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  1. I have the 5-string version of this bass (the Penta), and it's great. I can't believe this one hasn't gone at £650 - what a bargain. I think they retailed at over £1000 new. Yolanda Charles played one of these in recent years, on recordings, live and in online videos. (She's now moved to a Fender 5 I think).
  2. Many thanks for the replies people - helpful. Regards
  3. Hi. Do we generally feel fan cooling is "better" than heat sink cooling at the back of solid state amp heads? Fans obviously an additional moving part that can malfunction, and can generate noise, whereas head sinks are silent and stationary. Let's assume the fan is sufficiently quiet for the moment. Do we feel Fans are more or less effective at cooling vs heat sinks? What other issues do I need to consider? The main context here is in fact a 90's Trace Elliot SMX 300W head. Thanks!
  4. Great bass! Nice flattish fingerboard, great ergonomics, good medium weight & balance, nice slim neck (front to back), quiet electronics, the piezo's give a great attack, and the sound very versatile and malleable. This neck-through version feels great to play. Won't find many of these specific basses for sale. I have one (with red flamed maple finish) that my girlfriend wants me to sell to reclaim apartment space...but I'm not gonna... These were pretty pricey back in 1992 - I do recall feeling guilty spending that much back then...
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  6. Hi there. Where in Italy are you and could you estimate the shipping cost to London please? Thanks
  7. Thankyou !! So great to have access to the collective Basschat knowledge! Regards
  8. Hello. Sorry as I' sure this will be old for most of you (the photo is certainly old), but can anyone tell me what that thing is on top of Paul Turner's DB 751 in the photo please? I've seen it on there at live concerts & concert footage over some years in the past but don't know exactly what it is. Many thanks
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  10. Elan is still available folks (clean sale - no trades - I need to cash in here). Regards
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