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  1. dave_bass5

    Line 6 G30 battery door just fell apart.

    Im going to keep things as they are for now. If it does become an issue ill look in to changing the doors over. I feel a bit more comfortable with using the whole unit rather than a £65 door lol.
  2. dave_bass5

    Line 6 G30 battery door just fell apart.

    Yeah. I decided not to email them again and just get on with it. i have noticed that the new one doesn't work with some of my rechargeable, even though they are all the same brand (that ive used for a good few years). Fine with Duracell though so not a big deal. I was going to switch to using those anyway.
  3. dave_bass5

    Line 6 G30 battery door just fell apart.

    Well I never got a reply from Line 6 (Note to self, dont buy line 6 again) so i ended up having to buy a B-stock transmitter from Gear 4 Music. Cost £65 but as long as it works its cheaper than buying a new system. Taping the old one up was beginning to be a pain for changing batteries.
  4. Looking for the above. Not interested in the mini, or anything else, at least until ive tired this. Just the bog standard one. Im in central London so posting would probably be needed. Cheers.
  5. dave_bass5

    Venue v Practice Room

    I’m happy to play at reduced volume at rehearsals, me and the guitarist try our best, but unfortunately my drummer only has one level. When asked to play quieter I’m normally met with a black look and the explanation that ‘any quieter and I might as well use brushes’. Unfortunately he doesn’t own any......
  6. dave_bass5

    Knobs changing during gig due to cable

    A bit of Blu tack under the knob flange (oor err 😯) should stop them turning unless forced.
  7. dave_bass5

    18V pedals - what's really good out there?

    I think that's definitely the reason for running the PL at 18v. I read loads of complaints about clipping at 9v with this pedal.
  8. dave_bass5

    18V pedals - what's really good out there?

    Way Huge Pork Loin works better with 18v 😉
  9. dave_bass5


    I tired one once and although i agree with you, i dont find i really touch EQ when im playing live so it wouldn't be an issue.
  10. dave_bass5


    Ive been using a F1 head for years (brought off here). Never had an issue with it and never had to turn it right up. Obliviously thats no indication of loudness as such, but its a head i will never part with (although i have other heads i also use). Ive never used a multi cab setup, so ive only used my amps with single cabs, but ive never had any issue with people not hearing me. I had a SA450 and LMII, and there is a difference between those and the F1, but i find the F1 is a bit punchier. especially on the low notes, but not quite as full and warm, but as i always run a BDDI or similar in front with the amp EQ pretty much flat all of those amps have worked just as well. I would love a F500 though.
  11. dave_bass5

    Barefaced Rainbow ONE 10

    I heard they bungled the intro.........
  12. dave_bass5

    New TC Electronic heads

    Looks like they have also left out the Intelligent EQ section the BH heads have.
  13. dave_bass5

    Portable multi-effects for bass

    I mentioned this in your TB thread, but are you looking for an all in one practice/headphone box, or just a small pedal to use with your amp etc.
  14. dave_bass5

    Barefaced Rainbow ONE 10

    Thought i'd get in first 🙂
  15. dave_bass5

    Barefaced Rainbow ONE 10

    Different times different needs. The 2 x10 was a bit low end heavy for what i wanted at the time, and seemed to lack definition in the mids. I was coming from a 2 x12 and just didnt find the tone of the 210 worked for me. At that time i wanted a 1 cab does it all and this wasn't it. Im now not looking for a one cab does it all, i have that covered, i just want something small and light to take to rehearsals, i can take to smaller gigs, and wont take up much room at home. The 1 x10 seems to fit the bill. If it doesn't work for gigs its still usable for home use so i feel this will work in at least one situation. The 210 sounded great at low level at home. I might even use it as a practise guitar cab as well.