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  1. Thanks. I did think about GK but most of the new stuff looks to be class D. I went down the Ashdown in the end. It just made too much sense.
  2. I get the feedback loop between gain stage, EQ etc. - it’s more that I’ve never had that visual thing saying “don’t be shy - you can give it some more beans”.
  3. Thanks - with that visual gain stage reminder ... I might be a bit more brave with the input gain that I would have been!
  4. Thanks for this - definitely a good back up option. I've ended up going down the Ashdown route though. The ABM-600 just makes too much sense in particular from a UK support point of view. I had a couple of lovely chats with Dave Green and he has ended up making me a rack mount version which should be landing with me today.
  5. You make a good point Phil. To be honest though the older I get the less wedded I am to particular pieces of gear, particularly back line and pedals. I want it to be reliable, loud and reasonably portable - anything else is a bonus. At the end of the day I have yet to meet an amp that I can't do without (from a tonal / performance stand point). It's only a "can't do without" if it's my only amp of an appropriate size / power. I've got a new Ashdown head arriving today which will likely be my primary amp for the next wee while as I get used to it. It'll sound different to the Streamliner but that's fine - maybe the difference will be something I prefer even if it's only because it is different and the STM has been the only amp I've gigged for the past 10 years. Neither amp is going to make my sub-Jamerson fumblings sound any more closer to the man himself.
  6. Thanks for this. Looks like the 4 Stroke is discontinued though. ABM is en route!
  7. For anyone keeping score ... @Lozz196 was on the money and wins a small prize. I spoke to Dave at Ashdown yesterday and a rackmount ABM600 should be with me tomorrow.
  8. Thanks very much for this. I may look into buying a spare power module to stick in the drawer in case of disaster! I'm still a massive fan of the Streamliner and in particular the pre-amp. If the worst ever came to the worst and the power amp did explode and was un-fixable I would still keep it as a DI box / pre-amp. In fact ... is someone happened to make a Streamliner style DI box I could be persuaded to be in the market for one!
  9. I was waiting for you to chime in on behalf of Handbox! 😆 The lack of a UK network is a bit of a downer TBH.
  10. Haa!! That’s what I thought. I had some bad experiences with earlier ABMs being a bit wooly but I’m banking on that being partly down to lack of experience on my part.
  11. Looks like Glockenklang’s only new head is a class D. DB751 is about £2k too much (budget added after you posted) and the AG700 is class D. The Ampeg solid state stuff looks to be all class D other than the SVT3 - which is a good shout. Hadn’t thought of the Orange option. Thanks
  12. I’m looking for a new head as an alternative to my GB Streamliner 900 (which I plan to keep). The list of requirements is pretty short … loud, reliable, not class D (nothing against class D, I’d want something different and easier to fix). Also good after sales support / repair (UK based for preference either dealer or distributor) and preferably 2 speakon outs. Budget in the £800 ish range ideally. I don’t really need super twinkly top end, more like “warm Jazz bass” but. I’ll back myself to get a good sound out of most amps. Am I talking myself into an Ashdown ABM600? Any other bids? For those interested the head will be atop (one or both) a Gen2 Barefaced Midget T and Gen2 Compact. Gigs at the moment are either folky / singer songwriter or blues(ish).
  13. I’m thinking about an ABM600 as an alternative to my (much loved) GB Streamliner 900. How are you finding the ABM? Still loving it? Tell me that I won’t miss the extra 300 watts of power amp! 😆
  14. The place I have been going to was recommended by a former Streamliner owner that I contacted from here. Turns out my issue this time was two preamp valves needing replaced.
  15. How old are the class Ds? Like you I have never had a hiccup but the STM900 is now ~10 years old.
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