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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. What a fabulous bass!
  3. Late 80's, Markham music in Colchester had a blue ESP precision bass, with a maple neck, played it while trying out a laney combo, loved it to bits but couldn't afford it at the time, went back some time later but sadly gone.
  4. Sounds like the soundtrack to an episode of Morse.
  5. Best definitely my warwick thumb nt5, paid a ridiculously low amount for it, absolutely love it. Worst, a body and neck bought for a project that just weren't up to scratch, however it's a bit harsh saying they were awful cos I kind of knew what they were when I bought them.
  6. Warwick Streamer Jazzman, this is a most reluctant sale but needs must etc. I acquired this bass about 10 years ago, it had been abused somewhat and the original nirvana black finish was in a poor state. Being a painter, I decided to refinish it, first in a fetching pink then in the metallic grey it is now. It is in excellent condition, bar a couple of light scratches and a chip out of the paint where the neck ferrule was pushed in. Neck is straight and it can be set up as low as you want. Sound is fantastic, tight and punchy but with a vast range of adjustment from the 3 band eq plus coil tap etc. Weight is approx 10lbs, so not light but not unbearable. Comes with a Warwick rockbag. Would prefer local collection however I will post if necessary.
  7. Price Drop £400 Jazz bass bitsa, MIJ 75 reissue Fender neck, paired with an early 80's tokai body, Fender noiseless scn pickups, hipshot kick donkey bridge. The colour is a faded Olympic white, with a few cracks , scratches and natural wear. There was a gouge out the the top horn on the edge which I temporarily covered with a similar colour, with a view to doing a proper repair but never got round to it.( see pics) Can't see the damage from the front. There's a few knocks on the neck, but nothing that affects playability. Plays really well, great classic jazz bass sound, quite light too. Gig bag included, £25 postage, or collection from Witham.
  8. MTD Kingston K5 bass, John east 2 band eq added, good condition, plays well, great B string, light weight under 9lbs. The scratchplate is pearl white but I put some black fablon on instead, should peel off easy if you want to go back to the original. Gig bag included, postage £25.
  9. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Sustain can be controlled but a bass that can only thump will always do just that.
  10. Built this from a kit during the early stages of lockdown, it's surprisingly good for the money.
  11. Price drop,now £1000 ono. With much regret and reluctance, courtesy of covid and redundancy I am having to sell my Zoot Bass headless fretless 5 string. Body is mahogany with a figured chestnut top, neck is 5piece, maple,ebony,figured maple,ebony,maple. Not sure of the weight but it is light, sub 4kg. Hardware is a hipshot headless bridge with ABM individual locking headpieces. Pickup is an EMG TW MM and the eq is an EMG BTC. Condition is excellent, apart from a couple of marks on the top of the head piece when I changed strings, I only took possession of the bass in March. Sounds fantastic, lots of mwaah, action can be set as low as you like, 2 way truss rod. There are lines on the side of the neck where frets would be, dots are where they would be on a fretted bass. Nut is 47mm, string spacing at bridge is 17mm. Haven't got a specific case for it but could supply a regular bass gig bag. Happy to post within UK or meet up in a mutually convenient place.
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