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  1. Marc S

    Fretless bass

    Yes, I'd go for a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz. Having owned both a Fretless Jazz, and Fretless P - I like the flexibility you get with 2 J pickups The Squier VM Fretless Jazz is excellent value for money, well built and just generally a really nice bass. I sold mine, and got myself a MIJ Fretless Jazz The MIJ is lovely, but actually not that much of an improvement on the Squier! Must admit, I'm sorry I sold my VMJ too - it was lovely The VM Precision is a nice bass too. I also once picked up a "Vintage" brand Fretless Jazz, and that was surprisingly good for the money Getting any of these second-hand, you won't be losing much (if any) cash, should you decide to upgrade or sell on, if you decide fretless is not for you Good luck with your search
  2. Marc S

    Hi from Cornwall

    Welcome aboard You're lucky to have found an already gigging, busy band - hope that continues ..... of course, you know there's no going back, don't you
  3. These are my own thoughts too. I did gig an expensive, mint bass once or twice, and was just way too worried about it getting that first "ding" In fact, it met with an accident on its' first outing! - it was a fairly lucky escape in the end - if it had been placed an inch further left, or forward - it could have been really "dinged" or scratched... For me, the Fender Roadworn series have been a real revelation. As has already been discussed, here and on other threads, players of these fine basses aren't out there, trying to get their basses more reliced But who cares if it acquires another scratch or ding? It's the first time I've ever felt this way about a gigging instrument (other than an old, beaten up one I had for a short while) as GuyR says, it's really liberating. I wasn't particularly bothered about reliced basses before I got mine - I didn't dislike them, or see them as any better or worse than any other instrument.... The Fender Raodworns are just fantastic quality instruments, and what I can't get over, is how they are made to feel and sound like older instruments. In fact, if I had a pre-CBS Fender, whether it was beaten up or not - I'd still gig with the Roadworn, as it's far less cost to replace, should it get nicked or damaged. If you don't like reliced basses.... fine - but don't preach to others that they are somehow "wrong" for liking them And if you haven't tried a Fender Roadworn - don't knock them till you've tried one. Mine blew me away, as soon as I picked it up Re the OP's question, as you have probably gathered - no, I'm not bothered about dinging my reliced bass.... that's why it's my gigging bass
  4. Marc S

    Dingwall Sklar Gone

    Well that is a nice colour and nice looking bass - sadly, I can't justify yet another instrument..... or I might be sleeping under that pier! Anyhow, hope there's enough room for someone else to say what a lovely part of the world you live in .... not quite as lovely as South Wales, of course! GLWTS
  5. Absolutely agree with the OP I've bought, sold and traded quite a bit on here, and it has always been a very positive experience for me Actually, BC has helped me experiment with different gear, and find my "ideal" instruments and amps / cabs Only downside..... it has fueled my GAS about a thousand fold!
  6. Marc S

    Finish - Is it important ?

    Aside from all the comments and opinions about tonewood science, Is your bass from the Fender Roadworn series itself, or one that has been naturally (or un-naturally) roadworn? I ask because the Classic series of Fender basses, also made in Mexico, alongside the Roadworns are apparently identical in every respect, other than finish I say "apparently" as I can't confirm this myself, but there have been several posts on here from BC'ers who have owned both, and say they find them incredibly similar in terms of playability / feel and sound Just thinking, if you start re-finishing and end up with a less than ideal finish (not questioning your spraying ability here, honest! lol) - you may end up de-valuing your bass, or at least being unhappy with the finish I just wonder whether a better approach may be to trade your Roadworn for one of the classic series? Worth placing an ad on here, I'd think.... Whatever you decide - best of luck with it. I'm a fan of the Roadworn series, I know some aren't - but they are wonderfully built instruments
  7. Yes, Greg is a decent bloke too
  8. As per title, I'm after some of the "threaded" bass bridge saddles, as found on some vintage Fender basses I'm after replacing the ones on my 80's MIJ Jazz, and would like a whole set of 4 if possible, with adjustment screws too, if poss
  9. Marc S

    Flea sig jazz or roadworn 60’s jazz?

    I had both. I really miss the Roadworn S/B Jazz the most though - wish I hadn't traded it - but in a moment of madness, I was trying to reduce the number of basses I own... I preferred the 60's S/B Roadworn, mainly because, for me, the neck felt "just right". The Flea Jazz neck is a tad thinner, but still very nice Personally, I'm used to the VVT control arrangement, and I wasn't so keen on the stacked knob controls on the Flea Some people much prefer them, but I found VVT a bit quicker to get the sound I wanted In terms of sound, they both sound great, but my sunburst RW Jazz had the pickups replaced with some lovely 70's / 80's vintage DiMarzio's and they were great The Flea sounded good though too. Oh, the Flea felt a bit lighter weight - in case that's important to you (though I never weighed them precisely) Re the Flea bass colour - it's pink, but it's a very pale, faded pink, and not so in-your-face Whichever of these you get, you'll have an amazing bass, I'm sure of that. To my mind, the differences are minor (apart from colour, of course) Fender Roadworn series basses are amazing - they really feel "played in". Good luck with your purchase
  10. Do you still have the original tuner?
  11. Marc S

    Fender Victor Bailey acoustic bass

    I agree - very nice indeed
  12. Marc S

    I'm new and saying hello

    Shwmae from the South Christine Banshees eh? Brilliant! Let me know if you're ever playing a gig down here Hwyl Fawr
  13. Marc S

    Ideas for 1979 YOB bass

    I agree with Grahambythesea I think an Ibanez Roadster would be a great YOB bass Or could you opt for something like a HondoII - I recently restored one of their P bass copies| And it was a really nice bass. Good luck with your search - and let us know what you go for
  14. Marc S

    Help identify the bass i just bought.

    The body looks Peavy-ish to me The pickguard could be a replacement, of course Looks good for £28 with an amp! Bargain, I'd say
  15. Marc S

    Building a Precision Bass

    Great job Bruno! Really like that colour on a P bass. Suits the maple board really well too Fab job. Well done EDIT: The black scratchplate is the right one too