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  1. I had one as my first bass too. A cream one. My mum paid £25 for it at a local secondhand shop for me around 1973. Quite a sum for her at that time. That was the start of a lifelong obsession with all things bass for me! GLWTS.
  2. Yes I know, that’s why I found it so blinking difficult!
  3. The bass solo break in Call me Al. Our keys player/band leader insisted we had to have it in our set list every gig despite my protests! I think he loved to see the look of terror on my face as we worked our way through the song to that dreaded bit where I would quite often just freeze or at best just slap anything just to fill the gap. I worked on it for years by which time I had managed to come up with something really quite passable. There was just one time I felt I actually perfectly nailed it at a gig. After that it was dropped and we never did it again!!!
  4. Singlecuts don't usually do it for me but that is a stunning looking instrument!
  5. Top quality basses these, I've owned one since the late 80s, but they did cost a small fortune, about £1800 in '88 if I remember correctly, not an insignificant amount of money at the time. Great feel and sound especially with the piezo pickups. I love the blue ones. Enjoy!
  6. That looks great. I too dislike the active sound of my jazz elite. It's not bad in passive though. Was going to fit a John East pre but maybe this would be a better option. I wouldn't have even thought of doing this. Thanks.
  7. 43 years for me and still totally addicted to basses and bass playing and still learning and achieving!
  8. djc63

    Ash Instruments

    Have a look at the Facebook page for Ash instruments. I think there's some pictures of that particular bass during construction. Also there's lots of pictures of their other creations, all of which are quite stunning in my opinion, real works of art!
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