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  1. They popularised the modern interpretation with their Jungle Kit, but compact kits have been around for years - the driving force behind smaller bass drums was the New York jazz scene so they could be carted from venue to venue in a cab - impractical with the 26”+ bass drums from the swing era!
  2. I was going to see him in Bristol and I was feeling too tired due to work. Gutted! My resolution (new year's, post covid, whatever) is that when I feel like that in future, to pull my finger out and go!
  3. I think the main word to be used in relation to the band is "toight"!
  4. Has anyone else seen this? I saw the trailer yesterday, and my old man has just sent me a link to the first episode raving about it: Sonny T in the house band!
  5. Hypercardiod, and I've already reduced the gain to below unity (so cutting) - hence my reference to 'padding' it.
  6. I've been tinkering with a little recording recently on the drums, using a basic set of kit mics augmented here and there with a couple of add-ons. I've noticed that despite positioning and judicial use of gating etc, there's a load of bleed through, and I've narrowed it down to one particular microphone, which seems hyper sensitive compared to the rest. It's a dynamic mic - the 'snare' one of the drum set, so in theory it should be fine with all the others. I've tried padding it and using a really aggressive gate on it, but it still seems to pick everything around it up. It's not actually essential as I have a different mic on the actual snare, but it would be good to use as an extra mic or on an auxiliary snare, so I wondered if anyone had any advice on taming the beast?
  7. Yep, I have one and it's useful for all sorts of things, including as a headphone amp and also wired IEMs. It also has a hard limiter to protect hearing, which is a plus in my book!
  8. Just bought a Nano Big Muff (stop sniggering at the back) off Lee - a pleasure to deal with, fast postage - recommended!
  9. No-go, i'm afraid, though not so much down to limitations with the software as with the user! I was hoping that I could use powerline adapters to connect to the router out in my mancave/studio, but I couldn't get any connection - I think because a new distribution board was put into the mancave when it was rewired, it's preventing the powerline jobbies from working - so no network out there (which is a real pain). Since I was playing drums rather than bass, it was a problem as I can't have the kit in the house! Managed to connect in the house but only through WiFi, which as they suggest, was useless. Ah well.
  10. So, my odd travails with Reaper continue. I have just been doing some recording of drum tracks, using mics into my XR18 into Reaper. As I was playing and listening to the recording, there's this weird pulse noise. None of the faders 'jump' in Reaper and it doesn't seem to have recorded (I junked the tracks anyway but forgot to check whether it was actually recorded) but in the XR18 mix app it's clearly showing as coming in from the USB audio return - see video (there is audio but it was a phone mic into headphones so very faint!). IMG_0035.mov I checked all the mic connections at both ends, turned off any appliances etc but it was still happening. Never happened before - does anyone have any ideas what it could be (and therefore how to get rid of it!)
  11. I'm going to have a crack at using it tomorrow night as a drummer. I have an XR18 but from what I've been seeing online about using that, I'm considering just using that to mix and using my mono interface using the headphone out from the mixer. Will report back to see how it goes!
  12. Ah, is it an Alesis Turbo module? That has a parallel port type trigger connection? I see the problem - in which case, ignore me! (Though the double pedal may be the easier way!)
  13. Would you not be better off just getting a 2nd-hand double bass drum pedal to use on the single kick pad? As caitlin says, I would be concerned that the module might restrict the triggering using two separate pads. Some modules do have extra/assignable inputs - I know I had a TD8 (which is getting on a bit now!) which had an extra kick input, plus spare inputs which could be re-assigned.
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