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  1. Nice collection. I would love to try a Rob Allen but left handers are so rare.
  2. This is a great King Tubby collection
  3. Follow up on McCartney's Yamaha, it went for $496,100! https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2021/12/16/paul-mccartneys-yamaha-bb-1200-becomes-most-expensive-bass-ever-sold-at-auction/
  4. I have a 1996 Stingray and it needs a tweak of the truss rod once or twice a year, whereas my other basses almost never do. I put this down to the oil and wax neck finish, which makes it more susceptible to temperature and humidity changes than the poly finishes of the others.
  5. I remember this one from the 80s http://wilkesguitars.co.uk/instruments/the-answer/
  6. I like the Nux Mighty Plug. Teamed with some compact ear buds it's a genuinely pocket sized practise setup.
  7. Fair play to Macca, it’s a charity auction and he has donated a genuinely iconic instrument, probably his third most famous bass after the Hofner and Rickenbacker. Many of the other items have been played at a soundcheck once or twice, or just signed.
  8. Who's up for this one then? https://bid.vegalleries.com/Paul-McCartney-s-Tour-and-Studio-Played-Left-Handed-Wings-Yamaha-BB-1200-Bass_i43638527
  9. Spend a bit more on a tidy example https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293805245471
  10. Looks ideal. One slide per scanned song. Order them in Outline view.
  11. Thanks, it's good to hear that it should work well. I'm certain it's radio interference of some kind rather than the transmitter connection, having tried with two basses over several days. I think I will exchange it in case mine has a fault, and see what happens with a new set.
  12. I've had my Waza Airs for a few days now and whilst I do think they are fantastic, I am suffering from intermittent glitches while playing which is spoiling things a bit. From what I've read it's operating on the same 2.4GHz band as WiFi, and interference is possible. I do have quite a few WiFi devices in the household operating at any one time - phones, laptops, smartwatches, smart speakers etc. Is anyone else getting these problems, or conversely if you're not getting them, do you have a relatively simple WiFi network?
  13. You just book them on their website, as far as I can tell. Looks straightforward. I’ve only booked standing tickets there myself.
  14. Pedaltrain Nano in excellent condition, home use only. Boxed with instructions and some of the original supplied velcro etc. Price includes UK postage.
  15. Hard to find octave pedal, in excellent condition. This is the MkII, with the Tim switch. In original box with instruction leaflet. UK Postage included.
  16. Bass Fly Rig, in excellent condition. In original box but with replacement power supply as the original failed. Price includes UK postage .
  17. Earthquaker Afterneath, an interesting reverb pedal ("Enhanced Otherworldly Reverberator") Boxed, as new, home use only. Price includes UK postage.
  18. EHX Nano Bass Big Muff Pi, boxed and in good condition with just a couple of scratches on the front. Price includes UK postage.
  19. The Roland Bass Cubes are great little amps. I use my old Cube 30 all the time for quiet practise but it can handle rock band rehearsals at moderate volumes. It’s quite good for clean guitar too, having many EQ options and built in effects. The newer 20XL has some handy extra features such as a tuner.
  20. Very nice looking VM5. I’ve been playing with a similar one in the Sandberg Configurator. It’s much newer than 2004 though, that body shape was only introduced in 2015.
  21. Somewhat unexpected news from the Gang of Four, they are touring the US next March with original members Jon King and Hugo Burnham, their 80s bassist Sara Lee, and Dave Pajo stepping into the shoes of Andy Gill. https://www.gangoffour7781.com
  22. These are very neat but not new, they’ve been around since 2014
  23. I'd be looking closely at the bridge. The A string saddle maybe? Or one of the springs?
  24. Interesting to read about Live Dead 69. Not your average tribute band, it includes ex-Dead member Tom Constanten and other associates like Mark Karan, who played in Bob Weir's band RatDog. They are playing Europe '72 in full on this tour so that would be a good place to start.
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