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  1. LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI - £150 posted

    Bump - offers?
  2. Hi Richard, I'll send you a private message.. Cheers, Mike
  3. Feedback for Julianna56

    Alex bought my SVT410HLF - all went very well - thanks Alex.

    I bought a bag of cables from Ben - all good. Thanks Ben...
  5. Ampeg Pro Neo PN-210HLF - now £445 posted

    Get yourself a bargain - £445! Ampeg HLF sound in a compact and lightweight format...
  6. SOLD - Ampeg SVT-410HLF & Roqsolid Cover - £350

    Price dropped to £350 for a superb ported 4x10 with horn..
  7. Feeback for Bludwid

    Sold a combo to Nico - all good - Thanks Nico!
  8. Feedback for Walbassist

    Bought some valves from Gareth - all good! - thanks Gareth...
  9. Feedback for AndyW

    Bought a pedal from Andy - All good! - thanks Andy...
  10. Feedback for alyctes

    Bought some nice CDs off Mike - enjoying listening to them in my car- all good! Thanks Mike...
  11. SOLD - Ampeg SVT-410HLF & Roqsolid Cover - £350

    Yep - great cab, but unfortunately not getting used as I'm gigging 90% fully acoustic double bass these days. Slapping rather than flapping the trousers... Therefore would like to this go to a good home!
  12. Feedback for rosco

    Bought a tidy pedal from Ross - all good - Thanks Ross!
  13. Timo

    Bought a wee pedal from Tim - all good... Thanks Tim!
  14. Bigwan's Feedback!

    Bought another nice pedal from Ian - all good + loads of info exchanged - Thanks Ian!