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  1. I posted MJJS’s one. always send insured too. Great cabs. Sorry to see them go.
  2. I have one wonderful Vanderkley EXT112’s complete with covers in good condition. Will post pics shortly.
  3. 8.6lbs according to my bathroom scales
  4. SOLD This is a stunning bass, very articulate and lovely neck to play. These are massively underrated instruments and I looked for a while to find it. Trouble is I am no longer gigging and I have too many basses and other hobbies now require funding! It is in excellent condition and comes with a non original hard case. I used it recently for some recordings and was complimented on it's tone and punch. Price includes delivery to UK Mainland.
  5. £ 160.00 posted to mainland UK I bought this as a handy backup when I was gigging, only taken out of box to test, so as new complete with box and stickers etc... Great and incredibly small amp! All the info here: https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/trace-elliot-elf-200w-bass-amp-head?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1ZPJp9637gIVBJzVCh2Q9w17EAQYASABEgIvqfD_BwE
  6. Bunion just bought a musicman case from me, good communication, paid straight away, perfect transaction, what more could you ask for?
  7. Genuine Musicman Stingray Case in excellent condition complete with key. Price includes delivery to mainland UK
  8. So good, so funny and oh so true, absolutely loving it... great stocking filler. RECOVERS: Life as a bassist in covers bands, how to survive it, stay sane and maybe even learn some stuff eBook: NOAKES, ALFIE: Amazon.co.uk
  9. Here we have a stunning Black Stingray 5, which I acquired off this very forum a couple of years ago. It is very special in that the tone is the best Ray tone I have ever heard. I have two Rays and a SUB USA and I really would like to keep this but I have just bought a new bass which I have been after for a while which means one has to go. The history of this bass is that it was a special order for a young lady and it was a fretless, when it arrived she found it a little heavy and ordered a fretted 5 Ray and swapped the necks. So what you have here is a fully genuine Ray made up of the original body and the neck from a genuine second Stingray. It is slightly heavier than my other Ray but I believe that is where the tone comes from. It is so sweet. I have priced it to sell to recoup funds from my latest purchase. It comes complete with it's original Musicman hard case.
  10. Favouring the Yamaha Reface YC, does a superb Hammond.
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