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  1. Well, that's different. Really nice look to the grain on the surface. Nice colour too
  2. Marc S

    Hello world

    Hello @drabjabb - je suis un Gallios Welcome to BassChat. Nice basses. I like Markbass gear too
  3. Yes, it's a lovely colour - nice
  4. Temporarily dropping the price of this bass to £450. Something else has turned up which is tempting me... If that sells, this bass will go back up to £475. EDIT: Also, I may now consider a couple of trades against this bass MIJ Fender Precision, or Earlier (Chinese) Squier Classic Vibe 70's P bass, or Squier CV Jazz (pref in White)
  5. Sorry, I can't add anything to this, other than I'm now also intrigued! lol I do seem to remember seeing brands that looked like, and were cheaper than DiMarzio's, back in the 80's Hope someone can help
  6. Thinking about it, the OP says he has a P bass with Flats, and another with rounds Surely this is proof that we all need 2 of each type of bass - one strung with flats, one with rounds?
  7. Yes, I well recall that. I've often heard people say "bass strings never break, surely!"But those Rotos definitely used to break all too regularly... I've been a slow convert to Flats, as I never liked the feel of them - much preferring rounds. I also found Flats seemed to be much higher tension, until I discovered TI flats Playing upright also helped me convert to liking Flats, as Upright strings tend to be more akin to them (in many cases) - but don't get me started there, as there are so many variants in upright strings I still don't like flats which are very high tension, and on some basses TI's just don't feel quite right. I've never tried half rounds - perhaps that's another thread again? lol
  8. Cracking basses the Roadworn series. I had one in Sunburst - superb bass that was But they look even better in Fiesta Red GLWTS
  9. Must admit, I really like Pink, and for some reason, especially on a Fender. I had one of the Roadworn Flea Jazz basses, and I liked it - but the Pink was a bit too faded, and not Pink enough for me lol I think you're right - a decent Tort scratch plate will look even better (especially if it's quite a reddy-brown colour) Please don't post any pics when it's fitted though @grayn ...... Because I will want your bass! lol
  10. What a kind and generous gesture! If only I lived nearer to Cambridge... but alas, I'm a long way off Someone's going to get the best bargain of all..... Free!
  11. I must say, I really do like the colour of this. I noticed when they released these new Vintera's and was immediately struck by the colour. Looks great with the Maple board too GLWTS PS. @karlfer - we all promise to let you out from under the stairs once this sells
  12. Bargain! Those early CV Squiers are amazing quality for the money You've managed to bag one for crazy bargain basement price Happy NBD
  13. Welcome to BassChat Croeso from Wales
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