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  1. You cant go wrong with those. The latency is very, very low, and i get about 3 rehearsals from a single charge.
  2. How does he get the Banjo string to stay on the bass? Aren’t Banjos a lot shorter than a bass?
  3. ive got the Xvives and Boss WL-20 The Boss sound a bit better, less artefacts when the notes are dying off. I've only head this at home in a quite room when sitting in front of a rig. Never been a problem with the band though. I did tend to favour the Boss for rehearsals and live use, as its a bit more robust as far as connection goes. My guitarist uses Xvives and he has had interference with his, while my Boss ones were fine. not a lot in in, but IME the Boss work a bit better. Where the Xvives really win, especially (IMO) in the OP's case, is they have a proper on/off switch. As long as you aren't using an active bass and a pedal running on batteries you can leave them plugged in. The Boss ones have to be removed or else the battery drains more. I used to leave my Xvive plugged in to my Bass, even when its not being used and in its case, and the other end in my Stomp. I loved that i didnt need to plug anything in when i wanted to play bass, just switch on at each end. I used to play sitting on the bed, which is against the other side of the wall that has our router on it. Never really had big issues with either system, although again, the Boss less so.
  4. Interesting. I just downloaded the app and had no issue once i had linked it to DB. What exactly was the issue? At what stage in the process did it not work?
  5. Sorry, yes, we were talking about Anytune, that was a typo in my reply.
  6. Ok cheers. I might see if it works for me, but i have other options.
  7. Cheers. I was asking more about why you were struggling with Anytime and why you mention Apple. What was/is the snag?
  8. I’m trying to figure out what this post is saying. Can you help?😁
  9. At the moment we are just starting to play Lets Dance (Bowie), Modern Love, Ballroom Blitz, Sweet Dreams, Power of Love (H. Lewis), Learn to fly, Cant stop this thing we started, Rocks, When you were young, Dancing in the Dark, plus I’m still learning the other 40+ songs on our play list on keyboard. . Since i switched to keys we have suddenly started doing 80’s songs. Not that i mind, but dropped in at the deep end a bit.
  10. Ah yes. I remember now. Cheers.
  11. Spot on. I thought someone had done this, but couldn’t remember what devices. It would be good if we could just load whatever sounds we want on to these devices, a bit like Source Audio allowed with their Phaser/Flanger/Chorus pedals
  12. Cool. You wont be disappointed in the B1 for either instrument. There is plenty of EQ on tap to fix most tonal issues anyway.
  13. I never used these, but the latest implementation of them seems like a big step forward.
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