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  1. Bumping to say go play it.......
  2. A pair of custom jazz bass pickups for 5 string jazz basses by Jim Cairnes. I don’t have much info on his stuff but I’m sure those that do would share here or even have done so somewhere else on this forum. Feel free guys.. Model: B505 (sizes without cover as stated below) Neck: 92/93mm Bridge: 92/94mm (dropped into a Squier perfectly so I assume Fender fit....?) Smooth 60’s tones (Motown, Jazz, Reggae even fret-less etc...). I’m only selling because I wanted more sizzle tops for a project bass (for rock/picking or slap) but it has a decent slap tone along with the other mentioned type of tones. Well made, clean, single coils, large magnetic poles (think Musicman) with decent wiring. They’re being sold as I got them without covers and we’re mounted directly in the bass. This can be done in this way or I’m sure mounted in shells of your choice. I personally like the look of exposed poles:-). Will be sold with screws for this (x8 black). Sorry I can’t send any mp3 files as they are already out and packaged. Regards
  3. Parts clear out!

  4. Parts clear out!

  5. Boss PW-10 multi wah pedal for sale

  6. BMW 16" alloys with Avon tyres

    Will trade for nice VW alloys....
  7. BMW 16" alloys with Avon tyres

  8. BMW 320d auto estate car (NOW SOLD!)

    Ump b
  9. Feedback for Paulhauser

    Solid bloke this Pal guy:-) Just bought a bass from him all the way from Hungary and all went as smooth as Beyonce's a**!(opps I meant a baby's:-) Great to deal with you sir! All the best
  10. Boss PW-10 multi wah pedal for sale

  11. BMW 16" alloys with Avon tyres

  12. Apogee duet