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  1. Craig Gardener? Where is he in the music industry now? Tell me that! Whereas KingPrawn is a veritable Collosus of the bass world.
  2. But if you play the fretless bass, you can do something similar. Strap a GoPro to your fretting hand pointed at your plucking hand, and share the results here. I once heard the trombone described as the fretless trumpet.
  3. I am thinking about having the neck made into a lined fretless. Before that happens, I have a question for those bassists who are playing a lined fretless. I already know that I don't use the position markers on the fretboard. I instead use the side dots. So, should the dots to be on the fretline rather than in between them? I don't already play fretless so, I have no opinion on what side dot positions I would prefer.
  4. This feels like the equivalent of taking one's dog to the vet for major surgery, only to be told that it's just indigestion, and that some Syrup of Figs will sort it out... I have learnt that: Not all 5mm Allen keys are equal. So I will get a proper one, to keep in my kit case, rather than the one from my Poundland set. Not all luthiers are equal. In retrospect, it seems obvious that the first luthier should have tried an engineering solution (loosen the nut), before the luthier solution (replace the neck or truss rod). Ironically, @Bunionwas closest to the target when he quipped about truss rod gel being the answer.
  5. Yes, it will ruin a guitar. What product ruined this guitar? Olive Oil.
  6. "Uncle Len, tell us the story again, about how you served in the War...." And in so doing, teach me how to serve better. Yours expectantly, but Puffed Up with Pride and Impatience. Bass_Dinger
  7. A solution in search of a problem.
  8. I spoke with the singer on Sunday. "You were singing the other Sunday." "Yes! I enjoyed it! I can't wait to do it again." "Did you manage to..... listen.... to the service?" "Yes I did!" "How was it?" "Very good!!" Clearly, she can't hear herself. Truly awful singing and no self awareness. Someone needs to tell her, because if I do, it won't be pretty.
  9. And also, one for the "Don't knee your guitar in the neck joint " brigade. What a silly thing to do. He seems pretty cheerful about it, notwithstanding the break!
  10. If I were paying 70k for a bass, I'd expect Ronnie Lane to deliver it. It is no longer available. I am guessing that it was sold through another channel.
  11. Confession time.... I rarely practice the songs for a Sunday service. Instead, I practice the bass. That might involve playing the songs for a Sunday service by ear, or using the chord charts in one key, and a YouTube video in another key, and transposing the key on the fly. More often, however, I will be playing basslines from ABBA songs, 70s disco, or rock songs. Anything to get my fingers moving and my mind working on new material. Then, when I arrive to play for the service, and the singers decide that A is too high, and can we do it in Gb, I have already played something in that key* earlier in the week. How do others practice for the rehearsal? (Practice is personal - what you do alone. Rehearsal is relational - you do it with others). * Girls just wanna have fun, most recently...
  12. Forgive my ignorance. Why can't one buy a P bass with an extra pickup at the bridge? Unless it's a J bass with a different pickup at the neck.... and a different type of neck?
  13. I had no idea that amp covers were so readily available. Having got the amplifier fa while back for very little money, i see that fully specified cover will cost pretty much the same. However, it feels like a worthwhile investment, to protect the amplifier on its travels.
  14. I find ebay helpful. One can search for completed items, to get a feel for the selling price of a specific item.
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