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  1. Its given me an idea for my band. Just shows you don’t NEED a drummer, we just put up with them 😁
  2. No, but ironically its been hanging around in a draw at home for over a year lol.
  3. I brought this on here a while ago, but since getting my Helix ive not used it. Its still my fav filter. Its in good condition, and all works fine. Unfortunately i dont have the box anymore, or manual (if it had one). Meet up in central london, or happy to post for another £5, and it will be well wrapped.
  4. My band can only dream of achieving this level of playing 😂
  5. Got this last year, new, and used it for a few rehearsals. I then put it in a draw. No issues with it, just dont have a need for it (and i don’t think i ever did). No box but i will wrap it well if posted. Price includes posting to UK. £75 for meet in central london.
  6. Nice groove. I liked that. 👍
  7. I brought this new last year, but used it maybe 3-4 times on my pedal board. Not sure why i got it as i have loads of clip on tuners. Lovely box though. Its been in a drawer ever since. Works perfectly but somehow got a few scratches on the screen. Only minor surface scratches as you can see from the photo. Includes the box and paperwork that comes with it. Price includes post to UK mainland.
  8. Cheers. Yes, it does a lot. I just never got around to using it to it’s potential, and now I’ve got used to Cubase again I cant see me ever using it.
  9. I got this mid last year but never rally got to use it much. Its very easy to use and for me more convenient than using a computer for recording. I just haven’t needed to do any. Runs on batteries so very portable. Has stereo mics for acoustic recording, works as a computer interface, has effects, amp sims etc. Programmable drum machine. Can do sampling as well i believe. It really is a great all rounder. As you can see its in great condition, no damage at all. I’d say like new. Unfortunately i cant find the box or English manual. PDF manual is located here. Also comes with a code for Cubase LE. https://www.zoom-na.com/sites/default/files/products/downloads/pdfs/R8Manual_operationManual_english.pdf Looking fro £125. I’d prefer to meet up in central london, but happy to post for £10 more to UK mainland. It will be well packaged.
  10. Not sure if this is the short of thing you want but Cakewalk is free and comes with some of that stuff https://www.bandlab.com/products/cakewalk
  11. Cheeky plug for my P34. Due to no gigs, no job (soon) and trying to switch to keybaords, I’m finaly selling my nemesis 😁. Never not loved it, but my Fender P has caused many rifts in the relationship.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. It was nice to hear this effect get a mention. I had the original version of the DC-2, but recently i found i still had the DC-3. Must find a use for it at some point.
  14. I know you’re sorted but i wanted to point out that not all holes are the same. I got some Hipshot recently and although the tuners were fine the bushings were very slightly smaller than the ones that came off the (Fender) bass. Hipshot sent me the correct ones for free though.
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