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  1. Interesting - I have another doubleneck with those bat position markers on it.
  2. That's a rather nice looking bass!
  3. Cheers! Yep - a Minitaur. Next to it are two Roland JV-1010 synth units; on has an Orchestral expansion card in it and the other a Vintage Synth. The one at the top is a Peavey Spectrum Bass, which has some spectacularly good sounds. That picture was taken at the last South East Bass Bash (2019!). I've since swapped out the Peavey (weird 15V AC power supply) for a Novation Bass Station. I've since picked up a Bartolini 4-way pickup for a Rickenbacker bass which should tie-up with a Roland GM-70 bass to MIDI converter which needs a rack to sit in. (I've no idea what I'd actually do with it once I get it working, but that's a separate matter!)
  4. Hooky's was a Hondo II.
  5. I'm only there for the guitar/bass stuff.
  6. The Moog Minitaur is a great little MIDI unit; it is a bit one-dimensional though, but if you're after a Moog bass sound then that's not particularly an issue. You can program it via a PC app and save the sound settings ("patches" or "programs" in synthy terminology) to call them back. (One thing to note is that it is limited to the lower registers, so you don't get the full range of a Taurus, unless you maybe use an octave pedal.) The Behringer Model D, which is a clone of a Minimoog is therefore also a great bass synth. However, it doesn't have presets, so you have to twiddle the knobs and remember their settings; that said, the left-right panel layout helps you understand the signal flow and synth controls. I've also got a Novation Bass Station, which has some good stuff in there, but it really needs a PC controlling it.
  7. I saw Hackett a few years back at Aylesbury - it was a rather good gig. (And I got the tickets free!)
  8. I've had several fakers. This one is a vintage Japanese one next to a real '78 Ric. This one is UK made; I bought it barebones and put the bits on myself.. This is a selection of fakers I had at some point in time (the black and blue ones are gone). The "Red Baron" is a Retrovibe Renegade, the "Rickenberger" is a confused tribute to Rush and/or Darren Redick (he had a fur-covered Spirit); the cream/brass and burgundy 5-string are works in progress.
  9. Beware that the "Tokai" in Rockinbetter is actually Tokai UK (an importer in Sheffield) and not the Japanese Tokai Gakki company, which is known for producing high quality guitars. (Looks like this caveat was already posted.)
  10. .........................................................
  11. I've had a go on one of the members here's Gus - it is a very fine instrument indeed!
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