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  1. I have a Boss Bass Chorus which does the job pretty well. Bought for that one 80’s soft rock tune in our set!
  2. 80’s soft rock, in my experience.
  3. Hi, whereabouts are you and what’s the surrounding area as far as you’re concerned?
  4. My first band PA was one of these: https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mackie-Stereo-Mixer-amplifier-model-808S-1200watts-2-x-600W/254255797645?ul_ref=https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?ff3=2&pub=5575376664&toolid=10001&campid=5338268676&customid=EAIaIQobChMIg--7_ajx4wIVQ7DtCh2MsQRLEAQYAiABEgLj-PD_BwE&lgeo=1&item=254255797645&srcrot=710-53481-19255-0&rvr_id=2067883367674&rvr_ts=6d33521316c0ac3c6fd08598fffdf535&_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1&ul_noapp=true&pageci=2697c901-f276-4226-929c-331abb7a7ab5 We also used a pair of very old 15’s and it was great. Replaced the 15’s with a pair of passive 12” mackies and it we perfect as a vocal and occasional keys PA. Add a sub and it’d be fine for small/mediumish venues. Oh, and a powered wedge monitor which was cheap as chips.
  5. Aargh! Where was this last week!?! I was looking for exactly one of these, missed two on eBay as well, and bought (a lovely) something else. Oh well, good luck with the sale
  6. He looks delighted! I once suggested as much on a forum about a prominent endorser and I got a very interesting (and polite!) email direct from the guy, who explained that once you reach that rarified level, its as much about the artist support than the actual gear per se, so company X may be able to offer greater logistical support than company Y, even though to the outsider their products don’t seem ‘as good’.
  7. Can you use the TC preamp and the Quilter as a power amp?
  8. Sounds about right. Wait until you have to supply all back line, pay for the rehearsal room and drive the band to gigs - then you’ll be getting the full experience! 😂 (apologies if I come across as bitter - I’ve been in bands for 25+ years and have spent a fair proportion of that with time wasters. For a positive spin, I found one of my current bands on JMB, albeit I knew one guy in a different context, and they’re all committed and it’s going well, so it does happen!)
  9. I saw this one this morning, where he makes a Flying V out of gobstoppers and acrylic:
  10. Good luck! It took me a while (and lost of auditions) to realise that if something isn’t making you happy, don’t do it. What I mean by that is you’ll probably go through some band iterations or different groups where it’s just not working - and you’ll probably know that fairly early on. My advice is rather than slog at it unhappily for months only for it all to fall away, cut your losses early and move on - eventually you’ll find something that works for you and you’ll be all the happier for it! Unless you’re looking to make a living from playing music, the main reason we play is for enjoyment - if it’s not fun, move on!
  11. I also play drums, and I’m often told I have ‘too many’ drums or cymbals*. I usually retort with I wouldn’t tell the guitarist they have too many strings or keys player he has too many patches, so don’t tell me what I should be playing! Usually works. *I’m not Neil Peart. Thank god. It’s two rack toms and two floor toms.
  12. Indeed! You know where it is if it gets a bit much! 😉
  13. Bought a Spector 5 off Brendon - great nick, lovely chap and chucked in a case too. Thanks for a great purchase!
  14. By no means an expert, but it could be the stereo tips on the jacks causing problems. Have you tried mono ones?
  15. My dad and my uncle were both drummers, and from the 40's/50's (uncle) and 60's (dad) onwards both played in loads of different groups. (They're both still around, BTW, lest anyone think this is a sad/emotional tale!) My uncle in particular had his own band which, until about 15 years ago, was still gigging. I think it was a 'dance band' i.e. they did stuff for ballroom dancing, RAF gigs, that sort of thing, but I'm not 100% on that. Anyway, back then he gave me three or four boxes of his band arrangements. They're all hand-written charts but good quality paper, not just printer paper or whatever. The tunes are sort of sub-big-band type stuff I think, These boxes have been following me round for many years and to be honest I've barely ever looked into them. The boxes themselves are now falling apart, and I don't really have the inclination to rebox it all up and keep it, but on the other hand there's probably some decent charts and there's a bit of post-war history in them. Before I chuck them out, does anyone know of any groups or organisations which might be able to use them or want them? Edit: oh, and my uncle won't want it back, he gave it all to me as he was giving up playing in bands due to his age.
  16. Would love to but I think I’d need a bit more time, practice and ability! Good luck with it!
  17. I thought they’d split after their last round of gigs, but happy to be proven wrong!
  18. Really good film, and the live stuff is great. Such a shame they that after all that they couldn’t get on...
  19. I have wrist/arm problems of this nature too. At my desk, I moved from a mouse to a trackpad (like a large laptop pad) and that means you’re generally moving your arm rather than your wrist with a mouse. Playing wise, I found a tennis elbow support helped when it was really bad - it sits up by your elbow and somehow the compression releases pressure on the tendons. I wouldn’t use something than compresses the forearm as it could add to the pressure on the tendons.
  20. This is mine, just recently put together, so sorry about wobbly pedal and dodgy patches!
  21. My better half’s criticism mainly stems from there being “no words” to sing along to... We we could have done L42 or Incognito and that’d probably have been fine, but I just fancied some “proper” jazz! Next year I’ll suggest she and the boy go shopping in the more “jazz” end of the spectrum and I’ll go as Billy no mates!
  22. I picked one up to use in addition to the Soul Food, and its exactly as you describe on the lower settings. I’ve not noticed any tone suck - it does have two different voicings for guit and bass too.
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