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  1. I was always bewildered by the slap bass solo in the middle of Paul Simon's Call Me Al. My vote goes to the already-mentioned industrial drum-and-bass section in the middle of An Englishman in New York. As a child, I remember thinking that I really liked Mr Blue Sky, but got annoyed that the DJs always played a silly choir song afterwards - they did not even wait for the ELO song to finish!
  2. Mr Blue Sky ends with the words "Please, turn me over" - maybe that's the wrong message for Coventry City to be sharing with the visiting opposition!
  3. After two months of not playing in church, the band have been asked back for 7th March. Two days later I was offered a vaccine (at-risk group, rather than over 70!). Add to that a forthcoming bass lesson, and some fun listening to new music, and it feels like all systems are go! Congregation are not due back for a long while, however.
  4. For me, any drummer that I would want to play with, would not want to play with me! That said, a good drummer really lifts my game (although it sometimes takes me a while to find something that works with the new drummer). I am very impressed with Gilson Lavis (ex-Squeeze, and now playing with Jools Holland). I admire his ability to play the right rhythm for every track. He was so good on Chic's Good Times, that I had assumed that Nile had bought his own rhythm section with him!
  5. If rap counts as music, then Chris Turner is a very capable performer. From five suggestions, and a random beat, he will improvise a clever, and funny, rap on the subjects given him. He started out as a stand-up comedian, I am told. Hear him rap about mitral valve prolapses and waves, here, from 3'21".
  6. Ah - solid-wall reverb, in a 100 foot tall room. It's like singing in the world's biggest bathroom, but it can be difficult to control. However, it makes for some huge sounds! The building that were are in, is an irregular hexagon with no parallel walls. Either the architect was very aware of standing sound waves and acoustics, or he wanted to build something different. Whatever, it certainly works as a meeting space.
  7. I waited for a while, to see what was posted. Two of my three favourites made it... Miley Cyrus' version? Tick The Petersons? Tick Hildergard von Blingin'? No tick, until now. So, here is what sounds like the medieval original version of Jolene, in the genre of Bardcore. I do like me some Bardcore - Pumped Up Kicks, translated and sung in Anglo Saxon, is great!
  8. Yeah - but only after I had looked "ah ah ah . . ." up, on one of those lyric websites...
  9. "Here come the planes. They're American planes"
  10. I was entertained by Happy Jack's Spiderman, who managed to dance at the same speed as the song.
  11. "I'm Lee Pomeroy. Ask me Anything" "Did the band struggle with the small off-beat section which is played in place of a chorus, which happens twice in the original? It's just that everyone on this thread can manage it, twice, and if you wanted to take a comfort break during that song when you next play live . . . " Or maybe not...
  12. Yes. My ukulele group agree with him. After the re-arrangement, we managed to get the whole song onto one sheet of A4. "Sevenukes - Saving paper, with Jeff Lynne."
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