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  1. TC Helix Phaser for your consideration, price includes postage in the UK, boxed with lead If you are not sure what it sounds like, this should do it Bit of gubbins Control your tone With 4 dials (depth, feed, speed and mix) and a choice of vintage or smooth settings you can dial in exactly the tone you need. The Helix also comes with true bypass to help your tone shine through with no loss of high end. TC Electronic pedals sound great, they’re designed for regular gigging use and are built to handle some serious punishment. With both Stereo and Mono I/O they quickly become pedal board necessities. TonePrint Ok…. Here’s where things get exciting. TC Electronic have moved beyond simple presets and given you a whole new way of using pedals. The TonePrint system lets you store the pedals of the world’s most famous guitar and bass players on your smartphone, tablet or computer and quickly and easily beam them into your pedal when you need them. With the free app you can access all of the custom sounds for your pedal for free and using the editor feature build your own. Move beyond the basic dials on your pedal and fine tune exactly the sound you want. Once you plug in the Helix you may never want to unplug… Thanks Dave
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  3. Forgot to mention there is velcro on the bottom, also open to offers and trades for a tremolo / reverb pedal Thanks y'all
  4. Forgot to mention it does have velcro on the bottom, open to offers and possibly trades for a tremolo or reverb pedal Ta
  5. MXR Bass Octave Deluxe, boxed and in good condition Price includes postage in the UK Cheers Dave
  6. Duality Fuzz available, boxed and used it a couple of times Price includes postage in the UK Cheers Dave
  7. and then sell it to me - it was my idea after all!
  8. haven't got a loaded precision body you'd like to attach it to have you?
  9. Now £80...fill your fuzz boots
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