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  1. The ball is rolling.... Badass guitar bridges sold!!
  2. Various bass and guitar parts: priced individually and shipping not included. Collection from Aylesbury possible.... Bridges and plates;) 1. Gold ABM 5 string bass, 18-22mm, 3 screws, W101 x D60mm £75 2. Gold Hipshot 5 string bass 18-22mm, £95 3. Gold (PW) 5 string bass, 18mm, 4 screws, W95 x D60mm £45 4. Gold 5 string bass,18mm, 6 screws, W99 x D50mm (SOLD) 5. Pewter (chrome) 6 string bass, 16mm, W108 x D60mm £45 6. Chrome 5 string bass, 19mm, 5 screws,W110 x D55mm £25 7. Chrome 4 string bass, 19mm, 5 screws, W80 x D44mm £8 8. Chrome Bass bridge plates (one 5 string, two 4 string) £8 9. Chrome 4 screw neck plate, 57 x 70mm, screw spacing 45 x 58mm £5 10. Gold 4 screw neck plate with plastic holder, 64 x 52mm, screw spacing 38 x 52mm £5 11. Gold jazz bass control plate £10 12. Chrome Guitar telecaster bridge (6 string) x 2, with pickup plate. &10 each 13. Chrome Badass guitar (6 string) bridge x 3, £ 15 each (SOLD) TUNERS: 1. Double bass tuner set x 4, £25 2. Chrome bass (gotoh style), £5 each 3. Chrome bass (gotoh style) 4. Gold bass (gotoh style) £5 each 5. Pewter Grover (gotoh style) bass tuner, bass side, £5 6. Black Warwick bass (gotoh style) tuner, treble side, £5 7. Chrome Schaller M4S bass tuners (copy)x 3, two bass side, one treble side, £10 PICKUPS: 1. Bass Humbucker set, 101 x 36mm, screw holes 95mm. £20 2. Jim Cairnes 5 string jazz bass pickup set, screw holes 40mm. £55 They are each the same size: L90mm, W20mm, D18mm, screw holes L40mm and W23 (center to center). The plastic tubes are for mounting (it goes between the screw top and pickup screw hole (Cairnes idea thatworks). Or you can fit into a pickup housing. 3. Jazz bass pickup set, 7.39k ohms and 7.12 k ohms, both L93 x W19 x H19mm, screw holes 40mm, three wires. £20 4. Jazz bass pickup set, 10.44 and 10.66 k ohms, both L93 c W19 x H23 mm, two wires. £20
  3. Can’t believe this is hanging around......offers?
  4. I’ll keep it simple. It’s never been used and so shiny...get some shades! Hipshot A style 5 string in gold with Fender 3 screw mount. Screws and Allen key included. Aluminium .750 or 19mm spacing (but read specs below as can be 18/17 or 20/21) £100 collected or £110 posted to UK The Hipshot A Style Bass Bridge is a premium quality 5 string bridge for new builds or retrofitting your Fender bass (using the four mounting holes). The bridge is machined from a solid block of aluminium for superior quality and tone, and the saddles are nested into channels to remove sideways motion. The string spacing is 19 mm as standard but each string is adjustable in the saddle to give 2 mm (0.08") side to side adjustment for better string, pickup and neck alignment. The Hipshot A Style Bass bridges give you the choice of either top loading the strings through back of the bridge or mounting them through the guitar body for the tone you prefer. Features Adjustable string spacing (19mm as standard) Individually intonatable and height adjustable saddles Saddles nested in slots to stop sideways movement Machined from a solid block of aluminium Retrofits Fender five string bass bridges Strings can be mounted through the back of the bridge or through the bass body All mounting hardware included Made in the USA Tech Specs Colour Gold Material Aluminium Screw Mount Spacing (between outer screws) 53 mm (2.1") Manufacturer Part Number 5A5FM3AG EAN/UPC 0759681032083
  5. Thanks for the help. Seeing that I have so much free time (no gigs for some strange reason:-), I may challenge myself to have a go at these. May learn some new skills and save a few quid in the process. Any help would be gratefully accepted (hellllpp🤓). This is not to take work from the obvious pros at this but...these are strange/difficult times indeed. press on musos💪🏾
  6. Ps: just remembered that I have a case with handle for this. I’ll put a couple of pics up to encourage y’all.
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