice collection. I would love to try a Rob Allen but left handers are so rare.
  17. This is a great King Tubby collection
  18. Follow up on McCartney's Yamaha, it went for $496,100! https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2021/12/16/paul-mccartneys-yamaha-bb-1200-becomes-most-expensive-bass-ever-sold-at-auction/
  19. I have a 1996 Stingray and it needs a tweak of the truss rod once or twice a year, whereas my other basses almost never do. I put this down to the oil and wax neck finish, which makes it more susceptible to temperature and humidity changes than the poly finishes of the others.
  20. I remember this one from the 80s http://wilkesguitars.co.uk/instruments/the-answer/
  21. I like the Nux Mighty Plug. Teamed with some compact ear buds it's a genuinely pocket sized practise setup.
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