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  1. More funk. Lamont Johnson from Detroit.
  2. The pretty much essential upgrade for the Ibanez EHB basses as far as I'm concerned, black metal John East knobs.
  3. After the work and new scratchplate it was more, but totally worth it for final outcome in my view. Plus it was cheaper than the $10k Fodera mini MG I dream about Doing this led me to realise I was sold on 5 string short scale format and now went for the 1005sms and really tempted to go Aguilar again for this bass too. PXL_20220127_114814535.mp4
  4. Best thing I did was drop some Aguilars in the TMB35. The luthier that did the work even called his bassist friend around to hear it as he was shocked how good they sounded.
  5. Couldn't resist...
  6. The original QA was likely fine. Someone opened the box and has had their hands on this and resealed It's my 2nd ehb and the ramp is fixed width and fairly shallow. On my 1506 I used doubled sided tape that was foam in middle rather than just thin tape to get extra height and it worked ok.
  7. Should be happy new bass day after wanting one of these since they were announced. Instead a call back to vendor to have this one collected and a new one sent which is going to be likely over a week end to end. Damaged paint on front and covered in dirty fingerprints. Why don't they just leave them sealed if they are in the warehouse?
  8. Still trying to convince the wife that I need something to move it about in:
  9. Over 25+ years of playing my tastes have evolved slightly. But to this day originally my overall nearest bass was my trb6. But then I didn't play for a long time and then just played a GWB fretless for many years and firmly in the 5 string high c camp and completely different picking style now closed hand/3-4 fingers with ramp. The neck on the GWB if fretted may have been perfect but couldn't bring myself to do it. Past 2ish years all of the above combined with short scale dabbling means my customised Ibanez TMB35 witgh Aguilar and ramp is pretty pretty close for me today. Necks just a bit too wide with spacing and a bit too heavy still. Plus it doesn't have 24 frets. But still my most played bass. Which is funny being so budget. I've basically almost convinced myself a Fodera mini MG is my ideal package of scale, format, electronics etc. But know I'll almost definitely never own one. So I'm trying to meet in the middle and ordered an EHB1005sms that I hope to mod a bit and make high c.
  10. How much for the Sheehan man? Hook a brother up for one hit of seafoam. I love these basses. They suggest a style I don't play in although I'm sure they're very versatile really. Billy was actually the original reaoen before Gary Willis I started playing with 3 fingers.
  11. I hadn't even thought of that...damn you.
  12. The mild OCD in me is wanting to only buy seafoam/surf green basses and pedals from now on...
  13. I've had the amp (bought on here) and cabs from new since they were launched about a year or so ago. The bass is a new addition purchased on here from Joe. So glad I decided to as it sounds wonderful. "Everything from Marcus to Jaco" in his own words. The John East pre took some getting used to but a month on feels more natural. I usually set and forget all my other basses. I normally play 5 string high c on all my instruments but wanted a more standard low b setup as after many years of not being in a band forming one again with a few friends. Looking forward to gigging after what seems like a lifetime (technically having 3 young kids lifetimes...) It looks as good as it sounds...or sounds as good as it looks.
  14. On the more funk/soulful spectrum of gospel:
  15. I was hoping for something exciting in the ehb range too. I'll likely just end up with a 1005sms now and at some point drop in Aguilars.
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