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  1. I don't have that exact combo, but the heads in all of the combos are the same. I think generally the consensus is they're great heads, excellent sound and the CMD121P (what I have) is regularly recommended as the 'go to' one box solution. IME it sounds great, is an easy carry and certainly doesn't lack power. That said, and my personal experience is, if the head *does* go wrong, it's likely an expensive fix indeed given the class D heads are very difficult to service. I've given an estimate of in excess of £200 for mine (before they saw it) by the UK service agent and I have seen others have higher quotes. Sadly the private vendor of mine never replied to my messages so I wasn't able to see if there was any warranty cover available, but that's part of the cost/benefit analysis when buying second hand. I gather from what I have read on here and elsewhere MB Italy service is poor, though I haven't personally experienced that myself. The good thing is that the LM form-factor heads are in effect interchangeable, so if it does go, you could always pick up a replacement second hand. I've decided given lockdown meant I've not been playing much to go with a backup/alternative option for now, but I will try and get it fixed down the line. If you're buying new then I'd say go for it - if second-hand, factor in that repairs might be costly, but I think I have been unlucky - faulty heads seem fairly few and far between.
  2. Has anyone seen any of these in the wild yet? I can't find anywhere selling them, and they're not on the MB site, but wondered if anyone else had seen one?
  3. Why, if it's a P-only, does it have three knobs?
  4. I have the M-Audio and it’s been faultless since I bought it. Easy to use and sounds good.
  5. That’d be great, thanks. Let me know.
  6. This is what really did my head in at first! Once I figured it out, it was fine.
  7. *Shrugs* As ever, YMMV. I've been in and out of recording since using tape and Atari in the mid-90s, but I just didn't find Reaper that easy to work with. Many of the controls and settings were, IME, counter-intuitive. Once you get used to things, it's great, I just found the initial learning curve very high.
  8. Good to hear. I doubt they will, but good to be prepared!
  9. The point is not whether the repair sorted it, but that the goods (whether repaired or replaced) are still not of satisfactory quality. A damaged cab is still not of satisfactory quality. I would just reject and demand a refund.
  10. If it's a business under CRA 2015 goods should be of satisfactory quality. Under s24(5) of the CRA2015 if a customer requests a repair or replacement and the goods still do not confirm with the requirement to be of satisfactory quality, you can insist on a refund.
  11. Bought from shop, or private seller?
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