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  1. I have read all the Peart books and I think his personality is fine. It is the expectations of the rest of us that is at fault. His relationships are precious to him and he enjoys people's company but he doesn't want to have relationships with Rush fans because they want more of him than he is prepared to offer.
  2. Jean Luc Ponty did some great stuff. Billy Cobham. Larry Coryell's Spaces. Soft Machine. Al Dimeola's early solo stuff. There's loads of this stuff out there.
  3. I spent a little bit of time with both of these techniques for the same reason as you give here. I finally realised that I simply don't like the music played using the more advanced elements of these tricks so I left them to rot on the vine. I have never regretted doing so.
  4. I have used Transcribe for over a decade for only one £30 up front fee.
  5. The above responses suggest to me that the relationship we have with these albums is very personal and dependent on where we are when we find them. Rush we're an early discovery for me as a Rock fan and I was experiencing their version of Rock virtuosity for the first time at around age 17 (1980). The first LP I recall coming out was Permanent Waves (also 1980) soI already knew about them at that point but I got C of S after hearing them on the Friday Rock Show. I think our memories are linked to our state of mind and experience to date and C of S was a discovery at a point where lots of new things were appearing in my cultural life including non mainstream musics, bass virtuosity and Tolkien. Happy times that I relive on a subconscious level whenever I hear C of S. Interestingly, Caress of Steel predates Punk.
  6. Caress of Steel is a special one for me as it was my first.
  7. I came to SD quite late in the game through the Two Against Nature dvd at a friend's house. It's a continuum between freedom and production and everything sits somewhere on that line. Improvisation is one thing, arrangements another. It's all good.
  8. Jazz standards. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing Lotus Blossom Honeysuckle Rose Others You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anything by Robert Plant, Rose Tattoo, Guns N Roses, Spruce Springsteen and The (Weed) Killers.
  9. I prefer to stay home and practice. I guess it is about what you want from attending. Practice playing with others? Networking? Social experience? Hearing other players? Impressing others? Practice getting a good sound live? I got far more from workshop bands in Cardiff in the 80s and 90s than at Jam Sessions. Great for networking when you move to a new area, though. stinky poo players may be stinky poo players but even stinky poo players know where thd good ones are.
  10. No it wasn't. It was Carole Kaye. All of it.
  11. I did two double bass gigs on the same day yesterday. Four one hour sets and three set ups and tear downs. No pain, no strain - all perfectly comfortable. We get there in the end, don't we?
  12. Ron Carter, Paul Chambers, Dave Holland, Charlie Haden, Marc Johnson, John Patitucci, Jaco, Jeff Berlin, Kermit Driscoll, Renaud Garcia Fons, Anthony Jackson, Percy Jones, Jimmy Johnson, Chris Squire, Geddy Lee and a few others. This is a game I have been playing for decades and I can recognise dozens of Jazz musicians from a relatively few notes. In the end, their voices are as distinctive as your family's.
  13. Whatever else you say about Yes, no one else has produced a catalogue like it. Gates is a massively original work.
  14. It's cheap as chips too.
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