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  1. dave_bass5

    Which Helix?

    Yep, thats about it. One thing i was happy about with the Stomp was i can use a small external foot switch to give me 5 on/off switches, which worked well except there is no indicator that the other two are on or off, other than if those blocks are lit on the screen. Its a very small screen and i found it hard to tell. This was the main reason i got Effects.
  2. dave_bass5

    Which Helix?

    Same. I tend to get a bit of wobble when i raise a foot. 🙂
  3. dave_bass5

    Which Helix?

    With the Effects you can do all the adjustments with your feet whilst playing, which i really like.
  4. I hated the look of Yamaha's for ages, especially the ones with the plastic silver surrounds, but the latest ones are well thought out and comfortable to play. The preamp on the Sire can be turned off, so you dont need to worry about it, you dotn even need to put batteries in it (if its the same as the V7), but its nice to have IMO. Assuming you are talking about a 5 string V3, I'd say go for whatever you think you will keep picking up. As long as you dont specifically want either a P or Jazz bass tone, either is going to work well. Don’t worry about the specs, a lot of this is nice to have but not necessary.
  5. That looks like a nice bag. I like my Gator, which is similar, but wanted something thinner, without the walls. I find it strange that none of my Fender style basses fit the neck protector properly. Ive got some thick foam strips arring tomorrow. Should just be thick enough to push the bass up inside the bag so it sits better.
  6. Right, think I'm going to sell this. ITs really nice, but what's bugging me is the start headstock is just sitting on the neck support, meaning the bass isn't sitting as flush as it should be. Going to try a strip of thick foam in the bottom of the bag first (plenty of room to move the bass up a bit), if not, well i had to give it a go.
  7. What system is it? I got a second G30 transmitter for £80 from G4M.
  8. Just remember, if this was done at home level you may well find things are different with the band. Might be my imagination but most of the 5 sting bases i see on TV are Jazz type basses. Maybe this is the reason why you dont see a lot of 5 string P's. I dont use my P34 bridge pup much, let alone solo'ed, but i do with my 425. I use it solo'ed all the way through All Right now and My Sharona.
  9. That's a shame. I'd need to sell my P34 before i could get another bass at this price point.
  10. Could also be a forum thing. May old guitarist was happy with what he had for years, then joined a web forum like this and would turn up with new gear at almost every gig.
  11. Ive got a Sire V7 5, first Gen. Cant comment on the V3. Very nice bass, plays really well and although i dont use the preamp much, its a good one. I believe most of the necks are the same throughout the first Gen, and its a very playable neck. One of the nicest ive owned, although a bit chunky. The newer Gen 2 necks are really, really nice though. I also have a 425. Lovely bass. Feels basic but comfortable. It's not the same as a 435 (which I'm also after), so cant really comment on that either, but given the choice, I'd go for the basic passive option.
  12. dave_bass5

    Which Helix?

    With the FX you can wire your VT Bass to a footswitch and it becomes part of the Helix. Obviously just talking about on and off, but its a pretty cool feature.
  13. dave_bass5

    Which Helix?

    Having both i find the Stomp to be very cramped and a compromise for live use. I know loads use them, but for a one stop box the FX is much nicer as its all laid out better. Plus it's cheaper.
  14. dave_bass5

    Which Helix?

    I started with a Stomp, but now also have a FX, which is for band use. The Stomp is a very good box, I'd happily use it if i didnt have the choice, but i don’t think its the best for live use. No need for any amp/cab sims, i have real ones lol. Pretty much using the same effects as BF above, and also controlling my amp's channel switching from it.
  15. No, and im still waiting for Jon to share his. I did ask him a while ago and he said he was still refining it. His video demo sounds good to me, at least to give the effect of a fretless.
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