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  1. Last night's Gypsy Jazz gig with the Champion Souza Quartet.
  2. Tonight I am debuting my new set up. David Gage Realist with Audio Technica ATM350 microphone. Sounds great in the woodshed but will it work live? Gypsy Jazz Quartet in Felixstowe. No drums so in with a fighting chance.
  3. JB always sounds better as a sideman.
  4. I used to have a warm up. Two ocatve scales in all keys, major and minor. Two octave diatonic arpeggios in all keys. Fingerings patterns 1234, 3124, 4132, etc I think that was it.
  5. I agree. Let the sound engineer worry about capturing a performance. You should concentrate on the performance itself.
  6. A reading exercise, this it the synth bass line that underpins the song 'Onward' from the Yes LP 'Tormato'. The bass part is minimal in this tune and this part is essentially a quarter note 'walking' bass line (not in the Jazz sense but still a bass note pulse on which the harmony hangs). I took a couple of liberties when I couldn't really hear the note under the string arrangements but it is essentially all there. It is a useful reading exercise for relative beginners. Onward Yes Reading Exercise.pdf
  7. I am a massive fan of solo playing, and I mean solo as in alone. I have recordings of gigs by a solo soprano saxophonist, bass players etc as well as the usual suspects of guitar and piano. I love the idea of one musician in tune with their art. Drum solos are like any other. Is it creative or interesting, does it move me? I have seen some great ones over the years (and some not so great ones).
  8. I have played primarily fretless since 1986 in every setting imaginable. Try this. All the same bass.... Listen to Wal bass by Robert Palmer on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/robert-palmer-1/sets/wal-bass9
  9. The first section of 'I've Seen All Good People' from The Yes Album. Bit of a roast, this one. Your Move easy version - Full Score.pdf
  10. 'Your Move' by Chris Squire. An easier version for learner readers. Your Move easy version - Full Score.pdf
  11. Chris Squire's bass part for the 'Your Move' section of 'I've Seen All Good People' from The Yes Album Your Move - Full Score.pdf
  12. Jaco. I had just moved to London from Wales and was going to meet a friend who was already up there. As we were arranging to meet, he told me the news (he didn't really know who Jaco was but knew I was a fan). At this point, I hadn't heard the stories of his deteriorating mental health so it really did come out of the blue. Another shocker was Stevie Ray Vaughan. Another great loss. Others who came right out of the blue include Emily Remler, Kenny Kirkland, Kirsty MaColl and Michael Brecker.
  13. NOVA - Vimana Jon Anderson - Animation Greenslade - Time And Tide Joe Henderson - So Near, So Far Joe Lovano - Landmarks Marc Johnson's Bass Desires Pat Metheny - Bright Size Life There are so many
  14. I have a Fishman Plat Pro but I can go direct into my Acoustic Image Clarus as it has phantom power for the mic and two channels that you can mix. I will see how it sounds. I have a few weeks until my next gig so have time to experiment but all advice is welcomed.
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