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  1. Hmmmm, I’ll have a look. Maybe it says don’t feed the animals😬
  2. Yep! Easily done. It is a practise amp. (more of a cheeky monkey than a Gorilla...but serves the purpose well:-)
  3. Not at the moment....clearing some space (let's say keeping the GAS at bay)
  4. Totally agreed! Shame it has become surplus to me now...I'm even having second thoughts....😱
  5. Schertler quality and sound. Flexible and can be used with various instruments (I used with electric and double basses) and also voice. It comes with a padded bag for transportation and protection. Serviced and all works as it should. Note: The original colour was grey but that started to look a bit faded so it was finished in black. Looks better I say.... Also I added a sprung handle below for ‘tilt’ purposes to use as a monitor with a better listening angle. Professional gear with a lovely warm acoustic sound. More info can be found on line.... Collection from Aylesbury.
  6. The clearout continues..... Sonata Bb trumpet with standard mouthpiece and lovely case. In beautiful condition and sounds lovely. My son used this but has now upgraded as a reward for passing his grade! Collection from Aylesbury (but could drop off on route to work within a reasonable distance.... if that helps).
  7. The clearout continues...... Small/portable/light etc.... Combo amp that can be used with various electric instruments. Serviced, so in good condition and does what it is intended to do. (ie: cannot do a full on gig!!:-). Good for beginners or even for pros to practice at home or for light jams etc.... Collection from Aylesbury (or can be delivered if on route to work within a reasonable distance).
  8. Love the good comments😉keep 'em coming😇. It's a good instrument but I'm playing a 4 string fretless ABG at the moment...and happy.....so this fella is not seeing daylight (or nightlight) sadly.
  9. Ahem...back to the topic at hand....... MB1, there is an Ovation waiting on ya...
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