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  1. …still a mini slog but…. pm me details if possible please..
  2. Who does great brass nuts? And is near (ish) Aylesbury, Bucks? Hopefull🙏🏾
  3. A doable drive…. Don’t know Gary…. Care to share?
  4. Finding a local (within reason) to do is proving to be more difficult than I thought. Alan (ACG) is just too far! Move closer damnnit!! Just checked Bass Gallery……one week turnaround (two London trips)! Wowza! May have to pull out the pliers and a manual!
  5. Thanks for that. Its a US company…haven’t done that kind of transaction in a long while. I was hoping to use someone more local to me (a bit more local than that😂) But..in case, anyone with experience in cost/time/tax etc….for US shipping to the UK? Even with a small item like this…
  6. Need (want) a shiny brass nut on my ACG Finn 5 string. Mostly for aesthetic reasons (well aware of the use of metal vs the rest arguments…phew). Anyone recommended in the Buckinghamshire area ? I’m in Aylesbury. Also I cant seem to find any blanks in the approx size….W5.5mm, L47.8mm, H9.5-8.5mm
  7. Can’t stop marvelling at the versatility of this bass! Yep….good job Alan👍🏽
  8. Right….well someone’s in for a good deal then! Ain’t that so😉?
  9. Shame it’s still here…should be Jaco/Pino/Willis ..ing somewhere in the world!!
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