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  1. dave_bass5

    Marcus Miller 5 string or Ibanez SR505?

    I got a P7 5 (ash/maple) from Andertons on Monday. its a lovely bass. much more playable than my other Sire V7, and fit and finish is spot on. I am unfortunately sending it back as i feel the P tones isnt quite what i hoped. Lacks a bit of punch compared to my other P basses. Still a P, just not the right flavour for me. I also think there is an issue with the bridge pup so rather than worry about it ill send it back. A real shame as i love everything else about it.
  2. dave_bass5

    Flatwound woes!

    The only strings ive had this happen to me was a set of TI Flats. one string out of the pack did this. I spent months looking for a replacement in the UK, then gave up. A year or so later i found a place that did singles and ordered one, and it wasn't cheap. On top of that i had ordered the wrong string lol. Had to order yet another.
  3. dave_bass5

    I've only gone and dun it...

    I got my gen 2 P7 5 today. Lovely bass. The gen 2 neck is a big upgrade over the first gen. Noticeably flatter and faster, at least for me. Well worth the extra IMO. Its not light though, at dead on 10lbs. Still lighter than my white V7 5 though.
  4. dave_bass5

    I've only gone and dun it...

    Ive had a white Gen 1 V7 5 since they came out. i dont use it much but its a bass id probably never sell. Cost around £350 IIR back then. it is heavy, around 10.5lbs, but when strapped on it doesn't feel too bad. I did a two hour set with it and although it started to feel uncomfortable by the end i was also feeling tired. On something liek a mono or Comfort strap i really dont worry about the weight, its more when im carrying it that i notice. I hardly ever use the pre amp as i feel the passive tone is spot on. it seems a bit of a waste but at that price who cares. I dont like the headstock but its preferable to, say a G&L. It does make the bass slightly harder to put in my Fender type gig bags. Off the back of me getting it out for the first time in a couple of years (at least) last week i have a Gen 2 P7 5 arriving today. I cant get away from the P tone, but love the burpy bridge tone from a jazz. time to get back to using that extra long thumb rest for a while.
  5. dave_bass5

    Sire V7 active EQ question

    A bit late i know but i wanted to say that although i use my V7 mostly in passive mode, there is a trim pot inside the bass so that you can match the active volume to the passive one. I have mine set so its slightly quieter if all the knobs are flat, but when you boost the mids or low end slightly it brings the level up to match the passive level.
  6. dave_bass5

    New TC Electronic heads

    Think hard about this Michael.. Would an amp like this actually work as a back up if you needed it? Considering the gigs you are playing id say it would be a waste of time.
  7. dave_bass5

    Geddy Lee pedal

    Maybe its not in the fingers, but the amount of alcohol you consume lol.
  8. dave_bass5

    Geddy Lee pedal

    Its not a complaint, its a fact. There are many, many threads about gear that has a big name on it and how some people will expect to sound like the name on the headstock etc. Not my words, that too is fact. What makes this any different? Hasn't Geddy had this tone for decades? That was my point about the fingers etc. He never used a Geddy branded effect in the past to get this tone, yet his tone has remained fairly consistent and distinctive. im not knocking the pedal or Tech 21 as such, im just replaying to your comment about mine. If the new box gets you very close to that tone then thats cool, but so can other boxes i would assume, as many people have gotten that tone. The Jaco statement seems strange. Surely if you buy the same bass as him you will sound like him......unless its to do with how he plays 😉
  9. dave_bass5

    Postman's been..

    I got mine on Friday and it fits perfectly on my small board. I used it for the first time on Sunday in a recording studio. The engineer was very impressed, although i admit i couldn't tell it was working. I guess that means its doing a good job in not messing with my tone. I wasn't using my own rig so that wasn't a good test. The only negative for me is the bright LED, but a bit of tape over that fixed it.
  10. dave_bass5

    Zoom B1 Four

    When i practice i always have my ipad plugged in to the B1 (or Spectradrive sometimes) so any noise created by the converters is masked anyway. In fact sometimes, and I know this goes against all ive said above, i plug my pedal board in to it and run the B1 in tuner mode. Not often, but when i get a new pedal or need to play with the pedals.
  11. dave_bass5

    Zoom B1 Four

    I’m on my second B1-on. The first was fine but i too found it a bit noisier than the B3. Fine for what i needed but it seemed like i was just duplicating what i had already, so sent it back. I got my son the Guitar version a while afterwards and he wanted the bass one as well, so we got another. Ive used it ever since. I really only use one amp/cab set up, I don’t use the effects as such, but i do use the pitch shifter for learning songs in other keys (not a great tone, but good enough for me to learn with). I know the B3n is still better, but not better enough for me to give up the portability. I wish i had kept my old B3 now.... I do love the DK models in the B3n, it would be nice to have them for messing around with. I quite like the look of the GCE-3 as well. Very small and tidy.
  12. dave_bass5

    Geddy Lee pedal

    But doesn't it give your tone Geddy's character 🙂 To me that implies its a pedal designed to give your tone a certain character, just like the others, but in a different way. I know its not as simple as that but thats the end result. Similar box, different tone coming gout of it. ill be interested to hear what other tones its capable of. Geddy's tone is great for Geddy, but id like to see how versatile it is for getting less Geddy tones. The Deep/Drive knob looks interesting.
  13. dave_bass5

    Zoom B1 Four

    Bottom line would be battery power. most of the time i just sit on my bed playing, but sometimes go in to other rooms. Its just easier than having to worry about a PSU as well.
  14. dave_bass5

    Zoom B1 Four

    Oh god, more money going out of my account. I use my B1-on almost every day for practising at home, but this looks much nicer. I have aB3n but never use it.
  15. dave_bass5

    TC Electronics Spectradrive.

    ive not found any of the drive tone prints much use for this pedal, but i do like the clean boost TP. Very handy. I recently got a BH800, based on loving the SD EQ section.