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  1. Air guitars, box of rotten twigs, and the headstock-body bass are the big yawns.
  2. Fortunately, you can report ebay listings of invisible/intangible items.
  3. Yep - the "Hey, I bet you've never seen this before!" routine is wearing a bit thin. I wish it was possible to ignore ebay sellers.
  4. That's 'cos it's not much like the brand that cannot be mentioned...
  5. Good point about the black - it has a black pickguard (which I am also stripping the paint off!)
  6. I’ve got one Warwick whose neck is too chunky; I’ve often thought about whether to trim it a bit.
  7. I take your comment and raise you a picture! ...and the description: That makes 3½ tuners to me!
  8. A set of 3½ tuners - bargain!
  9. I have a Minitaur & PK-5A pedals; I do have a 12-step, but haven't got 'round to programming it. I would like a T3, but that price does seem high. Mine did make an appearance at the last SE Bass Bash; see Sylvia's blog:
  10. I've got an old Vox Clubman bass I bought at a car boot, which had been over-painted. I've now sanded off the paint and am ready to re-finish it. It was a dark orange/red (not sure what the colour is called) and I don't know whether to try and get that (it's still in the pickup bays) or go for another colour, either a plum/burgundy or black. But before that, what's a good primer to use on plywood? My skills are up to the level of rattle-can, but the original probably wasn't anything better anyway.
  11. I've not, but I have a J-Retro in this Jazz and it is really good.
  12. Yep, that might be true. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/bass-guitar-body-and-neck-1960-70s/333725012880
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Homemade-Electric-Bass-Guitar-Project-1960-s-MiJ-Neck-Electrics-Work/293739876828
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