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  1. Ive just watched it all (as much as i could) on replay. GF wanted to watch it. Tell me this, were there more than a few artists playing? It seemed to us it was the same 2 or 3 groups doing costume changes most of the time 😂
  2. Well, more biased than previous years I guess. When most people can predict the score well before any songs are played it seems to make it even more of a farce than previous years……. …….not that I ever watch it when it’s on.
  3. True but this was so obvious days before it took place.
  4. I hated the winning song, and dont think it was a fair ‘music’ competition this year.
  5. God save the Queen (no, not the Pistols version). We have a street party to play on the 4th and thought it would be cool to play the national anthem. Hopefully it will be a good sing along, although not a floor filler 😁 Full orchestral presets (inc Timps) sound very grand on this one.
  6. Love em or hate em, Apple Music has the album available in lossless and Digital master versions. Sounds marvellous through my sound system. I’ve got so used to MP3’s over the years it’s liken listening to a brand new album.
  7. Even better, use the details of the other scammer on here. Let them play each other off 😁
  8. Every scammer I’ve had calls from has been Indian. Not the red kind. Not sure if this is a loaded question, but facts are facts ( to the best of my knowledge, based on accent and and name).
  9. I forgot I had started this thread. As it turned out I got the Quilter instead. It was very nice, and had a punch that my other class D’’s don’t have, but lacked some features that I wanted so I sold it on.
  10. It’s just a scam to get your money before anyone else gets it. Ive seen this a a few times. No one has it, but they are playing on the fact that if they have your money you probably wont go elsewhere. This sort of practice is exactly why i do, even if the delay is slightly longer, and i let them know why im getting my money back. There is nothing to ‘understand’ if it says in stock. That should in no way mean ‘delayed’ for any reason IMO.
  11. Yes. Every time i read a bass ‘ cuts through the mix’ i wonder why thats a plus. Any bass can be made to cut through the mix (makes me wonder if some people know anything about EQ), but surely most of the time you want it sitting exactly where in needs to be, which is not always cutting through. The overall quality of a mix is far important than any one persons ego (Singers excluded, as there really is no hope lol). Getting back to keys players encroaching on the bass players territory. I dont really believe there is one. With some bass players playing right up the other end of the neck, and using 6 string basses to get even higher etc, where do we draw the line? IME we don’t want to get clashing notes, which will sound muddy and not nice at all, but each band/mix/song should be taken on merit and not have a blanket ‘don’t play anything with your left hand’ attitude.
  12. Im now in two bands with a keys player…..me 😂 Although it’s not a conscious decision, i stay out of the way of the bass. After all, i stopped playing bass for a reason so im not going to be wasting a hand duplicating what the bass player is doing. I tend to use my left hand more as a stabiliser than anything else. I try and fill in the space between bass and guitar, but im never louder than either unless i need to be. The bass player in one band is pretty basic so that end off the mix is normally quite clean anyway.
  13. In my case the nut is very low, but i never had a problem with the same strings before, or after. I still dont have the paper in the nut and have changed strings a few times since.
  14. Yeah. I was quite surprised this worked, although ive only ever had to do it the once, and only for that particular string.
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