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  1. Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release.
  2. Always making waves, eh...
  3. Technically it is correct - there are some missing knobs... ...and it is advertised as "For parts or not working".
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Yes - I work in IT and am always having to think about whether the 1st item in an array or character of a string is at "0" or "1"; from my 80s C programming, it should (of course) be 0, but you can never be sure and there's always someone out to get you!
  6. Yes - I would agree that most folks wouldn't connect a MIDI controller to the FI, and so would never encounter any issue. In my case, I just wanted something to allow me to enter the channel number without embellishment - what a foolish notion! I really didn't want another programmable unit to configure as I've just plain got too many of them in my life - just wanted something simple! If I were to go for a programmable controller, I might consider a Keith McMillen SoftStep, as I already have a 12-Step and a QNexus; of course, now I have to confirm it does the 0-127/1-128 convention as required...
  7. Yes, the PK-5A has a Prog button and the pedals C-whatever are 09, with A being Enter. Neither the pedals nor the Minitaur display the channel, so there's no visual issue there.
  8. I haven't tried it with my Minitaur, because it would have no function there; I have a PK-5A bass pedal unit for that and the Minitaur lives in a rack unit which is all set in place.
  9. Echo that, and I hope that nothing I have said here (other than in expressing thanks) could be construed as directed against you personally! 🙂
  10. Yes - Andras; that was specifically relating to your correction (noted) that the FB site is not the manufacturer's support site, but rather an enthusiast's site, and he posted there as a company representative.
  11. I have raised the issue with Tech21 also; they may not be going to respond out of business hours. The unit itself is a sealed unit and I don't know if it is programmable; it's presented as a black box. I suspect any fix they come up with would be in the release of a new product, rather than an update to the existing one. Maybe I'm just unlucky in having chosen a product which introduces this interoperability issue; hence my suggestion of mentioning in the manual. Whether you should phrase it as "as it should", or in more neutral terms is something to consider; the MIDIBUDDY MP128 unit I have states this in its manual: That seems fairly neutral. As to the code space; yes, I appreciate that; hence I have made an enhancement request (not a demand!). 🙂 Of course, companies will choose and prioritise what should be included in development(s).
  12. Excuse me - from the manufacturer's representative, then. And there you have it - the "not my problem" position. The arguments as to whether it is "right" or "wrong" are not the point; the real-world fact is that companies produce kit with different interpretation. And some companies have a setting so they will support either. The question is whether the respective companies consider it important enough to address. A product which can handle both conventions is plainly more flexible and compatible with other units.
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