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  1. EmmettC

    EBS Microbass II

    This is a well used, but well looked after piece of gear. Comes with box, manual and even the EBS sticker from inside the box. There is Velcro on the bottom and I don't have the rubber feet, but they should be easy to replace if required. I'm selling this because it's really just being carried around as a backup to my amp these days, and a normal DI box will do fine if I ever need it. I would consider a swap/part ex for a Trace Elliot Elf or possibly some good effects pedals. I'm in the market for a Genzler Magellan 800, so would definitely put this towards one if anyone is selling. I'm based in Edinburgh, but happy to post.
  2. EmmettC

    Help picking a scratch plate colour

    That's what I was thinking, I'm a bit of a Star Wars geek, so maybe an imperial insignia.
  3. EmmettC

    US made super jazzes

    I have a Chris McIntyre Jazz bass, made in Edinburgh, it is incredibly good. I wanted a custom string spacing and nut width, and a lot of the other custom builders charge a lot of money for things like that. I'm not really interested in fancy woods and finishes (though Chris can do that too), and it is (in my opinion) the nicest Jazz I've played.
  4. In my quest to get rid of gear, I've found myself with some more gear. My favourite is this Musicman Stingray Classic 5, it is a really great bass, and the treble control is exactly what I wanted it to be. The only problem is the black/rosewood combination is a bit boring, so I'm thinking a new scratch plate could make it look a little better. Any ideas on colour? I'm thinking tort, or maybe clear but with a sticker or logo underneath?
  5. Probably too busy getting sued by Spector.
  6. EmmettC

    Economical with detail?

    It's a bolt on neck, with an epiphone logo on the neck plate. Probably a perfectly good bass, but it's not a Gibson.
  7. It looks stunning, what an amazing amount of work.
  8. EmmettC

    What gear exceeded expectations for you?

    I've only tried it in a shop, but it is amazing. So expressive, works great for string sounds.
  9. EmmettC

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    No interesting shots yet, but here it is.
  10. EmmettC

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Just picked up an Elwood 5A-24 in a trade, it's very nice, I wasn't expecting a tilt-back headstock on a Jazz style bass, it works well and looks fine from the front, but it's a little odd when playing. Are they all tilt-back heads, or is it an option when ordering. Not too sure I'll keep this, but it will work a bit better for my Industrial band than my other shell pink jazz bass.
  11. EmmettC

    Show us your rig!

    17MM at the bridge, I have small hands so I've always preferred MM 5 strings.
  12. EmmettC

    Show us your rig!

    I haven't had it very long, but really enjoying it. I have a "normal" Stingray 5HH, which I love, but this feels really special. It's very scooped sounding, I was considering a John East 3 band (which I have in my other stingray) to put in some mids, but the treble boost on this is lovely really sizzles. I'll leave it as is for now, but when I can only bring one bass the McIntyre Jazz is just a better all rounder. I've been trying to clear space recently, selling and trading stuff I don't use, but for some reason I keep ending up with more..... And I just got this maruszczyk bass in a trade now too.....
  13. Will now post, will consider offers and trades for amps and cabs. Also bump.
  14. EmmettC

    Feedback for basscell

    Traded basses with Dennis last week, bass arrived safe and sound yesterday. Great to deal with, as you would expect from all the posts above.