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  1. Well, it depends on the venue, but it could be a tiny pub stage, to a larger function room, to my recent fave, the bed of a curtain side lorry!
  2. Real Electronics in Sheffield are the authorised service agents, but the repairs (depending on the issue) are generally more than the cost of a 2nd hand LM head.
  3. Managed pretty well last weekend with two 10m cables. I have some spares so at worst could chain a couple.
  4. Hmm, beermats might be a good idea... I'm thinking of the sort of thing you handed to the landlord, though, rather than marketed at punters. You know, you used to go in to try and catch the landlord in a quiet moment and hand him the tape/CD etc. Not sure he/she'd appreciate you spamming their pub with beermats!
  5. Showing my age now, but back in the day you'd go round speaking to venues and drop off a tape with a phone number on it. Or, a bit later on, a CD with the band name and phone number/email address on. Nowadays no-one bothers with that sort of thing, so what do people do? I'm considering putting a flyer together with a QR code on it linking to our band recording Youtube page - has anyone done anything like that? What was the reaction?
  6. Yep, I really want to go but found some for £84 on the new date, but they look like theyre' in a different postcode! I really want to take my family but can't justify nearly £400 for the three of us!
  7. Cheapest I found earlier was £242...
  8. A few of ours - I'm playing drums in these. Forgive the editing, I'm just getting used to editing videos!
  9. I guess it depends what’s going through it. If it’s just vox, then you can probably go direct into most powered speakers. If it’s a more sophisticated setup - backing tracks, samples etc, then maybe a spare mixer isn’t the worst idea. But are you also taking spare PA speakers too? 🤔
  10. If you want to PM me I have Sibelius etc which includes a PDF to XML converter (I think). That said, my experience is that it wasn't hugely accurate but if you're going to edit afterwards anyway, a few notes here and there shouldn't be a problem.
  11. As mentioned elsewhere, I have to return a borrowed PA. I have carefully segregated 'their' cables from 'my' cables - all of mine marked with green electrical tape, theirs in their box, mine in my box. Most gigs I'm able to intercept before they're put in the wrong box and then recoil them (properly) and tie using the velcro ties I put on all the leads. All of which came to naught after a rushed tear down in the rain and darkness which meant no-one could see and they all just got chucked into one box loose. That's going to be fun to sort on at the gig on Saturday...
  12. Er, at the risk of sounding dense, what is the difference? I know there's a difference between instrument and speaker cables which are 1/4" plugs, but I thought XLR cables were broadly interchangeable as they're all balanced?
  13. I'm having to return a borrowed PA, so have had to acquire my own. I realised I'd have to buy speaker cables - just XLR - XLR, none of your fancy speakons here! What's the optimum speaker cable length? I only ask as 10m cables are easy to get for a not-hideous price, but any longer and the prices start to rocket from places like Designacable and Studiospares.
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