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  1. I got a Stingray 2eq off this very forum and am about to connect it to my USA Sub I also got from here, got my soldering iron ready but it has nice neat pins to connect to. My question is where can I get the relevant connectors to fix to these pins? Breadboard jumper wires maybe?
  2. Have managed to source one now from Strings Direct. Also have bought a Stingray 2eq from this very forum to drop in. Cheers all
  3. Matt, This is very kind of you, all this effort! This really should be an easy part to source but seems to be pretty elusive.
  4. Very close, only thing that is different is there are 4 pin connectors on mine and those are five, not sure on that linky one though. Thanks for your effort!
  5. Recently acquired a USA Sub and the jack socket is faulty, struggling to find a replacement socket. Anyone know where I can get one?
  6. Hi, Here we have a nice Warwick Corvette Rockbass $$ 5 string in natural translucent satin, it's in great condition and a nice player but it isn't getting the use it deserves. I had it as a backup to my German $$5 but as I have just sold that I am concentrating on my Rays and this is now surplus. It is a lot of bass for the money, everything works as it should, nice solid Warwick hardware and electrics. Cheers Stuart
  7. Hi, Got this of this very forum, see original ad below: I bought new machine heads and bridge as the originals were a little past their best, fresh strings, and a set up. Plays well sounds great as you would expect and is all a good Warwick should be. It has a few battle scars as you can see from the pictures, but nothing major, purely aesthetic. Everything works as it should including truss rod etc... If you want a pristine example this isn't that, but it is a good players bass and the frets are all in good shape and it plays and sounds as it should. At some point the neck has been replaced with a genuine Warwick one from a similar aged $$, The original bass (I have the original paperwork) has a serial number of H 128066 06, the neck is H128408 06. Not sure why this has happened in it's lifetime, but it is all perfectly matched and works well. These are beasts but I find myself sticking to my Ray's and I have just bought another one, so this has to go. I think the price is very fair for a lot of bass. Thanks for looking.
  8. jembullo, could always meet you in Ledbury! Cheers Stuart
  9. Tempting though that is, I need to get the numbers down!
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