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  1. Sorry, no 15” as it was sold... I should have edited the post heading. (I’ll do so now). But if you want any of the above...they’re quite capable but lighter (wink, wink 😉 )
  2. Too much gear (reluctant sale post🤕) This is the Gallien Krueger 700 RB Mark 2 bass amplifier head with lots of pro and useful features (DI out, mute, send/return etc...). In great working and looking condition, reliable, runs silently and has the necessary ‘oomph’ for most gigs. Had it off a friend on mine, who had a power socket point added at the rear for his pedalboard (see pics). Very clever! Recently serviced with new electronic parts and also had the tech sort the notorious GK ‘thump’ on switching on/off. This is a serious pro piece of kit and is light enough to move around easily. Ready to gig for many more future years (when gigging starts again of course). Price includes UK postage. Specs here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/52d881e0e4b093afad1a2ae2/t/54a31083e4b01142025c9b56/1419972739424/700rb_1001rb.pdf
  3. Got fed up with the stupid BC design so I ‘altered’ to suit...me. The BC watchers will want to slay me...who cares🤓
  4. Upgraded to a bigger mixer (madness I know!) This has been in my home studio so in pretty decent condition (the underside a bit scratched by sitting in an amplifier). All else works. Includes original charger and box plus FireWire cable. It can be used as a mixer on its own or as an interface (showing all channels on your DAW).
  5. Great! Understood about the ohm issue.. coool. Sounds good. To be clear, get a tube of 4 cm depth and 40mm diameter to fit into the existing port? (That is for Fane swap..) Thanks for the commitment Phil👍🏽👍🏽
  6. Agreed. The amp is indeed the limiting factor...by committing to keep the unit and working around that is not me being stubborn or naive. I do accept the limits numerically, but I trust my ears to guide me....as a musician does. Thanks for the honesty. I try to give the same. Here’s a good read a friend sent me: https://www.whathifi.com/news/kefs-tiny-kc62-subwoofer-delivers-unprecedentedly-deep-bass-for-its-size
  7. Lol. missed my word play on EBS vs Hartke did ya? Dan chill out. No one ignored Bill or anyone. No need to stand up for him...Ya still missing the point...I’m laughing while writing this. If you like Bill, tell him. 😉 He seems cool. He had great info...willingly. Not forcibly. Thanks Bill👍🏽 Anyhow....the combo is coming on well. A Fane driver would be added as well as an improved hi-frequency unit. Possible port adjustment and off to pro gigs hopefully without offending any Dans out there (😎). I will update here for anyone interested and again...no one gets hurt in the process. Except possibly Dan..lol ps: don’t tell Victor
  8. ps: don’t be put off guys.. we need and tolerate all kinds here. It’s just how the world works...👍🏽
  9. See what I mean....here’s me breaking rules again by responding...🤷🏽‍♂️ Dan don’t say ‘we’ man. You didn’t try to help but tried to dissuade....then you attracted the negative EBS company against Hartke. Lol.. look above.... nicely put... simply stay away. Unless you’re bored man..don’t make me break my rules again 😤
  10. Dan Dares not I gather...thanks still👍🏽 ps: the mobile phone as you know it developed from a kids toy...
  11. I’m having fun with a Hartke... see this if you wish: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/445189-6”-driver-recommendationssuggestions/
  12. Breaking the rules without complaining the port size is about 4.3cm in diameter 👍🏽
  13. I think some have misconstrued the object of my post.... I won’t waste energy on replies to those...know thyself!🤔 It not that I’m asking too much or silk purse desires or cheapness nonsense etc...it’s simply asking what’s possible. Nuff said on that. This is how new land is discovered, boundaries stretched, minds broadened, discovering.... Not for the faint of heart or mind....😉 That said, thanks for the continued interest/comments....onwards👍🏽
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