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  1. Maybe not quite on topic but a few years ago a mate brought a Dingwall and an old Ibanez Roadster bass to one of my gigs. I used the Dingwall for the first gig (very nice bass), and the Ibby for the next two gigs. The Ibby was an amazing bass to play, and sounded much better for me.
  2. I did it twice at rehearsals only. Not a board, by my Helix Stomp. Xvive between bass and Helix, Boss WL20 between Helix and amp. I did it that way around as the Boss has the lower latency. Reason for doing it?, because I could. Not much point as the Helix still needed to be powered, so not entirely cable free. It worked ok though, at least to my ears.
  3. Ok, we have a winner. I got the m50x today (in blue for faster delivery)and it’s pretty close to what i was looking for. The low end is a bit more pronounced than i would have hoped for, but overall the tone is more ‘there’. The mids especially are in the right place. The DT770’s might be flatter, but not quite as enjoyable for daily playing. My brass patches have now lost the harshness, and the pianos have a bit more body to them. They definitely sound bright with music, but in a good way, unlike the DT770’s. My brass patches sound more real and less synthetic. This is the sound im hoping to get live. I did try the DT770’s again last night, I wanted to try again and i did get used to the tone, but after 40mins my right temple was in pain. For the next 2 hours i used my Bose and they worked (and sounded ) fine. I think because i have quite small ears the DT770’s were a bit too wide and sitting on the wrong part of my head. The m50x’ seem to be a lot snugger, and very similar to the feel of my HD25’s, although obviously these are over ear. Actually i must have a small head, as the m50x are perfect without pulling the camps out at all. Only issue i have is a high pitched whine, only slightly audible when nothing is playing, when plugged in to my JBL 1 speaker’s headphone out. I guess these being very low ohms and quite bright its just picking up mains interference that i cant hear normally. Plugged in to my ipad or MODX they are dead silent, so i wont worry about this, its not a faulty pair hopefully. So, I’m happy i tried the m50x, they do have the best tone out of all my head/earphones at the moment. Hoping they might benefit from a bit of burn in over time, maybe be some a tiny bit more even, but if not I’m still keeping them.
  4. Cheers guys. Its got more confusing now as I remembered my Bose QC35’s can work with a wire. Ive been going back and forth between the two and really dont know what to think. I’m now actually happier with (maybe more used to) the DT770’s today, i think im over the shock of them sounding so different. I can now hear the thicker low end, and i like it. For keys i prefer them slightly more to the harsher, more synthetic Bose, mainly in the top end, but for music the Bose is better. I still feel the DT770’s lack mids a bit too much for me. They maybe flatter than the Bose, but for music the Bose wins. The sound stage is also narrower, which helps my keyboard blend in more with the music I’m playing along to. Also, as comfy as the DY700’s are, my ears are sweating a lot, with only 10-15mins of playing. IF i didnt have the options already I’d keep the DT770’s. I know i could live with them, but the Bose are more comfortable, and more useful at all other times. THe DT770’s will go back. The question then is do i just stick with the HD25’s or try again with the AT’s.
  5. Ive never used any AT headphones. To be honest i like the description some of the reviews are saying, about them being warmer, but the DT770’s still keep winning out. I’m going to give them a few days and see how it goes. For live use ill use my HD25s. I’m going this route over using a stage monitor as ill get a proper stereo signal (we don’t use IEM’s), plus i can still hear the band. I know the HD25’s are better suited as they punch through better, and i do treat them roughly when i use them out of the house and they can withstand most things. This means robustness and compactness isnt a concern for the home headphones at all.
  6. Ok, just read about the Audio-Technica ATH M50x and i think these sound more promising. Thicker low end but still controlled, and not quite so fizzy high end, which is my main complaint. Same price as the DT770’s so nothing lost.
  7. Yes, they are nice and comfy, although my ears were a bit sweaty this evening after wearing them for about an hour. I can imagine they will be less fatiguing than the HD25’s have been. My other choices were going to be Sen HD280, and Tascam TH-02. In fact i have those in an Amazon locker but I’m not going to pick them up. The discomfort comment comes up too often. Ill spend a few days getting used to them and then decide. Beats lol, always good for a laugh.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I agree, its a preference thing rather than a fault, but i cant help think those that say it has extend bass are kidding themselves. They sound nice, but bland. I guess they are designed to be as flat as possible, but I’m just puzzled by the bass comments. I like the DT770’s, but I think I’m so used to the more ‘in you face’ low end and mid range that maybe I’m hearing my Synth properly for the first time and its a bit of a shock. These are only for playing keyboard at home, and so i want a pleasant sound, not necessarily a flat tone. Maybe i should have gone for a more coloured set. I dont mind V headphones, I believe the HD 25’s are described as this anyway, but the DT770 seems to be lacking punch compared to the HD 25’s. I’m going to run them in over night with some loud music and see if they warm up. Ive been using them for the past hour and getting used to them, but they still feel lacking. I got them on a whim so i dont actually need them, but i could do with something a bit more polite, but fuller than the HD25’s.
  9. Ive just got a pair of the 80ohms version, and not sure what to think. Ive not heard a bad word said about them, but I’m not sure if I should send them back. Ive been using my old Sen HD25 for a few years, and a lot with my synth over the past couple of months. I think these can be a bit aggressive sometimes, but sound solid and punchy. Very happy with them, other than i am spending about 2-3 hours a day playing, and they are getting a bit uncomfortable. I looked around the web, did loads of research over a couple of days, and the DT770s seem to tick all the right boxes, especially the slightly boosted low end this version is supposed to have. I got them today and they look and feel great, but I’m not sure about the sound. They seem to lack mid range, and i felt the bass is not as punchy or as full as my HD 25’s. They also seem have a harsh top end (for example, when playing brass patches). Soundstage is very wide, which i like, but might be too wide from instrument playing. I’m not really going to use these to listen to music in general, as i prefer to use my Bose QC35’s, but i will listen to songs when learning them. Sorry, long winded intro. My question is will these get better once played in? Has anyone found the same with these? I’m not looking for suggestions as such, I’m happy to send them back and just live with my HD25’s, but I’d like to give them a chance if i can. Just wondering what all the fuss is about.
  10. I thought it was staged as well. Its too bad to be real IMO.
  11. To be fair I wasn’t expecting them to fix it, it was a long time ago, but the attitude of asking me to prove it was like that 4 years pervious was a bit off IMO. Could have been handled better. So it’s this reason I won’t use them. As for the reference to TV’s and Washing machines etc, I believe the wording says something like ‘for what they are designed for’. I read that as a piece of professional gigging equipment should be up to what goes with the job.
  12. You are of course welcome to your opinion. Are you saying that the amp won’t be covered? For what it’s worth, they said if I could have proven it never worked they would indeed sort it out.
  13. I use G4M a lot and never had issues, and ive returned a few things over the years. Also used DV247. These days they seem to only send out European models so I always get a shaver adapter. For this reason i tend to avoid them for pedals etc. I have had a couple from G4M as well but ive got in touch and they have always sent out a proper UK PSU, meaning i get to keep the first one as well. The place i will never use it Guitarguitar. I brought a GK head from them that was great until about 4 years down the line and I realised (in the studio) the XLR was dead. I had never used it before so never noticed. They said i had to get it sorted at my expense. When i mentioned about it not beeping that old (thought we were covered for 5-6 years over here) i was told i had to prove it was faulty at the time of purchase. I can appreciate things could have broken during the time, i had it, but as it was never used i doubt it.
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