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  1. Marc S

    Fender 1995 USA Precision PJ

    Great looking bass. Really cool Precision, with a hint of jazz when you want.... PJ is ideal. GLWTS
  2. Marc S

    Very small cab - options?

    I too have played DB through larger speakers, and just didn't like the sound. Through a 15" cab, which I was perfectly happy playing bass guitar through - the sound from my DB just sounded very "boomy". There was less clarity and distinction between notes, particularly the lower notes; open E, F, F# + G. But a "muddy" sound overall anyway. Now using the same amp head, and 10" speakers, and the sound had much more clarity and notes sound more distinct and warm, and well "acoustic" too. Actually, I also use a 12" cab for BG too, and even the difference between a 10" cab and a 12" is noticeable. I had a PJ 4 X 5 cab in the past (one of the older, heavier versions) and that sounded great with DB. For smaller gigs, I sometimes use my TC electronic 208 and that sounds good too. So whatever the science behind it... Certainly in my experience, smaller speakers are much better for DB, and funnily enough, I find the same with my EUB too - so it can't be all down to the acoustics of a DB. I recall reading (I'm sure it was on BC sometime back) that string dynamics and the length of DB strings also plays a part....
  3. Marc S

    Very small cab - options?

    Not heard a Crazy 8, but I've been intrigued by them - I wouldn't mind hearing one Also - have you considered the Acoustic image "Upshot" - they're tiny, as the "cabinet" is round (not much bigger than the speaker) and are designed to be pointed upwards.... Again, I've not heard one, but folk rave about them. Now a Crazy 8 and an upshot is something I'd love to hear EDIT: Just looked, and from the Thomann website, it looks as though the Upshot is no longer available.... hope this is not the case...
  4. Marc S

    Very small cab - options?

    One of my cabs, which I use for duos and acoustic combos, is an Epifani UL110. It's the best sounding 10" cab I've heard - lovely warm sound, full tonal range, and great with upright It's really lightweight too, at 11kg. I had a BF One10 and the Epifani was my preferred cab. Lovely controllable tweeter (you can dial it right out, if you wish). Although I mainly use it for smaller gigs, it can cope with bigger gigs and venues than you might expect, for such a small cab. I've also used it as an extension cab, to my MB 1x12, and it sounds superb with bass guitar too
  5. Marc S

    Connecting MarkBass CMD102P combo to Trace Elliot cab?

    Definitely make sure any extension cab is an 8ohm speaker. The amp head in the CMD102 is designed to run at 8ohms, or 4ohms If you run it at any lower impedance, you run the risk of damaging the amp head. If in doubt - don't do it.... I had a CMD 102p myself - great amp that was. Really loud when run at 4 ohms, with 2 cabs. I only sold mine, so that I could get separate units, and make an even more flexible rig, using various combinations (a couple of smaller speakers) I still use a Markbass 1x12 cab and a Markbass 102 Traveller cab. The 102 traveller is incredibly compact and lightweight. Great sound too
  6. Marc S

