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  1. I got these this week as a warranty replacement for my pair that became faulty. Ive decided to go with something else for the gym. They came direct from Jaybird and still have the seal on them so are unopened. My pair have been used almost every day for the past year, but ive had them since they were released 2 years ago. IME for the gym or exercising these cant be beat. Happy to post 1st class to UK mainland if needed. Here’s a link to a description https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jaybird-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headphones-Charging-Black/dp/B07VP91M7D/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1VCPFQNSAAYES&dchild=1&keywords=jaybird+vista&qid=1627681484&sprefix=Jaybirsd%2Caps%2C210&sr=8-3
  2. I think this is where we all start out. While we might have been happy with a couple of effects that just go on and off, we start to build more and more presets, because as you say, its all there in front of us, and then get bogged down trying to remember where they are….and then never use them anyway lol. What i did is set my core effects to 3 or 4 presets, with just the last foot switch being different. I named the presets using that effects name. This way I always had what i used the most, and used the patch change to bring in any unique effects to a particular song. I wasn’t a heavy effects user so this work for me. I was going to go the one patch per song route, but we don’t have set lists, and i could never really set in stone what i wanted to use most of the time.
  3. It’s been mentioned before, but it’s always worth pointing out, you can have more than one function assigned to each foot switch. For example, you can set one foot switch to turn one effect on at the same time as turning another off. I used to have a BDDI always on, with low gain. I also had a BDDI with more gain, and less high end, and a slightly lower volume. I had both assigned to the same foot switch, so each time i pressed it it would swap between the two. This worked really well. I could balance the two out so the high gain version was well balanced, volume wise with the first one, just a bit dirtier. Worked great at give it a bit more when needed, without the tone changing. You can also assign the foot swtiches to control different settings within each block.
  4. Yeah, i had some as well. To be honest, what they ended up closing after TAX and Import duty they worked out quite expensive.
  5. Ive decided to sell my Sire V7, as i dont play it anymore, and need the money. I got this from Thomann’s when they first came out. It’s from the first batch but not singed. Condition is great. No marks/dents/scuffs etc that i can see. Its not been used for a few years but there are no issues with the action, electronics or bridge that i have noticed. Always had a decent low action on it. Weight is a hefty 10.2lbs, so not lightweight. Not willing to post, so collection only from me in the Southbank area of London, or can meet locally in the surrounding area. I have a small combo you can try it with if needed. For anther £25 ill put it in a Gator Tweed gig bag. Ill upload a photo of it later. Any question just ask.
  6. I had a HPF set in the Global section, but nothing else was changed from default. I just used a normal jack lead in to my amps. Just using the main out (Left).
  7. Yeah, ive used that twice when my singer decided the key is wrong at rehearsals rather than when we are all (or are all supposed to be) learning the songs. After us taking two weeks to learn the songs in one key, i wasn’t going to bother changing this. They were only Christmas songs so not part of our normal list.
  8. I’ve had the v1 and v2 Paradrivers. Fantastic boxes and much better for EQ, but I always went back to my BDDI. I just felt it had the character i wanted. It didn’t help that I also had a Q/Strip when I got the V2 Paradriver. Thinking it could be a good middle ground between the other two.
  9. This is why its a ‘thing’ IMO. This blanket statement is just not true. The V2 has a mid dial which allows the Mids to be independently adjusted. Thats also called a BDDI 😏. For those using it as a just a flat DI then it can be flat, for those wanting to use it as an amp sim , why would you want it to (which we all agree on of course) It doesnt have to be used as an amp sim though.
  10. Might have been from my post, where i did say I use it at a low setting. This suits me. I do have a bit of drive to thicken things up but without the noticeable tone change you get when verything is running higher.
  11. Cheers mate. Its not perfect but a good learning experience. I even mixed it on my IEM’s lol.
  12. We had a singer ask if we could record this for her, so thought we would give it a go. My bass player is on guitar and bass, me on the rest. Really struggling to get guitars and vocals sitting in the mix, more the guitar though. He always records direct to his DAW, no effects what so ever, and i add in the colouring etc in Cubase. I think i tend to over process them a bit. Good fun learning how to use all the controls though. . We’ve done 12 now, but none of the singers have used a decent mic (one used a phone). Would be nice to work with a really well recorded vocal at some point.
  13. I loved the early version for years, but the V2 was just noticeably better to my ears. Slightly less harsh when using the Presence. I belive they made some under the hoods tweaks to the signs routing as well. The larger BDDI’s would have been perfect for me (ive had them), but after hearing the V2 i stopped using the others as i felt they weren’t as nice. I mostly use my BDDI with Blend around 9 o’clock, so not a lot of amp sim, but a healthily amount of active EQ if i need it. This seems to be the trick to getting the best out of them. For the first couple of times i had my first i had the blend right up and hated it with a rig. Now id never play without one if i was still playing Bass.
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