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  1. Great playing for one so young, and after only 6 weeks! Amazing stuff - the trick now, is to keep him interested As Grangur says..... he'll be teaching you soon
  2. Leaving a band

    Sorry to be late to the party (it's been a manic week! lol) I think the OP did the right thing in approaching the lead member of the band. A personal chat is far better than a text when you decide to leave a band And you did the right thing, if the music was just not for you. Nothing worse than being stuck in a band who aren't particularly pals, and you don't enjoy the music. But on a positive note - you got to do some work which was outside your usual "genre" - nothing wrong with that - we all need to step outside our usual boundaries once in a while... It does our playing no harm. Plus, you got to compose your own basslines - which is very different from learning other peoples' basslines, and replicating them.... no bad thing Blue, I've quoted you above, because I really like the sentiment behind your statement here - that and the fact you seem to have given up a regular nice to five type job and salary, for music, which is obviously something you enjoy As you say, if you can get paid for something you enjoy - you're never really "at work" Good on you sir!
  3. Top Of The Pops

    Yes, and of course, it was a few years till Video recorders were available - so you couldn't even re-watch your favourite episodes or bands.... You had to hope and wait for a repeat
  4. Top Of The Pops

    Thanks for the heads-up Blue
  5. Fender Road Worn Jazz 2010 Pimped a bit

    These are amazing basses. Wish I still had mine GLWTS
  6. fender jazz 74 vintage reissue

    This may have sold - the post is from 2015
  7. A bargain indeed. Great price. Let us know how you get on with the refret
  8. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    Oh no, no, no, no Mr Discreet.... I'm fairly sure it's in YOUR head as well
  9. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    I had very little GAS.... until I discovered Basschat! BTW. If you steer clear of BC for any considerable length of times - GAS returns, and is roughly double what it was before your leave of absence!
  10. Avoiding the Gut-a-like Dead E string

    Cheers for that again. I'm going to look on Thomann's website now - see if I can find out more about buying a Twister Though in truth, I'm quite happy with my Innovation E string - I just like to experiment a bit, if it's not too expensive I was using Spirocore Weichs on my DB, but the innovation Gold Slaps are a bit louder, with a nice dark, low "growl" Pop them back on your bass, and give them another whirl
  11. It Took Me Long Enough to Discover the Sans Amp

    Just another thought from me.... Has anyone on here used a Sansamp for Double bass, or Electric upright? Wondering how they sound in that application.....
  12. Great gig, poor turnout

    I'm also with Dave Vader on this. It is a big shame, I know. I've had this happen too I've also had gigs where things don't go quite so well; either I'm not quite on form, or the overall sound isn't that good etc So how is it when I play perfectly, no one is there to witness it? Just put it down to being one of those things... at least the whole band sounded good - look on it as a sort of "live practice" Next time will be busier.....
  13. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    Why not indeed - top answer Al Krow .... so why is my face that of a grumpy old git? lol
  14. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    Why? Because when I've found my perfect bass, I want one in Fiesta Red too.... And one with a maple board, as well as the one with Rosewood.... and.....
  15. Good point there petebassist - it does look as though there's no hole or bracket for a body brace...... @scots_flyer1 - still can't play that video, and chance you could re-post it and check the link works? Ta