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  1. Marc S

    Fender CIJ '51 Precision Bass reissue £650

    Cor! That IS nice
  2. Marc S

    FINAL PRICE DROP!! Fender CIJ Jazz Bass £500!!

    It's mad that this bass is still here! Every Japan Fender I've ever played has been an amazing bass. I've got 2 Japan Jazzes currently (fretted & fretless) and they're both superb instruments I like the neck profile on them, the necks feel lovely, and they're both very lightweight, in comparison to other Jazzes I've played & owned. If I needed a Jazz right now - at that price, this would be mine GLWTS
  3. Marc S

    Westone Thunder 1

    As others have said - these Matsumoko built Westone basses were great build quality, great sounding basses, and they go for a fraction of what some lesser instruments go for. I would ask, if this was the 1st bass you played - do you really want to sell it? My first bass was awful, truly dreadful a 70's Kay Rick copy. My 1st "proper" half decent bass was a Fender Musicmaster, and there are times when I wish I still had it - even if just for the occasional noodle. You may end up regretting selling it, especially as it's not going to fetch too much money... Up to you, of course - but if this was my 1st bass - I'd keep it (hindsight is a wonderful thing, I know!) To any one pondering buying this bass - go for it, they're fab instruments and well worth that sort of money It would make a super back-up bass, or if you're on a very tight budget - this is the bass for you. Cheers now
  4. Marc S

    Fender USA Jazz Bass 1983 sienna burst!!

    What an absolutely gorgeous colour! GLWTS
  5. Marc S

    New arrival Fender Precision American Original

    Lovely colour P bass. Yes, I know what you mean when you say you're smitten with it Some basses just do that to you - they look fab, sound great, and just feel "right" when you're playing them. Glad you like it so much Re your comments about simplicity, I've been through that too. I've owned a couple of basses with several controls, stacked knobs & switches One bass especially, sounded great at home - but I never could get the same sound out of it when gigging, and was far too distracted and tended to fiddle with the controls These days, I just prefer Volume & Tone, or Volume, Volume & Tone - easy peasy
  6. Marc S

    Solo artists who outshone their original band

    Richard Hawley, since leaving the Long Pigs Also, Nick Cave - I never quite "got " The Birthday Party
  7. Marc S

    Rare Basses

    I'm really enjoying this thread - thanks to the OP for starting it There's some unusual stuff out there....
  8. Marc S

    Rare Basses

    On the face of it, and from a distance, this bass may look like a standard Squier P But it's an A-Series, MIJ early 80's Japan market medium scale 32" bass. The bodies of these fine instruments are proportionally smaller too. It's very lightweight indeed This one is also in an unusual finish / colour - it's Dichroic Metallic Green It's really hard to photograph, but the colour changes, depending on the light and angle of light on it It's a sparkly finish, and it changes colour from Dark Green, to mid-Green, to Black, To Purple.... Not seen another one of these
  9. A few offers on this nice EUB. I did say "no trades" in this ad, but I could, possibly, maybe tempted by a JV Precision in Sunburst with Rosewood board (bit specific, I know lol) Obviously, with a bit of cash your way.... I'm not particularly looking for mint condition btw...
  10. Marc S

    Fender Musicmaster bass 1978

    Yes, I think I read on BC that they used to use Strat pickups. Seymour Duncan's seem to get a lot of positive comments from owners on here, so I'm sure they're an improvement Good luck with the sale - it's a cracking looking bass
  11. Marc S

    Fender Musicmaster bass 1978

    Is that pickup a good upgrade from the original? I had one of these years ago, and loved it - but the pickup was a bit "weak" as I believe they were actually designed for guitar, and not bass Just wondering about your thoughts on the SD pup on this bass?
  12. It passes - but every now & then, I get this too - perhaps it's when I see early Stranglers footage? Very JJ Burnell-esque Great looking P bass, good price - I'm surprised it's still here. GLWTS PS. I've not played a bad Japan Fender yet. Love the necks on every one I've tried
  13. Marc S

    Replacing a nut on a knackered old bass

    Definitely replace the nut. That one Teebs posted a link to looks great. Re the dead spots - check the neck relief and bridge adjustments. You may need to tweak the truss rod and the bridge saddles to stop the dead spots But change those strings, and give the bass a good set-up Best of luck with it. Let us know how you get on
  14. For sale. NS Design WAV Electric Upright, in rather fetching Dark Red. Complete with gigbag and stand. In very good gigged condition (a few scratches here & there, eg. on top of the peg box) I only acquired this recently, and instantly fell for it! So much so, that I went out and got myself an upgrade, in the form of one of the CR models.... So I'm selling this one, which made me an NS convert For those who want to play upright, or double up on both BG and EUB, but want a portable solution. This is the most compact and portable 3/4 upright I found. I believe the WAV series was NS "budget" version of their EUB's, and were rather good, and inexpensive compared to their other EUB's - and they have been discontinued for some time. The additional pickup on the side is a J-Tone addition I have been experimenting with and will be removed before sale **Additionally, the strings have been changed since the photos and it now sports a brand new set of NS Design Medium tension strings! ** For those bass guitar players who are tempted by the world of upright - this is a better instrument than the Stagg (I know, as I previously owned one - they're a good entry level EUB too) I have included a photo of the bass in its' gigbag, alongside my P bass - so you can see just how compact this EUB is. I got a good tone from this bass, and you will see a piece of foam in the pics - which I think helped "deaden" sustain, and help me get more of an upright tone. This bass is passive, and controls are Volume and Tone, plus it has a switch for Arco & Pizz playing. There are no batteries to worry about either. No trades please - I need to thin the herd. Collection only, From near Cardiff - I don't like posting basses, and I would always prefer you give it a whirl. However, I could meet somewhere within reasonable distance, and have recently acquired some amplified headphones, which work quite well for testing instruments. NB: Sorry for the poor quality of the photos - I'll get some better shots when I get chance during daylight (work allowing) The red colour of this instrument is really rather nice, and the pics don't do it justice.