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  1. You could ask them directly here https://www.talkbass.com/threads/gr-bass-gear-questions.1376653/
  2. Ah sorry, i missed that for some reason. Glad you got it sorted for no outlay.
  3. Looking for one in good condition. Not the older version. Will give it a day or so before ordering one new. Cheers. Dave.
  4. I got a Fender LT25 Rumble combo for Christmas. Very loud small combo with a digital modelling and Effects front end. Not bad for £145. Ill never get ti turn it up even halfway at home. https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/bass-amplifiers/contemporary-digital/rumble-lt25/2270100000.html?rl=en_US
  5. I got that each one was an alternative, but ive always found my rig took care of most of, if not all the fizz in any OD's ive used, unless i didn't want it to. All the OD's ive owned had EQ options on them and i always found the treble knob to do enough of a job without needed more specialised EQ or equipment. None have had speaker sims or dedicated LPF. I do love the Sansamp BDDI and i know that has a cab sim built in, but i use the blend very low, and don’t actual use that for OD. Totally agree about the PA/DI though, as thats more unclouded when it arrives at the PA and for most a PA will have a lot more top end accentuation. I think ive only used a large PA a handful of times, and that was back when I didn't use dirt at all. I'm quite keen to keep the top end in check anyway, as i play with a pick and dont really like the 'click' i get. I do like an open top end though so the tweeter normally sits in the neutral position.
  6. Ok, no problem. Like I said, never found the issue to need those extra steps other than the tweeter down (but thats a default setting for most cabs ive used even with clean tones), but i dont go of high gain anyway.
  7. Ok, maybe 'never' was the wrong term as you have covered a lot of points. Why use a speaker sim if you are using a speaker? Cab without a tweeter? Well yeah, you can turn the tweeter down. I never said i didnt or haven't turned the tweeter down. I definitely find OD to be fizzy with headphones, but my cabs seem to tame it. Not that I use much anyway. I just find points 1,2,3 to be not always necessary, although I appreciate they work for you. .
  8. Hmmm, ive never used any of those 'tips' and never really suffered from fizzy OD.
  9. Ive never used the Fusion line either, but i know a few people that have them. I know they arent as sophisticated as the new Legacy S line, but sometimes i find all those EQ bells and whistles are a bit wasted. The new Legacy S line is bound to sound better though. £150 cheaper and I'd be tempted, as i love my MB heads but could do with a bit more.
  10. That more or less describes the MB Fusion 800 head as well, without much of the extra EQ options
  11. That's cool, we all like different things. Ive read through the TB thread where the designer has loads of posts. It does seem like its not quite coloured enough for me. After the Quilter 'incident' I think I want something less neutral and flat
  12. Not wishing to derail this thread, but this is really appealing to me. https://www.fxpedal.co.uk/amps-c74/bass-amps-c75/gr-bass-one-800-bass-amp-head-800w-white-p3734
  13. Always a good idea. One reason i tend to buy on line a lot of the time.
  14. Im sure you will 🙂 Yeah, i like that idea very much. The 800watt head has my attention. it reminds me of a GK in some way.
  15. Could do, but as its one string less than you need.......:-)
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