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  1. For sale my TC Electronic Blacksmith Bass Amp 1600 rms at 4ohms Comes complete with rack case and pedal board to mute sound when tuning and select from 3 saved settings in memory This amp is packed with useful features such as built in tuner programmable eq built in spectracomp compression and more tube tone and tweeter tone UK sale only can possibly meet halfway
  2. For sale my Barefaced SuperMidget with cover 600watts In excellent condition mainly home use sounds great and weighs very little Gigged in a 5 piece band with drums guitar keys vocals no problem hearing myself these cost £839 new with cover UK only sale
  3. Barefaced Super Compact For Sale Gen 3 in very good condition Comes with a Barefaced Cover Can handle 600 watts very loud but very light to carry please read up on these wonderful cabs if you do not know them
  4. I have bought and just received a bass form Pete Hantzios great communications and a very fair man to do business with The bass arrived in perfect condition can't fault it it was packed very well Buy with confidence
  5. Aguilar TLC Bass Compressor For Sale comes with original box used but in perfect working condition price drop £100
  6. For Sale my Lehle BassSwitch IQ DI Preamp Complete in the box with instructions in very good condition and works perfectly with amazing bass eq and sound These do not come with power supplies but they work with any 9 to 18 volts AC or DC power supply If you do not know about these they are very high quality pieces of kit made from the highest quality components i bought this after hearing Damian Erskines glorious deep tone also a great live and recording tool If you have 2 bass guitars or an acoustic and electric bass this is the perfect tool for you
  7. GreenBoy Audio F115 Bass Cab for sale on hold
  8. Price Drop on GreenBoy Audio F115 Bass Cab for sale now £500 bargain these are now about £950 new and this one is hardly used
  9. Greenboy F115 price drop £550 with cover hardly used
  10. Hi Walshy Are you saying that the WB100 can drive the Barefaced 6x10 louder than the DB751 or does it just sound better with the WB100 but not as loud ? i am looking for an amp that can drive 600 watts into my Barefaced cab at 8ohms rather than 300 watts at 8ohms In the past i have found that the louder i turn up the amp the speaker volume goes up then the sound compresses with a loss of the deep bass because the amp can not be driven any more because it is only 300watts at 8 ohms but the cab is 600watts at 8 ohms and is hardly even moving as i would expect its loud but the amp has run out of steam I suppose i am simply after an amp that can drive one 8ohm bass cab at 600watts hard to believe a WB100 can do that and if it did drive the cab hard would it still sound good ?
  11. Hi i am thinking of buying one of theses amps or the 400 or the 1000 i am worried about the power rating at 8 ohms i use barefaced cabs and they need plenty of power , i was wondering what output you get from the 100w and how much from the 400w at 8 ohms is it loud and can you give example or comparison of which amp it replaced i know valve amps are totally different compared to solid state or digital
  12. For sale my GreenBoy Audio F115 900 watt Bass Cab with protective cover it has 3 high quality expensive speakers fitted i ordered this lovely cab from tricky audio the UK builder the dimensions are H 64cm W 51cm D 43cm weight is 19.5kgs - 23kgs depending on front grill type this cab sounds awesome.if you don't know about these please look them up they now cost £950 new i have only used it 3 times on gigs so it is hardly used my wife wants it gone as it is taking up space speaker connection
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