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  1. Nice passive p- bass sound in a cheap package. Frets a bit worn so a bit of buzz..all else in good condition. Good for a beginner, for teaching use or as a project instrument. No gig bag included so if being collected from Aylesbury, Bucks (preferred) bring one or take away as sold.
  2. Nice ain't it? There is also a 5 string version... Not a lightweight. Solid but manageable. (I'm suspicious about light basses....I must be old school😎)
  3. As part of my clearing out, I'm selling this G Lab Bass Wah. (I have a Wah on my multieffect pedal so it's a luxury). Great piece of kit in very good condition (only a bit of glue residue below (where the Velcro was attached), and in original box. Works well for guitar-like wah but also for bass parts! Very important😉 No power supply included but it uses standard 9v (or battery). Price includes UK postage but collection from Aylesbury possible.
  4. CHRISTMAS SALE: £500 ? I am going after something (thats a bit dear) so I've bitten the bullet and decided to move some of my basses and gear. [Note: ad updated with slightly better pics, so you can see the beauty😎] 1st up: Reluctant sale of one of the best and underrated 4 strings I have played. It has been highly and professionally modified for me (souped up) as a 'keeper' with: *East UK Uni pre - Active bass pre-amp that simply is world class. *East UK BLI - battery low indicator unit (tell you when your 9v is almost out of power) *Hot-Rods custom made pickups - Specially made for this bass. It is like having four Jazz style pickups in a two shell (EMG sized) package (switichable between the coils). The combination of this and the East UK has turned this instrument into a very versatile beast. From Marcus slap to Jaco jazz to Pino P-bass...it's all possible! (Come try and see for yourself). From Hot Rods: "Hi Mike, Glad that you like the pickups so far! Okay, wiring: they are wound and wired in a similar fashion to a normal humbucking pickup but of course with the exception that each coil is a true Jazz bass pickup. To wire them in series you will need to join the red and green wires together and cover the join with tape or shrink tubing. If you plan to coil split, then the joined red/green will go to your switch. White is live and black is earth. Some details on the pickups: the neck pickup is two Jazz bass pickups wound to vintage specs and placed side by side - both pickups use forbon flatwork and eight magnetised poles. Either could be used individually if desired for a 'true' singlecoil sound or in series (as supplied). The bridge pickup is slightly different - it uses a vintage spec wound Jazz bass pickup nearest to the neck but the coil nearest to the bridge uses identical flatwork and magnets but with a 'hotter' coil wind. When selected on its own this coil will have a thicker and warmer single coil tone than a traditional Jazz bass. I hope this helps and please let me know if you need any help wiring them up... : ) Cheers for now, Dave Walsh Eternal Guitars & Hot Rod Pickups *Gotoh 'D' tuner - To almost get into 5 string range without the extra string. *Metal nut - Brings the open strings closer to the fretted notes timbre. (looks better too!) ESP specs: http://www.guitar.com.au/guitars/bass/esp/j.htm Condition: Very good. No dings or major scratches (it has been played so maybe the odd show of that). I hope the photos can do it justice (always better to see of course). I will sell with a decent gig bag and also include the original Hipshot tuner (in case you're not a 'D' tuner type). Set up nicely and I may even toss in a set of strings..(I may have a new 4 string set lying around somewhere...no promise). Sound: Like I said above..."It does everything!" Plus you can load the strings via the bridge or through the body. It does make a difference I tell you. If I've missed anything (I'm sure someone here will tell me) feel free to contact me for more info/audition etc...
  5. Bought a couple of months ago...got too busy to really get into it ....decided to stick with my few separate pedals. My opinion: does a lot...really good..too much for me...keeps up with the modern times with the bluetooth capability, sound, set-up, Boss build quality etc....Great tool for the bass player who wants it all in one package as it has a built in pedal, various bass amps and all the Boss effects. Comes with original box, manuals, power supply and great quality gig bag. Taking a 'rental knock' so treating it like an ex-display one in the price..plus the added gig bag. Grab yerself a bargain! Collection from Aylesbury preferred but can ship if buyer arranges the courier. regards
  6. Hmmmm, I’ll have a look. Maybe it says don’t feed the animals😬
  7. Yep! Easily done. It is a practise amp. (more of a cheeky monkey than a Gorilla...but serves the purpose well:-)
  8. Not at the moment....clearing some space (let's say keeping the GAS at bay)
  9. Totally agreed! Shame it has become surplus to me now...I'm even having second thoughts....😱
  10. Schertler quality and sound. Flexible and can be used with various instruments (I used with electric and double basses) and also voice. It comes with a padded bag for transportation and protection. Serviced and all works as it should. Note: The original colour was grey but that started to look a bit faded so it was finished in black. Looks better I say.... Also I added a sprung handle below for ‘tilt’ purposes to use as a monitor with a better listening angle. Professional gear with a lovely warm acoustic sound. More info can be found on line.... Collection from Aylesbury.
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