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  1. ha ha - always a bad move We've all done that, lol
  2. Shame you dislike gigging so much. Me, I really love doing it.... usually. There have been a few not so good gigs, a few awful gigs, and some "difficult" punters But the overall experience is that it's a worthwhile thing to do. I always end up shattered - but usually I also have an odd sense of "satisfaction" After a gig, and once I'm home and my gear is unloaded - I can't sleep for a while, and need to wind down, usually with a wee dram, or a cuppa I want to keep gigging for as long as possible - as long as it's not 3 or 4 times a week (too many late nights, at my age lol) But I definitely want to keep playing live music. When the band, and myself get it "right" it's a great feeling
  3. It's with heavy heart that I put this bass up for sale, but needs must (with redundancy and a future house-move on the cards). In great condition for its' age, and a lovely player, with gorgeous vintage sound There are a few dinks and dings on the bass, including a 2mm x 1.5mm x 1mm dink on the back of the neck, around fret 11 - easily filled, though it never bothered me actually. There's a light "bloom" of buckle rash in the usual place, which isn't easy to photograph. The main thing to say about this bass, is that it's otherwise in great condition given it's approaching 40 years old. Somehow, this bass just feels and sounds absolutely awesome - it has a real vintage tone and feel. These basses are rated very highly by people who own and play them, and you have to try one to understand quite why. It's the best feeling and sounding P bass I've ever played. With the job situation being as it is, I have to sell something (not urgently - so no daft offers please) - I just need to thin the herd, as we will be moving house within the next 8 - 10 months, and are down-sizing. I'm gigging with another P bass these days - only because it is slightly lighter weight, and is another great bass. I can no longer justify 3x P basses, plus my P/J Limelight. I may even list another P over the coming days, and keep this one.... as I'm so torn It weighs in at just a shade over 4kg - so is no boat anchor. Like I say, I've got 2 other P's which are lighter - though neither is in my favourite 3TSB, Rosewood, Tort combo. Mrs S said to me the other day "Do you really need two basses the same colour?" of my Roadworn Jazz! I had the bass set up, including a light fret-dress & level, by A-strings of Treforest, near Pontypridd. The frets are in good condition, with plenty of life left in them. I believe everything else is original on the bass (as I was told by the previous BC owner). I did change the control knobs for an old 70's set, as they were in better condition (re the chrome) It's currently wearing a set of worn-in Thomastik Flats. It came with some Dunlop flats, and I tried several other strings, but decided it just felt better with the TI's. I can let you have the Dunlops, or a new set of rounds if you prefer? But I'll leave the TI's on, as they just seem to suit the bass Based in North Cardiff - but I can meet somewhere half way, as I've got amp headphones and a battery amp (Roland) to test at the ubiquitous Motorway services / pub Please note I am NOT looking for any trades at all, and would prefer not to post (abroad or UK) - I also want you to try this bass, and fall for it, like I did, and to know that you've got it safely in your hands In this moment of madness, as I'm typing this, I may decide to either sell another bass instead, or else change my mind completely.... lol I'm asking slightly less than what I paid for it, given that I had the work done on the bass
  4. Expecting redundancy news today..... with real trepidation..... :(

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      "Stressed" is just an insufficient word for it.....

    3. LewisK1975


      Good grief!  Stay Strong Marc!

    4. Marc S

      Marc S

      Cheers Lewis - it's tough.... It's just impossible to make any future plans at all :(
      Ta mate. Hope you're OK

  5. Sorry to be late to reply @wateroftyne - In only just spotted your question. Oh yes indeed. The pickups are remarkably well balanced. I don't know what Mark uses - but they sound absolutely awesome! I've had a couple of PJ's including Fender, and several incarnations of upgraded pickups - but the ones in my Limelight are the best
  6. Oh, that's nice Any idea of its' age? GLWTS
  7. I've not owned, or played using one of these. But I do own & regularly use my Epifani UL 110 It's such an amazing cab, clear, definied, punchy and incredibly small & lightweight If this is anything like my 110 (only louder, of course) - then it will be a real asset to the new owner GLWTS @Ashwood1985 - though I'm sure it won't be here long PS. What is the weight of one of these?
  8. Aw man. So sorry to see that happen to your bass. Hope it's fixable.
  9. Hi @Jus Lukin I have indeed played with Weed Wackers At the time, I was trying to learn slap upright bass - because I just couldn't quite "get" it. They are very low tension, I mean VERY low tension! As an aid to introducing me to slap technique, this was fine, and for that at least - they did the job BUT. They are somewhat weak & flabby, and the E string was quite undefined and lack-lustre They also took a very very long time to stretch and settle. I was having to re-tune between songs when they were first on the bass After a while, I needed to re-tune every couple of songs, and it was some time before I could get through an hour of playing without needing to re-tune Since learning on the Weed Wackers, I have progressed to using Innovation Silver Slaps, and I find them much better They're louder, have more growl & better definition etc The other thing with Weed Wackers, is that although they're cheap - the import charges & postage come to more than the price of the strings! So beware if you do decide to try some I couldn't find anywhere in the UK or EU that stocked them Hope this is helpful Marc
  10. I too hate backing out of an agreement. If you're like me, you would feel guilty about adding to the sellers woes - especially as they've already been mucked about If the bass is worth anything like that upper price, you have a bargain anyway. I've bought and sold several basses (and a couple of 6 string guitars too) - just because I fancied them at the time, or fancied trying something different So give it a whirl (or two, or three) see how you get on with it, then sell it on at a later date if you decide it's not for you Sounds like you won't be losing much financially, or you may even make a few quid.... Happy UX-NBD
  11. Yes, a useful thread - as many of us are seeking lighter and more portable solutions Markbass are also doing 2 "Ninja" combos - one which outputs 250W, the other 500W Though quite pricey, I like the look of them. As with other Markbass combos, you can use them on their own, or add an (8 ohm) extension cab https://www.google.com/search?q=markbass+ninja+102-250+review&rlz=1C1GGRV_enGB751GB751&oq=Markbass+ninja&aqs=chrome.3.69i57j0l5.7895j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Quite tempting, I must say. There's a few people reviewing them on YouTube too
  12. Ah what does SHE know? Nice bass mate GLWTS
  13. Can't go wrong with Japan Fenders Vin is a decent BC'er to deal with folks - top man GLWTS matey
  14. Happy NBD Glad you've found a bass you like so much. Enjoy
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