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  1. The title should give an idea but I'm finally looking for a new combo. In the past 20 or so years I've had Trace Elliot BLX150, Mesa Walkabout Scout and PJ Suitcase and 4b extension. Currently own nothing. After a recent bass purchase (piezo only Bolin NS5) which has now become my sole bass I need to consider the input impedance. No preferences but I like the 2*10 or 1*12 form factor. Any ideas? Would also consider preamp/buffer like Sunday Driver which seems to have good reviews to solve part of the impedance problem.
  2. You're both not wrong. I spent some time balancing the potentiometers last night as the G and C were so quiet. But now it's all how I like I can't get over the how good the sound is. My GWB with Nordstrand sounded so good in a modern way but I'm now at least 1% closer to sounding like Steve Swallow. Now I just need my 'perfect' combo to pair with it.
  3. If this was still fretless I'd have not given it a second thought as I'm sorted for that. So definitely a good call. My wife however might not have same feelings...
  4. As many others have since the dawn of time I've been on the search for 'my perfect' bass for quite a while. I've been on this site forever but not really been active for years although I've looking for a fretted GWB to pair with my upgraded fretless GWB35 for what feels like forever so came to post in the wanted thread a request for one (along with a Promethean P5110). I thought I'd have a peek to see what's out there and this bass was listed. It culminated in a few thoughts/realisations: 1. I've always liked the idea of a singlecut but don't like many singlecut designs, and I'm not affording a Fodera anytime soon. 2. I've always loved Steve Swallows piezo sound 3. I've always been really drawn to the Bolin headstock since I first saw it on this very site. 4. It feels like I'm never finding a bloody fretted GWB. So I did a bit of research and ended up picking up this bass today. Best bit was on the call with Brian last night to talk details "it's got this bit of wood with it that I have no idea what it is". With the defret and refret that I found had happened to it I thought maybe a neck shim or something...even better than that, turns out a previous owner had a ramp made for it. So here I am with 'my perfect' bass, restrung E-C, quick setup with the ramp attached (wasn't sure whether to go in centre or by bridge but for now this suites my playing position). Not the GWB fretted I expected to end up with but on initial impressions think something much better. And the Piezos...wow. As for the internetting...I've done some more today and found quite a few owners on here. If anyone else has any information on how it got from being built in the US over 10 years ago to today I would be really interested to hear. Past owners: Lastrega: ?? Bassmachine (thanks for the ramp!: ?? - Jan/Feb 2016 Pluckedout: Feb 2016 - Feb 2017 (defretted) PaulS: Feb 2017 - Q4 2018 (refretted) Sunfish: Q4 2018 - Apr 2019 MikeyD: Apr 2019 - ?
  5. Just bought an NS5 Bolin bass from Brian. Exactly as described, drove halfway to meet and of course an exchange of bass stories. I'm very happy with purchase and glad he didn't throw away 'the bit of wood'
  6. Ideally with extension cab but interested mainly in an Ibanez P5110 combo.
  7. Update: no longer wanted as I've found a suitable alternative. I think the title should say it all. Want to buy an Ibanez GWB fretted. Ideally GWB35 but if there is an older GWB2 fretted out there would look at that too.
  8. It's here. Number 4 of 300 (not 500). And of course 1994, I got it for my 14th birthday when I wanted to play from Chappells music in Milton Keynes when I couldn't play a thing. Needs a setup, has a few scratchplate screws missing and some new strings wouldn't go amiss. I'll likely upgrade the pickups at some point too. It's still great to play, very comfortable and fast neck. Can confirm its heavy, but that solid feeling translates throughout. Man I've missed this bass. It's no Moollon but easier to get another bass into the house by gifting than purchase Excuse the stickers from old band, they'll be coming off imminently.
  9. Blast from the past. Funnily enough when I bought my 2nd bass (blue Yamaha TRB6 - Japanese built,which I let go many years later and regret, that is the one I want back and frequently search online for) I gave this to my niece. Maybe 15 years ago?! It's been gathering dust so they've just said they are bringing it back to me today. Can't wait to give it a play for old times sake as I've been solely fretless (GWB35) for past 6 years or so. Anyone know what issue of bassist that review was in?
  10. I'm looking for the fretted partner to my fretless GWB35. So if you have a 2nd hand Ibanez GWB35FD (FRETTED) you are looking to move on, or even have seen one for sale somewhere, please let me know. Update: Would also be open to hear about any older GWB2 Fretted basses out there. Cheers Mike
  11. Mikey D

    Boss GT-1B

    I've just been treated to one of these by myself (via wife) as an anniversary gift. I don't play live much anymore so main goal was to have something I could practise through with headphones and bonus can have audio through usb. Will be trying it out over next few nights and will comment then and maybe try and get a video or two as well. Shame the tone central isn't live yet.though.
  12. Really interested to see these in more detail: https://www.instagram.com/p/BPa83Hbh1-m/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BPa89SFh55B/ A couple of pics of TE from NAMM
  13. As it's a bit niche, just incase you don't hear from anyone, I found the following resources helpful when I worked more on my synth bass (I've always played keys/piano, but wanted to learn a few more specifics as you say): These Thor demystified articles are excellent in basic explanation of synthesis. Ideally you'll have Thor via reason, or if you have an iPad I thoroughly recommend the Thor synth on there. That's my synth bass setup with an oxygen 25 key controller. Although all the information applies to synths generally: http://www.propellerheads.se/substance/discovering-reason/index.cfm?article=part19&fuseaction=get_article Also, check out my synth bass playlist, some great stuff on there ('baby be mine' and 'show me what you got in particular'): http://www.youtube.com/user/funkyniblet
  14. Looking for Black Hipshot GB7 Xtender. Let me know if you have one. Cheers Mikey
  15. I just put on the 100-80-60-40-20 set of warwicks and the nut was fine. I suppose the E has a little room to move when forcing it, but it doesn't budge when playing. Had to setup the truss rod and bridge saddles, but nut was fine.
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