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  1. Amazing (not) Fender

    Yep - I get it all the time; my searches are "fender -(squire,squier)" and I still have to sort out dross. The problem now is that I don't trust things straight off anymore.
  2. Amazing (not) Fender

    Squier being sold as "Fender"...
  3. Warwick thumb 5 ltd £850

    Looks like the dog has walked over it with mucky paws.
  4. I've had a couple of Rock Basses and they probably weren't for me. The last one did have a fantastic bottom-B note though; I got it like this: And sold it like this: The one on ebay is waiting for an opening bid of £100, but then I'd have to add £14.70 postage to it, which would be probably the max I'd pay.
  5. Rick 4003 String Sizes

    I've currently got Dean Markley 46-102 on mine, but I'm swapping back to Rotosound 40-100 gauge when I next change.
  6. LowEnd Thunderbird 6

    Holy camoley - that's a monster!
  7. Nash 63 p bass

    That's a nice bass. Sadly I've only got less than half that to spend, though.
  8. Jim Rodford (Argent) RIP

    I remember he used to do a bass column in one of the magazines in the 70s.
  9. Cheap American Deluxe?

    I was greedy - I offered £350, but was declined.
  10. Cheap American Deluxe?

    Hmmm - I've got money to spend...
  11. A Confounded Bridge

    Where is it?
  12. London bass guitar show 2018

    Where's the box to enter the code?
  13. Fake Fender on ebay

    I guess you missed the holiday thread - it was fun! It ain't a Fender and the Fender trademark ain't licensed.
  14. How Many Notes Does it Take to Make a Chord?

    So, you have to establish the context of the question...
  15. How Many Notes Does it Take to Make a Chord?

    In computers, 1 + 1 = 10.