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  1. I've got the original board + flightcased amp.
  2. The porter & Davis one comes with its own amp. I run one side of my helix to FOH and the other to the bass board amp.
  3. Direct message me your address and I'll have a look at prices🙂
  4. I use a Porter & Davies Bass board on IEM gigs. We have no back line, everyone is DI'd (except drums & brass etc). The bass board is great as it gives me weight back into my sound thats missing from IEM's alone. It does sound like a gimmick, until you try it.
  5. Your right, great speakers. It's a shame they aren't being used.
  6. 4u gator sold 2u gator still available as is the sticker covered flight case
  7. Wouldn't mind a Fender Princeton '68 in trade. Happy to consider trades or a deal with my Mackie digital desk (DL1608) Other trades considered of course!
  8. 8 par cans (7 work) Some gels A controller DJ case for controller T-Bar stand Not used for years. Clearing out storage unit. Sold as seen.
  9. 4u gator long £40 2u gator long (butterfly catch spins round, but not had an issue with it popping open) £30 4u armadillo flight case covered in stickers £30 Located in Leicester
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