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  1. It stays at the venue but is packed away and stored (i.e. not left set up).
  2. I am looking at the Yamaha 400 and 600 which both have things going for them. Thanks, guys. This has been really helpful.
  3. Thanks, Pete. have you heard that kit in the flesh? It looks good and the youtube reviews seem ok. I basically need to mic up singers and horn players pretty much one at a time so I don't need a 3K rig with crossovers!
  4. I run a weekly Jazz gig called Jazz East at the Alex in Felixstowe (www.jazzeast.vpweb.co.uk). We need a PA for announcements, front line and singers (i.e. usually front line OR singers and not miking up the full band) and currently have a limited budget of around £500. I am not at all adverse to buying secondhand. Has anyone got any ideas for what we reasonably expect to get for that kind of money?
  5. Steve Hackett: Genesis Revisited doing the Seconds Out LPs: Cardiff 2/11/20. I am hoping that I will get the bass gig before the tour starts so can do the gig rather than watch it.
  6. Have you ever shaved collies in the Outer Hebrides?
  7. Plus one for making sure you are properly hydrated. I do find that, after double bass gigs, I am often 'sore' but I have always put this down to basic fatigue and not being particularly match fit. It is always less of a problem when I gig regularly but I am finding, as I get older, that I am not playing as much and so get increased problems of this kind when I do gig. The hydration thing is often spoken about on double bass forums.
  8. As a 12 year old, I was given a guitar by an older cousin who I looked up to but who, with hindsight, I now realise had no idea what he was talking about (he cannot play anything). It was a piece of crap (strung with nylon AND steel strings). He lived a long way away and I rarely saw him or his brothers so I was on my own and had to figure the thing out myself. As a had no-one to help me, I found could not figure out guitar chords but could figure out bass parts. The earliest bassline I can recall playing (on the low strings on the nasty guitar I had) is a children's tv theme that I cannot name (although I can still play it). By the time I had control of my own destiny, I wanted a bass guitar and, when I started work in September 1980, bought a Hondo II Precision copy from my Mum's catalogue (I remember it being £125) and the rest is history. I was playing in a NWOBHM band and recording a Friday Rock Show session for Radio One in March 1981 so I must have taken to it reasonably quickly! After that, my first bass heroes were Squire and Steve Harris and then, in quick succession and as I became more 'woke', Jaco, Jeff Berlin, Jimmy Johnson and Percy Jones. The double bass players came later and their influence was less all-consuming. I do remember early efforts at transcribing lines by Roger Glover, Geezer Butler, Phil Lynott, Geddy Lee and others I cannot recall. I miss that period of discovery, when our lack of experience means that everything is new and exciting.
  9. Sometimes, we try too hard. With faster passages, we need muscle memory not knowledge. When we think about it, we fail. When we just 'do', we just do.
  10. Interesting microphone placement, Bassace. I put mine in front of the strings but your approach give better access to the strings. I will try that next time I do a gig (Gypsy Jazz quartet next Sunday) and let you know how I get on. I would imagine that, in theory, I would get a stronger signal and have more to work with. We shall see.
  11. He was a game changer. Redefined the rubric. Pushed the envelope. One of the greatest.
  12. I use an Audio Technica ATM 350 for exactly the scenario you are describing. It sounds great and no feedback issues. I blend it with a David Gage Realist through my Acoustic Image Clarus https://www.amazon.co.uk/ATM350U-Universal-Mounting-Cardioid-Condenser/dp/B01K1WU2H2/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=audio+technica+atm350&qid=1573406534&sr=8-1
  13. Where are you working, BB?
  14. I recorded the bass part for this in my home studio (Bag End). I roadied and did the lights for this band in the 1980s and always wanted the gig but it never happened (the bass player they had was perfectly competent and I moved on long before he did ;)). In these days of email and home recording, it became a possibility. An old dream come true. It is off Multi Story's forthcoming album CBF10 (I am only on this one track). The whole track is recorded on my Wal Custon Fretless 4 string.
  15. Big Big Train on Friday in Newport. Night out with old friends.
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