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  1. Ok … zombie thread … but - tell me more about this box set!
  2. Thanks very much! At the moment I'm going to sleep staring at a load of exposed brickwork and bits of wood that need replacing.
  3. Looks like my spare cash is being tied up in roof / joist issues at the minute. 😞
  4. Hi! Can you tell me anything about the feel of the neck? How wide is the nut for example? Also any thoughts on delivery / collection? Cheers Nick
  5. *EDIT* This bass is now sold.* A Sadowsky Metro MV4 - one of the early Japanese models for sale or trade. Slimmed down J type body, beautiful feeling neck, Sadowsky branded machine heads, humbuckers and the trademark 2 band Sadowsky pre-amp. The volume pot also has a pull to bypass the pre-amp in case of battery issues (it sounds nice passive too in fact). The bass if generally in good condition with a low action and plays really nicely. There is one barely noticeable dink just above the 15th fret but this has no impact on playability (in fact I had to hunt for it to take a picture). Includes the original Sadowsky case. Weight is pretty much 4kg on the nose per my kitchen scales. I bought it new at The Gallery in Camden and it was my main bass until early 2012 and has been a back up ever since. I'd prefer a sale but I'm open to trades for a good 4 string P bass (doesn't have to be a Fender). I'd be interested in something of a similar value like a recent US Fender model or PX (cash my way) for something like a Nate Mendel or similar. Must be passive, single split coil pick up (no P/Js, P/MMs etc.). I'm not too fussed about colours or fretboard woods but extra marks for a Jazz width neck or something else slim. I'm in Edinburgh and would prefer to meet up but happy to discuss postage, delivery to get a good deal done. Thanks Nick
  6. Nickthebass


    👍 I was on the scrolly bit on my phone.
  7. Nickthebass


    Very nice. The necks on these are meant to be great! Was this a custom order? The Lakland website doesn’t seem to list black as a standard colour.
  8. @dodge_bass - anything you can help with?
  9. Thanks very much. 😊 At heart though it’s just a Jazz bass albeit with some bells and whistles.
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