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  1. A decent luthier-type should be able to replace a truss-rod; there are videos online of people doing it and it seems a straightforward procedure for someone who can work with wood (ie. not me!).
  2. prowla

    John Hall?

    Dunno if this is a one-off, or if there will be more.
  3. prowla

    John Hall?

    I'm holding out for John Hall at the Albert Hall...
  4. prowla

    John Hall?

    I'd be interested in seeing what he has to say; I'm sure it's more than just promoting new models. (But I'm not interested enough to travel 4 hours each way, which would cost a heck of a lot more than £7.50!)
  5. prowla

    John Hall?

    I'm sensing negativity...
  6. prowla

    John Hall?

    Due North from you to the top end of Wales and then up a bit more.
  7. Yep - there have been Rails up at silly money, but I don't know if they actually sold.
  8. prowla

    John Hall?

    FYI, John Hall is doing a meet & greet in June. https://www.soundaffects.com/electric-guitars-c95/1x-ticket-presenting-an-afternoon-with-john-hall-p12984
  9. prowla

    John Hall?

    So, a 4003S went on ebay for £971 this week; I nearly bid on it. My last 3 Rics have cost me £1000, £1100, and £1000.
  10. I think I'll keep my £700. If I were going for a Westone, I might consider this one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Westone-The-Rail-headless-bass-Red-and-black-Rare/153492957318
  11. prowla

    John Hall?

    I was just curious as to the price, rather than actually wanting to acquire one.
  12. As for shows, I like to have a good representation of used kit, parts, oddments, and junk boxes; I rarely buy new. For me the Kempton Park one has been pretty much spot-on; between that and the SE Bass bash I have a couple of things I look forward to. (@TheGreek I sure hope the costs are more than covered and the effort is worth it for the SE Bass Bash, which I know you go to 'cos we've met there!).
  13. prowla

    John Hall?

    I meant in general terms, or rather what have they recently sold for, rather than what is for sale now.
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