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  1. Here's a set of strings for the bass, on eBay. There's definitely a retailer for them in the UK (can't find them ATM) but this is what the pack looks like. EDIT: they weren't this expensive from the UK seller. As I mentioned above - other BC members may recommend / suggest different strings for 26" scale basses. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ibanez-IEBS-5-Coated-Nickel-Wound-Mikro-Bass-Guitar-Strings-IEBS5CMK/333956815193?epid=18009172789&hash=item4dc1609959:g:3WYAAOSwM~BgdISt
  2. I've seen them online, but can't recall which company. There are several suggestions of alternative brands on a thread on here somewhere - might have been on a thread re one of the short scale / picolo bass builds? Thinking back, I'm sure I saw a set on eBay. The ones on this bass are the originals. I haven't played it much, sadly - so the strings are still pretty lively.
  3. Tsk Tsk..... how many do you want? Two Malted Milks is enough for anyone.... I've only got the last Rich Tea in the packet left.....
  4. I've forgotten to get a pic of the bass with its' gigbag. Anyhow - just remembered it's one of these "Vintage" brand bags: https://astrings.co.uk/products/vceg1?_pos=15&_sid=9f5045f1b&_ss=r So it was £30. It's in great nick (looks brand new) and very well padded, and I can't recall if it's slightly smaller than standard guitar-size? It's obviously smaller than usual Bass-size anyway, and this tiny bass fits in very snugly
  5. Have just found one of these on eBay - it's in the US and is currently over £260 inc postage, plus you need to add $89 import charges .... obviously that's without the gigbag I'm offering (pics of that later). So grab a bargain. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ibanez-miKro-GSRM25-Bass-Guitar-Black/383998947390?epid=8025954311&hash=item59681ef03e:g:yMAAAOSwdQpfGd-0
  6. The 5 string version of this bass doesn't come up very often (certainly here in the UK) - In fact, they seem to be unavailable in Europe currently too. Not sure if they've been discontinued? Not sure if the correct term is X-short scale, but I think it's 26.5" scale. I bought this as a travel bass, and took a punt, hoping the B string wouldn't sound "flabby" I was very pleasantly surprised at just how deep and resonant the B string is - I really didn't expect it to sound so good From memory, I paid around £230 or £240 for this bass new, that was pre import charges and sans case / bag. I'm throwing in a really nicely padded gigbag (which I think I paid around £40 for) In great condition - can't see any dings or scratches and there is no fret wear. In all honesty, it could probably do with a teak in the set-up, but it plays nicely so I leave that to the buyers taste..... Pictured here alongside a Hofner Violin bass for size comparison. I would seriously keep this, as it sounds so thunderous for such a tiny bass - but the string spacing is a tad too tight at the bridge end for my tastes (or possibly clumsy fingers! lol)..... No trades - I'm thinning the herd (unless you've got a Wingbass, Fingy or similar) Collection / meet-up preferred.... and I've got a decent battery amp when travel is permitted. I have the box this cam in originally - but of course that won't fit the nice, thickly padded gigbag
  7. I took this in trade quite some time back, and have only ever taken it to gigs as a backup, or used it for "noodling" on the sofa at home - so it has hardly left the case. Don't confuse this bass with the cheaper Ignition series. The HCT series are top quality built (made outside of Germany, but with same tooling + materials as in the German factory). This one looks near mint condition - so save yourself a fair few quid on the price of a new one. Set up very nicely, it plays really well, and sounds awesome. It is a really resonant bass, and sounds thunderous. Comes with a hard case, and that's in great nick too. Can't see any fret wear at all. EDIT: From memory, I think I weighed this at just over 3kg - I can check if you're interested. As a bonus, I'll throw in a set of brand new Hofner strings... which I never got around to fitting. No trades please - I'm thinning the herd (unless you have a Wingbass, or Fingy bass or similar) (5 string pref.) I'd prefer collection or meet-up, as soon as we're allowed (I'm not allowed to leave Wales atm). I've got a great battery powered amp, for if & when we're allowed to travel further. Of course, if you're based in Wales, we're OK to meet anyway I may consider posting, if the buyer arranges their own courier.
  8. For some reason, I couldn't add any more photos last night - so here's a couple more. As you can see, there's no visible fret wear. I forgot to add - The bass is currently wearing Flats (as I recently found I liked flats on a Jazz).
  9. Just adding a few more photos - it seems to be taking too long when they're all in one post...
  10. I'm going to regret this, but I need to thin the herd, and create some space. I'm going to put a couple more basses up for sale shortly, if they sell, I may withdraw this one. This is one of the early runs of the model, and having played a recent one, I can confirm the early ones are the best. All original, apart from an added grounding strip (easily removed). This bass sounds and plays superb. At just under 4kg it's light for a jazz. NO TRADES - I'm thinning the herd (unless you have a 5 string Wingbass, or Fingy, or similar). I'd much prefer collection or meet-up. We can't do that just yet (unless you're also in Wales) - so I'm just putting this up to see who's interested... Hopefully we can arrange the sale for a couple of weeks time. I'd prefer not to post, unless buyer arranges their own courier.
  11. @ped yes, it's a good Jazz bass sound - I think that slight fret rattle sounds great, it seems to add a little "bite" to the sound Though I think it's a delicate balance.... For me, it's just about edging on "too much". Scott talks about it on one of his YouTube videos (from quite a while back, if my memory serves me). He talks about setting his basses up to be "fret-buzz-free", and then he lowers the saddles by a tiny amount, until he's satisfied that he's just just the right amount of rattle. I agree, this guy sounds a great player. Not heard of him before. EDIT: I wanted to add - after a while, that "rattle" might end up getting on my nerves... a bit, in that I mightn't want it on every song Ah well, just have to own two Jazz basses then eh?
  12. Hello BK, wilkommen. As others have already said.... don't spend too long in the marketplace here on BC - you might end up with way too much bass gear Stick with your playing this time around, and don't worry, I once gave up for 25 years
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