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  1. In my experience, lowest to highest tension: TI Jazz Flats, La Bella Low Tension Flats, Dunlop Flats, GHS Precision Flats, La Bella Deep Talking Flats, D'Addario Chromes / Fender 9050s, DR Legends, Roto 77s.
  2. Are you sure? I have a couple of Neotech's that can go right up to my chest. Unless you're over 6'5"?
  3. I would say so. The amount of pop up businesses that have a FB page has their website is shocking. Makes you look cheap and tacky.
  4. Never understood this obsession with balanced tension. Mismatched strings with wildly different gauges.
  5. And absolute mentalist from the 90s onwards.
  6. The last ten years? Not much. A Jazz bass, worn in rounds and Mark Bass amps are my sound. I have tried a few light gain OD pedals but always think my tone is better without.
  7. Deftones have lost a lot of respect from me. Their last album was awful. Sergio getting let go was a mistake. And flat earther Steph isn't helping either!
  8. I was always told to line up the strings with the magnets for increased output?
  9. Have you rechecked the intonation? That can sometimes cause the issue.
  10. I have a Jazz Usa Std with the Custom Shop pickups and I have to say, it's one of the most mid forward Jazz basses I've ever played. Give the CS pups a shot.
  11. The pickup was my first thought too but it happened also when not plugged in so that was ruled out. Got in touch with D'Addario who kindly sent me two new E strings. Replaced the string and problem solved. Kudos to D'Addario!
  12. Quick question regarding Fender bridges, the more modern type with string spacing adjustment. Do you line the strings up with the pickup magnets or adjust the strings so that they are an equal distance apart from one another?
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