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  1. Miles Davis tune, Nardis, in case anyone didn't know.
  2. It's been over twenty years since I played a Warwick so my opinion ain't worth shinola.
  3. I never liked the Warwicks. Wanted to but never got on with them.
  4. From the same 1985 Dave Holland Quintet album, 'Seeds Of Time', this transcription features the bass/percussion duet 'Walk A Way'. The piece is essentially a one bar riff of rapidly executed sixteenth notes that ends with two eight notes. It is then repeated endlessly with subtle variations - impossible to read at speed but an interesting insight into what makes the composition sound the way it does! https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/walk-a-way-dave-holland-quintet/
  5. Rumours are circulating that Vanilla Fudge bassist Tim Bogert has died, aged 76. Anyone in a position to confirm?
  6. From the 1985 Dave Holland Quintet album 'Seeds Of Time', this is a full bass transcription for the tune 'Perspicuity'. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/perspicuity-dave-holland-quintet/
  7. This one came as a pleasant surprise. I learned it originally in the 1982 shortly after the album came out. I remember thinking it was a chorus effect on the bass but, coming back to it nearly 40 years later, I realised it was a three part bass harmony in which bassist Larry Klein had overdubbed three bass parts. I can't believe that I didn't notice it at the time! This is Larry K;ein's bass part for 'You Dream Flat Tires' from the 1982 Joni MItchell album, 'Wild Things Run Fast' https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/you-dream-flat-tires-joni-mitchell/
  8. If anyone near Felixstowe ever wants to try a Wal, I am happy for them to visit (once lock down is ended, of course).
  9. I love my '86 Wal (Mk I Custom Fretless) but a new one is the other side of a lottery win, I am afraid. I sometimes find it helpful to remember that we should be all about the music not the gear and, when it comes down to it, good enough is good enough. My £6k Wal will still sound like stinky poo if the drummer has the wrong ride cymbal or the venue has a tiled floor. 😃
  10. My studio (shed) is 8x10. It is rammed with stinky poo. Three basses, one double bass, six guitars, 88 note electric piano, two amps, pc, shelves of books, 1000 + cds, a soprano saxophone, hi fi and, taking up the most space by a country mile, my massive inflated ego. I sit in the middle of it pretending most of it isn't there.
  11. Another Dave Holland performance from the same album, 'Triplicate', this is the full transcription of the bass part to 'African Lullaby'. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/african-lullaby-dave-holland-trio/
  12. I have been a little focussed on electric bass for a while so I thought I would post a few double bass transcriptions. This is Dave Holland's bass solo on the Jack DeJohnette tune 'Blue' from the Holland trio album he did with the drummer and saxophonist Steve Coleman in 1988, 'Triplicate'. https://bilbosbassbites.co.uk/blue-dave-holland-trio/
  13. I saw this band at The Four Bars Inn in Cardiff. John Scofield in a local pub 😀Those were the days.
  14. I am doing another book and needed to find examples of bands who continue to perform under a name even though they have no original members. One is too many, it has to be none The intended outcome has been achieved so thank you to everyone.
  15. I read the article and realised that the drummer thing was not the most important element in his story. It was his relationships that were important and, whether we recognise it or not, we all have that in our lives. Things to be be proud of, things we regret but, most importantly, the people to share them with. It's there in all our lives. Some stories are big, some are much smaller but that is simply not the point. Be kind and appreciate who you have. The rest comes from that.
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