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  1. She's also very mediocre sounding, musical cardboard breaking as much ground as a spade made from the same thing.
  2. How come if you don't like Kanye you're automatically a "hater" and told you obviously have no taste in music? Seems a bit of a childish response to me, and if he really was as good as you say then you wouldn't feel the need to bury your heads up his arse and justify his clearly piss poor performance last night, because he wouldn't give a piss poor performance. GOAT indeed.
  3. [quote name='ambient' timestamp='1423595015' post='2686862'] What ? You seriously think that's good ? Edit cos I had another listen, and wish I hadn't. When she goes high, it's very, very brief and clipped. Frankly she's awful. [/quote] Yeah I do
  4. This is clearly not live, and I don't know if it's been messed about with after recording either but I think she's got a hell of a voice. The last minute and a half of this song especially: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&persist_app=1&v=jU9xIDVHpUw
  5. [quote name='BetaFunk' timestamp='1415833718' post='2604416'] You weren't correcting me of anything. I was referring to the fact that the bass lines was listed as White Lines by Grandmaster Flash on Spotify when that version is a sample of Cavern by Liquid Liquid. Perhaps you need to read my post again. You apologised for your 'musical faux pas' and although your apology is accepted it wasn't by Grandmaster Melle Mel either. [/quote] I understood what you meant, not sure you understood me though but to be fair my post was a bit confusing
  6. [quote name='BetaFunk' timestamp='1415824040' post='2604239'] Had me fooled then. I thought you said it was by Grandmaster Melle Mel. [/quote] I was correcting you for saying it was Grandmaster Flash while you were correcting me for thinking the bassline was from White Lines
  7. [quote name='BetaFunk' timestamp='1415813842' post='2604063'] .....and the bass line is a sample from the song Cavern by Liquid Liquid. [/quote] I gathered that
  8. [quote name='BetaFunk' timestamp='1415787878' post='2603687'] Had to have a chuckle at White Lines by Grandmaster Flash on the list. http://youtu.be/yGncWGLHdQw [/quote] It's actually Grandmaster Melle Mel I apologise profusely for my unforgiveable musical faux pas
  9. I've got so many ideas but I'll leave it for now and give everyone else a chance
  10. Cool idea, are we allowed to add to it since it's an open playlist?
  11. Sorted, just used Internet Explorer in the end
  12. [quote name='AntLockyer' timestamp='1411048494' post='2555935'] It is not worth worrying about. [/quote] I'm not worried mate I'd just quite like to hear it
  13. Dammit, I can't get this to play and I've tried on two computers and a phone, anybody got any ideas?
  14. [quote name='xgsjx' timestamp='1410169988' post='2546674'] Sounds like the bassist got to put his own thing down, maybe? TBH I didn't think any of them had a bassline that I would remember, let alone want to learn. I know they wanted to sound like the Beatles, but every member of the Beatles was a talented musician. Taxman is one of my fave songs of theirs & I struggle to play the bassline. It could have been a simple root note affair, but they settled for better. [/quote] Oasis' first bass player Guigsy was so bad he didn't even play on their first album according to the original drummer's book, it was after he left around 2000 and replaced by Andy Bell (brilliant guitarist) that the bass started to move away from the root notes and get a bit more creative , probably due to Noel letting the others contribute a bit more to the songwriting around the same time as well. Like you said though, their music was never focussed on the instrumental side of things!
  15. [quote name='xgsjx' timestamp='1410153904' post='2546544'] Oasis are like most singer songwriter acts, it's all about the vocals. The music is there to provide a canvas, it's not part of the artwork. The bassline is there just to do a simple foundation. They could have easily have had better basslines on every oasis song. [/quote] I wouldn't say every song, some of their later stuff and a few early B-sides had some decent non root note only basslines. Go Let It Out Listen Up Soldier On Hung In a Bad Place To Be Where There's Life The majority of their stuff is just root notes though.
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