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  1. jembullo, could always meet you in Ledbury! Cheers Stuart
  2. Tempting though that is, I need to get the numbers down!
  3. I will check, but it is pretty light, unlike my black one! Bathroom scales say 9.5lbs
  4. I got this recently in a trade, it is as new, in immaculate condition including original case in same condition. Barely been played by previous owner and same with me, I keep using my blue Ray. It is a lovely instrument and needs to be used so putting up for sale and priced to sell as I probably should recoup some cash (spent too much on basses recently!) Details: Serial # E94154 Manufactured November 3rd, 2014 Build Code 150-90-20-01-CS-CR Model StingRay5 H Color Natural Gloss Neck Maple Neck Rosewood Fretboard Pickguard Black Pickguard Sr5 H Hardware Chrome Hardware Even still has the stickers on the back!
  5. This is a fantastic bass, one of the best stingrays I think I have ever played, but it is a four and I keep gravitating to my 5's. It is this one from Old Horse Murphy, (top chap)(hope he doesn't mind me using his ad) Someone buy it off me before I get too attached please. It has the most gorgeous figured neck and the body wood looks very selected.
  6. Like Monkey Steve said, I can retain a lot of songs as long as they are in the current set, once a song is dropped my brain literally erases it.
  7. Hi All, For a quick sale NOW £ 975.00 Here is a stunning 2007 Stingray Fretless five string, it is in excellent condition and comes with original hard case also in excellent shape. Pau Ferro unlined board which is gorgeous, it plays like butter and is a joy to play, unfortunately the three bands I am in do not call for a fretless so it is wasted just sitting in it's case. Serial # E58450 Manufactured March 7th, 2007 Build Code 150-90-40-01-CS-CR Model StingRay5 H Color Natural Gloss Neck Maple Neck Pau Ferro Unlined Fretless Pickguard Black Pickguard Sr5 H Hardware Chrome Hardware
  8. What he said! according to bathroom scales. Very light in comparison to the Rays.
  9. Got this recently in a deal, and whilst I really like this era of Rob Green's work and the quality of the instrument I am far too attached to my Rays. This has a fair few dings and marks and has been a players bass but all works as it should. The pickups have a some point been replaced with active EMG's I am guessing, all sound good. I have just put a brand new set of Ernie Ball Super Slinky's on and a set of schaller S-Locks. Comfortable to play, sounds good. Cheers Stuart
  10. Great amps. my main gigging head, well built, powerful and just plain good!
  11. MarkBass - original Made In Italy Minimark 602 Bass Combo - 150w via the internal speakers, or 250w if connected to an 8ohm extension cab. Auxiliary input for phone /iPad / MP3 / CD player etc to play along to. Headphone output and Speaker off switch for silent practise / tuning. Line output for connection to a mixer, power amp, or as in my case - connecting to my other 602. Small, will fit into virtually any car boot - very light and surprisingly loud even on it's own and even louder connected to an 8ohm extension cab. Complete with original cover. These are incredible for the size, offering amazing tone and depth, I will be sorry to see it go. Easily handle rehearsals and small gigs! The Micromark's big brother sports two 6" custom neodymium woofers and an onboard piezo tweeter, and cranks out an incredible 250 watts of power when used with an extension cab (150W on its own). With its astonishing volume, it's a brilliant choice for rehearsing, practicing and teaching. And yes, you can use it on gigs! The compact amp section includes level control, VLE and VPF filters, aux in, headphone out, speaker on/off switch and balanced XLR line out. Never has it been so easy to take public transport to a gig. In fact, take your gig anywhere you can plug in! Impedance: 8 ohm Speaker size: 2 x 6" Reflex: rear Tweeter: Piezo Tweeter Cab Power Handling: 300W RMS (AES Standard) Power Supply: Special Markbass digital power supply Crossover Frequency: 3.5kHz Power amp output: 150W 8 ohm / 250W 4 ohm Frequency Response: 59Hz to 18kHz Sensitivity: 101 dB SPL Weight: 20.72 lbs. Dimensions: 8.86"W x 17.24"H x 15.24"D
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