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  1. I was really surprised with the roundwound strings, because they played well, tension was fine and amazingly didn’t sound tinny on the recordings. Having owned one of the earlier Kalas, I was pleasantly surprised and now prefer the journeyman. It is so playable snd so much fun! Got mine from bass direct.
  2. I have a journeyman and love it, very playable, did some recordings with it, great tone.
  3. wow, nice job! If I end up keeping it that is probably what I will do!
  4. I think you are absolutely right about the pre-amp. I had an issue with the socket and one came up on here so just swapped it out. My main bass is pukka Ray and they play and sound the same. Just no fancy paintwork! I am starting to edge towards keeping it!
  5. few extra pics! tidied up the headstock a little.
  6. oh cheers, good shout, will see if I can contact him.
  7. I am looking to get a defretted bass refretted, any suggestions?
  8. Hi All, Here is my USA 5 string SUB with loads of Mojo, it has certainly been a players bass, bought off this very forum, and upgraded with a genuine USA Stingray EQ. It plays and sounds great and was a backup for my main stingray, which it did brilliantly, but I need an interesting 4 string for a project so am putting it up for trade.
  9. I got this a couple of years ago from Bass Direct in a trade, it is a lovely instrument to play, full blown German and has the perfect fretless tone for my ears. Trouble is, it is not getting used and with the musical ventures I am currently involved in there is no need for a fretless unfortunately. It is a defret not a factory fretless, see pics, but plays very well. There is a couple of small patches that the red oil stain has worn out on, one front and one back, I have stuck a little red fablon square on them, easily removed, probably easily re-stained? never bothered me. (again see pics) I am up for interesting trades 4 or 5 string or a straight cash sale.
  10. I know the size, it is clearly marked in the instruction manual, the trouble is these are very delicate being made of brass, and the previous owner obviously jammed in several different keys and buggered it!
  11. Thankfully, NS Design came through and I now have the parts, now fitted from the Czech republic!
  12. Hi All, just bought a lovely WAV5 Radius bass from a well known guitar shop. The previous owner has totally destroyed one of the piezo bridge adjuster pillars, meaning it can’t be adjusted. It doesn’t appear that easy to get the part, anyone know where to get a small brass part made? They will obviously take the bass back but I would prefer to keep it.
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