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  1. Apologies if my frustration came across as impolite... ...I'm now stepping away from the keyboard.
  2. Right... I've asked this multiple times, but it looks like it's falling on deaf ears. The default font is grey, which makes it hard to read the text. A black font is much easier to read against the white background. There seems to be work being put into trying out different themes, but no imperative to fix the default one. The purpose of the site for me is to come and communicate with other members, to read what they say and respond, to gain some insight & advice and enjoyment, and to occasionally acquire items via the classifieds. All of those rely on the adequate presentation of the text in the respective posts; the site is the vehicle by which that information is presented. For me the site is visually hard work and uncomfortable to use and I really can't get past that. I've tried, but all I've done since the update is have an occasional look, respond to a message from another member, and check this thread for progress. I've looked at the dark theme, but that would be inconsistent as I typically have several windows open and all of the others have a light background. I've embedded picture(s) of other sites which demonstrate the difference and I've included links to web design style guides/rules to reinforce the fundamental principles. I've tried posting a light-hearted meme to make the point. I've tried changing my PC and browser settings, but nothing appears to fix it (and anyway, I don't want to disrupt the other sites I use). Now, I appreciate the amount of work which goes into running and maintaining the site (I really do!) and I know I may be just one user here, so I am under no illusions on that front. But this thread asked for bugs and to me this design/style issue is more basic and fundamental than some of the programming/logic items and is impacting the usability of the site for me. I like this site and it's one of several which I have open automatically when I login to my PC to reflect my chosen areas of interest, but right now I've removed it from that list. So please, if you're not going to fix it then let me know and I'll stop checking back, only to be frustrated again, and I'll step away and leave you alone.
  3. Haha. It's bad enough on the white background.
  4. Any chance of a theme with dark text?
  5. And that post earned me a couple of site accolades!
  6. I'm going to take a short break from the site, as all I'm really doing at the moment is checking this thread to see if the text is readable.
  7. Isn't it the exact purpose of this thread to report the bugs?
  8. Maybe their kerning or whatever is different.
  9. My DC7’s USB will power my 12-Step.
  10. It seems ok on my IPhone.
  11. Ah - "predictability" is another web design tenet; I went looking in my Settings! Unfortunately, the text is still grey in the 2.1 theme; maybe a "Prowlathinksitsreadable" theme! (Though actually, I think the font could do with better kerning too...)
  12. Thanks - the font colour is the killer.
  13. Maybe the customising is a "nice to have", but being able to read it is pretty essential. After-all, it is the content which is the reason for having the site in the first place!
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