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  1. Finally had the chance to get it out and take a look - it *seems* like there's no contact issue - the contacts are strongly sprung and the battery seems fairly tightly held in place - no wiggling or movement at all. I'll drop the bass in to the local shop for them to take a look at at the weekend!
  2. Had a punt on one of these as for that price it's a steal given the reviews.
  3. Interesting, thanks! Though I suppose one more bit of kit to carry around.
  4. Thanks both. Well I can say for certain I'm not going to be singing through it! I wouldn't want to subject anyone to that torture!
  5. Can anyone give any recommendations for a decent vocal mic with a switch? I have a need for a mic which can be switched on and off without giving a massive bang through the system as many do. Basically I do a gig where to a greater extent there's no-one manning the PA when it's set up. I/we (the instrumental band) need a mic for announcements etc but not for performing. I don't want a live mic left next to us when we're playing as the location is not really optimal but there's no-one on the board to mute it. (Edit: and it's a hard-wired, house PA so can't use my XR18 or anything to have the mix controls near me). I've tried a couple of cheapies in the past that singers have had but they all make a pop or boom noise when on a live mic the switch is, well, switched. Any recommendations? Will a switched SM58 do the job? I nearly got an AKG D5S for a decent price but it turned out to be the standard version, so had to cancel.
  6. Could be. I feel a bit bad as I only really noticed it at this weekend’s gigs - on a full stage with full outdoor PA rig sporting about eight subs - so it’s a wonder each bang and pop didn’t smash some windows over the road!
  7. Thanks both. @Andyjr1515 that sounds about right - the sort of sound you get when someone unplugs a live mic when the PA is still switched on. Hopefully @mcnach it could be only that, but past experience suggests not. I know it’s one of the parts of a bass most exposed to wear and tear, but every active bass I’ve ever had I’ve had to replace the jack shortly after getting it. Never had to do it with a passive bass…
  8. Not daft at all, yep, I’ve definitely experienced that in the past, but this one has covers over the poles so not that on this occasion - thanks though.
  9. Thanks - I’ll take in somewhere then!
  10. Thanks - any idea how I’d go about identifying whether or not that is the case? Or better off just taking to someone who knows what they’re doing?
  11. Really odd one, this. I’ve just done a couple of gigs over the last few days, and every now and then there’d be a big ‘bang’ or ‘pop’ through the amp. It’s not the lead (tried three and it does it with all) and I’m fairly sure it‘s not the amp, as I didn’t ever experienced it with a different bass - the only thing that has changed is I’m using a new-to-me bass. It’s a Lakland Skyline 55-02. There isn‘t any drop in signal when it happens - there’s no cutting out or buzzing which would suggest a dodgy jack connection - and it doesn’t seem related to the plug moving, though I have noticed it occurring more if I shift position when seated, for example. Despite the lack of signal cutting out or buzzing, could it still be a jack problem? Anything else to watch out for?
  12. That's exactly what I do. Search by song or artist to get a sound I want to approximate, then tweak to get it exactly how I want on the desktop app.
  13. I use the Behringer control app and it’s been fine, but that’s with a laptop or and iPad. I don’t think it works with iPhone though. I’ve used Mixing Station and Xair Monitor Mixer - the latter worked best for the monitor outs (duh!) but haven’t used it for a while and looking at the reviews may not have been updated as much..
  14. I had a Baby Sumo for a while - be aware you will probably need a hefty preamp before it to get the level up to anything useable. I had a preamp on my pedalboard which worked fine with a 'normal' amp (even straight into the effects return) but it didn't come anywhere near the level required to properly drive the Baby Sumo.
  15. A double bass endpin thingy - https://wolfproducts.com/products/super-end-pin/224/79/super-end-pin.html, and it was Caswell's. Won't be using them again.
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