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  1. Shame you're all the way over in Basildon in Essex, or I'd have that!
  2. prowla

    Two of my current projects a P and a J...

    It probably sounds like that after a few glasses of Port.
  3. prowla

    Two of my current projects a P and a J...

    It was originally that cream colour, but the previous owner stripped it, varnished it, and then abandoned the project. I had been thinking of black, but a surf green would suit it, wouldn't it?
  4. prowla

    Two of my current projects a P and a J...

    The gold hand-painted Fender logo was a bit of a stretch, I have to say! 🙂 I'm stripping off the overpainting, but it's taking off the finish too (red leaning towards orange), so I'll have to redo that; it's not exactly the finest instrument every produced, so I'll be having a think about how far to take it.
  5. prowla

    Markbass Super Synth programming

    Well, you can add a sub not to the synth sound...
  6. prowla

    Two of my current projects a P and a J...

    I seem to amass parts, on the basis I'll find something to go with them; if I see something I'll buy it. The Status neck going with the budget Frankenstein body is ridiculous. The Mighty Mite neck was from a work colleague a couple of years ago; I had it on an orange P-bass body for a while, but then I got a Mex maple neck and decided to swap that on. Then the white Jazz body came up here so I nabbed that. This is the Vox; it was over-painted by a teenager, so I'm in the process of stripping it back. Here's a Strat project. A Tokai Strat.
  7. prowla

    Hi From Jeff Berlin

    Pump It! is a great album.
  8. prowla

    Two of my current projects a P and a J...

    Cheers for that - feel free to fire off questions. As far as progress goes, I seem to be on a go-slow at the moment and I've got some other projects on the go too (two Rickenfakers, a vintage Vox bass, a Strat, another Strat, an Ovation , and another Strat too!) (I really need to stop letting things catch my eye) so they could take a while... That said, pretty much all I've got to do on on these two is find time to get my soldering iron out to get their electrics sorted and then put on strings and do their setup.
  9. ] The white J is a roughly painted Squier body which needs re-doing, a very nice Mighty Mite fretless neck, Wilco machines & pickups and a nondescript bridge. The Frankenstein P is a Status Graphite neck on a rather cheap but cool body (the pickguard overlays with the same picture), with Sperzel locking machines, a decent bridge, and probably a pair of Fender pickups I have in my parts box.
  10. prowla

    BC Rich (or claims to be)

    Not an up-market model.
  11. prowla

    I fancy a mandolin...

    Cool - I guess you just learn the chord shapes.
  12. prowla

    I fancy a mandolin...

    How do you play one?
  13. prowla

    Moog synths

    Back to playing a synth from a bass, the Markbass SuperSynth is really good. But it's not practical if you want synth sounds to complement your bass line.
  14. prowla

    Poor mans Moog Taurus - possible?

    The Yamaha JV-1010 has a load of sounds.
  15. prowla

    Rare Fender missed

    Aye - I was more commenting that ebay thought that I'd be wanting a case for it!