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  1. Sibelius vs. Harmony Assistant.

    Sibelius First only allows for 16 instruments. Fine for many circumstances but I know I would be frustrated within weeks.
  2. March Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    I am in. A bit scrappy in the performance area but there you are. A bit of fun. The opening guitar line is a variation on Teddy Bear's Picnic, which is the extent of the 'inspiration'. https://soundcloud.com/robert-palmer-1/has-anyone-seen-a-glacier-mint-anywhere-near-here
  3. Great gig, poor turnout

    I run a regular Jazz gig in Felixstowe in Suffolk and have done for about 5 years. I learned a long time ago that there is absolutely no relationship between the quality of music and the number of people who turn up to see it. I can put on a big name name and no-one turns up or put on some relative unknowns and the place is rammed. It's a lottery. You can influence it but you can't control it.
  4. Favourite Movie Music

    Schindler's List - John Williams Map Of The World -Pat Metheny Lord of The Rings - Howard Shore Lord of The Rings - Leonard Rosenman The Killing Fields - Mike Oldfield
  5. Top Of The Pops

    The cultural context of TOTP was very different. We all watched it and we all talked about it. Now there is very little commonality in our media experiences and I think we have lost something as a consequence. Twelve year olds don't discuss pop music any more. Too much porn available.
  6. I was a couple of days away from pressing the button on a Sibelius subscription when someone drew my attention to Harmony Assistant which is a tenth of the price. They appear to be comparable in many areas of the software. It feels too good to be true. Anyone got any experience of HA?
  7. Transcibe download

    Have used it for years and it is cheaper than one bass lesson. No brainer.
  8. Our Fascination With Fretless

    I have been primarily a Fretless player since 1986. Rock, Jazz, Funk, Latin, big band, small group. It's all on there. I have had fretted basses throughout but don't gig them.
  9. Bilbo blows in technicolour

    Venha Embora Comigo (Come Away With Me) inc. electric bass solo
  10. Bilbo blows in technicolour

    How Sweet It Is - inc. double bass solo
  11. As a Jazz fan and player who has absolutely no presence on the streaming world OR the world of hard copy (I am on two cds, both of which will sell dozens) so the argument is completely academic but I know from the conversations that I do have with artists suggest that the royalties paid by Spotify are negligible (literally pennies, if at all). The simple fact is that the production of non-mainstream music is becoming a cottage industry if even that. Meanwhile, people who have NO contribution to the actual production of musical content are making billions. It's ludicrous. i
  12. If Spotify IS worth anything close to this figure, it really needs to be challenged on the royalties it gives artists. It borders on theft.
  13. Bilbo blows in technicolour

    It's that little bit of personal investment! Makes all the difference!
  14. Bilbo blows in technicolour

    I want that on our publicity material!! :-D
  15. Bilbo blows in technicolour

    I have different approaches in different settings, Burno. Sometimes it's straight quarter notes all night but, with this trio, I am able to stray further and further from the core.