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  1. Not the original. That blew up (I didn’t like it anyway). So I upgraded with a Fane Colossus MB12 (500w, 8 ohm) driver and an Eminence tweeter. Much fuller and full range sound, plus it handles much more sound level. This was my loud but portable gigging cab (with a choice of heads) for a while but now I use a combo.
  2. Tried this morning with my TC RH750 head! Superb combination!!
  3. Thanks I’ll have a look....👍🏽
  4. Hi all, I’ve got a Gallien Krueger 700 RB that may be going soon but I want to check on a little noise issue first so decided to give it a service. Any recommendations for repairs near Aylesbury, Bucks? Buckinghamshire , Oxfordshire, etc... cheers
  5. Nice sound and lightweight (my daughter holds up with one hand in pic). In great condition and comes with a padded bag for easy transport. I used on small rehearsals and gigs with both electric and double basses. I also changed the HF driver for a more smooth sounding high end. Lovely and versatile....jazz, slap styles etc.... Collect from Aylesbury or arrange a courier of your choice. It will be securely packaged. Online specs: Description 1×10 Soundlab 200 Watt Bass Cabinet LF Driver: Soundlab HF Driver: Peerless 2.5″ Impedance: 8 RMS Power Handling: 200 Hz Range: 48 – 16,500 Height: 35 Width: 44 Length: 30 Weight (kg): 9 Quality Assurance: Tested and supplied before so sound quality is assured. I call this a “Bedroom Bass” cab. Its a full range all out bass cab but sounds great at low practise volumes and yet will give enough for small venues and rehearsal rooms. The bass driver is a sturdy alloy chassis cambric surround driver with a fully vented magnet so fits into the DHC ethos of “cool” drivers and is ready to work at its max if required. The Hf driver is the same as used in the higher power cabs so will take all the top end you can slap to it. The cab and vents/handholds are slightly smaller than the std 12 and 15″ but is made with the same materials with the same care and attention. Cabinets are constructed using 18mm ply throughout with ultra-strong bonded and screwed seams creating ridged, rattle free cabinets. Handle apertures act as bass vents. In addition to making the cabs easy to lift and carry they are positioned to let cooling air flow to the speaker. On stage they send low frequency sideways which doesn’t muddle the sound you hear. No metal or plastic handles are used which require large apertures (reducing cabinet stiffness) and no port tubes (which weaken the baffle board). This also reduces weight and avoids screw heads which can damage other gear or car/van surfaces. The painted steel grill is mounted on rubber and is removable for servicing. The HF speaker switch is mounted on the right hand side for easy reach while setting your sound. Two Speakon sockets are deeply recessed for protection in the rear of the cab. The cabs are finished in mid sheen black “Tuf Cab”. This can be refinished at the DHC workshop if life on the road has taken its toll.
  6. This Japanese Bass Collection instrument is one my son has been using as his main bass. He’s gotten better so I’m presenting him with one of my ‘specials’. It’s actually a very good professional instrument that has been modded by its previous owner. I’m not sure which model (but I’m sure someone here will tell us). The neck is fantastic with the Ebony fingerboard and smooth 3 piece maple with frets in good condition. No nasty buzzing on a low setup that I did for him. The body is in very good condition as well (few small dings). Beautiful wood grain that stands out!! The mods are: 1)Neck ‘Musicman’ style pickup with four way rotary switching (series/parallel dual and front/rear coils). Very versatile with all usable tones. 2)Bridge ‘Jazz’ style pickup. You can blend this in with the various switched options of the Musicman. 3) Belcat 2 band active preamp (suprisingly good for what it is I kid you not) 4)Extra neck bolts (very rigid if not symmetrical...done properly as extra screws are in metal cups). Controls: high quality black metal knobs with Master Volume, Bass, Treble, Blend, 4 way rotary switch and active/passive switch (important feature). Tuners: Gotoh black(looks original) Bridge: good quality but not sure, could be Schaller. Side metal jack plate in matching black. Truss rod cover: does not seem original but adequate. Sound: punchy and smooth with various options as described above. Obviously a higher quality pre-amp could make it even better but it’s ready to gig (when gigs are ready for it:-). PM me if interested in it as we are wanting a sale at the moment but not any trades. Stay safe ya’ll.👍🏽
  7. Now£ 450 both!! For acoustic and electric instruments. I used with double bass and electric bass on small to medium gigs and they were a great looking and sounding rig. Look at reviews and you’re going to get a positive idea of these do and do well. I have owned for just under 2 years and they have never failed and never failed to give great tones. T6: on its own lush and smooth and with decent volume (even with 5 string fretless bass). It’s also quite portable (one trip from the car even with double bass). TXS: For bigger gigs I added the sub which can be blended in to do the lower end work and also add warmth. (a lightweight trolly helps here). In great condition (the T6 shows more use) and comes with power leads and gig bags to which I added two straps each for security plus a manual for the TXS. They come from a non smoking home and a caring owner so feel secure that they were well looked after (and have no funky smells:-) I prefer to sell as a rig but can split at £275 each. Collection good from Covid free house in Aylesbury or buyer arranged courier possible. (I’ll pack securely).
  8. So the weight by my scale is: just a shade under 9lbs Funny angle of the pic sorry...trying not to drop the bass
  9. Various bass and guitar parts: priced individually and shipping not included. Collection from Aylesbury possible.... Bridges and plates;) 1. Gold ABM 5 string bass, 18-22mm, 3 screws, W101 x D60mm £75 2. Gold Hipshot 5 string bass 18-22mm, £95 3. Gold (PW) 5 string bass, 18mm, 4 screws, W95 x D60mm £45 4. Gold 5 string bass,18mm, 6 screws, W99 x D50mm (SOLD) 5. Pewter (chrome) 6 string bass, 16mm, W108 x D60mm £45 6. Chrome 5 string bass, 19mm, 5 screws,W110 x D55mm £25 7. Chrome 4 string bass, 19mm, 5 screws, W80 x D44mm £8 8. Chrome Bass bridge plates (one 5 string, two 4 string) £8 9. Chrome 4 screw neck plate, 57 x 70mm, screw spacing 45 x 58mm £5 10. Gold 4 screw neck plate with plastic holder, 64 x 52mm, screw spacing 38 x 52mm £5 11. Gold jazz bass control plate £10 12. Chrome Guitar telecaster bridge (6 string) x 2, with pickup plate. &10 each 13. Chrome Badass guitar (6 string) bridge x 3, £ 15 each (SOLD) TUNERS: 1. Double bass tuner set x 4, £25 2. Chrome bass (gotoh style), £5 each 3. Chrome bass (gotoh style) 4. Gold bass (gotoh style) £5 each 5. Pewter Grover (gotoh style) bass tuner, bass side, £5 6. Black Warwick bass (gotoh style) tuner, treble side, £5 7. Chrome Schaller M4S bass tuners (copy)x 3, two bass side, one treble side, £10 PICKUPS: 1. Bass Humbucker set, 101 x 36mm, screw holes 95mm. £20 2. Jim Cairnes 5 string jazz bass pickup set, screw holes 40mm. £55 They are each the same size: L90mm, W20mm, D18mm, screw holes L40mm and W23 (center to center). The plastic tubes are for mounting (it goes between the screw top and pickup screw hole (Cairnes idea thatworks). Or you can fit into a pickup housing. 3. Jazz bass pickup set, 7.39k ohms and 7.12 k ohms, both L93 x W19 x H19mm, screw holes 40mm, three wires. £20 4. Jazz bass pickup set, 10.44 and 10.66 k ohms, both L93 c W19 x H23 mm, two wires. £20
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