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  1. That does look great As TPJ asks.... is this a standard 3/4 scale bass? also, do you know the weight?
  2. I'll echo what Mudpup says.... Not seen one like this before Nice, very nice
  3. Gig Gear bag = what do you use

    I carry my amp head in an old laptop bag, which someone was throwing out. It's a fairly sturdy bag Plenty of room for my TC Electronic 550 head. But there's lots of room for a mains lead, couple of Speakon cables and couple of Jack leads Also has pockets for set-lists or notes and plenty of room left over for odds & ends like a tuner etc The main thing is it provides good protection for the amp head, I can sling it over my shoulder on its' strap..... and it was FREE!
  4. "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today." - yes I can.... I'm frowning at my screen now ;)

  5. Limelight Precision Bass w Gator hard case

    Limelight basses are indeed fine instruments. Top quality stuff I just recently took delivery of my new Limelight, or I might be tempted with this, as I fancy a JJ Burnel style Precision Lovely - I'd keep it, if I were you, but GLWTS if that's what you've decided
  6. Hi, I think you need to move this to the "EUB & Double Basses For Sale" section.... Nice bass BTW. I had the 4 string version - best sounding EUB's ever
  7. NBD - LImelight P/J

    Ooooo, what have you ordered? Tell me, tell me, tell me.......
  8. NBD - LImelight P/J

    Yes indeed Lewis. But be warned.... you'll be emailing Mark with your specifications before you even get out of my place
  9. Fender Road Worn Jazz - Fiesta Red

    Can't believe this fab bass is still here Thought someone would have snapped it up by now Have a free bump, purely because this is such an awesome instrument
  10. NBD - LImelight P/J

    Cheers for the comments guys I really am enjoying my new bass. I haven't gigged it yet But I'm really well pleased with the sound & tone from this lovely bass Having played with 3 Limelights previously, I was prepared for it to be an obviously well put-together, quality bass and I expected it to sound good - but it does sound fab... even better than I expected.... I wonder how much of that is down to the pickups, and how much is down to the quality & type of woods used? It's just such a warm, vintage tone - and the added bite of the bridge pickup just takes it to another level I'm really pleased with the pale, faded tint too. I had asked Mark for a more slightly faded Red, and he's delivered Looking again at it closely last night, the detail and cracks / ageing of the paint and neck varnish are just spot on too Well pleased with my new bass
  11. Hi folks

    Yes, depending on the PA of course. I was also wondering, whether in smaller venues (with smaller PA's) whether it could work the other way around? Perhaps with the low bass into a 1x15 cab, and the higher bass frequencies going into the house PA? Of course, that 1x15 cab would probably be the heavier option then.... Be interesting to experiment with doing this sort of stuff though, or from other Rick owners who've tried this sort of thing
  12. Joining an already established covers band is usually the better option. When you do this, as the new member, the pressure is then usually immediately on you, to learn the songs and get up to speed - so they can get back out there gigging Start up bands frequently implode, either before the first gig or shortly afterwards..... That said, established cover bands can do the same thing too - either way, it's just luck of the draw I'm afraid. If you want to stick with your guitarist pal (and I think I would, as he seems to be as committed as yourself) then you've got the task of finding a band who need a bass player and guitarist But stick at it, keep jamming with your guitarist pal - because that'll make you both tighter in the long run Best of luck with your search
  13. Hi folks

    Hi Spikey, and welcome to BC I've only ever played either my former Rick or my current Shaftesbury clone in Stereo mode at home... and that wasn't via a proper splitter - just using a stereo lead It did sound nice at home, but I didn't fancy carting two rigs around. (Mind you, these days I often carry a tiny spare head!) Could you think about taking one amp rig, and maybe putting the second signal into a PA? - perhaps via a D.I. or pre-amp pedal? Let us know how you get on with your live stereo experiments
  14. This is a daft, giveaway price - I'm amazed this is still here Also, having bought from 2 x 18 recently - I can say he's a great BC'er to deal with EDIT: You can't get a better intro to fretless bass IMO
  15. ply bodied P basses

    I got my £20 P bass from a local Facebook group. I also bought the neck, again, quite cheaply from the same group (South Wales Guitar, Amp, Gear Exchange) Yes, I know a lot of people don't particularly like Facebook, and TBH, some people you get on these type of groups are eeejits and time wasters - But I've also met some great people via a couple of local buy & sell groups, and traded quite a bit too.... Plus, Every now & then, a bargain will crop up, or a part you need for an obscure brand of guitar