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  1. Another one today. Jimmy Johnson's bass part for 'Tricycle' from the 1983 Flim and the BBs CD of the same name. Watch the volume on your stereo at the start. That Ab will blow your speakers. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/tricycle-flim-the-bbs/
  2. Great fun to play, this one. Steve Rodby's bass part for the tune 'Beat 70' from the 1989 Pat Metheny Group album, 'Letter From Home'. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/beat-70-pat-metheny-group/
  3. Laurence Cottle and a million flautist probably could but the list of ready bass players is likely to be short.
  4. I would definitely need to work on it in advance and would probably struggle even then. It's a real toughie. Kudos to Kottzen and Wilson both.
  5. Unreadable and unplayable - by special request, this is Dylan Wilson's bass part for the 2018 Richie Kotzen tune, 'Riot'. I am not convinced that the first bar is correct. If you hear it differentIy, do let me know and we can fall out over it. Riot – Richie Kotzen – Bilbo's Bass Bites
  6. I feel sorry for the guy. Imagine having to listen to that for your entire life. This is Harry today and Prince Phillip in the 1950s
  7. Another short transcription, this is the John Giblin fretless bass solo on the tune 'Everybody Loves You' from the the 1980 Jon Anderson album, 'Song Of Seven'. Everybody Loves You – Jon Anderson – Bilbo's Bass Bites
  8. I think it is an emotionally limited vehicle. Its full on or nothing. I may be missing the nuances by avoiding the genres where it is used but I just don't hear the emotional depth I look for in music when the clanking and clunking starts.
  9. I don't think I have replied to this yet. I am in the odd position of finding myself being strangely attracted to the skill of slapping but of having almost completely failed to find any application of the technique that does anything for me. It is like having a fantastically sophisticated power tool that you don't know what it is used for. I cannot even post any 'this is what I call great slapping' because, whilst there is some great juggling out there, I just don't like the music it is used in. Any of it.
  10. From Mike Stern's 1996 album, 'Between The Lines', this is Jeff Andrews' bass part to the tune 'The Vine'. A nive tight little read and not too taking in the playing sense but a couple of add bars where a little extra concentration is required! https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/the-vine-mike-stern/
  11. Two minutes of my life I will never get back.... 😊
  12. I have struggled, playing wise, through this lock down thing. Doesn't seem much point to practicing. I had a noodle today for the first time in quite a few weeks. https://youtu.be/l5tbXVhm3_0
  13. Just came across this from 1988. Carles Benavent with Paco De Lucia featuring a 4 minute bass solo. Stunning. No one else plays like him.
  14. Jimmy Woode's bass part to the tune 'Such Sweet Thunder' from the 1957 Duke Ellington album of the same name. Such Sweet Thunder – Duke Ellington – Bilbo's Bass Bites
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