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  1. Site Bugs - List them here

    Just teething issues... :-)
  2. Site Bugs - List them here

    Looks like there was a little crashette just now...
  3. Paulownia wood

    Well, the body was pre-routed for a trem, though I drilled the posts (but otherwise it would've been 6 screws). I'm not sure what the extra stress/strain of using a trem is, as you are just changing the angle around a fulcrum rather than forcefully heaving it backwards and forwards; however, that does have some interplay with the string/springs tension. I wonder about on a bass, the tension might cause the bridge screws fittings to degrade over time. Obeche does seem to be a current flavour.
  4. Paulownia wood

    I would steer clear of it. I bought a paulownia Strat body and finished it quite nicely. I then picked up a Fender one for similar money, so the paulownia one sat in a corner. I've then sold it on ebay (for less than I paid) and the seller has come back and said the wood at the Floyd posts has split. IMHO, it's a light, soft wood, not suitable for making guitars.
  5. Some players seem to change their endorsements more often than their underpants.
  6. Is it the neck or the bridge that's out?
  7. Site Bugs - List them here

    I guess this has already been noted, but the picture links in old threads don't seem to be working (I get some markup and the name of the jpg file in square brackets).
  8. Sorry, the ad you are looking for is no longer available. Please see similar ads below.
  9. Holy S**t............!

    That's real hardcore man!
  10. Waste of space

    Yep - that's the gist of it!
  11. Just to clarify - is this a genuine Fender body?
  12. Waste of space

    Yes, it is subjective; that's for sure. I wasn't trying to suggest this site should look exactly like the other one or should be torn up and re-implemented into a different system, no-siree!, but rather I was trying to illustrate that the excessive padding and oversizing of decorations is reducing the actual information being presented. And I'm on a 1920x1080 display. (Maybe that's sooo last year and the developers of these tools/frameworks have graduated up to 4k ones?) I really do appreciate the work done and I get the freshness of the style; I'd just like to see it tweaked to focus on the content, which should be doable without compromising the overall style.
  13. Waste of space

    By way of illustration; here's a shot from this forum, having scrolled down past the header suff, which shows 13 items (and that's zoomed out to make it slightly smaller!): And here's one from another forum, again scrolled down past the header stuff, which shows 17 (ie. 30% more) in the same screen area (without zoom); it contains the same details and also has a bar of links down the left-hand side. I would say that the 2nd one lets me see more and get to where I want to be more efficiently, but is still a logical & uncluttered display.
  14. Waste of space

    If I go into a forum or a thread, the top 1/3rd - 1/2 of the window is taken up by layout.
  15. Waste of space

    Well - it's a matter of how much scrolling over how much empty space you have to do to get to where you want to be, for example on the main forum index page. And then when you get into a thread (eg. this one); if you zoom out in your browser, so the text is tiny, you can see maybe 3 posts (and I've !). Other sites have gone through this and the result has been to make them almost unusable (eg. HUKD, and MSE); I guess the web toolkits/frameworks define it.