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  1. Fantastic. As funny as the Bross documentary 😂
  2. Maybe there’s a hole in the top of the pod 😂
  3. Yeah, just watch the levels. Might be better to go in to the amp via the FX return if you have one.
  4. Just to be clear, only the USB-C model’s can do this. Which is fine for both of us, but thought I’d point it out. Also worth mentioning Cubasis as an alternative to GB. It’s much more DAW like, but for messing around GB has it all.
  5. Well with the Focusrite having a nice headphone amp I’m not really bothered about the missing headphone Jack. I didn’t think there would be much in it when I got the Solo and compared it to my old 2i4, but I could hear a slightly nicer’ sound out of my iPad through it. I put the solo up for sale just before that, but withdrew it quickly. Slightly better latency as well with the Solo. Just check in Cubasis as it’s 2.34ms. That’s a bit better than on my PC.
  6. Yeah, thats how it used to work but since Apple stopped putting headphone jacks on things (iPhone 7 onwards) it gets a bit more complicated. Thats why the Solo is a better option as it has the headphone amp/jack.
  7. That looks cool and i had considered that at the time i got the solo, but the lack of headphone out and control put me off. In fact it states its not compatible with devices that don’t have headphone out, so not ideal. It seems its one way only (in), so you would need a small Hub to hear anything.
  8. Ive never used that version of the iRig, but I’d say yes anyway, as i hate the HD version i have. I will add that both do the job, so it really depends on what you think is lacking. There is no set up or drivers to do, it plugs in using one cable (if you have a USB-C ipad) and just works. The ipad is more powerful than my PC (which runs Cubase pro fine) so latency is very low. I do find that sometimes the ipad doesnt recognise it, so i take the cable out and rotate it. That shouldn’t be necessary but it seems to work. Not too often, and once its connected its 100% stable. I used this set up, in to Cubasis 3, to record the vocals and bass on the soundcloud tracks i posted.
  9. Thanks very much, i had more fun mixing it than playing it.
  10. My first ever remote collaboration with someone. Actually my bass player who is doing the guitars, and a singer he knows, He forced me out of retirement to play the bass. First time ive played bass since July last year. I did all the keys as well. More an exercise in getting to grips with Cubase than a musical masterpiece. This one is with my bands singer.
  11. Dot agree. For you maybe. It can be helpful knowing where someone is based when chatting to them.
  12. I’ve always though it’s not only logical, but common sense to put your location in your profile. Locations like ‘In my living room’ or ‘outer space’ etc sound stupid and are of no help to anyone. Really not clever at all It should be mandatory to put a proper geographical area in when you join up, even if you embellish it. IMO of course.
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