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  1. Marc S

    Greetings From Belgium

    Hello Blue Moon, and welcome to BC. On the subject of superb Belgian beers (yes, you have many). I recently discovered a rather nice pub in nearby (ish) Bristol, called "The Strawberry Thief" Where I sampled such delights as "Pawel Kwak" (with its' unusual glasses) and Kasteel, among one or three others! Any BC'ers visiting Bristol - seek the place out, I highly recommend it On the subject of too many basses, there are quite a few of us on here who "suffer" the same condition! lol .... and yes, when you start playing upright - this only adds to your collection even further I too have a P, a P/J, a Jazz, a fretless, a DB, and EUB..... etc etc So be careful of the marketplace on here - this will only add further to your collection! Welcome to BC and please join in as much as possible EDIT: I also had a lovely Belgian Coconut beer - was that "Blue Moon"?
  2. Looks absolutely stunning PawelG
  3. Marc S

    Talking Heads

    I really like Talking heads too. I seem to go though phases where I almost forget about them, then I hear a song of theirs, and think to myself "Why do I not listen to them all the time?" Tina Weymouth is a great bass player too
  4. Marc S

    bassfan's feedback

    Bought a Flea Jazz from bassfan. Great communication from him, and a thoroughly good guy to deal with We had a good chat in the service station we met at, and could have talked all afternoon Buy / sell / trade in confidence BC'ers
  5. Marc S

    Limelight '71ish Jazz

    Absolutely! What a cracking looking bass. Mark at Limelight does such a great job, and this one looks superb
  6. Marc S

    Band issues, what would you do?

    +1 to Monkey Steve's comments above
  7. Marc S

    Favourite basses and back pain.

    I agree, it's probably not only weight that's an issue - I'm sure it's partly ergonomics too But I'd also say, take a look at the strap your bass is wearing. (which is also part of the ergonomics). I've been guilty in the past, of saving costs and buying cheap-ish straps. But a while back, I put a decent, soft leather, wide (but not too wide) strap on one bass, and standing up playing the bass for a long time just became that bit easier. So much so, that I bought an identical strap to fit onto another relatively heavy bass. Of course, what some people find "comfortable" might differ to others. I found I prefer a fairly wide, but not too wide strap, and for me, it needs to be very soft leather, with no annoying stitching right near the edge...
  8. Marc S

    Band issues, what would you do?

    Sorry to have been even later to the party than Discreet and Happy Jack I agree with most of what has already been said above. To me, the issue is whether it was made clear to you at the outset, that they would be doing gigs without bass - for whatever reason (fee, venue size etc). You would probably have been happier if they had made that absolutely clear, and I can understand what you feel you have been "slightly deceived". This may, or may not have been deliberate. I think it's foolish if it's deliberate, and inconsiderate if not. At your informal audition, were you absolutely clear about the other bands / commitments you were involved in? I'm just thinking ahead here, in case they bring up the argument; "well, you're involved in other projects, so why not us?" I think if you feel that you've been sold short, or that you're under-valued, then you have to ask yourself whether you're going to be comfortable continuing in this band. If they're decent types, a frank discussion might help clear the air. I'd far sooner have that frank discussion, than be stewing about deception and my own worth to these guys. I've had all that sort of [email protected] in the past, and these days I'm too long in the tooth to put up with any nonsense As with Happy Jack - I'm doing this bass playing malarkey for fun, and if you're happy continuing with these guys (once the air is clear, and once you're settled on your position) and if it keeps bringing in some gigs and cash - then stay. If however, you find they're not being completely honest + upfront with you, or that they're likely to sell you short in future - then maybe stick with them until you've found something else / better, and let your feet do the talking... when it suits you to do so..... Whatever happens, let us know how you get on, and best of luck with it
  9. Sunburst, Tort, Rosewood board..... luverlee If I needed a P bass, this would be right up my street GLWTS PS. What profile is the neck? Is it the modern "C" shape?
  10. Marc S

    Impending NBD

    Sorry to hear of this awful roller-coaster ride you've had Andy I had a bad experience years ago, and I must admit, it put me off shipping basses Whenever I read a thread like this, I can hear myself thinking "That's it, collection / meet-up only, when buying or selling basses!" Of course, I have bought a couple from people on BC when posting was the only option, and mostly things have been OK Though even then, a bass was "in transit" to me for 3 days longer than it should have been.... I was worried then, I can tell you I still hate the thought of posting one of my own basses though..... Real shame about the damage to that first one - it looked a superb instrument Mind you, I like the look of your new Guild too Glad it got sorted matey
  11. Marc S

    Jazz Bitsas

    That looks great Johnny Wishbone. Really like the result on both builds, but particularly this one. Great colour, and the black scratchplate, black blocks and maple neck look superb. I think it's a fab combination, and actually, I think the silver hardware looks just fine Don't think I'd bother replacing with the black hardware.
  12. Marc S

    £80!! Ibanez ergodyne 2003 EDC 715IPF(Retro)

    Indeed, location may help And wow! Looks like a bargain for someone I'm just wondering what material might be best to fix the de-threaded strap button? Araldite rapid, or some similar Epoxy Resin? GLWTS - shouldn't be around long, at that price
  13. Great bass. The P/J pickup arrangement is my favourite Is this the Made in Indonesia Vintage Modified series? (can't quite tell from the pic - it looks as though it is If so, they're fab quality instruments for the money, even better with the upgrades I had a VM P/J and it was a great gigging bass Never saw one in that colour though - looks cool GLWTS
  14. Yes, they're pretty damn good. I use one occasionally, when a 4 piece I'm in, has to play as a 3 piece. It helps a lot Although I haven't used the feature on my Zoom B3 for some time (which someone mentions above) - it's definitely a step up from that. As has been said though, they're pricey, and you don't see many coming up second-hand....
  15. Marc S

    Jazz Bitsas

    Don't worry about the "fickleness" - I think you've made great progress an a couple of basses, and you've made some alterations / adaptations as you go along So you've achieved plenty, methinks, and are perhaps due some pondering time Yes, I think the shape of the new neck looks good, and perhaps better for this project I'm sure you'll find a buyer for the neck - or as you say, perhaps you could put it on yet another body, and create a further bass?