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  1. Status Streamline 5 string bass for sale

    Thanks for the comments. It is a keeper but I'm bursting at the seams :-) so heavy compromises must be made....
  2. Status Streamline 5 string bass for sale

    Sorry for the late reply. Gigs were demanding. It is nice isn’t it😉 This can be returned to stock yes, but the improvements are so good that I would ask why... I prefer to sell as is now simply because it’s better and obviously less hassle. My opinion is the stock setup is not as versatile, and lacked true ‘oomph’ and sizzle. ie: going from a p bass sound to a jazz bass sound. Layman terms but you would get the point if/when you hear it!
  3. Status Streamline 5 string bass for sale

    Sorry for late reply. Gigs were a demanding. Slight widening of the holes to fit the East pots. Restoring is just swapping parts I believe. Yes, this one has a truss rod....
  4. Status Streamline 5 string bass for sale

    It is lovely😍 money....ah the dreaded word....
  5. Hi, I have reluctantly decided to sell my Status Streamline 5 string bass. Reasons for sale being: it is not being used, and it is now a luxury and a shame to be not played but stored! I bought it for various reasons including, touring/travel, size, weight and was pleasantly surprised with the playability and feel of the 34” scale neck. I bought it from an older guy last year who didn’t use it much so it was (and still is) in mint condition with no visible dinks etc... I personally did not like the original pickups and active eq (but you may), so I took it to my friend and electroncs guru Sir John East and had him install one of his magnificent Uni-Pre active pre amp. I also had these installed: Seymour Duncan SSB Set NYC Passive Phase II NYC (5 String) Soap Bar Set. It is now the bass it should be! Perhaps it’s because all my other basses have these in them so I know the sound and how to use (or I’m just stuck in my ways:-). Money well spent!! I will include the original electronics and pickups plus an original gig bag, strap and a couple of slightly used strings in the sale. If you don’t know about Status basses look here: http://www.status-graphite.com/status/frames/index_home.html Excellent British build quality by those guys.... Ok enough talk....thanks for you interest and I’m sure whoever buys will be well pleased! I’ve included one of the original photos. Contact me for more info or pics... Regards ps: Collection preferred for safety and its best to try ain’t it? (based in Aylesbury, Bucks).
  6. BMW 16" alloys with Avon tyres

    Still here? Damn!!
  7. King double bass (1930’s era)

    Playing it today. So good, I may change my mind!!🤫
  8. VW Passat Diesel Estate car 2008 *Reduced*

    Bump for new job done (glow plugs). i try to start every day and this was an issue so now done. Damn good car I must say🙄
  9. VW Passat Diesel Estate car 2008 *Reduced*

    Bump for reduction...
  10. King double bass (1930’s era)

    Heads up.... Bass on it’s own: £4995
  11. VW Passat Diesel Estate car 2008 *Reduced*

    Right.....It’s a 2008 and in Aylesbury, Bucks
  12. BMW 16" alloys with Avon tyres

    No. I bought these 16” as a change then decided to go 18”. The originals on the 320 were the 17” which I had restored and put back on. Phew! I’m tyred:-)
  13. *Born in 2008 *In good condition with good history, 2 remote keys, receipts (for parts and labor on jobs) and service book. *Genuine low mileage at 59,125 (nothing for this Diesel engine!). *Recent service and long MOT. All fluids changed/topped up. *New Glow plugs! *New rear brake pads! *Good alloys/tyres all round with Good wheel caps and untouched Dunlop full sized spare. *Jack, tyre iron, towing eye & screwdriver in boot. *Clean interior with cloth seats (no rips) and good mats. *Good exterior with few age/parking related scratches (no rust), good wiper blades, bulbs (some upgraded). * Upgraded Alpine audio head unit with Bluetooth for hands free calls. *Also rear door speakers installed. These don’t come with any rear speakers 😡, so now a better music experience! Contact me for viewing times and any other info. Car is in Aylesbury, Bucks This car will make someone happy. Reason for sale is that I had an offer on something I wanted, so bit the bullet! (Forgive me I’m weak:-) Reduced: £3250 (reasons: Quick sale and my mech recommended to change glow plugs . £150 job approx)Read less
  14. BMW 16" alloys with Avon tyres

    Hi, I’m in Aylesbury. Not sure because I’m no expert but I think 5x120...? cheers