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  1. .... having said that - I'm still tempted. Do you accept Monopoly money?
  2. My thoughts exactly - in fact, it was the logo that made me wonder whether this was a copy. Look hard again at the "Made in Nowhere" and serial number parts of the decal..... I'm sure I can't see an "edge"
  3. I didn't cut the body, or the scratchplate either T-Bay. The Entwistle pickup simply slotted into the existing pickup cover - so no modification or dremelling needed at all Fitted like a glove
  4. Having owned 2x CV P basses, the pickups were good - really good. But the Limelight pickup is better still. Hmmm, wish I still had room (+funds) for one of my old CV P's Can't own 'em all eh?
  5. I've fitted a couple of the JBXN and PBXN pickups, plus a PBX. All were great quality pickups, the JBXN and PBXN's had huge output. Although the PBX was a decent pickup too - just not as loud as the XN version. Last one I fitted - I discovered that the old pickup covers just fitted straight onto the pickup, with no modifications. So I didn't need to enlarge the scratchplate slot. So if you're fitting Entwistle pickups - might be worth trying this, to avoid having to dremmel out the pickup slots in your guard
  6. Just thought of another option. You could also ask Mark Morgan-Richards to sell you one of the pickups he uses in his Limelight basses. I have a Limelight P/J - I was so impressed with the sound of the pickups in that, I bought a P pickup to go into my Fender Roadworn P The upgrade really lifted the sound beyond my expectations. I don't know what his pickups actually are, but they are superb The P pickup in my Limelight is the best P bass sound in any bass I've ever owned - including a couple of US P's
  7. Another pickup you may want to consider is the Entwistle PBXN. Actually their PBX isn't a bad pickup either, and it's cheap. The PBXN has much larger, deeper magnets - so you'll need to rout out a small "trench" in the bottom of each cavity. This isn't too difficult though... Having the much larger magnets, the PBXN has a huge output. Your bass will still sound like a P bass, but in my experience there was definitely less "honk" Both Entwistle pickups are very cheap, considering their quality - the PBXN being slightly more expensive Don't let the low prices fool you - these are great pickups, especially for the money Other than that, if you want to go for a more popular brand - I really like DiMarzio's. Always been a contender for quality pickups IMO Perhaps try searching for some 2nd hand pickups on this forum?
  8. Yes, that's what I was thinking about, when I suggested buying from the BC marketplace.
  9. Wow! Just wow, and well done sir This looks amazing. I have to say, I like the colour too - and somehow, it's a colour that improves with a bit of ageing... I don't quite know why I feel that way, but to me, it just does - as does the colour of the scratchplate. Great job on the ageing and colours I wasn't a fan of Roadworn / relicing of basses... until I got a Fender Roadworn Jazz. I now have a RW Jazz and a Limelight P, and they are both superb basses. This does look as good as a Limelight I recently saw for sale in the same colour. One positive advantage of a Roadworn / Reliced bass, is that you're not quite so precious about them getting a little knock or ding at a gig (not that I purposely look to do that, of course) I think you could maybe consider doing custom basses, for those of us old enough to not be able to afford a YOB bass
  10. Hi @MuckleGazza - only just spotted this thread, so sorry to be a late joiner Did you try a Silver Slap A string? Just wondered how they compared? Is the sound fairly even / consistent across all the strings? I use Silver Slaps (Well, Gold Slaps to be precise - but they are apparently the same, apart from the colour!) Just wondering how they compare And would you be better off using the whole set of Innovations, rather than mixing the string types? Hope you sorted it and got the sound you want
  11. Hello and welcome to BC Graham Sibob has a good point. Fender Japan stuff is always of the highest quality. I've not played a bad one yet. You may end up getting more for your cash, buying from BassChat second-hand too Good luck with your search
  12. Not played one of these, but have heard great reports on them. If they're anything like as good as the Fender Roadworn series (which are, I believe, built alongside these, and from the same select materials) then I'm sure it's a cracker Looks great in that shade of red too I don't need another P bass, I don't need another P bass, I don't.......
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