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  1. Hmm, looks a lot more complicated than turning a knob, especially on the fly at gigs. Not for me, but i wish him luck
  2. All this time travel stuff is very confusing, I need a Doctor lol. Don’t suppose there will ever be a programmable PDDI like the BDDI version? Ive found too many good tones in mine, struggling to choose.
  3. Thanks for the photos. I like how small they are. I'll only need them to sit behind the amps and put a bit of light movement on the wall behind us. For this i think they will be perfect. My son on the other hand, will be staging Live Aid 3 in his small bedroom with them lol. He keeps on about a smoke machine but thats not going to happen.
  4. Cool. Thanks for the clarification. Might get a set for the band (and my sons room).
  5. These look cool. am i reading the eBay link correctly and its £77 for two?
  6. Yeah, i wasnt saying there was anything wrong with a MIM, just how much more expensive the MIA necks are. A MIM would be fine if i found the right combination.
  7. I’m 100% happy gigging with either of my Squiers, although i chose not to at the moment. So paying more doesn’t equate to getting more sometimes. If it feels right it is right. Sometimes we have to pay more for a particular set up, and of course nicer wood etc, but these are personal wants rather than must haves IME. Still, you are right, the classifieds might be an option, although there is already someone looking for a jazz neck.
  8. Thanks. Replied to you on TB but appreciate the duplicated replies.
  9. Not tempted at all. I cant stand black blocks on a maple fretboard, nor a Jazz without a control plate and PG. But the Birdseye maple is wonderful. I spec'ed a neck on Warmoth and its working out at about £350 in shipping. Probably more than i want to spend on a neck, and this was more or less just the basic options.
  10. Well yeah, as i said above I’m going to look on their website, and as above, ive also used one of their necks so know their quality.
  11. Yeah, ive used them in the past as well. I hadn’t thought of looking there today, ill go and see what they have. Maybe my first post wasnt clear but I’m only after a maple/maple neck. Cheers.
  12. Cheers all. I looked at Northwest before posting but they didnt seem suitable. Ive also looked at Mighty Mite but they need drilling etc. As above, the Fender necks arent quite ready to play but do seem to be a good option. Those are MIM necks for that price, and the MIA necks are well over twice that from what i can see. Ill take a look at Warmoth. I had one of their necks on a bass years ago, very nice neck IIR. I don’t want ot get a new bass and just use the neck. Ive thought about that in the past but I’m a lazy bugger and there is no guarantee I could get rid of it quickly. The link is not to a bass with a maple fretboard so that wont do at all. Point taken though. If i was going to go the Mex route i might as well put my (much better) Squier CV Jazz neck on it, but thats not maple anyway (hence the Lakland neck). Or buy a CV jazz with a maple neck
  13. Point taken, but as the scouting movement have preached to us for decades, all ways be prepared. I still think you should use a proper channel for an acoustic guitar though.
  14. IMO its always better to have more than you first need to start with. Might want to mic up thre bass drum or something else at a later stage. We use the larger version off that and the sound quality is really nice. The only thing i find with those mixers is they can be quite complicated with all those routing options. Ive arrived at gigs to find i cant get any sound out of the desk because one of the cryptically labels buttons has been engaged.
  15. What about this one Bas? https://www.musictribe.com/Categories/Behringer/Mixers/Analog/1002FX/p/P0572 I would be weary of putting an acoustic guitar in to a channel that only had T/B EQ. IME these need more adjustment than most other band instruments (or you could get a Q/Strip:-)
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