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  1. A head chart for the Paul Chambers tune 'Ease It' from his album 'Go'. A live recording from 1959, the bass is not very well recorded so the bass solo peters out after 8 bars as I could not discern the notes, even with Transcribe software. The head is a great challenge though, so here you are. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/ease-it-paul-chambers/
  2. A head chart for the Alvin Batiste tune, 'Cochise' as recorded on the 1993 Ellis Marsalis album, 'Whistle Stop'. There is a treble clef and bass clef version of the melody and the concery key chords so you can play along if you are inclined! https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/cochise-ellis-marsalis/
  3. A head chart for the tune 'Little Joy' from the 1993 Ellis Marsalis album, 'Whistle Stop'. The tune is a 12-bar Blues in C which is played by Robert Hurst in unison with saxophonist Branford Marsalis. A tricky little Be-Bop head composed by New Orleans saxophonist Nat Perrilliat https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/little-joy-ellis-marsalis/
  4. Another Jack Bruce transcription, this one is the tune 'Boston Ball Game 1967' from the 1969 'Songs For A Tailor' album. A one bar riff in 12:8 that goes up a fourth and then resolves with a bar of 3:4. Not hard to play but hard to interpret initially. Once you get the gist, however, it is simple enough. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/boston-ball-game-1967-jack-bruce/
  5. Dean Town by Vulfpeck. Did a transcription (which is wrong) a while back and thought I would have a crack at it.
  6. I have several obbm cables. When they go, I will give up playing.....
  7. The trouble with this malarkey is that I keep revisiting old transcriptions and seeing errors/ways in which I could have put the chart together better. A full audit of 340 plus charts would talk 'kin weeks!! 😮
  8. A nice Latin groove in 7:8, this is a complete transcription of Mark Egan's bass part to the tune 'Misturada' from the 1987 Airto/Flora Purim album, 'Three Way Mirror'. Not as tricky as it sounds. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/misturada-airto-and-flora-purim/
  9. Another full album experience, this is the complete pad of Martin Briley's bass parts for the whole of the 1975 Greenslade album 'Time and Tide'. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/time-and-tide-full-album-greenslade/
  10. From the 1980 Al DiMeola double album, 'Splendido Hotel', this is the Anthony Jackson bass part for the tune, 'Alien Chase On Arabian Desert'. Some trick passages and watch the movements from 4:4 to 6:8 to 4:4 to 12:8. It plays tricks on your ears and your eyes. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/alien-chase-on-arabian-desert-al-dimeola/
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. That's a monster chart and a phenomenal amount of work. By a strange coincidence, I am currently working on an AJ transcription (Alien Chase on an Arabian Desert). His precision on these grooves is absolutely remarkable. I always wonder how much rehearsal time they get. Many thanks for your time and investment.
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