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  1. Low -"Things We Lost In The Fire 20th Anniversary Visual Album" :
  2. If you can find an old Aria Pro II bass produced in 1986 or before that, which means produced in Japan at the legendary Matsumoku factory, before they moved their production to Korea, you will get a huge amount of high quality for your money, and you should be able to find one within your price limit.
  3. They were definitely inspired by Shellac, and their second full length album "Beast One/Man Nil", which I wasn't involved in the making of at all, was actually mixed by Bob Weston, the bass player of Shellac. I still regret leaving the band, but well they are no more anyway, so way too late to regret that, and honestly with how I struggled with depression and a building up psychosis at that point, which broke out a couple of years later, it isn't like I really had all that much of a choice. I appreciate that you like the music though. I wrote most of the "lead" bass work for the tracks "Hell is in Texas" and "One is All" (the latter I actually played on on the version of that song that is featured on Menfolk's previous 4 track EP "Are We Enemies"), as well as I wrote the bass line that predominantly makes up the track "The Simplicity of Not Knowing", but as said I didn't actually play or record anything for the album "Colossus". However, even though I didn't actually play or record anything on that album, and only helped write a few of the songs on it, it is still my personal absolute favorite of their releases. The 4 track EP "Are We Enemies" is pretty nice too though, and on that one I played all of and wrote most of the "lead" bass parts (that is when not playing unison with either the guitar, just an octave lower, or the other more traditional bass (the funky hook guitar riff on the title track "Are We Enemies" that I later join in on an octave lower was actually written by me too)), and even wrote the lyrics for the track "Patterns of a Reason" on that EP. All the lyrics, with the exception of that track, and the 2 tracks on the 2 track single "Double Date" (that is named so because it was actually a split single with our friends and label mates "The Unit"), which was written in a collaboration between me, the drummer and the guitarist/vocalist, were otherwise all written by the guitarist/vocalist. And while we all contributed to the compositions the drummer, as I mentioned kind of acting as the unofficial band leader, was the main driving force behind the compositions, as well as he was acting as our recording technician, producer, as well as taking care of mixing our tracks, except for on their last full length "Beast One/Man Nil", which, as said, was mixed by Bob Weston.
  4. Just discovered this band and album! Reminds me a lot of Fall of Efrafa, and somewhat of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, but then again Fall of Efrafa was partially inspired by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, so that adds up...
  5. Damn, guess I missed the opportunity this year. You should have reminded me a couple of weeks ago. But I promise to make such a thread next Easter. Especially dedicated to you.
  6. I think the main idea with a reverse P pickup is not so much a question of changing the tone, although it no doubt does, but to get a more even tone between the low strings and high strings, that is picking the same note on the low strings higher up on the fretboard, towards the bridge, as the same note picked lower down on the fretboard, towards the nut, on a higher string, will sound more similar with a reversed P pickup, because the low, thicker, strings will gravitate towards more fundamentals and lower harmonics, and the high thinner strings less fundamentals and higher harmonics, and that the position of of 2 halves respectively on a reversed P pickup will equal some of that out, making the low strings sound slightly less bassy and the high strings slightly less trebly, instead of doing the opposite, which a traditional P configuration would, actually making the low strings sound even more bassy and the high strings even more trebly.
  7. From Amorphis's album "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" :
  8. And now for a commercial break! Music pieces commissioned for commercials, and in most cases used, featured on their album "Unnatural History III"
  9. Baloney Balderdash


    The TC Electronic Ditto X4 would be everything I could dream of in a looper if it was not for the fact that it is limited to 5 minutes total looping time, all the right features, but I would likely use more than 5 minutes, so this is a thing to consider, of course if it the size is a deal killer that's it, but otherwise if all you need is 5 minutes total looping time, then it seems like the ideal looper to me. A shame they didn't stuff more memory into it, or even better it having a SD card slot so you could just load it with whatever memory you'd want. Hope they will make a version 2.0 where this will be possible.
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