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  1. @Daveyboyrooster - firstly, I'm sorry to hear of your redundancy woes Secondly, I've dealt with Daveyboy in the past, and he's a decent sort, and good, trusted BC'er - so buy with confidence folks Thirdly, thanks to @Henrythe8 for that concise list of neck profiles... very useful, cheers Fourthly (if there's such a word) GLWTS mate, and all the best for a decent outcome re the job situation
  2. I never used to understand why, on a sales thread, people always seemed to ask about the weight of a bass... However, as the years advance... I fully understand! I've got several basses (too many) and when I'm expecting to play longer gigs or sessions - these days I always favour my lighter basses.... Just being half a kilo or so can make a difference to my shoulder at the end of a long evening's playing My own preference is to lean toward a Fender, or Fender shaped bass - so I'm tempted lately by lighter basses of that brand. But I've heard good reports about Maruszczyk basses, and often pondered one of their chambered bodied range. I'll be interested to see what you opt for @Bernardo - good luck with your search
  3. I bought a Roadworn P from Daveyboy, several years back. The neck on that one had also been slimmed / modified by the same Luthier Daveyboy used on this one I've played other Roadworn Fenders, including a Precision with its' standard neck (and I've owned a RW Flea Jazz, and currently own a Roadworn 3TSB Jazz) Yes, the necks are all superb on the Roadworn Fender basses - but I have to say, the Luthier in question did an absolutely top job on that RW P I had. In fact, I wouldn't have known that it had been altered at all, unless I'd compared it to other Roadworn Precisions.... The woodwork was neat, and the finish felt superb It's the very same comfortable, "worn-in" feel - but it's just that bit slimmer... It felt more comfortable to my left hand anyway If you want a Roadworn P, but prefer a slimmer neck - then this is the bass for you
  4. I had one of these too. Great basses. Wish I hadn't sold mine Wish I had room for one of these.... but already have too many - otherwise, I'd have this GLWTS
  5. Looks fab. I love a fire pit! Wish I had the land & space for one... While you're at it... leave the drummer well alone, but you can sacrifice a lead guitarist or two - well, maybe the ones who just don't know when they're too loud... so they turn up all the time
  6. As others have said, a Fender Japan Jazz would be a good option I'd also like to say that one of my faves is the Roadworn Jazz, available in either 3TSB or Fiesta Red New, they're both over £1k now - but a second-hand one, from someone here on the BC marketplace would be a smart move Go for an earlier one too. I played a brand new one in a shop recently (purely cos it was Fiesta Red, and mine is 3TSB) and it was nice, but not as comfortable as my older model
  7. Yes, I purchased that one sometime back, and it was a great bass - the neck re-profiling was a top job In the end, I only traded it on because I was after something similar, but with a Rosewood fretboard.... Although there are times when I wish I hadn't... still I'm happy with the P basses I now own (and in fact, I still have too many! lol) Yes, I'm well thank you good sir - hope you are too? Just wanted to add, that Daveyboy is a top BC'er and these basses are superb GLWTS mate
  8. Hmmm, am I suffering a bout of Deja Vu @Daveyboyrooster ??
  9. Hello Lee / @meterman Shwmae from South Wales. I know Brighton quite well. My sister lives in Saltdean. Really like the area - but if I lived anywhere around there....I'd be spending too much time in GAK! lol Lockdown isn't driving me too crazy - partly because I was halfway there already... And I'm not going stir crazy, because I've been in work the whole time anyway Just missing family, and missing jamming with pals + gigging, of course The colour on that old Bullet of yours looks fab. Shame you had to sell it Now you can use lockdown to search for another one Welcome to BC
  10. @MoJo - what headphones are you using BTW? Just out of interest.... as I'm thinking I may go down a similar route...
  11. I'll send no money.... But I can't send it now. Can I send it the day after tomorrow?
  12. Seasick Steve originally played bass, in a band called "Shanti"
  13. Welcome back to the low end @WingedWords. Hope you enjoy playing bass again, and being part of the BC community
  14. Just a thought. But I might consider a swap for a JV Jazz bass (I could sell my Roadworn Jazz then, and get to that "N minus one" position I'd like to be in....)
  15. Bore Da Roberto, I'm also in Cardiff I'm sure you will enjoy it here.... but be careful of spending too much time in the BC Marketplace!
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