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  1. ps: also has great tones from its analogue design!!!!! Must say, my best tones ever, came from analogue amps and a 1974 Ampeg V4b (valves) and that weighed as much as a yacht! This is not too bad in weight but I’ve gone to the dark side of digital!
  2. They do look like those. I will pm you about payment etc….
  3. Just checked my box of ‘stuff’ Unfortunately (and oddly) I have 4 treble sides and 1 bass side in gold. Sorry if not of help to you. I’ll edit the ad with better details.
  4. (Now back up for sale) This classic has seen some years but all works and is perfectly gig-able. Nice tone too!! 200 watts of smooth power! I have serviced and cleaned all the electronics and even added a lick of paint to make it look more presentable. Tried with a variety of cabs (that I’m selling 😉) and has a wide range of eq and tone. Collection from Aylesbury best (with safety measures in place) or buyer arranged courier.
  5. Alert update!!: ‘found’ by Royal Mail. Sitting in one of their offices! 🤯 Mods please delete as I will put it back up for sale…. Not sure if this is the right place but just to forewarn all.... This “never” turned up to the buyer!! I’ve refunded and not been totally covered (my fault) so if seen... Under investigation! https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/435031-marshall-200-watt-integrated-bass-head-now-sold/
  6. Hi sorry to resurrect an old post.... I now own a line 6 studio 110 and have to say I’m having the same hiss noise. My thoughts lead me to this here, which is to bypass the preamp section or at least the effects and use the power section. Can I humbly ask for an update on if you guys succeeded to do this or something like this?
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