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  1. dave_bass5

    Imposter Sydrome

    Ive been there many times. Although I always do as much home work as possible, and get to know the songs as well as i can, its hard to predict how each band interprets songs live. A covers band i used to dep with regulary used to change things all the time, so yes, ears and eyes were just as important as knowing the songs. in fact I’d go as far as to say i was the only one that did know how the songs were supposed to go. All good fun though and i too preferred to do this over playing with my own band. Saying all that, we recorded all the gigs, and although we always went down well and had a great time, on listening back we would sometimes wonder how we got away with things.
  2. dave_bass5

    Order of effects

    This mirrors my experience. Over the years ive brought effects but hardly ever gigged them because i was too lazy to hook stuff up etc. This all changed when i got a small pedal board for Christmas though. Having it all pre wired meant i started taking the pedals out with me, and then of course all hell broke loose and i started buying loads of the blo**dy things. Im already on the second board as the first got filled instantly. Saying that, i have 9 new (this year) pedals in a draw, and only 3 (also new this year) on my board. I guess it takes time and a bit of money to find what really works. The one thing that kicked all this off is i have always used a wireless system, so i always have at least one more thing to plug in. if i didnt use that i doubt id use pedals at all.
  3. dave_bass5

    Epiphone Jack Casady serial numbers?

    The bridge is a Hipshot Supertone. https://hipshotproducts.com/products/supertone-gibson-bass-replacement-bridge?variant=33244555720 Its direct replacement, no adjustments needed to the bass other than the action etc needing setting up. Nothing wrong with the stock bridge, but i like black hardware and this bridge also allows individual string height adjustment. The bass has been out for over 20 years so plenty of reviews about. Im not much good at writing them im afraid. Ed Friedland amongst others have reviewed this and do a much better job than i could. What i will say is its a pretty unique tone, but seems to fit in with most styles. The selector switch really does make a difference, and ive found using the second and third settings give me a nice slightly compressed 70's rock tone, all without any fx. In fact this type of tone control has shown me i should have it in my P bass as well, so thats on the cards next month. Like Josie i found the neck to be surprisingly playable. I dont like fat wide necks but the JCB isnt wide at the nut, and just feels very comfortable in the hand. Not a fast neck, but i like that it makes me play with more attention and accuracy. I got mine after watching the Stone Roses documentary a few times and decided i wanted to try that tone out. until two days before getting it (Very good deal from Andertons on this) it was a bass i had no interest at all in. i got this one over the black as it came with a gig bag, and it was actually cheaper at the time. There is something about it that i just cant gel with, but that might just be because i love, or amy more used to my P bass. its certainly a keeper though and im hoping i find more use for it.
  4. dave_bass5

    Order of effects

    ive always had a comp first (after tuner), Pre amp (BDDI mostly), dirt stuff, then chorus/phaser. i couldn't get my head around having an amp with a comp in it, as that puts it right at the end of the chain. Since i recently put my TCE Spectradrive last in the chain (and taken the BDDI off), this also means the comp is last. So far i find the comp more useful there. Although im not using filters it seems to even things out about when i engage the various effects.
  5. dave_bass5

    Strap with some grip

    Have you seen this thread When i got my Jack Casady bass recently none of my straps woudl hold it upright, and it has quite a pronounced neck dive. My fav strap is the Mono Betty, but that slides all over the place After buying a couple of new straps, getting wider and wider i found this worked, but is a bit on the short side for me https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000XPSGPS/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I ended up with this. Its not cheap, but its extra long and very, very comfortable. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004GF6DXS/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Both leather so i know they aren't really ideal, but Ive found suede to be the most grippy of materials.
  6. dave_bass5


    I've got wizard 74's on my Jazz bass. Pretty decent pups for the price. I had 84's but didnt like them. I also had a Wizard Thumper in my P bass a few years ago. Like the Fralin before it i thought it was nice, but not what i was hoping for.
  7. dave_bass5

    Epiphone Jack Casady serial numbers?

    im lucky, as mine is a 20th Aniv model, so i know when it was made. it also has a large sticker inside stating it. Still, i might check that website to see if it confirms this. I love the bass, but its the most uncomfortable bass ive ever played. Not the actual playing of it on the neck, just sitting down or standing with it. i get neck or shoulder ache. I love the neck, although i cant quite get the action i want. I think ill get a fret dressing in the new year. I guess im just not used to non Fender shaped basses. The bridge popped off 30mins in to owning it, but a bit of superglue has worked well and ive not had it come off again. I ordered a new bridge in a state of panic, but i was happy with the old bridge. The new one is more comfortable though, as i play mostly with a pick so tend ot rest my hand on the bridge. I got a nice wide strap, so neck dive isnt a problem, but i do find the edge of the body cuts in to my right forearm after a while. . Overall for me, a flawed bass but the first bass ive owned that im prepared to live with them, as i love the tone so much.
  8. dave_bass5

    Sire V7 5 String NBD

    Ive had mine since the first run, and other than the strings ive not had to change anything. There are one or two long threads on here about the Sire range, might be worth looking in those.
  9. dave_bass5

    New preamp Nordstrand

    ......or one with magic fairy dust in it and a recognised name on the front........
  10. dave_bass5

    New preamp Nordstrand

    Meh, ill be honest and say i cant see anything special l here at all. Of course, the world needs a new pre amp so it will sell by the bucket loads 🙂
  11. dave_bass5

    Wireless System for Large Venue

    Well I hope it all pans out. Good luck.
  12. dave_bass5

    Wireless System for Large Venue

    Nice one Michael. Support or headline?
  13. dave_bass5

    New Joyo R-08 Cab Box

    Not as cheap as most of their gear but looks interesting.....on paper. I like that it has Power amp sim's as well. Not a video review, but it does look cool.
  14. dave_bass5

    Sansamp through a powered speaker

    Ive used my P bass in to a BDDI and in to one of our powered db750 PA speakers as a bass rig a few times. Sound better than my normal rig for some reason.
  15. dave_bass5

    iPhone 6s & 7 Plus owners - call volume..?

    No problem. There is a chance i just haven't noticed it, but im one of those that inspect everything so if it was a problem i hope i would have noticed it.