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  1. Mike bought my USA Lakland bass and was an absolute gentleman to deal with from start to finish. Polite, friendly and helpful with prompt payment and good communications throughout. An absolute pleasure to do business with. Thoroughly recommended.
  2. Now sold, pending all the usual, thanks.
  3. Thanks for the advice, I will experiment . I am always wary of setting the pickup too close to the strings and getting magnetic interference from the pickup on the orbit of the strings, causing unwanted overtones. There is nothing wrong with the tone of the GZR as I currently have it set, it's just not quite as loud as my other very similar P Bass equipped with a Lakland Neo Punch pickup set at the same height.
  4. Thanks to all the people who have got in touch to express an interest in this bass. Could I just reiterate, I'm definitely not interested in any trades.
  5. Does anybody know the correct height for an EMG Geezer Butler P pickup? There are no guidelines that I can find on the EMG website. I know there is no "right" answer but I would be interested to hear how other people are adjusting this pickup. My initial impression is that, despite Geezer's reputation as a heavy rock/metal player, this pickup is not one of the hyped-up "hot" P pickups such as the Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder et al. It is surprisingly vintage in it's output and overall tonality. I'd love to hear what other people think.
  6. Absolutely love late 60s/early 70s P Basses myself, and prefer them to earlier more vintage models I have played. This looks like a lovely example. Cant wait to hear and see more of this one. Great purchase, I like your taste!
  7. Lakland USA 44-60 J-Sonic Alder body maple fingerboard with ebony dots Quartersawn graphite-reinforced neck Vintage -style tweed OHSC After much deliberation I have decided to put this bass up for sale. I am the original owner, and the bass is in brand-new practically unplayed condition . The case has never been used and all the case candy is unopened and intact. The bass was a custom order from Lakland , delivered to me at the end of May 2013. I don't play in a band and the bass has had only very occasional home use since I got it. For most of the time this bass has had Thomastik flats on it, but I have just put a brand new set of D'Addario XL nickel roundwounds on for the next owner. Anyone who has played a USA-made Lakland will know the level of quality . Hand-made in Chicago, these instruments really are up there with the very best. The neck profile of this bass is an exact replica of Joe Osborn's famous 1960 prototype Fender Jazz bass and is the best Jazz neck I have ever played. I couldn't describe the fingerboard as highly figured, but it does have some subtle and attractive birdseye figuring. The concentric stack knobs are a nice feature too, and are reputed to give a slightly different sound than the three -knob vol/vol/tone arrangement that replaced them on later Jazz Basses. This bass also has a beautiful piece of vintage-style tort for the pickguard, much better than the run-of-the-mill examples you see on most basses nowadays. The ChiSonics pickups are a true single-coil made with neodymium magnets and have Jazz Bass- like overtones, but with a higher output and wider frequency response. They are a unique- sounding passive pickup with deep lows , a muscular and very musical midrange and a nicely extended treble. John Pirrucelo at Lakland told me that they wanted to make a pickup that was reminiscent of the Hagstrom Bisonic/ Hammond Dark Star but that was less finicky to adjust properly . The Chisonics really are a seamless blend of the modern and vintage tone and are quite addictive. I bought this bass because, after getting my Yamaha BB2024X, I was looking for another high-end passive bass that similarly had the depth of tone and dynamic range of an active bass but without being too "hi-fi" and with the more organic tone you get from a passive bass. These Chisonics really deliver in all those respects. I shudder to think what a new one of these basses would cost at the current exchange rate and you would have wait about six months for it . This is an absolutely mint example that has belonged to a very careful middle aged man who has no life whatsoever. Please let me know if you have any questions or want any more info. The bass is located in Huddersfield, West Yorks. I have still got all the original packing material that the bass arrived with from the States so I am willing to ship at cost , at my own discretion, of course. Definitely no trades.
  8. Norman bought the Alembic from John Entwhistle, IIRC. Love Norm's P Bass tone on New Boots and Panties. That is one of the benchmarks for me.
  9. I've got a USA PJ and a USA P BG and they are both amazing basses, by far the best P basses I have ever played. They sound and feel great. The Skylines sound very similar and are a bargain. Just make sure you find one that is a weight that suits you, and you can't go wrong.
  10. I recently put TI flats on my Fender 74 AVRI Jazz Bass and they have been a revalation! I can now pretend to be Larry Graham, Robbie Shakespear or just a middle-aged bloke with aspirations to be a hipster. Win-Win!
  11. Bear in mind that the sound of old Fender pickups changes over time, so a 68 Precision might not sound the same 50 years ago as it would today. There are a lot of fantastic replacements on the market, but echoing Sibob's post, I can thoroughly recommend the Lakland NeoPunch. It's loud and punchy but not too clean or clinical. The EMG Geezer Butler in my other Lakland P is also a great sounding pickup, and was allegedly modelled by EMG after Bobby Vega's 64 P pickup. Well worth checking out even if Sabbath isn't really your cup of tea. I am a big fan of early Sabbath, but the Geezer pickup would suit any style of music not just heavy rock.
  12. There were a lot of Wal fretless basses back in the 1980's. Wal was synonymous with a particular fretless sound, and fretless basses were very much in vogue. Great days for bass players. Much missed!
  13. Yes, passive pickups with an active preamp. Most active basses are like this. I've got a Bongo 4 string and it is a fantastic bass. Absolutely love it!
  14. I know the bass you mean, but it was David Brown with Santana:
  15. This bass is sheer P Bass perfection. A very beautiful thing for someone to own and enjoy.
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