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  1. Interestingly, I know of teachers who are very self conscious with regards to their public profile and who stay away from social media and jam sessions in order to 'protect' themselves and their reputations as TEACHERS, as opposed to players. They are often employees of Music Services or Universities/Colleges etc and, young people being what they are (i.e.often full of fosters and vinegar) they need to be cautious when out and about.
  2. I have taken delivery of my website and am now uploading the above transcriptions ready for the website to go public. It is taking me about 20 mins per chart at the moment as I am just finding out how to make all the different links and buttons work but it is exciting to see it coming together.
  3. If you spend any time reading dots you will quickly realise that the patterns repeat themselves invertedly and that the ledger lines are the gaps on the stave and the gaps in the ledger lines are the lines on the stave. You can thank me later 😎
  4. One more off the Bruford LP 'Feels Good To Me'. Featuring the eccentric vocals of Annette Peacock, the beauty of Kenny Wheeler's flugelhorn and the wonderful guitar of Allan Holdsworth, this is the bass part for both halves of the two part 'Seems Like A Lifetime Ago'. Remember, this is my take on it and I am perfectly happy to be challenged on the details. Lots of weird bar lengths alternating time signatures etc. A tough read but worth spending time on for the pleasure for hearing Jeff's wonderful bass parts. Seems LIke A Lifetime Ago Pt. 1 & 2 - Jeff Berlin Bass.pdf
  5. I have found that improving my reading has opened up a lot of the books to me. I can rattle through a book of transcriptions in a few hours now, rather than spending days on one tune.
  6. Start with one note. Then add a second. Keep doing it, a lot, and be patient.
  7. This is a trap. YOu need to learn how to recognise each note independently. If you have to start with 'All Cows Eat Grass' whenever you want to know what the note in the top gap on the stave is, you are putting is a delay in the process of recall. Imagine if every time you want to spell the word sky, you had to go Abcdefghijklmnopqrs, then Abcdefghijk and finally abcedeghijklmnopqrstuvwxy…...you would never get anywhere. Learn the names notes where they are. There are only 8 of them. Your mobile number has 11 digits, your address 5 lines long and is made up of numbers and letters and the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody are massive by comparison. you need to remember ABCDEFG. How hard can it be?
  8. Another Martin Briley part from the Greenslade LP 'Time and Tide'. This track is called 'Newsworth' which has some great lyrics from singer/second keyboard player, Dave Lawson. (Newsworth) I've heard that, a Newsworth) A newsworth lives in his pen. May I suggest, It's likely that he lives in one then (Newsworth) What happens, after you lie down at night. In your case the lying's not reclining, you can lie best upright. A relatively easy read (next one is another Jeff Berlin part so don't get complacent) Newsworth - Martin Briley Bass.pdf
  9. It's not heavy but I play a Wal and don't find that heavy either. It is not a Fodera but it is certainly good enough to be going on with.
  10. The idea is that you develop your reading and can read these charts in 5 minutes 😃
  11. Takes about an hour to two hours for most charts. The more complex charts can take three or four hours which I do over several days. The issue is how complex each bar is. Lots of time changes slow you down as well. That last Bruford charts was lunacy. It's a labour of love, though, so no real hardship. I decided I wanted to do 100 over 2020 (that's only two or three hours a week so, bearing in mind we are not gigging, it's no biggie) and have done 65 so far. What am I like?
  12. Something simple after that ridiculous Bruford nonsense yesterday. Prog obscurity with Chris Squire's bass part for 'You By My Side' off the 'Fish Out Of Water' album. The 'live' video I have attached is just him miming to the recording so it is the same lines as the chart. This is a really easy read so a good one for new readers.. You By My Side - Chris Squire Bass.pdf
  13. The entire career of Miles Davis.
  14. I remember leaving a band over musical differences. I was musical, they were different. I remember playing a gig in a prison on 11/9/2001 (an easy date to remember). The singer, a serving prisoner, asked to room for a minutes silence for the World Trade Centre victims. Nobody asked him to do it. It was his idea. And he sang like Marvin Gaye.
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