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  1. Yep. What you said! When I asked for that I believe Alan said something similar! 🤩 The upper cut-away allows full access to the ‘nose bleed’ register (note: the real money is at the lower end fellow bass players)! Up there is for fun....
  2. http://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0172-finn-r-type-fretless-5/ I put the link above to let the pictures do the talking...plus specs. As I’m going in a different direction, I’ve decided to let this one go. In mint condition! Plays like a dream! I spoke to Alan Cringean himself (luthier) and even he says he went in deep with this one and some lucky owner would enjoy immensely. The electronics is the East-UK, Uni-pre as I’m more familiar with this setup and so has a vast variety of tones in the engine! Partial lines and luminay dots on lines on the side. I’ll put a fresh set of strings on and a new 9v battery before collection or shipping (probably Newtones). I’ll add some home pics but the original pics are more professional so have a look at both. Aylesbury collection possible but UK shipping and Hiscox hard case included in the price. Note: this spec would cost approx £3000 (and you would have to wait!) Now....who’s feeling lucky?
  3. My two cents.... Benefits of an outboard pre-amp includes not having to modify your bass, switching in/out with your feet, using it with different basses/situations, no 9v battery issues. Benefits of an onboard pre-amp includes quick hands on changes, pickup/pre-amp compatibility (if chosen correctly), no extra gear carrying They both have can be connected to the power-amp section of an amp (plug into the return to bypass the pre-amp section) to have a familiar tone. I personally prefer the onboard system but to each his own! (And I support local...East-UK is the bomb!!) Good luck on your searches
  4. Now that's nice! When I grow up..... Anyway, there's a nice Legacy waiting on a lucky bloke.....
  5. Somehow I agree🧐 Pickups are blended with dual blends. One for between the P and JJ and one for between the JJ set. Thus you can have the in-between tones... Weight I don’t know (no scale at the moment)...but in comparison to my other basses, quite light and comfortable for long periods (a big part of the reason I chose for the road). String spacing is 18mm.
  6. Yep. Not deliberately. My good pal John East pointed that out to me. The Urge bass wasn't it?
  7. Ok. You forced me!😫 Added some sound files (apologies for the cheese)
  8. Finally and sadly decided to put this one up for sale. Now reduced to £325 (sigh) It does not look like your usual 605 model because.... *DiMarzio JJ pickups *EMG p/bass pickup *East UK Uni-Pre active electronics. *Custom made rosewood scratch plate to accommodate the pickups. This was put together to use on travel gigs where I need a professional/reliable/flexible instrument and sound without taking an expensive instrument (damn you airlines!!). Slap, fast/fluid/finger style Jazz, p-bass thump and all the in between styles readily available on this beauty! In great condition (small nick on the headstock) with few but not obvious or large marks. With chrome hardware! (Updated pics). The switch is a ‘kill’ switch. I use it as a mute to avoid any unwanted ‘accidents’ live. Gig bag included. Yamaha Specs: Nathan East Sculpted Body Design Solid Alder Body 5-String Maple Neck Rosewood Fingerboard 24 Frets, 34” scale. Neck width 45mm at the nut and 75mm at the last fret. 18mm string spacing at bridge. Collection from Aylesbury preferred or can post to UK. Feel free to ask away for any more info. Yamaha BB605 slap.mp3 Yamaha BB605 fingerstyle rock.mp3 Yamaha BB605 fingerstyle Jazz.mp3 Yamaha BB605 fingerstyle fast.mp3 Yamaha BB605 fingerstyle .mp3
  9. East all the way for flexibility and tone....
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