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  1. Keep up

    I got my PC in 2001 and have used it for recording since day one. Today, with the help of my kid brother (aged 50), I have finally worked out how to play and record VSTs in real time with a midi keyboard. I now fully expect to spend the rest of my days trying to find sounds.
  2. I have almost never played the music I gravitate towards as a listener. I believe that this is because I have always lived away from larger metropolitan areas where better players congregate. On the two occasions when I have run my own band, the lead players, guitar and saxophone respectively, have resolutely refused to learn the material and the whole thing has ended up being something of a 'nearly but not quite'. Never gigged in a Prog band either although I did rehearse with one once in the 1980s. Interestingly, I am currently practicing guitar solo pieces so that I am NOT reliant on other players. I have had to accept that I am nobody's first call player
  3. Playing fast and getting a big sound

    I agree with Hector. Nothing can kill your sound better than digging in too deep. I have a vivid memory of playing a tune at a ridiculous tempo and reaching a moment of profound peace when I relaxed and found all the muscles in my arms working efficiently so the tempo became effortless. I now play regularly with people like Simon Spillett and Gilad Atzmon at crazy tempos with no real difficulties. Also, use your amp to do its job and to add volume so you are not fighting yourself.
  4. Nobody notices the bass player....

    [quote name='Kevin Dean' timestamp='1509621421' post='3400329'] "nobody cares about the bassist apart from their immediate family" John Peel. [/quote] My in laws and one of my brothers have never seen me play. In 37 years.
  5. I have done a few gigs recently where the PA engineers have mixed the band through an ipad. I am interested in the technology but don't even know what to put into a search engine to look it up. Can anyone give me a steer? I am thinking about small group Jazz events rather than massive Rock extravaganzas but would like to know what opportunities this new (to me) technology presents.
  6. Warm Fuzziness for Max Webster

    Massive fan of MW and Kim Mitchell. There is a transcription of the bass part to 'lemon wedge' off his Itch cd on here somewhere.
  7. Nobody notices the bass player....

    [quote name='Len_derby' timestamp='1509272988' post='3397672'] Don't just leave us all hanging. Do you? [/quote] No. Ironically, huh?
  8. This story needs a context. Many moons ago, I was talking to the keyboard player in a Funk band I was playing with. He told me that, when the band leader had asked him to join, he said there was always plenty of women around after the gigs. He then added that he had never seen any. I snorted and said that, in 30+ years of gigging, I had never even spoken to a woman after a gig and that, come to think about it, I had rarely even been approached by a bloke or even another bass player. Last night I did a gig with Aussie saxophonist Brandon Allen in front of about 120 people. At the end of the gig, a bloke came up to me and asked ' are you the bass player'? (a strange question bearing in mind that I had just spent two hours on stage in front of him). 'Yes, I am', I replied. He then asked 'is it true that you collect fountain pens'?
  9. Steve Rodby (Pat Metheny Group) underplays his hand most of the time also. No solos etc but, away from the PMG, he is actually pretty tasty.
  10. Voted. Some nice ideas in there, folks.
  11. October Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    I couldn't be arsed this month..... Seriously, I am struggling with composition it the moment. Everything I try sound weak and predictable. I just can't play a musical instrument :-D
  12. 1986 Custom Fretless
  13. Felixstowe's third best bassist. Oh, my Christ. He's got a music stand on a blues gig!!
  14. Duos

    Or a solo artist.... http://youtu.be/evHVh4bqaOQ
  15. What counts as a gig?

    [quote name='Mykesbass' timestamp='1508612656' post='3393377'] Mutually exclusive of course... [/quote] Quite.