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  1. 😁 The cajon was clearly designed to be played by gorillas because they have short backs and long arms. I have tried sitting on the thing, but leaning forward and slouching wrecks my back, hence the Zimmer-frame contraption to enable me to play it standing up. That said, perhaps I should consider wearing leather, and climbing aboard. Rodeo style. Leather Chaps. Village people. Hmmmm......
  2. Bit over-produced for my tastes, being honest.
  3. Kiss by Prince. I think there's no bass at all in the original.
  4. Yes - I need to learn it for my new indie/madchester band. Not sure how I got myself invited aboard, but it gets me out playing and gigging with real people. I can find the chords to the song on the net. Being lazy, I was hoping to find a tab as well, but I can't. Can't find a youtube video of somebody covering the bassline either. Sounds like a synth bass to me, but the band does have a bassist.
  5. Anybody play this? Can't find much about the bassline on the web.
  6. My main instrument is bass. I also play cajon, although I 'd consider myself an "Improver", being honest. Depending on the song we were playing, I've been switching between cajon and bass with an acoustic trio. I've also been playing cajon with Loose Change buskers - a pop-up charity collective. I'm looking for more opportunities to build my cajon experience, and I'll consider most forms of popular music. Thanks.
  7. If you want details, dimensions, clearer photos, just drop me a PM.
  8. Time for the yearly airing of my DIY support strap. It started life as a padded tool belt. I velcro-ed on the end of a spare shoulder strap I had, which attaches to the bass with a strap pin in on one of the neck bolts. You can't see anything from the front, and the shoulder strap is there largely as a balance aid. The waist strap takes 80% of the weight. Supports your beer gut too. I'm no spring chicken - 62 years young.
  9. *Sucks teeth* To my deaf old ageing ears, the first recording sounds the most muted with least tonal range, so I'm going to say that's the cheapest bass. Of the remaining two - very little difference, with the last recording perhaps having the greater clarity and range. So, I'm going to say: Bass A = £300, Bass B = £600, Bass C = £2500. Or possibly not.
  10. Yep - the SX does have a high-gloss neck. On previous basses, I've found myself giving such gloss a light going-over with wire wool, but I haven't felt the need on the SX, interestingly.
  11. Update, 19th October. I spent some time trying different strings on this bass and was rather surprised at just how much they impacted on the overall tone. The effect seemed more marked than I remember on longer scale basses. On the SX, Labella tapes worked well, Fender flats were less successful, being too bright, and too high-tension for my personal tastes. Then I remembered I had some old Status halfwounds in my gig bag as my emergency spares. I put them on the SX, and bingo! - Clear, rich, deep tones, and smooth-feeling strings. So, they have found a new home on the SX, and I've ordered some more strings from Status. The stock pickups sounded - OK, I suppose. I decided to try some Wilkinson Alnico's in there. A noticeable difference. Deeper, clearer lows, fewer "bark-y" mids, more overall volume. I'm now very pleased with the P-tones I'm getting from this inexpensive bass, and it will be the gig back-up to my Lakland hollowbody. Couple of points about the ergonomics of the SX: It's a 30" scale P bass, but with a narrow 38mm J neck at the nut - so, not a traditional P neck width. Potential buyers need to be aware of this. If, like me, you have hulking great paws, you may find the ergonomics of the neck a little tight. Also, the body is downsized to suit the neck dimensions. It's noticeably smaller than either my Lakland or my Squier Vista Musicmaster. To my eyes, the SX headstock has not been downsized, and this makes the bass look a bit end-heavy. No neck dive, though. The SX is certainly lighter than my other basses, but looks almost toy-like/cute in comparison. This may or may not be a concern for some people. All ends ups, I'm very pleased with the P-sound I'm getting from the bass, now it's equipped with Wilkinson Alnico P pickup, and played-in medium scale Status halfwound strings. Just the tone I was looking for. If you're a large person with large hands, you may find the neck a little cramped, and the bass may look almost comically small slung round your neck. Anyway - that's what I think so far. You want a cheap 'n' cheerful shortscale P-bass, you'll do an awful lot worse than this.
  12. How about this, from 2010. Burnley Football club.I sold the G&L shortly afterwards - too many knobs and switches. Confused the hell out of me......
  13. All these sets are brand new and unopened. I've switched to shortscale, so don't need them now. - BOTH FENDER SETS NOW SOLD| Two sets of 4-string Fender stainless steel flatwounds. 9050ML. 50 - 100, medium Light, longscale. £15 per set, including 2nd class postage. - JUST THESE LEFT NOW. One set of 4-string Elites stainless steel Groundwounds/halfwounds. 45 - 105, standard gauge, longscale. £15, including 2nd class postage.
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