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  1. Canon 135L f/2.0 prime lens

    Cheers. Yeah, its a bloody good lens, just one i don't use. On the odd occasion i do take it out on my 5D4 i get amazing results, but its an odd FL to use on its own, at least for me. Think ill take it out on my M50 tomorrow, just to see how the two go together.
  2. Canon 135L f/2.0 prime lens

    I must admit im the same as you. Its a lens that works really well on my full frame camera, but id never think of using it on a crop. Its pen of the best portrait lenses out there. Although the focal length itself is covered by many other lenses (i favour my 18-135 on my crop cameras), they aren't f/2, and thats where the magic comes from . Not quite a specialist lens, but not an everyday lens either IME. I started this thread because i was looking to get a 100mm macro for my 5D4, but ive since got a Canon M50 for everyday stuff and so im now looking to fund a 18-150 for it. In the mean time im absolutely loving using my 18-135 USM Nano on it.
  3. Canon 135L f/2.0 prime lens

    wow, i had forgotten about this ad. Well its still here. Open to offers.
  4. Later with Joolz last night

    I thought Plan B sounded good, loved the bass player, not so much the song though. Same for Tower of Power. Listening to those bass lines made me feel very inadequate.
  5. Pubs or Clubs ... what's the difference?

    Totally agree about the WM Clubs. Can be really depressing to play, but they pay well. Ive still got contacts with Agents that book these places, so getting the gigs isnt a problem for my new band, but we have decided we will try and avoid them. Even though pubs pay a lot less they are generally more enjoyable. With clubs we tended to find those that sat near the stage (decade after decade) would moan that we were too loud, yet those at the back would shout out for us to turn it up. You really cant win at soem of the clubs My old band actualy got barred from one club because our singer suggested over the mic that those that cant hear us come to the front, and those at the front that wanted to talk move to the back. Basically swap seats. It was said in jest, but those at the front kicked up such a commotion to the Ents. Manager that he had to ask our agent, reluctantly, not to book us again. Over the past 10 years we have seen a huge decline in WMC memberships, its almost as if they are just waiting for thier members to die and then shut shop. Its strange considering the booze is cheap, you get tot see live bands and there is never any trouble. If there was a WMC near me I’d actualy join it for those benefits.
  6. TC Electronics Spectradrive.

    Wow, those headphones really are hard to drive then.
  7. TC Electronics Spectradrive.

    And its having the SD that i know a BH head will work for me. I really did like the SD, its just that I didn’t have space for it on my board and preferred my BDDI as my only preamp.
  8. TC Electronics Spectradrive.

    My Sen HD25’s are 70ohms and bloody loud with anything. With my Zoom B3n i have the master on 18/100 and it’s just right.
  9. TC Electronics Spectradrive.

    Ok, fair enough. I do agree that negative posts can have a negative effect on what the sheep buy lol. Looking on the various Bass forums it does seem that many potential owners feel that TCE need to allow users to edit the tone prints. I suppose that’s quite a big negative on paper, although i wonder how many people really bother to edit these TP pedals. Cameron. The headphone out is very powerful with the right pair of headphones. I had no issues running mine in to my Sen 25’s and never got anywhere near half way on the master output. This was with the Comp set to around 10 o’clock, without the OD engaged. This whole experience has definitely wetted my appetite for a BH550 though.
  10. TC Electronics Spectradrive.

    What are the negative opinions? I know i said it wasnt for me but I don’t think i ever said anything negative about it. I don’t recall anyone else buying one and i doubt very much if any of my posts would put someone off if they needed what the SD has to offer. EDIT: just remembered someone else did buy one.
  11. London rehearsal rooms

    Ive done a couple of sessions at The Premises recently. They are just off Hackney road. http://www.premisesstudios.com/ There is also Alaska studios just near Waterloo station. This is actually at the end of my road but ive never used them. The problem with central London studios is the traffic. Its a nightmare in the evenings so i tend to go with the flow and rehearse outside of central London. It saves the rest of the band having to come in as it seems easier getting out of london at that time of the evening. Most of the time we rehearse in Acton or better still, at Mill Hill music complex. That would be ideal for the OP's band, other than the guitarist.
  12. Modded Way Huge Pork Loin. Now £100

    Price drop to £100.
  13. Schroeder/Markbass setup - blown away!

    I used a first gen 1215 and a first gen 1212L (not together) with my Markbass heads for years. They really are a match made in heaven. These were the only cabs ive owned that i had 100% confidence in that they would be loud enough for any gig. Over that time i tried other cabs but none seemed to be as good as the Schroeder’s. Even now, with a totally different rig I dont have the same confidence.
  14. Plectrum Or Fingers

    Hmm, ive never thought about using different picks for different songs. Might have to look in to that. Thanks for the Dava lnk @Cuzzie. ill get some ordered and give them a go. Ive realised my 'issue' with my pick tone comes from me being lazy and always resting my hand on the bridge. This of course gives me a thinner tone. Useful sometime,s but i need to learn how to play without resting my hand on anything.