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  1. Hi again Mr Bassman. How do the D'Addario tapewounds bow? - not that I play much with a bow.... Still. But I keep promising myself that one day, when I have more time, I will play & practice more with a bow..... So I don't want strings that aren't suitable for bowing. Thanks for your thoughts again good sir 😊
  2. For Sale Only - No Trades (unless you have a 5 string Wingbass, or Fingy, or similar) I never thought I'd sell this superb EUB, but things have changed, band-wise etc. It's in great condition. Currently strung with D'Addario "Zyex" strings, which are suitable for Pizz & Bow playing (I think they're medium tension) The CR series features the "NS Polar Bridge pickup" system, including a "blend" control, Volume, Bass & treble controls, which makes it really controllable tonally. Featuring a lovely, powerful 18v pre-amp, powered by two PP3 9v batteries - they last a long time. It's easy & quick to change batteries and adjust bridge height to taste. Comes with well padded gigbag, and includes stand (which is the heavier duty NS stand). These are currently just over £2.5k in the UK, and this one is in great condition - so I'm hoping this is fairly priced / valued. Collection Only - or I could be persuaded to meet somewhere convenient - I have amp headphones and a Bose battery powered amp, so you can hear it working. Photos to follow, but here is a link to the NS website in the meantime. Mine is in great condition, and is the same colour as the one in the link below..... https://www.basscentre.com/ns-design-double-bass/ns-design-cr4-double-bass.html
  3. These basses are on a par with the earlier Squier Classic Vibe range, and I must admit, I always quite fancied one in white. I'm sure the DiMarzio pickup you've added will make a great bass even better. Happy NBD (belated)
  4. My first bass was a really really awful Kay (sort of) Rickenbacker copy. The neck was bent and slightly twisted, and it was difficult to play. However, I was undeterred from playing the bass - I'd had a "noodle" on a couple of other basses (mainly owned by pals) so I went into Gwent Music in Newports' old shopping centre, and tried a 1970's Fender Musicmaster in blue. Suddenly, I realised why the Fender was priced much higher than the Kay The Kay was sold to a guitarist who loved Ricks, and just wanted an ornament that looked something like one to hang on his wall. I don't even have a photo of me playing that bass - it would probably just induce nightmares anyway. The Musicmaster got sold to a mate, as I decided I wanted a long scale bass at the time. The mate then sold it to someone else, who has long since moved to Australia - so who knows where it has ended up. Sometimes, I wish I still had that bass (I would have fitted better pickups though, as they weren't great). There may be one or two pics of me with the Musicmaster... somewhere, but then again they are probably long gone.
  5. Seriously good looking build @WHUFC BASS I'm so envious
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Hi @franzbassist Apologies for resurrecting this thread - especially as the last post was Nov 2014 But I was just wondering whether you solved this issue? I'm interested, because I always liked the look of the BSX Do you still have the bass? How are you finding it performs? Cheers now, Marc
  8. Just resurrecting this thread again, as I'm getting more & more tempted to get myself an Ibanez Upswing.... I dithered when one came up here on BC recently, and am now kicking myself. To be fair, I have been trying to de-clutter and sell some basses & other gear - so perhaps I shouldn't kick too hard? Just wondering whether anyone else has recently acquired one of these, and what their thoughts are? Do you find they sound more DB-like than many other EUB's? I've watched quite a few YouTube videos, and sometimes it does sound more like an acoustic DB, other times it doesn't.... this will depend on many factors, of course.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Just thought I'd pass on some thoughts about this rather nice EUB, as I was very intrigued by it. I expressed an interest, as it has a small acoustic chamber. The seller is quite some distance from me - so popping around to try it out was rather difficult. However, @pineweasel happened to be visiting nearby, and very kindly offered to bring it to me, and in an even kinder and very trusting gesture, he offered to leave it with me over the weekend. This gave me the opportunity to try swapping the strings, to a right handed arrangement. This turned out to be very easy - the nut and bridge slots are all wide enough, and rest assured, the strings don't move about from side to side. The sound from the pickup was pretty good too, I must say. Though they're magnetic pickups, the sound had a "woody" tone to it - quite unlike a similar looking Aria EUB I once tried. I managed to take the bass to an acoustic trio rehearsal on Saturday afternoon / evening, to give it a good, lengthy trial. The location of the controls on the opposite side of the bass wasn't really an issue, in my opinion - it was still easy enough to see and quickly adjust. The only minor drawback IMO, is the slight angling of the bridge - it's angled to help intonation, when playing above 12th fret position, on a left handed bass. This would be slightly out when strung right handed. It didn't affect my playing though - I rarely venture high enough up the fingerboard! It may be possible to slightly re-locate one of the bridge supporting bolts, of course. My only reason for not going for this superb EUB, is that I already have an acoustic upright and an NS Design EUB - but I must admit, I was rather tempted as this Bassix looks cool and sounds great, and is a really well made, quality instrument (I'd heard Alan Hatswell's work was of a high standard). This bass represents excellent value, and especially at this price range - indeed, it's the same sort of price bracket as a Stagg EUB, and they represent a superb value entry level upright bass - so this is even better, amazing value IMO. Like I say, It's a simple conversion to Right handed stringing, and pineweasel is a great, friendly BC member to deal with. @pineweasel - I'd hang on to this if I were you..... interested buyers - if I was looking for an EUB - I'd look no further than this one
  11. Congrats on getting the ACM placement, on your birthday, and of course - happy NBD Also, your boyfriend is definitely a keeper. There's absolutely NOTHING I could do which would encourage Mrs S to buy me a brand new Fender bass lol
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