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  1. They obviously don't know what they're talking about. Everyone knows it's because the knobs are plastic. Change them to metal ones and it'll sound at least 27% better.
  2. Ibanez EHB1506MS for sale with upgraded John East Black Metal controls, Ibanez gigbag, ramp (attached) manual and Allen keys. Immaculate and obviously never gigged. I may regret it as this is one of the absolute best basses I've owed for size, low setup, weight, balance, sound and looks. But after 10ish years of being a purely 5 player with High C (but 15 years before that mainly 6) I've decided it's got to be a 5 string for me. I wish they did this colour/finish in a 5er. Specific trades I'm happy to consider with money my way except ANB: Ibanez EHB1005MS seafoam Ibanez EHB1005SMS green or grey (unlikely I know) Ibanez Adam Nitro ANB205 Cheers Mikey
  3. Likely my last lockdown purchase arrived (although a short scale EHB Ibanez has been calling...) Aguilar SL112 and SL212 in Poseidon Green.
  4. Oof... immediate impression is full on deep tone across the spectrum with no doubt more oompf than my old single 1*12. So who wore it best?
  5. They're in the house! (But I've got lots of work to do do unboxing has to wait...)
  6. Thinking of next mod...keeping current tuners but wondering which hipshot extender would match closest?! Anyone else done this?
  7. In my possession, currently my Ibanez EHB1506MS. So comfortable to play and sounds excellent. However I really want a 1005SMS and strict one in one out agreement with wife with max 5 basses and that bass is most like the one I would like. I’m not selling my first bass (encore ltd edition precision), or GWB1 as that’s fretless duties, or my customised TMB35...so unless this one goes which is still slightly reluctant as it’s great for jazz I have no other options.
  8. They are wonderful basses. This is a very reluctant one in one out. If this doesn't go I may need to put my current favourite up...
  9. They're in the country....I almost went to pick them up today until I realised that they were at the distributor not the shop... Hopefully next week they will be in my hands.
  10. As soon as I have the (disposable) funds this is inbound...
  11. The nut is 1 13/16", the fingerboard is 12" radius and the neck is a fairly hefty round profile, but with a slight V. Almost double bass in style, and definitely much thicker than anything I play usually (I favour Ibanez basses). Some links on here have a bit more info: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/official-bolin-ns-design-info-registry.889478/ It is a wonderful bass that I know I'll regret selling but I have another piezo bass (Ibanez SRH505 which lets be honest isn't as good but wasn't as expensive) and the funds are to go to another bass of a completely different style.
  12. I usually go for 16.5 or 17 as I also prefer closer string space, but would happily take a wider 18mm to have one of these basses.
  13. 1990 Made In Japan red 5 string Ibanez SR885 for sale around Worthing area - don't find many around now but solid basses and a bargain price. Thought I'd give a fellow Ibanez fan a heads up. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/747806539505732/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined
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