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  1. That’s what we’re trying to do at the end of the day.
  2. Bob - I’d start with a blank slate - turn all the pots all the way up (both pickups on full and tone all the way open). Then set the amp to something like “flat”. All the EQ knobs in the middle and the deep switch off. Turn the gain up about halfway and then crank the master until it’s loud enough. If you can turn up the gain more without it sounding distorted then go for it, just back off the master a bit if it gets too loud. That should give you some sort of reference point for further knob twiddling. If the notes are ringing out too much for you then - yes you’re going to have to get practicing your damping. This will take a bit of practice. Most players use some combination of left and right hand damping. I’d try practicing without the amp sometimes as well. A good skill to learn is how to control tone with just you hands. Lots of left hand damping can give you a much thuddier tone with little top end. Move your plucking hand up towards the neck - the sound will get rounder. Do the reverse (towards the bridge) and hear it get more nasal. I’m a fan of copping some upright technique. Tilt your wrist towards the head / neck and imagine you’re playing an upright - almost like you’re trying to get your fingers parallel to the strings. Feel like you’re almost rolling your finger over the string and using the side from the middle knuckle to the tip - instead of just the tip or pad at the end. I do this pretty much all the time - it feels like the notes have more body and weight.
  3. I'm looking to put together a headphone based practice set up - I'm thinking of something like this https://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/Soundcraft-Notepad-5-Analog-USB-Mixer/1XK3, into the a mac and then some headphones. I am guessing that I'll need some software on the mac as well ... any thoughts? I'd like to be able to play stuff from my phone and / or play along with stuff off the computer. Who out there has a set up along these lines? Any tricks, recommendations, bits of kit to avoid and things I haven't thought of? Any other radical ideas that would fit the spec in another way? @ mods ... if this needs to move to "Misc" or another part of the forums then feel free to shift it!
  4. Thanks all... @thebigyin Tommy Cogbill .... definitely could be described as "naughty donkey". Don't know masses about him other than "Preacher Man" to be honest.
  5. Hey folks - my name's Nick and I live in Edinburgh. I've been playing since I was in my mid teens (going to be 40 this year) and moved to Edinburgh a few years back. I'm originally from London but was in Aberdeen for a few years too. Due to the arrival of kids etc. I've struggled to find time to play over the past 3-4 years. Part of trying to get this part of my life restarted includes coming back to forums like this so I thought I'd do a quick intro. As a player I tend to aim into the Jamerson/Babbit/Jerry Jermott/Willie Weeks type space. I got really lucky when I was young as I had a couple of year learning with Paul Westwood who taught me basic harmony and how to walk through jazz standards before showing me how all that stuff culminated in James Jamerson. Since then I've done a load of different things (blues, big band and small band jazz, functions, originals, drum'n'bass / breaks, country / singer songwriter stuff). Gear wise I'm pretty much a J-bass guy - my main squeeze being a through neck 5 string which wears some old flats (it looks fancy but it's basically just a jazz bass with a narrower string spacing) running through a Genz Benz Streamliner and some Barefaced cabs. If anyone knows any good jams or teachers in or around Edinburgh then let me know.
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