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  1. Hi @jezzaboy, I can't see any of those photos. Could you PM me a few pics of the body? What condition is it in? What colour is it? Thanks
  2. Don't suppose you've got a Squier plate you could place on there, so I can see it mate? Cheers again
  3. Hi @bagsieblue, what scratchplate fits this body best? Will a Squier plate fit it, and "sit right"? Cheers
  4. Lovely looking bass @foxyFuze - happy new bass month I must say, I haven't played a bad Fender Japan yet - and I've played a few. They always seem such great quality, and the necks are something else Nice one
  5. I have now put the original control plate back on this bass - it occurred to me that it was an easier swap this way around, if a buyer wanted to check out both. The stack control plate is solderless, so it's an easy swap, if you don't like soldering (I realise that many folk don't). I may decide to sell the Kiogon stack control plate separately, if anyone's interested. It cost me about £105 delivered, so I'm open to offers for that. Temporary price reduction to £775 for the bass with both control plates. £725 for the bass, with original control plate only. I've had several requests to ship this bass abroad - and I'd prefer not to do this. Playing it again recently, I must say, I'm tempted to withdraw this bass, and accept that I can live with two similar handling + sounding Jazz basses (and a fretless one! lol).
  6. Absolutely superb work @Andyjr1515 Lovely sound too.
  7. You have my sympathy @probonopublico - sorry to hear of your awful misfortune Also, I have to say - that's incredibly generous of you, to donate this bass to someone who wants to learn about repair & set-up Good on you sir, and I hope your luck has improved since...
  8. Wow, that's a bargain for someone MIJ quality, for a low price. I'd say "GLWTS" - but I don't think this will be around for long...
  9. I wouldn't have recognised you, lurking in the shadows there @Paul S Good to hear you've had the chance to play live again
  10. Useful info for someone, I'm sure @Thunderbird - thanks for sharing Not played that model, but they look as though they're decent enough. Nice job on the refin too btw @Lozz196
  11. You did tell me once before @karlfer - but I think the "08" at the end of the serial number denotes 2008? Sorry if I asked you this before... I had a feeling someone told me this, but couldn't find the post or message relating to it Cheers again good sir EDIT: As a matter of interest (well, maybe to someone) I put some roundwounds back on this bass, as an "experiment" to see if I really do prefer a J with Flats And I have to say, I really do prefer Flats on a Jazz these days
  12. The early, China made Classic Vibes are absolutely amazing basses. Great colour on this one that blue works well with the maple neck. If only I could justify owning another bass...... (well, I haven't got a 50's P bass... hmmm) - Sadly, I already have too many GLWTS Karl
  13. Played an open-air, small party on Saturday. Full band, full rig - seemed excessive for a small party We had played another small outdoor party, as an acoustic trio... but last Saturday, it was great to get back with the full band. Played a recently acquired JV Jazz through the full rig.... and it sounded awesome A few coloured lights on, after the sun had set, and it felt amazing - even if some of my playing was a tad "rusty" ahem Don't know when regular gigs will be back up & running (especially here in Wales) but if we're asked to play an outdoor small party again (fewer than 30 people) - I'd jump at the chance..... Even in the cold, I'd don some fingerless gloves.... just to play live again
  14. @Osiris - I'm tempted just to try one, while they're current and in the shops. I'm also tempted by the hollow bodied Ibanez basses I've seen around too.... but then I'm always tempted
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