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  1. Marc S

    Double Bass Geeks Assemble!

    Have you got a couple of photos of it from a distance Owen? Preferably showing the whole bass in one view? No idea what it might be worth - but a nice over-view might help give someone an idea....
  2. Marc S

    Good Squier, bad Squier?

    I've known people who've owned some of the earlier China made Affinity's (including my son) where the guitars / basses themselves weren't bad, but where tuners were a bit "rough", pickups not great, and just general stuff like wiring being single stranded / core wire, which breaks as soon as you take the scratchplate off, and under the least movement A couple of lads who regularly experienced interference from Taxi radios etc. But of course, if you get one of these 2nd hand, and you like the body and neck and playability etc - you can replace electrics & tuners I have seen some of the earlier China Affnity's going quite cheap on Facebook groups / Gumtree etc - so you pays your money, you takes your choice Just wanted to reiterate my earlier point about the Classic Vibe range though - there are times when I wish I'd kept my Fiesta Red CV Precision And every now & then, I still lust after the CV 70's P bass, with maple board & black clocks.....mmmm The CV Precisions are absolutely superb (I did play a CV Jazz and it was nice, but not quite as nice IMO). In fact I had a nice US Precision at the same time as my CV And there really wasn't much in it, quality-wise. The US tuners were a bit nicer (the CV ones were fine though) the US P was a bit lighter (but the CV wasn't too heavy) In terms of the sound, they were pretty close - but the CV might have slightly had the edge, in terms of definition of low end....
  3. Marc S

    Good Squier, bad Squier?

    I think Shambo is spot on here, Even among the best Squiers, there are variations. Re your original point - don't forget that a Squier made in China can also be made in 3 different factories (I think it's 3... might even be 4) The Squier Classic Vibes and Matt Freeman sigs are made in a different factory to the Affinity range, and those CV's are absolutely superb Also, The newer China made Affinity range are also a tad better (more consistent?) than the older Affinity range I've got two Japan Squiers (A JV and an A series), and there aren't many US Fenders that are better... but of course, that's my opinion
  4. Such a nice looking bass for the money
  5. Marc S

    Lost by ParcelForce - oh Joy!!

    This is why I'd hate to send a bass via couriers I know this is a pedal - which isn't as valuable as a bass or guitar, but still annoying. And in any case - if it's got the recipients address on it.... surely someone should pass it on to someone in a position to deliver it? Hope this all works out OK mate
  6. Just adding a friendly bump for CalDeep - he's a pleasure to deal with GLWTS mate It's a cracking looking bass!
  7. Marc S

    SOLD*Roland Micro Cube Bass RX Combo*SOLD

    Just wanted to say, I've got one of these, and it's an amazing little amp More powerful than you'd expect for such a tiny little thing. Great tonal control options & some nice effects I've used mine at pub jams, with several acoustic guitarists (some with their own battery powered amps) and this little amp has more than coped I've even played said pub jams with a drummer (albeit a quiet drummer, with reduced kit). Also great for keeping under the coffee table or alongside the sofa, without being cause of domestic "problems" EDIT: Built in tuner and drum machine too! great for practice GLWTS
  8. Marc S

    Ibanez UB804 Upswing EUB

    I keep coming back to this thread, to click on the link and look at the UB 804... It's all your fault Mr Bassman! I don't need one of these - I'm perfectly happy with my NS I don't need one of these, I don't need one of these, I don......
  9. Marc S

    Gear.... why do I bother?

    Good times indeed. When I think back to some of the awful, cheap basses and amps that were around, and affordable back when I was first playing.... eugh! makes me shudder - especially that Kay Rick copy I had Re the difference between basses - I've had some absolutely wonderful (for the money) Squiers - but I guess I've kept my more expensive Fenders, because they just have the edge when it comes to the sound I want - but also because they have been just that little bit more comfortable to play. Some of them perhaps being two or three times the price, and maybe not 2 or 3 times as comfortable, granted Re the amp - yes TE gear was superbly built, great sounding gear back in the day, and still sounds great now. But for me, I've spent my dosh on getting as light weight amp heads and cabs as I can. As you age, it becomes ever more important. Especially as I still don't have a roadie! I just can't see myself lugging the sort of gear I used to own in the 80's around again, especially for those gigs where you're parked half a mile away (we all get one or two of those once in a while)
  10. Marc S

    NBD: Fender PBAC-100

    Looks a great bass - shame you had to send it back! Lightweight basses are becoming increasingly important to me... and this one looked like it might be right up my street I've not seen one, let alone played one. I must admit, if it was mine, I would have wanted to get it fixed and not part with it...
  11. Marc S

    My Band in Prog magazine + Video

    And don't forget to let me know when you're playing more local gigs too It is indeed a great song, and as has been said - "A belter of a bass tone" Nice one Lewis!
  12. Marc S


    Hello there Sté - and welcome back to BassChat Hope you stay permanently this time
  13. Marc S

    Your first tune.

    I too had a copy of that book. I learned to play 12 bar blues, playing along with the flexi-disc which came with the book But my first tune I actually learned was the end / catchy bit of "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac and the first one I could actually play along to a record of, was "Peaches" by the Stranglers.... Someone had taught me the bass line, I played it seemingly forever, until I could get it to flow nicely (ish) and then I discovered I had been taught it in the wrong key! lol
  14. Marc S

    Ibanez UB804 Upswing EUB

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this unusual instrument Mr Bassman. It's always good to hear the thoughts of other players, on new gear, or instruments which may be of interest.... Only things is.... you may have transferred some of that GAS to the rest of us! I've grown to really like my NS Design upright, and found I can get that more upright sounding than fretless sounding the more I play it, and the more I experiment with amps / EQ pedals etc. I also place a small piece of foam under the strings, right next to the bridge, and find this helps to control the sustain (or perhaps I am convincing myself that it helps?). Have you tried that on this new EUB yet? Sorry if I'm suggesting the obvious.... Also, just wondering what strings you tried on it, and in what way were the factory-fitted strings superior? Hope you're well good sir?