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  1. GBH

    Who did you see live last?

    Gretchen Peters, at Snape Maltings in suffolk. Truly wonderful performance in a great venue.
  2. US Jazz Deluxe 5, 2002, excellent condition. Low action, plays really well. Has been fitted with a badass bridge, which has been drilled for through body stringing on the B and E strings only. 18v 3 band eq. Would consider trades, prefer 4 strings, warwicks, stingrays, possibly a P bass, but I'm also open to others, try me.
  3. GBH

    NBD ... Washburn B-80

    Ooh I do like that, always wanted a B100, the figured maple version.
  4. GBH

    Recommend to me a new bridge!

    Hipshot kickass, just fitted one to my jazz, huge improvement in tone, adjustable spacing, no grooves to cut unlike an original badass, and drops straight onto a fender. Paid £49 delivered from an eBay seller in the US.
  5. GBH

    The Carpenters Story

    That is Jon Bower, also of The Real Thing and Counterfeit Quo.
  6. GBH

    USA Fender Jazz... Or is it?

    Seems to have a 3 piece body, I would expect a 2 piece on a natural US fender. Also it doesn't look like ash, which it should be on a natural.
  7. GBH

    Tobias 5 string ***SOLD***

  8. Mike Walsh at Zootbass, in Silver End near Witham. 07904 350724.
  9. GBH

    Status Headless in Battleship grey

    I had a grey 4000 last year, sold it on ebay then the guy I sold it to sold it on here straight away, so it looks like a basschatter has it. Here's a couple of pics of it.
  10. GBH

    Warwick Streamer lx5 *withdrawn*

    Would prefer a sale, what are you offering?