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  1. Ah yes, a typo indeed. Sorry about that. Those are the ones i ended up with and love them. I found all good, but these just seemed to have the right balance. I even mixed a few of my tracks using them and they were pretty close to my small monitors. I know loads love the KZ10 Pro’s, but i found them too full range. A bit cold i guess. Biggest issue though was fit. Had they fitted my ears id have got a pair for myself. They just felt like they were falling out all the time (although they never did). Even the slightly smaller ones felt like this. I have strange ears.
  2. I also use Comply foam tips and these make a huge difference over the stock ones.
  3. Not sure off hand, it’s on the website (or Amazon). I do find I can only use one most of the time, as they do cut out a lot of the band out. I went for these as my ears are very flat, so I wanted one with a cable that wraps around the ear. I think the Sure’s also do this but I never tried those.
  4. I posted a while back but I had the full set of MME IEM’s. So single, double, triple and Quad drivers. Also got the KZ10 at home (Dawns). I ended up settling on the 3 driver version. I found these to be a good middle ground for bass and keys. All were great until I tried the next one up etc, but I found the quad driver a bit too flat.
  5. This is where my old Schroeder 1212L and 1210R’s were outstanding. Firing up at my head AND out front at the same time. Never struggled to hear myself on stage and so never really had to mess with the EQ that the audience was getting.
  6. I think cutting through and sitting in the mix are different goals, but I generally boost the mids slightly to get me heard a bit more. Don’t think I’ve ever boosted the low end. That’s just me though.
  7. Thats almost the opposite to what i do 😁
  8. Although thinking about that, I’d imagine the whole band would need to go through them as well, other wise it might sound a bit odd.
  9. Don’t forget, you will effectively have 2x10, and sub, which should be fine for bass in a pub or small venue IMO. Easiest way to test to would be to try it at a sound check, while also having your rig set up but turned down or off while you try it.
  10. I had the Legacy 800 when it first came out, amazing tone, but as i already had 2 GK heads i just couldn't justify keeping it, so sent it back.
  11. Ive never heard anyone call a PA ‘FRFR’, as in ‘ill go direct to the FRFR’, and the phrase ‘going through the PA’ is definitely not just just BC terminology. Why not just say PA? No one is arguing a PA can consist of FRFR boxes, but the use of the term in this context seems very ‘uniquie’ to me.
  12. Ive been using my Xvive U2 guitar system with my Behringer P2 for IEM use. Seems to work fine, although a bit clunky.
  13. I think its your use of the ‘FRFR’ term thats caused confusion. Ive never seen anyone refer to going amp less or through the PA as going FRFR. While it might be technically correct to a point, people generally refer to it as going through the PA. I don't think you will find anyone that has said they are going FRFR mean anything other than getting FRFR rig (Headrush/PA speaker etc) to replace what they have. Plenty refer to going amp less, which obviously refer’s to going through the PA. In fact many people go through the PA as well as have backline. Imagine how confuing that is if the say they are going FRFR and have an Ampeg rig lol. Thats why i couldn’t understand you talking about going FRFR and IEM at the same time. Still, we know all know exactly what you mean now.
  14. Ah ok. So going ampless. Now it makes sense.
  15. IVe been following this part of the thread with interest, but not sure what the above means. What are you talking about when you say FRFR?
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