    Help to motivate to play when depressed

    First of all - I'm really sorry to hear you are suffering with depression. But it's also good to hear that you've got the medical side of things sorted, and that you've been to your doctor I've met many people who have not sought out advice from their GP's or who don't really address their problems, and that's a far worse position to be in. Re the flu you've just got over - I've just had a cold, which lasted around 3 weeks! It wasn't awful, I've felt worse with flu - but fighting any such illness is draining physically for your body. So it's quite natural that you don't have the energy for other things in life. We all go through phases like that anyway. I'm sure it will pass with time. Dan Dare has a good point, re investing "all of yourself" into one thing - he's right that if something goes wrong, it can have a profound effect, but also you can be drawn in so much that you fail to see the wider picture. Of course, everyone is different, and we each react differently to a given situation, and what works for one doesn't always work for others. My advice to you would be.... small steps - in everything Don't "overload" yourself with practice / rehearsing. Try just doing 20 or 30 minutes here and there. Sometimes, I'm so busy that I don't get much time - so I just do a short spell of jamming along to one or two songs on YouTube. I really love the Firestick I got a few years back, because I can jam along with music videos on my TV. Maybe try a few songs you haven't tried before? Or perhaps a song you haven't heard in a while, but enjoy listening to - and don't beat yourself up if you can't work out every note... just work out what the root notes and structure to the song are. What songs make you feel happier, or do you just like listening to? Getting out & jamming with others can go either way - but I would recommend giving it a go... but perhaps you need to find a new open-mic or jam session - somewhere you've not been before? When going through a divorce (years back) I set myself the task of getting fitter - but I did things in small steps, each having a realistic goal... like jogging around a certain circuit. First of all, take a couple of attempts to complete the circuit without stopping. Once I was able to do that, the next step was to extend the circuit. The next was to reduce my time by 20 seconds, then by another 20... but each time, making the next goal an achievable one, rather than trying to jump too far ahead with unrealistic targets.... Whatever you do - best of luck with it. So many of us have been there, or near to where you are now. Let us know how you get on EDIT: Once you start achieving "other things" - things that only you have control of, you may feel more positive about playing music....
  7. Something else has turned my head - so I'm willing to consider (close) offers for this fine Jazz bass. (until the other item sells)
  8. Marc S

    EUphonic Audio Micro Doubler Problems

    I "tweaked" the trim pots on mine, just on the one channel, not long after I got the amp (The channel I was intending for upright) But I've not noticed any movement since then, and that was some 2 years plus ago.... I can't imagine how they could move on their own. Check them again now, are they physically very loose? If so, then vibration from sitting atop the speaker cab could cause movement. But they shouldn't be that loose! Are they still making a difference to the sound, when you adjust them? If they're that loose - I'd be tempted to whip the casing off and at least have a look. Definitely leave the repair to someone qualified - but taking a look might at least let you know what it is that's going on.... If you don't know of any amp repair techs in your area - ask whether a local guitar shop could either do it, or who they recommend. Also, a post asking for amp techs on here may help Most of all - good luck, and I hope you get it sorted. They're great amps
  9. Marc S

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    Don't like the look of them much either. I do like their amps & cabs though
  10. Squier VM's are great quality instruments, given the asking price They definitely did a version which isn't routed out though - at least they did a fretless version that wasn't routed Flog your bass and get one of the other versions... or buy a fretless, and swap the necks over? Or perhaps ask in the wanted section for a body? At one time, I was sorely tempted to get a fretless VM without guard - they look great
  11. Are you sure these won't fit your NS WAV? There should be some extended slots, on the back of your bass, to accomodate the extra length of 3/4 scale strings.....
  12. I've PM'ed you Rabbie, with a trade offer - but either way, I'd like to take your last one matey
  13. Marc S

    EUB or "real" Double Bass for starter?

    This time last year, I wasn't playing upright much at all, mostly due to bands folding etc etc. However, in the summer I joined a new band (some old pals I used to dep for years back, actually) And they were keen on me doubling up and switching between BG and DB as much and as often as I want. So I tried an NS Design EUB, and was really impressed. It was the lightest weight, most compact 3/4 upright I'd come across, and I really liked the sound Moreover, I found I could easily get it in a small car, along with a bass guitar and my rig and stands etc. My practice time on upright seems less than ever, and on the rare occasions I get some "quality time" - it almost always seems to be late at night... so the NS is getting used far more than my acoustic upright. With a bit of EQ'ing, I can get a better sound from the NS than any other EUB I've played, apart from maybe the Eminence - but that's not quite the same thing, as it's more of a mini acoustic DB, I suppose Within months, I'd upgraded from a WAV to an NS CR model, with more tonal / EQ options, and haven't looked back. So to the OP (or anyone else tempted by EUB's) I'd recommend trying out an NS Design upright. I'm now switching between BG and upright at gigs, using an A, B, Y switch - something I'd struggled with before, due to big EQ and level differences between instruments I'll always prefer the tone of my acoustic upright, but my EUB is getting far more use. And oddly enough, I get more positive comments and questions from audience members, plus positive comments from fellow band members than I ever did giging my acoustic upright.
  14. Happy New year fellow BC members who are not gigging tonight, but enjoying a wee dram... Or two! :) :) :)