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  1. I might have it for £5.50.
  2. People will do custom builds - read @yorks5stringer's post...
  3. Looks like it might've been a bought blank which then had the routing done with a hammer & chisel.
  4. The neck look to be on a bit of a squonk...
  5. "She" looks a bit past her sell by date...
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2007-Fender-USA-Heavy-Relic-Stratocaster-Standard-BODY-ONLY/174233930376?hash=item289126ca88:g:2FcAAOSw6Bpef6pS It's amazing what you can do with a hammer and chisel!
  7. I've got an Eden EX1104 1x10 cab which I picked up at one of the bass bashes; it works with my Elf and there's never a feeling that it's a bit lacking. I've also got a Trace Elliot Boxer, which ain't bad. The Phil Jones ones are rather neat and the briefcase models are the right size to sit next to (or under) a desk.
  8. This one is a keeper (parts)...
  9. I do like this one. It's got a bolt-on neck!
  10. Here y'go... Sorry - I mis-read; thought it said beat-looking P bass!
  11. Aye - each to their own!
  12. I'm just calculating the optimal angle and it'll be there! I've also got to fix those darned un-fanned machines...
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