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  1. Good grief - she went from New Seekers to Punk Rock in the space of 43 seconds. Great fun, thanks for sharing.
  2. I had a gig! Proper stage, PA, foldback, audience who could choose whether to listen or walk away, new songs to learn, and some great vocalists. This was my first time on a proper raised stage and it was was hard work, for sure. I struggled to hear the other musicians a little, and until yesterday I had no real concept of how long it would take to set up the kit - an 8 hour day for 90 minutes of playing. I have a new respect for people who play on stage, hats off to you all! It was fun. I want to do it again - but better!
  3. I see that I was unclear - apologies. So, I have two gigs. The panto gig, with PA at both ends of the room, and lots of inexperienced musicians, aiming to put on a show with 10 weeks of rehearsals. This gig has now been cancelled - just two people turned up to the rehearsal in the second week, I am told. However, I have been asked to work with the same band leader to play in a smaller group. On Sunday, I am playing at an open-air event, at the Orpington Food Fair. The band is made up of a number of churches in Orpington - so, a choir of 30, and musicians from different churches. Hence, we are learning to play together, in new keys. Somehow, this feels like an easier gig - the musicians have a track-record of delivering good music, and we were able to get through 20 songs in 2 hours, taking time to refine the arrangements.
  4. I am just the bassist. I do what I am told. It's a church gig. Different churches sing the same standards in different keys. I have played some songs in four different keys in one rehearsal to assist the vocalists to find their happy place.
  5. I got a message from the band leader. It had not quite worked out as he expected, and the plan is to do something smaller (fewer people) in the new year. He likes my playing style, and wants me to be part of it. So, it looks like the Panto is not now happening. I can't say that I mind. In the meantime, I have the first proper run through of the Orpington Food Fair band tonight - we play two 45 minute sets, on Sunday. I know about 70 percent of the songs (church stuff), but a lot of them are in new keys. The songs that are new to me (pop songs) I have chord charts for. Only Dancing Queen, and Crazy Little Thing Called Love, are in the right key, and familiar to me. The guitarist is good, and the vocalist are strong. We have PA, and a stage, all on the back of a low-loader. I am hoping that the audience will all be eating burgers and ignoring the band! This is my biggest gig to date. And I am still not getting paid for it!!
  6. Come on JapanAxe - don't beat around the bush, don't hold back. Stop sitting on the fence and tell us how you really feel about that song...
  7. Oooh yeah! Listening to Signed Sealed Delivered - that bassline is very much in the style of Gone At Last. And I have a new favourite bassist.
  8. Yes!! My band played Goin' Up Country - the bassline was manageable at the right speed. But they always sped up when we played it live. So, I refused to play it live. Silly of me, I know. But it made me feel important . . . :-)
  9. Gone at Last I recall hearing this as a teenager, on my aunt's radiogram. I was blown away by the energy of the track. I went back to it, as an adult bass player. I was blown away by the bass line, and wanted to play it. It feels like a musically simply line, but the speed and accuracy required make it difficult to replicate - even Paul Simon's band do not play that bassline in live concerts! It feels like a root-5th, with the occasional third as a passing note. How would I go about working out the bassline? Slow it down, for sure. Write down the notes (rather than rely on memory). Any other tips? For some reason, it reminds me of the bassline to Aretha Franklin's Blues Brother version of "Think!" - it has the same use of chord tones, and passing notes.
  10. So, I lost my mum at the start of June the year, and wanted to be with my dad more often, at this time. His heart attack simply added to the urgency. I think that dad would appreciate my being with him, so, that feels like the right answer. I only joined the other band to stretch my musical self a little. But right now, that it not the priority.
  11. Yes, Mr Punter - the TUNE goes like that . . . but how does the bassline go? What are the harmonies? At least your singer realised that he needs to sing the bassline to you.
  12. A lot of people have told me that, so, it must be true.
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