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  1. Bilbo

    Mourning the passing of GAS

    I have always operated on the assumption that you buy a good quality professional instrument and then learn to play it rather than waste time trying to find 'the one'. I have had the same bass since 1986.
  2. Bilbo

    Show us your Harley Bentons

    A recording of my Harley Benton 12 string guitar, bought for m by my wife as a holding option before I get enough money together to get the Ovation I want.
  3. A session from my HM days that I found recently on a cassette in a box under a bed in a back room. It never got played or released but the best bit is that the guitar player has since won an Emmy. There are a couple of drop outs due to analogue to digital copying issues but you get the idea.
  4. Bilbo

    Fender Jazz V

    😃 I have played a Wal for 33 years so weight is not going to be a problem.
  5. Bilbo

    What floats your boat?

    1. Latin - Brazilian and Cuban 2. Jazz 3. Prog. Melody, Rhythm and Harmony, in that order.
  6. Bilbo

    Fender Jazz V

    Will do, Len. I may be wrong but I don't think I have ever played a Fender Jazz 😃 Actually, that isn't true. I used to roadie for a guy who had one. Age 22 so 33 years ago.
  7. Bilbo

    Fender Jazz V

    I may need a fretted bass soon and am gassing for a fretted five string Fender Jazz. Does anyone know of any support groups available? Fender GAS Anonymous? Cognitive Bass Therapy?
  8. Bilbo


    I tend to think that the double bass is, by its very nature, a reverb unit. I have reverb on my AI Clarus but never feel the need to use it.
  9. Bilbo

    What are you listening to right now?

    I am on a Miguel Zenon binge at the moment.
  10. Bilbo

    Tribute / derivative / rip-off songs

    I guess that is because it is not your royalties that are being taken.
  11. Bilbo

    Tribute / derivative / rip-off songs

    I wonder how much of this is just coincidence. There are only 12 notes and a finite numbers of places to put them. Surely it is possible that two people happen upon the same sequence?
  12. I had gig once where I was playing loads of 16th note grooves and, wham, the hand literally seized up. I had to walk across the stage and get a pick of the guitarists amp while it sorted itself out. Not happened since. I guess I hadn't warmed up enough.
  13. Bilbo

    Bands Named After Song Lyrics

    No Quarter 😁
  14. Not sure I need that, what with having an upright and all 😎
  15. Just looked at the price of the La Bella White Nylons. Bloody hell!! 😀