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  1. Just go with whichever bass seems most comfortable, both in standing up, and seated positions. Add to that, which you think sounds best. Bear in mind though - you can always upgrade pickups at a later date. As with many of us on here, you may end up buying your favourite bass.... only to add the other one to your collection a little while down the line! Try as many other basses as you can too - don't suddenly get one on a whim - unless you instantly feel "This is the best yet - this is the one for me" In which case - just get that bass... Good luck with your search and let us know what you decide
  2. I have one just like this. It's a great EUB, and the pre-amp is superb GLWTS
  3. Yes, I'd have thought condensation could play some part in causing damage to either the electronics or speaker cone of a bass cab.... Perhaps even corrosion of contact surfaces such as Jack or Speakon sockets? It's not something that I've done, or would advise. I've perhaps kept amp gear in a car boot (out of sight of potential thieves) for a night, during warmer weather.
  4. Hi @JimmyN2 - from just across the water, in South Wales Yes, I found that my amps had to get lighter and lighter as time has marched on Lighter and more compact... even better. I often double up, with bass guitar and upright - so weight and bulk are ever more important to me Happy search for an EUB. They are mostly quite different beasts to acoustic upright basses And the search for that elusive "Magic" EUB can be frustrating at times, but also fun, and something of an adventure I'm left handed too - BUT, I play right handed instruments. Funnily enough, I thought I was pretty unique on this matter Turns out though, that there are quite a few bassists and guitarists who do the same! I also know several violin players who are left handed - because they have never even seen a left handed violin Welcome to BC matey EDIT: PS - I also meant to say, I really like Bristol, and get there from time to time. Great place!
  5. Just wondering what scale length this bass is?
  6. Can't believe this bass is still here, especially at this price Lovely basses, Limelights. I can't imagine selling mine GLWTS
  7. I had a Westone Thunder Jet many years back. A mate bought it from me in the 1980's.... and he still has it, and it's still his go-to bass Must admit, I always had a liking for them, and particularly in that finish on yours. Really like the combo of different woods. Being a P/J pickup arrangement is a boon too IMO Happy NBD - enjoy
  8. I was thinking, for a bit more "bottom end oomph" - perhaps use an octaver type pedal, one of the models which gives you an octave below? Might help get a deeper sound
  9. I had a very brief play on a half size DB a few months back. Actually, I found it wasn't that small by comparison to a 3/4 upright. A Cello, converted to be a bass, would be quite markedly smaller and more portable than a half-size, I think Just wondering how much more tension there would be in the strings, if tuned like a bass, and what long term that effect might have I recall a Cello Bass for sale on here, and it had some sagging in the front of the bass - due to the tension of strings and I think, other modifications, like the bridge....
  10. Watching this with interest. When I think about this topic lately, this band "The Dead South" comes to mind. Actually, I haven't worked out the notes to this song yet.... So apologies for not spotting how the players Cello is tuned But it's a great video, which I'd recommend. Any comments from the sharp eyed among you who can see how it's tuned are welcome
  11. Thanks @bassfan - like I say, I don't "need" another bass atm, but it's good to know such things as your shoulders / back etc get older.....
  12. Any idea of what the weight of these "Lyte" P basses might be? I don't need one.... I don't need one... I don't need one.... But it's either my shoulder, or a little voice just over my shoulder, telling me I should at least try one of these out someday
  13. Oops - sorry I only just saw this reply. I'll PM you first @Malvis
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