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  1. Forgot about this. Offers and trades with cash either way considered as really don't need it, shame to leave it not being used.
  2. Brought a Sire from Frank. Went out of his way to bring it up to me. The bass is awesome. Lovely dude, one of the good guys.
  3. I've got the original board + flightcased amp.
  4. The porter & Davis one comes with its own amp. I run one side of my helix to FOH and the other to the bass board amp.
  5. Direct message me your address and I'll have a look at prices🙂
  6. I use a Porter & Davies Bass board on IEM gigs. We have no back line, everyone is DI'd (except drums & brass etc). The bass board is great as it gives me weight back into my sound thats missing from IEM's alone. It does sound like a gimmick, until you try it.
  7. Your right, great speakers. It's a shame they aren't being used.
  8. 4u gator sold 2u gator still available as is the sticker covered flight case
  9. Wouldn't mind a Fender Princeton '68 in trade. Happy to consider trades or a deal with my Mackie digital desk (DL1608) Other trades considered of course!
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