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  1. Picked this up in a trade and it's a great sounding pedal with a couple of different clipping options. Retains low end really well even on extreme settings. Price includes UK postage.
  2. Only got this recently, but my recent amp purchase has a HPF already so not really needed. Price includes UK postage. More info: https://schalltechnik04.de/en/instructions/vong-filterung
  3. Been trying lots of distortions recently so need to shift a few on. Great sounding pedal, and very versatile. Utilises wizardry to upload various presets from a clean boost to the dirtiest dirt you can imagine, and everything in between. Comes with original box and PSU, price includes UK postage.
  4. Been trying lots of distortions recently so need to shift a few on. Great sounding pedal in great condition. Comes with original box (albeit slightly tatty) and manual. Price includes UK postage.
  5. I've suddenly found myself with 6 amps and one cab, so time to thin the herd! This is a great sounding amp with a nice and simple EQ section that sounds great pretty much however you have it. More info: https://orangeamps.com/products/bass-guitar-amps/ob1-series/ob1-500/ Collection from High Wycombe preferred, or can meet up within a reasonable distance. UK postage would be £15 extra.
  6. Just bought a Grizzly Bass pedal from Ian. Very fast delivery and excellent communication. Top seller!
  7. Shame, too skinny for my fat hands... thanks mate.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. I hope this is allowed here, it's primarily a guitar processor but does have bass presets too. Really handy for recording and practicing, and sounds decent. Not up to the standard of the modern effects processors costing hundreds but these were top of the range when released. It's basically a desktop version of the GT-100.
  10. Selling a few pedals I'm not using much. All in great condition. All have original box and price includes UK postage. Way Huge Pork & Pickle Smalls - SOLD MXR Micro Flanger - SOLD TC Electronic Corona Chorus - £45
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