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  1. Single cutaway basses. Hate the way they look, hate the price they cost 😂
  2. This thread just reminded me i still have a B3n as well and my B1-Four and B1-On. The B3n will be in the classifieds by tomorrow. Just saying 😇
  3. In the past Thomanns used to carry a huge range of them. I’ve had 3 Skylines from them.
  4. Ive been recording rehearsals since the 80s. From tape to DAT/MD and now digital recorders. These days i use a Roland R-07. the best ive ever had. very small and light, i put it on a GoPro mount and clip it somewhere central. the best feature is the app you can get to control it, and see the recoding levels etc on your phone. Very cool. For rehearsals i dont need lots of mics or multi-track and effects etc, so this is perfect for me.
  5. Oh yes, i liked the Fralins i had, but i paid £130 for the one i brought on its own and never thought it was worth it over other pups ive had. I took it out and sold it and brought a Fender 62 Original, and to my ears it sounded better and only cost £55. I have nothing against Hanson pups, it was just at that point i had the choice and was already familiar with the Fralin.
  6. Cant say for sure, but ive had 3 Fralin’s over the years and they have been on the warmer side compared to other P pups ive used. Personally i dont rate them, at least not at full price. They never seemed to do anything cheaper pups could do. Obviously we all want to hear things differently, I’m not saying they aren’t good per say, but IMO they are overpriced for what they offer. I had two basses with them in, and brought one based on other people liking them. I swapped the purchased one out for a cheaper Fender pup which to my ears had more of a ‘woody’ tone. The Lakland’s were never changed and i cant say i found them lacking, but the i didnt buy the pups.
  7. I dont use SC much, but ive also though about this. Its mainly now just for the current band, and the recordings I’m doing with some of the band members, but has a lot of my old stuff as well., which isn’t relevant. My thoughts are to put all the relevant stuff in a playlist and just give that link to people. If they go snooping around then I’m sure they will realise whats what.
  8. Things are a lot easier on most forums now, but its still a pain sometimes.
  9. Cheers and yes, i agree some of it is off pitch. I did start to fix it but it started sounding a bit ‘more’ artificial’ as I’m not great with the Variaudio stuff just yet. Ive never met her in person but ive been told she comes from the East end of London, or thereabouts. She doesn’t seem to talk with an Italian accent.
  10. Just copy the sharing link from Soundcloud and past it in. Like this 😁
  11. If you dont need wireless you could get one of these headphone amps for £!8 to clip on to your belt. This will allow you to adjust the volume of the IEM’s without touching the Helix. Also works in stereo unlike the wireless ones (not that bass needs it, but its nice to have ). https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/SubZero-Passive-Personal-Headphone-Controller/2XOL
  12. Cheers. Obviously that’s not my house……that’s the granny flat 😂
  13. Cheers. In hindsight i should have kept it for a bit longer and maybe would have bonded with it.
  14. Lakland’s have been my most lurched basses, but ive never played a USA one. Ive had 3 Duck Dunns. The last two at the same time. One had a Hanson and the other a Fralin in it. I kept the Fralin loaded one as it sounded a bit warmer and less aggressive, but all three were outstanding basses. Also had a DJ5 that i got made in to a PJ, never really felt at one with it though, but it felt and played as lovely as you would expect. Ive even still got a maple skyline JO neck under the bed somewhere that i used to have on my Squier CV basses.
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