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  1. It aint heavy, its my Fender..... will chuck it on scales today when I get back
  2. Hi Guys, Reduction to £750, absolute steal for this! Got this from Ed recently, fabulous bass in great condition, but I am sticking to Rays for now. Hope Ed doesn't mind, see his original ad. I have priced it sensibly.
  3. Hi Stealth, thanks for the offer but I have just traded it!
  4. Reduced to £155.00, if it doesn't go at this price I am keeping it! Hi All, I bought this off this very forum and it is a surprisingly versatile fretless, great tone for something that is effectively an entry level fretless. It is light, well balanced and easy to play. Flatwounds fitted as you would expect.
  5. Hi Guys, Final reduction to £150.00 as I am moving house! I got this a couple of months ago as a backup bass, gigged it a couple of times and was blown away by how amazing this was to play, really punchy, light, comfortable and effortless. It was so good I recently bought the Fender version. When I bought this it had had a chunk taken out of the back, so I did an awful plastic wood filling job and painted it, saved me getting splinters! its not pretty (see pictures) but totally functional and you cant see it when playing. This is a really great instrument.
  6. I have decided to move this on, it is such a beautiful instrument, beautifully made, sounds amazing but I am just using Stingrays these days, go figure! This is where I bought it: https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/gb-spitfire-5 But I know it belonged to a fellow basschatter. From the previous owner: (hope he doesn't mind) 35" scale Neck 42mm at the nut (which is about 1 11/16th inches I think!), and 20mm deep. 66mm/25mm @ the 12th fret and 75mm wide at the 24th fret Ash body (at least it looks like it to me) Birdseye maple neck and fingerboard (which looks awesome!) Quilted maple top. The bridge allows adjustable string spacing, but currently set to 19mm GB pickups Active 18v GB electronics, Vol, Pan, Bass, Mid, Treble and a "bright switch", which seems to boost to top end for extra bite. Weight: 9lbs 10oz (Re. the scratch plates - one is black, the other is tortoiseshell. The scrachplates are not attached by screws, so there are no drill holes in the body of the bass. The tortoise shell one fits very snugly with no adhesive required. It looks like some double sided sticky tape has been required with the black plate.) Trev "thestick" told me that he had the bass/electronics set up & serviced by Bernie Goodfellow when he got the bass, so everything is working as it should, and it's currently set with quite low action - probably a little too low for my heavy handed playing, but it's good to know that it's possible to set it up like that. Sound wise, it sounds like a GB. A very modern smooth full sound (very much like a GB Rumour I had a few years back). The B string sounds tremendous, and is proper earthshaking stuff! Very clear fundamental, I can't imagine it gets any better in fact Condition: this has been a players bass, so it's far from perfect, but it's certainly not been trashed. Mostly finish marks and some dings, which because of the colour of the bass are pretty hard to make out unless you're looking up close. I think I'd struggle make them show in pictures. So, overall, I'd give it a 7.5 to 8 out of 10. So there you have it! A very nice bass all round, but not pristine so you won't have to worry too much when you gig it
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