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  1. A few options there. @stewblack Yep - I've tried splitting (to separate amps) and often pedals do have their blend settings.
  2. It still looks like a cheap homemade job. It's up for $2500; I'd buy it for $250.
  3. I can't seem to quite get the right bass distortion pedal. I'd like something which has little bit of tube-like grit, as opposed to sounding like toilet paper and a comb. I keep thinking I should like Darkglass, but I tried a Vintage Microtubes a while back and took it back to the shop (not sure I've ever done that before); I just listened to some YT demos and their pedals just sound too clinical. I've got a Boss Bass OD and it's not great (the guitar SD-1 is an essential guitar pedal). I've got a Bass Tube Screamer and I can't remember what it sounds like (the guitar TS is great). I have a Bass Soul Food which I liked in the shop, but the controls are too sensitive and it's impossible to get it adjusted to the exact micron to sound right. I've just got an EBS Microbass 3 and the clean channel is absolutely brilliant, but the distortion one has no life to it. I've just taken my SansAmp BDDIs off my board for the Microbass 3; the problem with them is that they affect the clean sound too, so they're never off. (I suppose I could use a bypass pedal.) I tried a SansAmp YYZ and it was quite good, but it's physically too big. Tech 21 VT Bass is OK, but a bit too big. So, what are my options? Ideally, I'd like something which fits into an MXR-sized space...
  4. There was someone a while back selling an unfinished Hayman/Shergold neck on ebay...
  5. Would anybody like an old Philips CD618 CD player? It's just it, no remote (I think any Philips CD remote should work), played when last used and then the hi-fi got set aside. Collection from Berkshire.
  6. I was just looking at the auction site before coming here. (Remember fees, VAT, etc. to be added to the hammer price.)
  7. Darn - I was just looking for one yesterday and I contacted the chap who makes them, but he said he was taking a break but might get back to them in the Summer.
  8. I would've gone for this, had I not decided to take a different route.
  9. Both the Stanley Clarke and the Microbass 3 have 2 channels. The 2 channels on the Microbass are different: one is pure and one is distortion, though there is a switch to make them series or parallel. You can wire the FX loop as stereo and then the XLR outputs become left and right. It's going to be "interesting" figuring out how to use it.
  10. It’s like Aria meets Alembic.
  11. I would’ve liked two channels for my Rics, but I think I’ll survive!
  12. It's more about where they've targeted the product, of course. The Microbass does have a distortion channel, rather than identical A & B. (Though actually, that might've been good too!)
  13. Yes - I did take the comment in good humour. 🙂 I would like a short-scale; maybe I'll pick one up one day.
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