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  1. haven't got a loaded precision body you'd like to attach it to have you?
  2. Now £80...fill your fuzz boots
  3. Fair to say they are just a covers band now - Yes that is
  4. £95 posted, or would be interested in a reverb/delay pedal or Polytune plus cash Thanks
  5. £90 posted in the UK or happy to trade Cheers Dave
  6. Bought a Duality so this is available Boxed, has Velcro underneath as has been on the board...think I’ve still got the badges as well Mega Fuzz pedal Would be interested in a trade for an Octave pedal., postage is £5 Thanks
  7. Happy to trade/px for octave or reverb pedal
  8. Yep, just got a Marcus Miller and whilst it is tasty on its own, the Tone Hammer does seem to elevate it further.
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