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  1. Yes indeed @JimelliottbassistI've had mine a few months now, and I'm absolutely smitten by it. I'm not playing through an Ampeg - I've got a few amps which I use, for different situations.... and my P bass sounds amazing through all of them
  2. I've got one of these, and it's an amazing cab. Loud, punchy, and incredibly lightweight. Great range of sounds from it too. It's my fave bass cab. Mine is going nowhere (unless you can find me something even more compact & lightweight, which sounds as good). GLWTS
  3. I don't think it's any worse (or better) regarding bass, than it is for guitar. I certainly hear a lot of "gear talk" among guitarists, and have heard some gear related snobbery. I know I've suffered a little bit from it myself in the past. Perhaps this is because years ago, I couldn't afford much, and could only buy cheaper brands and copies - therefore, I aspired to getting hold of Fenders, Ricks etc. In recent years, I've suffered terrible bouts of GAS, mainly because I've had more cash, and far too often fancied "one of those" or "one in that colour as well". My P bass of choice now is my Fender P in fiesta Red. It has replaced my Squier CV as my main gigging bass, not because of snobbery - but because I just prefer playing it atm, and I'm getting the sounds I want from it. The CV was my main gigging bass, and I didn't care that it said Squier on the headstock.
  4. The ghost in you - Psychedelic Furs
  5. I used to boil roundwound strings in water and white vinegar (I can't stress the use of white vinegar enough - I once used brown vinegar, and that made matters worse! lol). It definitely worked, and the strings became notably brighter after treatment - albeit for a few weeks. But this was at a time when it was important to me, because strings were expensive relative to my income. EDIT: Thinking back, it was a time when I could also afford only one bass - so I probably played that one bass much less than each of the several I now own.... Latterly, I've used "Fast Fret" to maintain some life in rounds - that seems to work, IMO. I did try using some Isopropyl alcohol, and I'm not quite sure about its' effectiveness - this may be because I only had a small pot of it, and perhaps tried using it too sparingly? These days, I mainly play with TI flats, which seem to improve with age rather than lose their tone and become dull & lifeless.
  6. Several years back, I had a Markbass CMD210 combo. I really liked the sounds from it. I particularly liked those VPF and VLE filters - I always seemed to be able to get a sound I was happy with, wherever the venue and whichever rehearsal studios I played at. I also played through someone else's MB208 combo once too, and was really pleased with the sound (and volume) from that. After trying various amp heads and a few combos, my amp of choice these days is the Markbass EVO1 head. The main reason for this, being that I need 2 separately controllable inputs - I often double up, playing bass guitar and upright. No matter what I did before (inc various A B - Y switches and separate EQ pedals) I never quite got the balance right. So the EVO1 was the answer. I really like the head - though in truth, I wish the controls were better lit.... for those dark corners of the stage I usually end up in. The 6 separate pre-amp settings on each input are really nice too - there are some nice vintage tones among those settings.... well, I find them quite convincing anyway. And several of the pre-amp settings give a more modern, cleaner sound. If you get chance, I'd recommend giving the head a whirl - don't know where you're based? But perhaps a local BC member would let you try their amp head? You'd be welcome to have a listen to mine. I do sometimes wish this head had those VLE & VPF filters though.....
  7. Hello, and welcome from Wales
  8. Nice work @dazza14and very brave of you, I must say. When I read the first post in this thread, I was going to suggest paying just a little more and buying yourself an adjustable bridge - that way, you can change strings and / or experiment with different string heights..... But obviously, I was too late to the thread! lol When fitting the strings, did you grate some pencil "lead" into the slots? This helps reduce friction when tuning the strings. Hope you find your ideal strings - I've been through a few sets myself
  9. Yes, definitely agree on it being a good "old age" bass, I use my Lyte where I know I'm in for a 3 set gig, or a long haul session. I do like the pre-amp, and the sounds I get from the Lyte - but it sometimes means more fiddling.... The simplicity of the VVT arrangement never seems to fail me - it's just that it's my favourite arrangement, and I sometimes wish it was the way the electrics worked on the Lyte Yes, they are now "vintage" instruments, relatively. You don't see them come up for sale so often nowadays.
  10. They are another notch up again. I realise the current models are pretty good... I have played a few of the newer ones. As I've mentioned, I once owned a very nice US P bass, and a Squier JV, and there wasn't an awful lot in it either way In fact, this CV is the one I kept longest. I took this bass in trade, expecting to gig it for a while, leave it at a rehearsal studio for convenience etc And it's the one I've kept longest, and the one I gigged most... until I got my MIJ P Lyte (for longer sessions) and my most recent P bass, which I also really like. As I've also said, if it weren't for that NBD a few weeks back - I'd be keeping this. EDIT: @Kevjust thought I'd add a few comments, as I recently played one of the newer CV's in PMT Cardiff. The necks on these older China made CV's are absolutely sublime - the edges of the fretboard are beautifully finished and rolled. It definitely feels in keeping with a higher end instrument. The sound from the pickup is also superb. My old JV just had the edge, slightly on it... but not that much in all honesty. I had thought about "improving" the pickup, with a Fender '62 pup I've had for ages - but as other owners of these beautiful basses have said.... the pickups in these are superb anyway - it probably wouldn't add much, if anything - it sounds like a P bass should, and delivers as well as the 2000's US Precision I had at the same time. It's great construction quality and feels really "solidly built" without being too heavy. It's near enough spot on 4kg. The newer CV I played felt maybe a tad lighter (I think the spec says they're just over 3.5kg) Hope this helps. And I know everyone says it when selling a bass - but this is one I'm really really going to miss. Also - the colour on this one is just gorgeous! of course
  11. Can't believe this is still here. I also can't believe I'm selling it, as it's just so nice. However, as I've said - I already have too many basses, and too many of them are P basses or P/J's I would put it on long-term-loan to my son, but he's also got too many, and he prefers black, pointy-shaped basses (preferably adorned with skull decals / stickers lol)
  12. This was also going to be my suggestion. I have one, which I bought from the marketplace on here. Lovely bass - lightweight, with a slender neck. Though I do sometimes wish the pickups were passive, with the standard VVT controls. If I haven't picked up the bass in a while, it instantly feels lovely to play - but I have to spend a while tweaking the EQ. The "pan control" (or is it a pickup balance control?) takes some tweaking depending on what each venue is like, acoustically. I can just dial in the P pickup.... but I like a hint of the Jazz pickup in the mix too. Hmm, perhaps I should have a word with our very own KioGon about this? I was also going to suggest putting together a Bitsa of your own choices. I've got a Squier PJ body (Indonesian, I think) and a Squier Block & Bound Jazz neck. It's a sort of knock-about bass that I may take on pub jams / trips etc and which currently resides in my office (for those times when I feel like a noodle during a rare lunchbreak).
  13. Done. Best of luck with the project
  14. I put a set of the D'Addario tapewounds on my Upswing. I quite liked the sound initially, and tried re-setting the string height a little. I've mentioned before that I'm not really a bow player - but there are occasions where I bow some simple parts, as in some songs, it really works well. The Tapewounds didn't bow as well as the strings the bass came fitted with. I also tried tweaking the string height, and found that they didn't "feel" right when set slightly higher. So after a little pondering, I re-fitted the original strings. I must say, I definitely prefer the original strings (D'Addario flats). I'm now going to set the string height just a tad higher again, and if I do that incrementally, I might just get used to the higher action - it definitely sounds a bit more DB-like with increased string height. I'm still loving the Upswing
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