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  1. If you’re still looking, there’s a load of different sizes going for sale here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/507827252616774/posts/4240110686055060
  2. Yep, I have the GR Mini, and it's great!
  3. No. Schedule 23 to the Equality Act 2010 provides that a religious organisation does not contravene the Act if it restricts participation in the activities of the organisation to members of that organisation. As such, it would be legitimate for a church to limit members of the band to its own congregation or people of like-minded faith.
  4. I was asked a while back if I wanted to play in a pentecostal worship band. I'm not religious, though I do like a lot of classic gospel stuff. It wasn't quite said explicitly, but it was made known that the general vibe was that you had to have some kind of commitment to faith if you wanted to stick it out, so I passed. I felt it might be a bit hypocritical as well. That said, I've played plenty of weddings where I didn't like the bride or groom...
  5. Yep, I have one in natural and even with the treble rolled all the way down I still need a bit of foam under the bridge to curb the high end. Great basses though!
  6. If I was confident doing it myself I wouldn't be asking for recommendations for repair places!
  7. We have a pair of Mackie Thump 12"s, and I noticed at our last gig the master vol pot on one of them was bent. It still works, but I'd like to replace it to avoid problems down the line. I presume as a result of someone either dropping the speaker or putting something heavy on it.. 🙄 Polar Audio say they don't do out of warranty Mackie repairs. They recommend Real Electronics or Surrey Amps. My recent experience with Real was it could well be VERY expensive, let alone the cost of postage. Not used SA before but again the cost of postage could be expensive. So, does anyone know of any PA repair places in and around Bath/Bristol? I presume a new vol pot will be a standard part and hopefully not TOO difficult to repair...🤞🏻
  8. Yep, in the end we had to simply take the bass amp out of the signal chain entirely. I'm completely stumped but I think I'll just have to work through all of the inputs etc to try and work it out. Annoying.
  9. Yep, it wasn't on any of the effects channels - only the backing vox were (the main vox has a TC pedal jobbie). I did think it was a gain issue - not sure whether the DI was pre/post etc from the amp, but whatever it was when muted it shouldn't have come through! I'm really confused.
  10. Wahey, second post-lockdown gig last night! It's great to be back out there again. However, during our gig we experienced a really odd monitoring issue and wondered if anyone might be able to help shed any light? So it was an outdoors gig. The singer and I used IEMs - he had a wireless, I used wired as I was playing drums. Because it was outside we mic'd everything and pushed the bass though the PA via the bass amp DI straight into the desk. The amp was an Ampeg 2x10 combo. It was the same setup we used for our last gig - XR18 with the vocalist and I each getting our own monitor feed to our IEMs, with another monitor out to a wedge. It worked fine then. Last night, though, the bass was wildly high in the mix and distorting so much that it obliterated everything else in the monitor mix. So, of course, we did exactly what you would do in such a scenario - mute the incoming channel on both aux out mixes. However, despite that, we could both still hear the bass out through our monitors. I checked input gain and turned that right down too. Turned down all faders on the aux mixes too, and muted in both. It was still blasting through. I checked it wasn't being picked up from the cab by the onstage mics (and it wasn't). I've checked the signal routing etc and can't see any reason for the bass signal to be present in the aux feeds when muted, let alone completely turned down. Does anyone have any ideas?
  11. Not really bass related, but I once saw Herbie Hancock live with the Headhunters and he played the first tune of his set without having switched on any of his outboard rack synth stuff, so it was all just default piano sound. Still good, but not quite what he was going for… On a more sad note, I saw Oscar Peterson on his final tour, and he played the first tune, then the second tune, then played the first tune again, then the second tune again, then the second tune again, and then then first tune. His band were getting more and more agitated and one of them went over to speak to him between tunes, and they were waved off. So over the whole performance we only heard a couple of tunes. A real shame.
  12. Yep. After trying everything for a weird volume issue that had been going on for years, I sent my Combo Amp II (basically a LMIII) to Real. They couldn't find anything wrong with it. As a precaution I agreed to all the pots being replaced as they said there wasn't anything else it could have been. Used it twice since then so I'm hoping that cured it.. a pretty expensive trip if not!
  13. Ah, tried those too, for my wife’s snoring - unfortunately their largest size is too small and they disappear into my ears requiring tweezers to get them out!
  14. Why *is* it called Digbeth? I mean, there's been a few good venues and a couple of notable gigs, but it's not like it's really a massively influential part of the music scene?
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