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  1. Jazz bass bitsa, body is genuine jap fender 60's reissue, neck is an old stewmac licensed fender replacement. Gotoh large plate machineheads, wilkinson pickups. The sound is classic jazz, these wilkinson pickups certainly punch far above their price point and the playability is excellent. Couple of dings here and there, nothing major. Weight is approx 10lbs. Would prefer collection as no bag/case but can post well wrapped if need be, or can deliver personally within couple hours of witham, Essex
  2. Fretless PJ bitsa, body is a squire and the neck is an allparts unlined fretless with ebony board, with dots where 3rd,5th etc frets would be. P pickup is seymour duncan, bridge pickup is a di marzio, hipshot kickass bridge and gotoh gb10 machineheads. Couple of small marks on body and neck, nothing that affects playability. Sound is fantastic, really good mwaah if that's what your after, and with the bridge pickup soloed you're in classic jacoesque territory. Weight is approx 9lbs. Would prefer collection as no bag/case but can post well wrapped if need be, or can deliver personally within couple hours of witham, Essex.
  3. Hi Dood, interested in any trades?
  4. Speak to Mike at Zootbass, he's building me 5 string from paulownia, should weigh less than 8lbs when complete.
  5. On one particular jazz I had I used to raise the neck pickup slightly, or lower the bridge pickup, either way gets a similar result, still sounds like a jazz bass but with just a touch more body to the sound.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Big fan of ernie ball cobalt flats on my fretless, nice top end with good midrange thump.
  8. Believe they were marketed as a TR Revelation, late 90's, early 2000's. Guitarist mag ( possibly bassist, I forget) did a review on one.
  9. Price Drop, £120 delivered. Jazz body, quilt maple top, I believe it's a poplar back, part finished, needs a bit of work on the final finish. Bought this as is for a project, not going to get used now so here it is. Price includes postage to mainland UK.
  10. Markbass Little Mark 3, good condition, sounds great, everything works as it should. Price includes postage to mainland UK.
  11. Just received this yesterday, courtesy of @bigthumb with a lot of help from Mark Newman. Absolutely fantastic amp, bags of power, great tones, how people can say that these amps are sterile is beyond me. Not as heavy as i feared either, it's no lightweight certainly but manageable.
  12. Four sticks, nobody's fault but mine.
  13. I have recently come to enjoy jethro tull, for years I just thought of them as weird folky stuff about witches delivered by cat weasel standing on one leg, actually bothered to delve a bit deeper and found out I liked it.
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