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  1. I'd almost forgotten that this bass was up for sale! lol Anyhow, I'm bumping it because I could do with the space & the cash And because this Japan quality Fender really should be played by someone, as opposed to stored in a case under my bed
  2. Here come the young - Martyn Joseph
  3. Thanks for letting us know @Woodinblack What sort of sound(s) were you able to get from it? e.g. anything "Precision-like", "Jazz-like" or "MM-like"? etc
  4. Midnight summer dream - the Stranglers
  5. Hi @petebassist Yes, the Quebe Sisters are amazing. Their guitarist was a really knowledgeable bloke, really nice guy too. I attended a workshop / chat session with them while I was there. The guitarist had played with all sorts of famous people, including Elvis! Said bass player had played with Duke Ellington (again, if a Czech Ease is good enough for him! lol) Amazing backing band But the Quebe Sisters themselves came from a completely non-musical family / background. One of the sisters started playing the violin, so the others took it up, and they all became brilliant. They were All Texas Fiddle Champions at one time. Then they started singing, and a studio team said "Wow - when did you learn 3 part harmonies?" To which their reply was "What's that?". Such beautiful voices, great musicians, really nice songs.... and top that with the fact they're all really nice people. I know cos I was sat less than 2m from them. I attended that workshop because after seeing them onstage, I thought I'd probably never get chance again.
  6. Yes, it's a David Gage Czech-Ease. I've got one and I can confirm it's a lovely bass. So I'll ignore NickA's comment lol Mine is a lovely player, with a fairly slim neck. Due to their smaller body size & acoustic chamber, they're a tad quieter than most other acoustic uprights, but it's a lovely sound nonetheless. As well as being lighter, they're obviously that bit easier to cart around. There is a hard case available for them, as well as a quite nicely padded gigbag. I've also seen Danny Thompson playing one, and it sounded and looked great. The first time I saw one was onstage at Cambridge Folk Festival - the bass player from a band called "The Quebe Sisters" had one. It certainly sounded fab when he was playing it. They're not often seen in the UK - so best of luck with your search.
  7. Don't think I saw that one, but I've seen some fab work by Jabba. His workmanship looks absolute top-drawer. Happy NBD
  8. Down to the river to pray - Alison Krauss
  9. I don't personally know the seller - but I just wanted to say, I have one of these (well, I've got the Blackstar version, which is apparently exactly the same and even made in the same factory) These are useful little things. You can jam along to 6 different drum patterns, for a bit of warming-up / exercise, and you can plug an MP3 player, CD player or phone into it and jam along with that too. Useful little devices IMO, I use mine a lot. £20 is a bargain... just saying
  10. Another fan of Fast Fret here. I've been using it for quite some time, and not noticed any build-up of anything nor any staining / discolouration. It definitely keeps roundwound strings brighter for a bit longer. I only occasionally need to clean my Flatwound strings with Fast Fret - usually, I just wipe them down with a soft cloth after playing.
  11. I have come back to Sunburst basses, after a short while of them being out of favour for me. There are probably so many around, that they are seen as common - however, I think of the finish as Classic. Everyone should have one in their collection IMO. Perhaps the finish suits a P more than a Jazz - but I've no argument with someone who loves their burst J bass. I tend to prefer a 3 tone sunburst over a 2TSB. I now only have a cheap self-assembled P/J (from Squier parts) - I should really continue to thin the herd, but I just can't bring myself to sell this rather nice bass .......after all, it would leave me without a Sunburst bass at all EDIT: Of course, the most important thing is that the owner likes the colour / finish of his or her bass. So that's the only thing that really matters.
  12. I had one of these, and it was my main gigging amp. I used it for anything from tiny acoustic events, 4 and 5 piece acoustic jams, and larger, louder, rock gigs. It always coped well, had plenty of headroom and always sounded great. Yes indeed, when you attach 2x 8 ohm cabs or a 4 ohm cab, you get the full 550W. What I really liked about this head was that it was so easy to use, and it's compact & lightweight. I carted it around in an old laptop bag, which had plenty of pockets for leads etc. I would have kept my TC BH550, if I hadn't needed an amp with 2 separately controlled channels (1x for BG and 1x for Upright). GLWTS - this is a bargain, given that you get the bag and the footswitch included.
  13. You say the action is low - but make sure the E string isn't too close to the pickup. Although this can often mean that you get a higher level of output from individual strings, I have found previously that it can adversely affect the E string. The theory is that if the string is too close, the magnet can dampen the strings vibrations. Worth a whirl trying to lower it a tad anyway. I find that I have to lower the top of the pickups slightly more than you may think... What strings are you using, out of interest? Best of luck sorting it
  14. Thanks for sharing that video @PaulWarning Still one of my fave bass lines ever
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