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  2. I've got the Blackstar amplug. It's exactly the same (I'm told they're made in the same factory). I find the drum machine / metronome quite handy - a useful excersise, especially as I can't jam with any drummer pals ATM it is a bit noisy with the gain turned up - so I keep that low to mid setting. It's a useful little device imo. Seems ok build quality... But I've only had it about 5 months, so I don't know if it will last longer than some folk on here have mentioned. i have a pair of the Vox amp-headphones, and those sound pretty good, they haven't got the drum machine, also the jack lead is rather flimsy, not shielded well and a bit on the short side... It has started to break where it meets the jack plug, and seems like a cheap element which will make the whole thing fail Of the two, I'd definitely recommend the amplug.
  3. Thanks for that info @ash - always good to know - I don't have a shoulder injury per-se.... but due to my ageing back, neck, hips, shoulders etc etc etc I'm always on the lookout for lighter weight options for basses and amp gear. I've got one of the earliest Chinese made Squier CV basses, in very pale blue. It's become my go-to bass for the gigs I need a P bass. Even over my Limelight PJ It's near enough spot on 4kg, and I've played other CV's which have been the same, or just over.. I really really don't "need" another Precision (well, not until I sell one or two basses anyhow) but I keep looking at these. Back "in the day" I had a Maple board Mocha coloured Fender P which weighed a tonne, and had a very chunky neck profile - but this looks amazing, and nice & light too.... Sigh, c'mon marketplace.... please pick up soon Cheers again, and apologies for hijacking your Sales thread with questions
  4. I must admit, I really liked the look of the earlier (Chinese made) version of this bass, in Black But I think I like the Walnut colour even more. It looks so 70's, and really cool.....Unlike an Austin Alegro in similar colour Did you weigh this bass on a fairly accurate scale @ash? I ask because I'm sure I read in the Specs that these were 5Kg..... which sounded too heavy to me EDIT: Just double checked that - it says "shipping weight 6kg" in the specs on PMT's website So I guess that's the total weight including the box & packaging? Which seems a strange specification to quote for customers (apart from those wanting to courier)
  5. Hi, have you got a fairly accurate weight for this bass?
  6. Here in Wales, we're currently in Tier 4 Covid restrictions. But I'm bumping this sales thread anyway. Hopefully we'll be able to travel again soon....
  7. Yes, this has happened to me... And it's why I've got too many basses! Lol well, and because too many take my fancy Do you own a bass yet? If so, what is it? If not, then a P bass is a good place to start, IMHO. It's versatile, a lot of classic tracks and whole albums have been recorded using one, and I think every bassist should have at least one. You could opt for a PJ - so you have a p bass, with some added Jazz tones. This is my own favoured pickup arrangement, I must say... If you don't have a bass yet - just get one and start playing. And most of all - best of luck with it... Enjoy playing
  8. Cracking colour. Nice & Lightweight, Precision pickups..... What's not to like
  9. Hmmm, have you ever thought of making these pickups to order? I'm sure there are enough fans of the Wal sound on here to be willing to buy from you.... You could colour me interested for that matter
  10. @prowla - do it! "Ronniebarker" basses - that made me smile on this damp, dreary morning
  11. Sorry to be late wishing you a happy NBD @funkle I discovered the Squier CV range a few years back when I got my CV 60's P in Fiesta Red (one of the earlier ones, made in China) For the life of me, I can't think why I sold it on - must be because I just had too many... haven't I always Anyhow, Since then I picked up one of the even earlier (first models 2008? 2009?) Precisions, also made in China, in light Powder Blue And it's my fave P bass ever. US and MIM Precisions have come & gone....but this one is going nowhere. It has become my go-to bass, to the extent that I'm playing other basses less and less Like @Woodinblack, I previously wasn't particularly a fan of the 50's P bass - perhaps like him, it was partly down to the shape of the pickguard? I've definitely come around to that shape now though.... but I mustn't start thinking about buying one - Mrs S will NOT be pleased if I acquire any more lol
  12. It looks fairly similar for me too tbh. My NS design EUB sits on its' stand, and stays pretty much in the same position. I sometimes have to shift it a little during the gig, as our lead guitarist tends to wander quite a bit.... and start occupying more room My amp is a Markbass EVO1, with two inputs - so switching between EUB and Bass guitar is quick. I then just need to swing my mic stand, to suit whichever instrument I'm playing. Not always as easy as I'd like... but nothing a little bit of shuffling won't fix. Sometimes the band decides to drop or add songs, or switch the order around, or do a request - so I need to be able to switch instruments quickly.... or just play on whatever I've currently got in my hands. I did try the same with my acoustic upright, but being much larger, it was more of a pain to swap between songs - more cumbersome, time consuming, and more likely to snag on cables etc. I just find it easier with my EUB on a stand. Funny thing is, I usually get more comments / compliments / chats about the EUB than my acoustic DB EDIT: There are just some songs which I prefer to play on upright, and others I wouldn't attempt! lol Besides, I quite like playing both at a gig too.
  13. Just putting this out there, I realise the marketplace is quite slow atm, and very understandably so.... In light of this, even though I previously said "No trades" - I've decided to add a possible one - if you have a Status, like the one he plays here in his video of Kirsty MacColl's "Walking Down Maddison" and "Days". (Or if you have something of very similar size / design / weight) I know I also said "5 strings aren't for me" but I think I should maybe persist and have another go especially if it's something so neat & compact. So if you've got a Status like Guy's (sorry I don't know the Model) or something really similar, I might consider a trade, obviously with cash your way, if it's as valuable as Guy's bass EDIT: I also realise this is not something that's that much of a possibility! lol - I'm just putting it out there
  14. I too started my venture into upright with a Stagg. I just couldn't get on with those awful brackets, supplied with the bass. I've owned & tried several EUB's and like @Silvia Bluejay, I find they all tend to swivel whilst playing them... with the exception of the Eminence (the T-bar attachment worked pretty well IMHO, though it could possibly have done with being a bit longer). Since these days I only play upright when I'm doubling up (i.e. half a gig on Bass guitar, half on EUB) - I find a stand, like @Paul S uses, is the best method for me. I appreciate that there are many who prefer to move and "dance" when playing upright, but it wouldn't be practical to store an upright on stage, and be swapping over between songs... Besides, I still play my acoustic upright too (though mainly at home these days) - so I'm doing at least some practice on that.... Before I sold my Stagg EUB, I got a second-hand stand from a group on FaceBook. I think it was a cymbal stand, if my memory serves me correctly.... Anyhow, I opted for a fairly heavy duty one, and it was fairly stable when played. The only downside was that it was quite heavy additional "baggage"
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