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  1. (A Ric 4003 isn't a 34" scale bass...)
  2. There was something on ebay on the weekend marked as collection only, so I sent them a message saying I’d do BIN if they’d post; they replied yes and added post, but someone got in ahead of me and nabbed it!
  3. Many years ago I had the idea of adding an extra fret at the very end of the fingerboard, maybe a raised plate screwing onto the end face; I never did it, though.
  4. Also, do NOT (never, ever, ever, EVER) buy the "Overlord Of Music" cheap tuner/bridge system; it is complete rubbish.
  5. The headstock end which will be the problem area, if the truss-rod is adjustable at that end.
  6. I seem to have lost the screws between taking a mounting bracket off one Pedaltrain and going to mount it on the next. What ones should I use? (I'm always worried the supplied ones are going to snap anyway...)
  7. I'm now almost at the point where I believe that every Fender I see for sale is a fake.
  8. Why anybody would do that has me stumped...
  9. At least the Fender isn't the fake roadworn one.
  10. I was watching that, but I don't need another Thunder. The wonky tuners looked a bit weird.
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