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  1. Yep, still available. PM me for more details if you are interested!
  2. You don’t need the latest and greatest iPad to do this. I’m happily using Garage Band on my 2014 iPad Air 2 with the Focusrite iTrack One Pre, which they were selling for 25 quid a few months ago. It’s true that any class compliant interface should work, but it will need separate power.
  3. My band are experimenting with BandLab, an online DAW that runs in a browser (there's also an iPad app), so you can access it using whatever device you have. I'm not sure it's capable of producing pro-level output but it seems pretty capable for us to work on arrangements so far. I did find that audio recording was sometimes a bit glitchy on my 2012 MacBook, but I have a newer one from work which worked really well.
  4. I had a recent rattle that was cured by reseating the ball end of the E string, which was a new one on me.
  5. I'm working on two great ones that will probably get played live when normal service is resumed: Springsteen's Born to Run and XTC's Mayor of Simpleton. I'm slowly getting the hang of Dean Town as well, as an exercise.
  6. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick. The first time we played it I had a horrible moment of onstage terror halfway through the prior song, but it went OK in the end. We couldn't really hack it convincingly though, so it got dropped after a couple more performances.
  7. Yes. I haven’t heard anything from them yet.
  8. I have a ticket for Brand X at MK too. They say the tour is going to be rescheduled for 2021
  9. My ‘96 seemed rather quiet when I got it, then I checked and found it had no battery. It definitely produced some output without one. (edit) it’s a 3eq as in the post above
  10. Worth noting that David Hungate overdubbed the pops on the original, so it’s impossible to play it precisely as recorded.
  11. It was his classic trio with Tim and Keith Carlock on drums. Excellent show.
  12. He played the BiSonic with Wayne Krantz at Ronnie Scott's last month too. Super looking basses, and they do long scale models now as well. Slight thread derail but how was the gig? JZ Replacement was one of my favourite gigs last year, but I couldn't make this one.
  13. I've no experience with the TU3 but I have no problems with my two, a Korg plug-in type, and a D'Addario clip-on. Both support various instrument tunings so need to be set to Bass mode, however. Are you doing this with your tuners?
  14. Great album. Some excellent Allan Holdsworth on here too; I prefer his playing in other people's bands, rather than his solo albums.
  15. *** Now sold *** For sale is a Roqsolid cover to fit a Barefaced One10 cab. Just a few months old and as new. This is the basic Roqsolid "AmpGuard" version, featuring waterproof canvas and felt lining. £20 posted in the UK.
  16. I have read somewhere that a Special style update for the Sterling is in the pipeline.
  17. The 1930 is crazily expensive for what it is. The Serek basses are really nice, for less money, and closer to home Wilcock is making a great looking BiSonic model.
  18. I saw the first show of the MB tour in St Albans and was mildly disappointed. Quite a few mistakes, and a lot of full volume 12-string tuning between songs - is that part of the early 70s authenticity? I much preferred Hackett’s show, to be honest.
  19. I'm intrigued by this photo, posted on the Shergold forum a few years ago. It didn't get much of a response there, alas. Does anyone here have any idea who they are?
  20. Quite possibly. I'm no expert but the bridge has fairly wide slots anyway. The nut would definitely need attention, and the string routing to the tuners could be problematic perhaps? Also the preamp controls would be on the other side, but that's probably not a big deal.
  21. For sale is my left-handed Bassix Bass Master Supertech electric upright. It is a 3/4 scale bass with a compact hollow body (so you get some quiet acoustic sound from it) and a magnetic pickup with onboard active preamp, which delivers some fairly convincing tones. I bought this from the original owner a few years ago, intending to learn upright bass, but I’ve realised that it’s quite a lot of work that I simply don’t have time for, so it's not been used much. It’s in good condition, with one small scuffed area in the finish, on the back near the controls, and the remains of a piezo bug pickup that the previous owner stuck on. This could probably be removed with some sort of solvent but I’ve never risked it. It comes with a fitted soft case and a custom stand. More pictures can be seen here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5rol7d92aqc9qy7/AADEYVq67AJBiWmMFi5cXOIga?dl=0 Collection only due to size and shape. Price is a firm £300.
  22. I found turning treble down, and boosting mid and bass got me in the ballpark. But the old 3 band EQ won't really do it. I'm looking forward to trying a Stingray Special, with its revoiced EQ, when they eventually get some left-handers out.
  23. It looks to me as if the JMJ has Hipshot tuners to start with? And the corresponding extender is the BT7? The extenders are built using the tuners so I would expect it to be possible. You could confirm by emailing Hipshot.
  24. You could try round core strings. I've always found these to be more compliant under the fingers. Something like DR Sunbeams.
  25. I’ve only ever got around 5 hours from my Bighead.
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