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  1. Wow - this amp is still around? Would have thought it had been snapped up by now, at that price
  2. Sorry to hear you're out of work mate That's a lovely looking bass. GLWTS type bump
  3. Still in work, and wishing I could go out for a walk in the sunny weather.....
  4. Just a note to say, I'm due a trip along the M4, around the Reading area - if anyone fancies meeting me there.
  5. Wow - that's a bit different..... Just up the road from me too Why am I so easily seduce by coloured lights? lol
  6. These really do look sooooo nice. Cracking colour, and the scratchplate and maple neck just look so cool with that body colour GLWTS
  7. I've got the (not often seen) 5 string version of this bass. It's small, compact & lightweight, and packs a huge punch for such a tiny bass Haven't seen any of these around in shops lately - so I don't know whether they've stopped making them? Anyhow, it's an absolute steal at this price, so I'm surprised it's still here I take mine along to gigs, as a compact backup, and take it along to country pub jams & camping trips (with my battery powered Roland Micro cube) Something like this would be an ideal starter instrument for kids... but is of surprisingly good quality GLWTS
  8. Hi there zbd1960. Welcome to basschat As mentioned, an Electric Upright bass might be a good instrument for you to switch to Also talked about (a little) on here, has been using a Cello as a bass I think folk who do this usually re-string the Cello, so it's tuned like a bass Might be worth thinking about? And yes..... the marketplace on this forum is a great way of getting rid of money, and acquiring way too many bass-related gear
  9. Hi @Ronald Bigsworth First of all - welcome to the forum Secondly, what a lovely thing to have - a bass that your Dad owned and played. It's a treasured thing indeed. If a few components aren't original, but look OK - I'd be tempted to leave them as they are... After all, they're part of your Dad's modifications and general "mojo" of the bass i.e. they're part of the basses history. As for the frets, they're another matter - depending on whether they make the bass playable or not, and whether you want the bass to be playable or not. To my thinking, I would want the bass to be playable. If I leave a treasured bass to my son (I've already given him two! lol) I'd like to think he would play it, rather than hang it on a wall... So I would get a luthier to look closely at it, and decide whether or not it needs re-fretting. As has been said - a good luthier can often crown & polish frets and make them playable If only a re-fret would do this though.... then I'd personally be tempted to get it re-fretted Another factor you mention is "value" - I'd say the biggest perceived value is the bond the bass creates, because it was your Dad's You aren't going to sell it - so financial "value" for me, would be less of a consideration than sentimental value... Best of luck whatever you decide, and let us know how you get on Cheers mate - enjoy such a lovely, treasured possession EDIT: One thing I would definitely restore though - get a Fender logo on the headstock ... and yes, replace the missing screws
  10. To anyone interested - I'll now throw in that G&G Fender Hardcase for free - can't say fairer than that I'll try to get some pics of the case shortly - but you know what these cases look like, it's mid-brown faux leather covering, and dark brown fur lined.....
  11. Those early China made Classic Vibe basses are absolutely superb This one looks lovely, and in stunning condition Also, Shambo is a great BC member to deal with
  12. That's beautiful Whereabouts are you based? Ahem, not for me.... I need to thin the herd, not acquire more basses!
  13. Not sure if they went out of business... I know they closed their factory in South Wales, to shift production elsewhere. Thinking about it, I haven't seen any Picato strings for sale in shops recently...
  14. I'd echo this comment personally, with the adage that "If they cut through in typical P bass fashion" of course.... Not tried them myself, but wanted to mention (again) that I have a set of Adagio flats on one of my basses They're very cheap (About £12, bought on eBay) and they're surprisingly good strings. I did use Picato rounds for a while - someone locally used to get them cheap (a contact at the factory) and I quite liked the rounds If you like the picato's - get yourself another set Always a good excise to have 2 P basses - one with flats, one with rounds Let us know what you think, after comparing the two
  15. I'd be interested to know what you think of the new strings, once they've settled and you've done a few gigs with them Happy Jack I had silver slaps on my David Gage until recently. I liked the slaps, I must say. Just wondering how these strings compare. cheers both Marc
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