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  1. At least you wouldn't have suffered from the dreaded line that I once received: "Can you turn it down, please? I'm trying to have a conversation here!"
  2. The mids seem more pronounced and the string just has a better authority about it. The hexcore is also small so they are just as flexible as Sunbeams.
  3. La Bella or GHS Precision Flats sound up your street.
  4. After OBBM, I moved to Rock Wire. Is he not doing cables anymore?
  5. Try SIT Foundations. I was a long time Sunbeams user but these have convinced me to change permanently.
  6. I like how it's slowly turning into a Sandberg. 😁
  7. I would love a USA JB-2 but can never find one.
  8. All Fenders are overpriced.
  9. That Marlowe video... yes, ruin your fretboard at the same time. Not a fan of coated strings either because they feel like they're dull from the offset. I normally get six months out of my DR strings.
  10. So much that I've just purchased another one!
  11. I remember this video doing the rounds a while back - extremely close and would be impossible to tell in a live situation.
  12. I always struggle to get a good setting out of my BDI21 - sounds scooped no matter what knobs I turn!
  13. If the bass is a looker it's a bonus. But you can't see what a bass looks like on a recording.
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