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  1. prowla

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    Well, it's true that someone has to turn up the volume. I recall someone on the Markbass stand cranking it up stupidly loud to play stuff; I happened across his website a few months back and was surprised to see they he can actually play! But I don't think the headphones are the answer - I tried a Dingwall through some and it was meaningless. Maybe all amps should have to face the wall?
  2. prowla

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    The one I went to, I was in pain at some points.
  3. prowla

    Feedback for Burns-bass

    Thanks for the strings!
  4. prowla

    Thanks to dyerseve

    Thanks for helping me unite my Warwick RB body and neck!
  5. prowla

    rmcki - thanks

    Thanks for the Warwick jack socket - much appreciated!
  6. 1. It's not mine. 2. It's not going to be mine. 3. I'm just off to have a bath.
  7. prowla

    Hondo II bass

    I fink dat woz a difernt Kays.
  8. prowla

    If You Had £3000 For a Bass ....

    I do know someone who has a penchant for burning the Hondo II Ric copies!
  9. prowla

    Hondo II bass

    There was a video of some guitar savant saying his Kay was worth $1000...
  10. There's no way that will sound as authentic!
  11. prowla

    Why would you do this

    Nah - he would've converted it to a 3-string, for the bass player with unusually large hands...
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Early-1960s-Fender-Jazzmaster-Stratocaster-Telecaster-Neck-Shim/202061778163 Seems like a bargain at only £30 + shipping...
  13. prowla

    Hondo II bass

    Ah yes, I had momentarily mislaid the Kays from my thought processes!
  14. prowla

    Hondo II bass

    They're probably the bottom of the hierarchy of 70s/80s Ric copies.
  15. prowla

    Ukulele albums

    This was an Applause one for £99.