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  1. prowla


    I did contemplate buying that 64 off Chris.
  2. Hmmm - I bough an Ashbory a couple of months ago; it's quite a fun little thing...
  3. Well, it's travelled: George Gruhn is in Nashville and now it's in The Canaries.
  4. Nice to see it's got fanned tuners too. (Even if they are a bit random...)
  5. Ah - a rebadged CIOKS DC7.
  6. Are there any mains-powered pedalboard power supplies which have a USB output too?
  7. I'd really like a Gus. I've played @Happy Jack's, which is rather nice. Unfortunately, though, it's way out of my price range.
  8. Well, at least it's not another Fender-alike.
  9. (You can embed the picture by doing right-click->View Image and copy the URL into the thread here.)
  10. Even back then, when I was into rock & prog (and still am!), I liked their stuff (and still do!).
  11. I have one also - it's a bit of fun, that's for sure.
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