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  1. Isopropyl alcohol? Assuming it’s poly lacquer on the headstock, that should do it.
  2. When I was starting out playing bass, that was one of the first tunes I had to play And I found it really hard - if only I’d have known all it took was sanding down the back of the neck I’d have been all over it!!
  3. I have Sunbeams and love them, but my absolute fave are Lo-Rider nickels - I keep returning to them time and time again.
  4. Pah, I don’t believe any of you - married, with children, and we’re expected to believe you still have time to knock boots? Calumny and lies, I say...
  5. Ah, yes, sorry - I tend to just scan over the technical stuff!
  6. Sorry for stupid question, but I'm not entirely clear from the pics - is this the small 'Little Mark' form factor, like the LMII/III, or the larger 'VHS video player' size?
  7. That last pic looks good enough to eat! (Though it is lunchtime so maybe I’m projecting a tad)
  8. And hope you don’t play anywhere with a ceiling higher than about 10ft.. 😂
  9. Thanks - yes, about £500 more! I already have the audio interface which works fine, current issues notwithstanding!
  10. Not sure where to put this, so Accessories and Misc it is... Can anyone recommend a USB hub that works with an audio interface? Owing to the present working conditions I am stuck in the spare room, using my laptop, which for reasons known only to the manufacturer has only two USB-B ports (older Mac so no USB-C here). I already have a fairly shonky USB hub connected to one of the ports for a (qwerty) keyboard and mouse. I also use a USB audio interface, but it simply won't play nice with the shonky hub. The interface is connected to a mic and studio monitors, so I use it for recording, my wife uses it for spoken word recording, and I use it for work video calls etc, as well as just playing music/videos etc through. Some times it will play audio when the interface is plugged into the dodgy hub, but it doesn't work very well for recording or video calls. The interface came with a very short USB cable so I bought a longer one and then it was fine for playback and recording and video calls - but then (without anything being changed) it just stopped. It works fine plugged directly into the laptop for all things, but sometimes I need to add in other things, such as external drives, USB MIDI instruments , phone, iPad etc, but also need the audio interface and the (qwerty) keyboard and mouse etc at the same time, so there's a fair bit of trial and error or hot-swapping. I would ideally have a 5-port hub that works for all of the stuff which needs to be connected long-term (keyboard, mouse, USB drive, interface) leaving the other port for occasional connections. So can anyone recommend a good quality USB hub that they know has worked with their USB audio interface?
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