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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. I'm selling my lovely Ray 34 to raise some cash for a 5 string. It's a great sounding and playing bass with proper Stingray tone. Has a Hipshot Xtender (D tuner), Schaller strap locks and a zero mod thumb rest. I will include the original tuner and can supply the strap part for the strap lock if needed. Comes with quality padded bag. I'm open to offers, or trade/partial trade for a 5 string with a 35" scale (preferably Schecter or Spector). Price includes UK delivery, or collection/meet up is more than welcome.
  3. Ilian bought a TC SubnUp pedal from me and was a pleasure to deal with!
  4. Jon bought my Darkglass amp and was a pleasure to deal with. Prompt payment and collection... perfect!
  5. No thanks, I already have one. Thanks for asking though.
  6. Allows you to hold a note or chord indefinitely. Great for practicing scales over chords. Price includes UK shipping.
  7. Great sounding, tiny pedal, just never have occasion to use it. Mint condition, includes box and manual. Price includes UK shipping.
  8. Great sounding pedal, I just don't ever find the right time to use it! Price includes UK shipping.
  9. Y'all know what it it is! Sounds as you'd expect, it's just taking up a bit too much space on my board so I've been using my VT Bass instead. Price includes UK shipping.
  10. The king of tube screamers, and has a 100hz boost so you keep your low end. Sounds great with bass. Includes box and instructions, price includes UK shipping.
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