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  1. Lovely looking bass. Are there fret markers on the side of the neck?
  2. Another happy customer here. Bought my second loom from John in 2 weeks. Really helpful and great to deal with. Top quality components and easy to fit. Thanks again John, much appreciated.
  3. Hello, I was checking out a few p bass pickup reviews today and came across this guy. I've never seen a muting technique like this before - I wondered if any of you utilise this "thumb under the strings" technique? It looks odd but I would imagine it is pretty effective at killing unwanted noise. Where's my bass - I'm going to give it a go!
  4. Just transplanted my first @KiOgon Loom - I have no doubt it won't be my last. Great to deal with and top quality. Arrived really quickly too. Love the solderless connections- dropped in really easily. Many thanks John.
  5. Thanks Paul - I knew it would be straightforward. It's been a long hot week! Yes I had to widen the holes on my pickguard to get the new pots in but it was no bother and well worth it.
  6. Woof! I covet that bass! 66 is my birth year and a 66P is right at the top of my Bucket list. It is a thing of beauty. I can only imagine how it sounds. Pass me a swatch of kitchen roll - I'm drooling. 😬
  7. I've now installed a KiOgon loom - went in nice and easy and I really liked the solderless option. I guess I am now one of those "Happy Basschatters" that are enjoying KiOgon's handiwork. I would join you in recommending him. Great to deal with and really quick response. I would copy him in if I could work out how todo the "@" function! Happy days! my crackly pots and dodgy jack are a thing of the past! Thanks to everyone for their sage advice. ☺️
  8. Thanks for this Bassassin - I'll take a look. Much appreciated. πŸ‘
  9. Thanks - that's helpful. Could be worth a shot.
  10. Thanks RB 😊 Yes it looks and feels great - Just need to fix the sound!
  11. Hello I picked up this Antoria P Bass a while ago. Having tinkered around a bit it is now set up nicely. Great slim neck that plays really well. For a budget P Bass clone I'm impressed. I'll probably upgrade the tuners at some point but my main issue is the pickup. I'm assuming its a Maxon pickup (?) but it's not sounding great. Age may have got the better of it. I thought I would tap in to the formidable Hive brain of Basschat for some advice. Would it be worth getting a rewind / repot of the pickup, or could anyone suggest a quality replacement that wouldn't entail routing out the pickup cavity? If I did go down the replacement route, I would need something the same size as the original (approx 7cms X 3cms). I will be upgrading the wiring harness too. Basically any advice gratefully received. Thanks in advance 😊
  12. Thanks for the welcome GB. Another Leicestershire Bass Player - must be something in the water - or maybe something about the relaxed, non showy culture over here! 🀣
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