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  1. I guess you have to be a bit arrogant to have a bass like that in the first place...
  2. If you've got to ask, you can't afford it... 🙂
  3. They are a bit (erm) radical, aren't they? But in the same breath there are people who say that Ric don't innovate, so I guess they can't win!
  4. I see you've popped over to the fakers group. 🙂 My not-dissimilar faker (black not fg, though).
  5. Stereo Sound on jack plate, thru-neck, but gap on binding is narrower than a real Ric, surprisingly no control knob position dots on pickguard (is it a replacement pickguard?), typical generic Japanese tuners, round holes in tailpiece string feeds, screw-through strap buttons.
  6. I had a Carlsbro Stingray back in the day; sounds came out of it, but otherwise it had no redeeming features.
  7. Billy Sheehan had an EB0 pickup in the neck position on a P.
  8. The best thing about it is the logo on the headstock. That pickup cutout is pretty grim.
  9. Yep, dunno why people do fretless conversions.
  10. I've already got a TS9, a Boss SD, and a Joyo clone, otherwise I would've had this!
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