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  1. Bit of fun, this one. A transcription of one of my own solos! A single chorus of Charlie Parker's 'Yardbird Suite' (single because the solo went awry during the second solo as the band went into the B section prematurely). It is an interesting exercise to look this closely at your own work! https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/yardbird-suite-the-good-things/
  2. Did you know that Brittany Spears is Brian Ferry's daughter? She took her mother's name apparently.
  3. I have heard recordings and asked who played bass only to find out it was me. If you do a session with layers of the track not yet added, it is easy to loose perspective. It's always funny, though.
  4. I am a Jazz musician. I never play the same thing once. Seriously, I have played tunes significantly wrong for decades. Nobody died.
  5. Another long overdue transcription which I wish I could have done decades ago! Geddy Lee's bass part to 'La Villa Strangiato' from the 1978 Rush album 'Hemispheres'. The 'Ghost of Aragon' section was the tricky bit. It is only really a pentatonic lick but a slippery little sucker nevertheless. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/la-villa-strangiato-rush/
  6. Now there's a thought.
  7. AnotherJack Bruce performance from the Cozy Powell 'Over The Top' album. This one is the Bernie Marsden penned 'El Sid'. I did not transcribe the bass solo in the closing section because it is loaded with non specific bent notes that cannot be written down with conventional notation. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/el-sid-cozy-powell/
  8. Now it really IS out and available to buy. The track I am on is the first one, 'Signs And Traces'. https://www.progrock.co.uk/multi-story-cbf10-digipak-c2x32609100
  9. I always wonder what shortcomings guys like Linder have. Is his intonation on fretless really poor? 😃
  10. I just can't fathom the level of intensity in these performances. It's awesome.
  11. Bill Bruford drummed with both. Does that help clear things up?
  12. It is apparently out today. https://www.progrock.co.uk/multi-story-cbf10-digipak-c2x32609100 Bugger. Apparently it is NEXT Monday 🤣
  13. Another one from the album that gave me my 'optimum' bass sound. This is the Jack Bruce bass part from 'Killer' from the 1979 Cozy Powell album 'Over The Top'. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/killer-cozy-powell/
  14. Joe Dart's bass part to the 'must learn' 'Dean Town' from the 2016 Vulfpeck album, 'Thrill Of The Arts'. I just wanted to transcribe something that wasn't recorded in the 1970s I transcribed it as 8th notes rather than the 16th note transcriptions I have seen on-line as I think it makes it easier to read. Great phrasing. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/dean-town-vulfpeck/
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