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  1. Superb condition, boxed, and with manual sheet + leads. Light use only. Looked after well. This head is superb. Really punchy tone, and full sounding. It's quite compact + light too. 550 watts at 4 ohms. I think it's about 275 watts at 8 ohm? I'm only selling as I bought the 2 channel head I needed for doubling-up with upright bass. Otherwise I'd have kept this head. Collect from Cardiff North. No trades please - I already have too much stuff
  2. Hi, are these lower tension than Spirocore Weichs? Oh, there's so much to explore, in the world of DB strings! lol EDIT: Are they any good for bowing?
  3. I've got one of these. They really are a neat idea Much smaller & lighter to carry around than a guitar stand. I leave mine on the side of my speaker cab - so it's always there I think I paid about £21 for mine. So a tenner is a good price
  4. It may be that's the one. Though he couldn't recall what it was - perhaps the word "Gibson" had worn off? Though I'm sure he would have remembered that... Then again - he said he'd bought it many years back. Hmmm, I think I'll look into Gibson Switchblade now I can remember Strawberry Switchblade..... I'll get my coat EDIT: Just found the Gibson Switchbalde strap - they're £89 Pricey - but if it helps heavy basses feel lighter, and helps those of us with ageing backs & shoulders...... hmmmm
  5. If you're on a tight budget, definitely buying second-hand would make more sense - especially if buying from someone on a trusted forum such as BC. When buying used elsewhere - just make sure it hasn't been really hammered, and that the speakers are fine at higher volume. Not sure how your amp would be rated with an 8 ohm cab? But bear in mind, it won't be 350W. You'll either need a 4 ohm cab - or two 8ohm cabs It can be useful this way, as you have a flexible rig, or you can upgrade one item at a time when finances allow. I've heard quite a number of BC members talk very highly of Ashdown amps & cabs, certainly as being really good for the money. Better still, that they can go for great prices second-hand. Keep your eye out on the marketplace here on BC. You haven't put your location on here - so we don't know where you're based.... but it might be worth asking for some friendly BC'ers who are local to you, what they recommend, and even if you could give their amps & cabs a try.... just a thought. Good luck with your search, and let us know how you get on.
  6. A guitarist pal of mine, who is a fellow member of one of the bands I'm in, has a really really heavy Gibson LP. When I first picked it up, I just couldn't believe how incredibly heavy it was I mean, it's much heavier than any bass guitar I've owned, or even had a dabble with. So much so, that it made me ask whether it was actually a hollow body, which had been filled with lead Anyhow, he plays that guitar on a rather fancy sort of strap. Forgive my ignorance, but I'm not sure what such straps are called - but it's got an elasticated section near each end. Having picked the guitar up with my hands - it definitely felt lighter than I would have expected when on that strap. I asked him for details of the strap. He couldn't remember what it was called, or who the manufacturer was - but he did remember paying a lot of money for it. I must say, I quite fancy a strap like that myself..... as others have said, there comes a point when the weight of an instrument becomes an important issue.
  7. Hello Bill, Welcome aboard. Don't spend too much time trawling the markeplace, like the rest of us do! Oh, go on then Most of all enjoy your playing
  8. Of course, this "test" may not be as valid for basses, as it is for guitars But here's an interesting watch, no less....... enjoy! But I wouldn't recommend you try this at home, with your pre CBS Bass
  9. Wow! That's an absolutely stunning Jazz bass MIJ Fenders are just soooo good. But this one looks a real head-turner too. Love the colour, the matching headstock, and the block & bound neck Wish I had room for one more bass - sadly, I already have way too many But if there was a Jazz-sized-space in my life.... I'd be wanting this bass GLWTS @thanku
  10. There may be something in Graham's point here. Although, you'd have thought by now, someone would have designed a P bass type pickup that does work well with a 5 string.... Then again, maybe that's not all that easy? Perhaps, as Beedster suggests - the P pickup is perfect for a 4 string P bass, and maybe it's best to look for another solution, in the form of a different pickup? My first 5 string bass was a Squier P, made in Indonesia. It was a really nice bass, given the very reasonable price I paid for it second-hand. It was good quality construction, and was playable, and sounded reasonably good too - excellent bass for a beginner or someone wanting to try their hand at converting from being a 4 string player However, I did find the B string a bit "flabby" and not very distinct in tone - hence I sold it. A point to note here though, is that it was an unusual pickup arrangement in that it said "Squier Precision Bass" on the headstock - yet it had 2 Jazz pickups! I've seen this on other Squiier 5'er P basses since then too.... I'm intrigued to see what other players have done, to "pep-up" their B string now - what pickups do folks recommend? Or what other solutions are out there?
