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  1. This was nothing more that mischief. I wondered how long it would take me to transcribe this. I was actually transcribing massive chunks of the tune as it was playing (it is endless pumping root notes that move up fourths and fifths so it is mostly easy to hear) and only a couple of passages that needed closer examination. I give you Steve Dawson's bass part to Saxon's 'Dallas 1 P.M.' of their album 'Strong Arm Of The Law'. Dallas 1 PM Steve Dawson Bass.pdf
  2. A little bit of old school Latin bass. From the Master Sessions CD, Israel 'Cachao' Lopez's bass line on 'El Son No Ha Muerto'. An easy read. El Son No Ha Meurto Cachao Bass.pdf
  3. I was chatting to an old chum on Facebook and he reminded me of this old gem that I transcribed years ago. The transcription is long gone but I remember enjoying playing along with it so thought I would have a crack at it again. It is harder then I remember but, more to the point, the last time I did this was pre-computers and it would have involved the stop-start using a cassette player. I have no idea how I had the patience but I guess the world was a very different place then. Jaco Pastoroius's bass lines on Weather Report's 'Night Passage'. There are a couple of passages I have left blank; one is several bars of pedal A with Jaco fiddling about with roots and octaves, the other a passage where he is playing octave ostinatos and moving the notes by semitones - I just can't hear where the notes start and stop. 95% of it is there and it is a fun chart to read. Night Passage Jaco Pastorius Bass.pdf
  4. I did a transcription of this many years ago but cannot find it (paper copy). I could knock something up after I have finished my current one (Night Passage by Weather Report). Have you got a timescale in mind, Ebenezer?
  5. It doesn't go quite how I thought it did. Jumps around in different octaves. I remember I had to read it once. I was so impressed that I pulled it off (it is easier to read things you know by ear than to read things cold). Good job.
  6. This is Steve Swallow's bass part to the trio performance of the Jobim tune 'Luiza' that he did with Lee Konitz and Paul Motian. A genuinely beautiful rendition of the lesser known Jobim tune from the trio album 'Three Guys'. Luiza - Steve Swallow bass part.pdf
  7. I remember many years ago hearing that it was important to learn solos by people who played other instruments to the bass. This was an early transcription I found written out in a lever arch file from way back. What we have here is a Wynton Marsalis head and trumpet solo on the tune 'New Orleans' from his album 'Marsalis Standard Time'. I have transcribed it into bass clef so it is not in the right range - otherwise it would not have fitted on our instrument. There is one passage where I could not hear it as it was too quick but it's not a deal breaker. I love what he does with the bar lines here and often use the same technique when soloing myself. particularly on fast tunes where it allows you to be interesting without being 'quick'. Marsalis New Orleans.pdf
  8. Another in my series of Jeff Berlin transcriptions. I was a huge JB fan when I started getting into the more advanced fusion bass players like Jaco, Percy Jones etc. I tried to learn what I could off the Bruford records available at the time but this predates the existence of technology that allowed you to slow things down so it was not as easy as it is now to write this stuff out. Now I have the kit to do this properly and can slow things down to 25% without changing pitch and write it out on charts that are clear and readable not written in pencil on bog roll. This one is 'Travels With Myself and Someone Else' from the Bruford album 'One Of A Kind'. There is a JB solo early on in the piece that is absolutely astonishing (2.19) and there is a half a bar of triplet 16ths that would never have been interpreted properly without Transcribe software. I would never have been able to pick this out in the old days Travels With Myself And Someone Else Bass Part.pdf
  9. I used to play this with a band when I was about 17 and had exactly the same problem with the same section
  10. I am working from home as are several thousand local authority employees in my area. Asa a result, the server cannot cope and I cannot log on. I am probably getting in a few hours meaningful work a day and the rest of the time thinking 'what can I do now'. My job (Child Protection Social Worker) is based around a lot of family visits, meetings and driving so a lot of what normally happens cannot. Hence the disproportionate 'dead time'. Otherwise, I am working on guitar reading and putting together a load of bass transcriptions for my impending Bilbo's Bass Bites transcription website. No real purpose in maintaining my gig chops are I have nothing in the diary until September.
  11. Doesn't quite work, does it? 😀 VID_20181113_205305.mp4
  12. I have been listening to this Al Dimeola for 40 years and he still has the power to astonish. This is 31 years ago, Live at Montreux. His right hand is just unbelievable. I play an Ovation and read though some of his charts regularly. He is an absolute monster.
  13. Boom. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/1845536363/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_i_hmiDEbDG4TS5S
  14. I found this one on my PC. It is the bass/alto and piano part of the tine 'Barretto's Way' from the CD 'Panorama' by bass player Hans Glawischnig. The tune opens with an arco solo from the HG and then, at 0.45 point, he plays a 5:4 four ostinato over which the stunning melody evolves. The transcription is basically the head but it was this that attracted me and inspired me to transcribe all of the parts. I urge you to listen to the whole track not just the bit I transcribed because it breaks into a massive 5:4 Latin groove (montuno) later on (6:06). It is SOOO cool. The melody is repeated over the montuno but broken up and rephrased really creatively by the horn player (Miguel Zenon). Enjoy. Barretto's Way - Glawishing.pdf
  15. You think that was hard? Try this sucker. Sample and Hold from the Feels Good To Me album. This took so slowing down to find the notes (25%). It is basically unplayable by mere mortals. The problem I have with a lot of these tunes is that, learnign to play the bass parts is fundamentally a waste of time because you will never find a drummer/percussionist/keyboard player/guitarist to play the other parts 😃 Interesting to see how the lines evolve though. Sample And Hold Bass Part.pdf
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