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  1. I heard that years ago and thought it was quite good, the video is truly bizarre though
  2. I've got one of those and the fretless jazz bass too, they're both really good basses particularly the jazz!
  3. The Boss OC-3 lets you lower the sound by one or two octaves, I'm sure the new OC-5 does as well. I've got an OC-3 and it stays relatively clean sounding on both the one and two octave settings but it does lose a lot of definition below the E string's fifth fret though, no idea about other brands because I've got no experience with them!
  4. Swamp ash is what Sean Connery used to get if he hadn't showered for a few days.
  5. I think it sounds really good, I love the tone
  6. Nobody's saying otherwise are they? I see people offering their opinions on a topic, some like the post and some don't. Labelling the responses as cancel culture is a bit dramatic.
  7. Look at these idiots enjoying themselves! Don't they know it's illegal to be mediocre on the internet? It's a bit mean spirited to point and laugh at these guys, it makes you seem rather insecure about your own abilities.
  8. Make sure the others tell the virus they're getting paid so it doesn't infect them!
  9. Whatever happened to Nigel? He was quite a prolific poster on here when I first joined up
  10. , Audacity is free and you can import an MP3 into that and adjust the tempo however you like.
  11. That's a good idea, it's too easy to rely on the notes to remember it for you
  12. I'll listen to the song enough so I'm familiar with the structure and can "visualise(?)" how it might be played, then I'll figure out the chords and changes and play along as basically as possible until I'm comfortable with the order, then add the detail as I repeatedly play through it. Personally I struggle to retain anything I've learned from a tab but remember songs easily if I've figured them out by ear. I do think some tabs are handy for a second opinion as I'm figuring something out though!
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