  11. Hello Mark, all the way from South Wales. Good to hear you started up bass again, and that you're playing despite the financial constraints of raising a family, and that you're managing to find time to practice and gig - very impressive I never managed to do that. In fact, I had a "gap" in my playing....... of almost 25 years! But I'm so glad I came back Sounds like you don't need an amp just yet - unless you end up playing somewhere they won't let you play through the PA, for some reason When I first played (many years back) it was almost unthinkable to allow a bass player to play through the PA! Cheers matey Marc
  12. Had some bad ones, and looks like a festival I'm playing at next weekend is going to fall into that category. The "organisers" seem to have little or no idea of what bands need - and they've booked quite a lot of bands to play from lunchtime through to 8:30 or 9 at night. Lots of pink torpedo-ups so far, and it seems a couple of the bands have already pulled out - because the organisers didn't think to arrange any parking for loading / unloading of equipment They seem to be expecting bands not only to play for free, but for every band to turn up before mid-day, and then stay until after the last band has finished and the crowds have dispersed! We'll see though.... lets not pre-judge too much, in case they see sense I have to mention a funny tale though. Sometime back, a drummer pal who I was in a band with, had decided to look for some open mic nights - so our band could do a few, before we felt we were "gig ready". Anyhow, we went along to one bar who were advertising open mic nights. Got there, and the place was empty, with no sign of so much as a 10 watt practice amp - let alone a PA or any mics. Bear in mind, this bar is on a pedestrian only road, with no parking and no road access whatsoever.... On chatting to the staff, they said bands were to bring their own drum kit and any amplification and mics they might need. "What about some sort of PA?" we asked.... "What's a PA?" was the reply. "It's what you're going to need, to be able to hear anyone singing, in a room of this size" was our reply "Oh, we can't be expected to provide everything" was the reply.... "Why can't you bring your own amps, mics, guitars and drums on the bus?" lol
  13. My go-to gigging bass is a Squier Classic Vibe P bass - one of the early ones The neck is superb. Of course, matters such as dimensions; depth, width, radius are all subject to personal preference But I like the C shape of the neck - the fact that it's not overly chunky, or too slim (somewhere in between) As others have said, it's a lovely finish to the edges and frets too. The stock pickup sounds superb. I had a CV Precision in Fiesta Red, and foolishly sold that. Which is a move I am now regretting.... even though I already have too many Keep an eye out for one of the earlier ones, second-hand on here But also try the new CV range, and the VM series too - especially as you liked the one you tried
  14. Thanks for your thoughts folks really appreciate you sharing them with me. i went ahead & ordered one a couple of days back. Guy I know in PMT Cardiff, price matched Andertons. i had a doubling-up gig on Wednesday. Again I took both heads. The EA is so small, it's great to carry as a spare. I was hoping to get the sound I wanted from DB and BG. Again though, the sound from my P bass was ok.... But not quite what I was after. So I played upright through my TC head and put my p bass through the house PA, via my MXR preamp, and it sounded ok. But it really hit me that I'd much prefer be more in control of both. Sound guy did a good job - though I had to ask him to tweak the EQ. Lots of compliments on the sound of the DB, and I have to say, my TC head has been great. I'll be listing it soon though - I'm looking forward to trying out the EVO1 next week. And thanks for warning me that I'll need to spend time with it, getting used to the controls. These gigs where I'm doubling-up are getting more common-place, and I'm really pleased about that Cheers all
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