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  1. I must have missed the OC-4
  2. I don’t think the neck width or nut are the issue. You’ve got barely any break angle on that G string. Does the open G rattle?
  3. I have a lefty in a Hiscox and it fits nicely. They have comprehensive sizing info on their website so measuring the ESP and getting in touch with them would be the best thing to do. They supply small cushions to ensure a snug fit:
  4. Could be a long wait then, depending on the minimum number required.
  5. I have a Tone Hammer which is similar. The noticeably loud fan comes on after 20 mins or so then never turns off, even if you're just using the DI. Aguilar told me it was normal, and it's not a problem for gigs so I live with it, but it's annoying
  6. In one of the Stingray Special promo videos Sterling Ball infers as much, describing them as having much better string to string balance.
  7. Sterling Ball posted this in 2005: http://forums.ernieball.com/ernie-ball-music-man-basses/11343-weak-string-output.html#post133690 (My 1996 Stingray has a weak G, mitigated somewhat by careful pickup height adjustment)
  8. Wobble started playing his Magnum in the late 80s, long after PIL. All the PIL stuff was done with a Precision, although he’s playing an Ampeg bass that video, I’m pretty sure.
  9. I’ve got the same set on my 5 and they are quite bright enough for me, even after a few months. Maybe the ones that came off were D’Addario steels?
  10. Have you tried a Sandberg Superlight?
  11. She's a great all-round musician, singer and songwriter too. Her debut album The Corporate World came out in 1988 and really should have been a hit. The single:
  12. The EBMM FAQ states that you should adjust the truss rod with the strings under tension
  13. Sounds like the neck is bowed backwards, so the strings are too low and rattle on the frets? In which case you need to loosen the truss rod in order to let the string tension pull the neck forward again. I also have a Stingray which is very susceptible to changes in the weather, and had to tweak it a bit last week.
  14. The link in my original post above works for me.
  15. Another vote for Dunlops. My recent flats experience has been Chromes (too stiff), TI Jazz Flats (too floppy), Dunlops (just right)
  16. I find the soloed split humbucker of my TM5 slightly disappointing, with noticable volume drop and so-so tone. Certainly not much jazz bass honk and the least useful pickup setting. I will add that I've not played the bass through a loud amp and with my band yet, so take my opinion with a pinch of salt. According to my instruction leaflet it's the neck coils that remain active.
  17. They are made in San Luis Obispo, just as they have always been. There’s a dubious new law which says you can’t say something is made in the USA unless it’s 100% American sourced, and as EBMM probably get some small components from elsewhere they have chosen to play safe. American Fenders don’t say Made in USA anymore for the same reason.
  18. That was a great show. Chris McQueen was playing a nice looking Moollon Tele too.
  19. It's a tough one. It took me several months to go from being able to play the whole song slowly to get up to speed, practising several times a week for 30 mins or so. I used a metronome and gradually increased the tempo. Usually I tried to play the whole song, occasionally repeating specific sections that were particularly troublesome. When you play the song you get some respite from the 16th notes at the chorus. Of course, the first time I played it live our drummer kicked it off even faster than the recording!
  20. Bought a five string D’Addario set last month, purple B. But the tapered B I got separately was gold.
  21. The body shape change was more recent than the name change, so you can find VM5s with the old shape.
  22. Try emailing Hipshot. They are very helpful in my experience.
  23. I don’t know about cheaper options, but the Pro-Ject Juke E is well regarded integrated turntable and amplifier, just needing a pair of speakers (which you can find bundled for under £500 total) e.g https://homeavdirect.co.uk/pro-ject-juke-box-e-all-in-one-turntable-q-acoustics-3010-speakers
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