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  1. Yep, exactly what i was going to say. I also had a 1210R as well. Both run with Markbass heads or a GK MB800. Never did i have too little power for any gig. They were very pokey. Ive always thought they have two sounds. The close up mid heavy tone that helps you hear yourself on stage, and the fuller tone out front where it counts. Ive never settled down with a cab since getting rid of mine.
  2. Has anyone been able to update the FW? ive spent over an hour tonight trying to do it and every time i get an error that says 'illegal device connected' Guitarlab works fine so i know the drivers are loaded, and the updater can see the correct device. UPDATE: I took the files etc to my sons laptop and managed to do it from there.
  3. Ive had my P34 for a week now, and love it to bits. Not had a lot of time to play it this week, but i can honestly say i had had no ‘i wish it....” moments, its the most complete bass ive ever owned. Ive struggled to take any phots that make it look interesting, its hard to photograph at home and, well, we all know what it looks like. Still, a few to prove i have it lol.
  4. I play with a pick, and tend to rest my hand on the bridge. I can feel if the spacing if different. Its not that i cant play 20mm, i just chose not to. All my 4 sting basses have 19mm and thats how i like it.
  5. I've brought a few 5 strings over the year's, and partly for the narrower (18mm) sting spacing. ive never played anything less than 18mm but i hate 20mm.
  6. The Q/strip is a lovely EQ, very versatile, but that's all it really is. Its not ideal as a speaker sim, it just attenuates the top end. When i had mine i found my BDDI to be a much more capable 'amp sim' for recording and used at the end of the chain. Live it worked much better but at the start of the chain, and then i let my various pedals shape the tone as it passed through the system.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Yep. I might go to look but i dont get hands on in a shop.
  9. dave_bass5

    Geddy Lee pedal

    Just not a bass ive ever felt attracted to, at least not to own. I do like their tone. I’d happy accept one for free of course 😂
  10. No problem, you have a good channel. I almost had the 735a off Bas, but was too slow to grab it 🙂 It worked out well for both of us.
  11. When i next change stings i might have a go at reversing them all on my P34, just to see it if does make a difference. I do hope it doesn't give a Badass II effect though. By the way, i saw your Hercules folding stand review last night and have ordered one just based on that 🙂
  12. dave_bass5

    Geddy Lee pedal

    Cant afford one, and didn't feel comfortable on the couple i have played over the years.
  13. lol, it had its uses but I didn’t think it was very versatile. More a one trick pony than a P bass IMO.
  14. I must admit sitting down was uncomfortable but standing was more painful. As you say, it digs in to your forearm. Probably worse for pick playing as i rest my hand on the bridge most of the time. What a tone though 🙂
  15. Haha, JC is a great bass but i found it quite uncomfortable to play, especially sitting down. I dont miss it at all.
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