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  1. All these sets are brand new and unopened. I've switched to shortscale, so don't need them now. - BOTH FENDER SETS NOW SOLD| Two sets of 4-string Fender stainless steel flatwounds. 9050ML. 50 - 100, medium Light, longscale. £15 per set, including 2nd class postage. - JUST THESE LEFT NOW. One set of 4-string Elites stainless steel Groundwounds/halfwounds. 45 - 105, standard gauge, longscale. £15, including 2nd class postage.
  2. Don't like the look of that neck pocket crack. Also, appear to be cracks around bridge, which would be an unusual place for damage, wouldn't it? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153681082839?ul_noapp=true
  3. Got this a couple of days ago. I've been looking for a cheap 'n' cheerful short scale Precision for a while. Such things do seem to be rarer than Jazz's - don't know why. First impressions are pretty good. Solid Alder body is light, and nicely finished in metallic blue. Good tight neck pocket. Maple neck feels smooth. 39mm at the nut, so a little narrower than my Squier Vista Musicmaster, but on a par with my Lakland Hollowbody. Bass hangs well on ta strap with no obvious neck dive. Fingerboard is, I think Rosewood, but looks and feels a little cheap compared to the rest of the bass. Couple of small surface nicks around frets 5 and 12, but nothing serious, given the price. Tuners feel a bit flimsy. Controls work well enough, and I'm particularly impressed with the tone pot which does have a useful sweep of tones. Both pots and jack socket are quiet - no noises or crackling at all. Very thin gig bag. Pickups: Hmmmm. Too early to say, while I'm still experimenting with strings. They're not especially high output, but that's not a big issue. I'd describe the tone as balanced between mud-thump and modern hi-fi, perhaps lacking some low-down richness. I think I'll be changing them soon. I'll be looking for a fairly deep, rich tone but without any muddiness. I've had the Entwistle's before and they were loud, and a little in-your-face/"modern" for my tastes. So: Wilkinson Anico V's for £23, or Toneriders for £40, or Kent Armstrong ceramics for £50 - worth the extra?
  4. I made this so I can play the cajon standing up. It's, errrm, .......Homely. Upcycled. Eco. Cheap 'n' cheerful. Rough 'n' ready. Shabby chic. Shed chic. Cute. Endearing. Unpretentious. Honest. Workmanlike. "World". Cross between a child's easel and deck chair. Conversation piece. I'm particularly pleased with the G&L-inspired micro-tilt adjustment system which you can see at the bottom. "Cough*
  5. I've been looking for a half-decent short-scale P bass for a while - pretty rare beasts! Anybody have hands-on experience of the SX?
  6. Poking around the web for some inspiration, I came across this video. Firstly, it has really clear explanations, including diagrams, of the main causes of hum. Secondly, it has lots of easy suggestions for curing hum, including twisting the pickup wires around each other. A peek under the pickguard of my Squier Musicmaster revealed pickup wires not twisted together. Hmmmm - surely can't be that simple, can it? Easy fix, worth a try. Quick twizzle of the pickup twisted the wires together. Result was a much-reduced level of hum! Not really believing this, I fired up the washing machine, and was surprised to find that the the bass really was much quieter. Not only that, while getting all of my washing out of the laundry basket, I found a five pound note. Ha!
  7. Useful thread on Talkbass: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/replacement-pickup-for-fender-musicmaster.282173/
  8. Just spotted this. Don't know whether it's humbucking. Anybody have any experience of them? https://www.mojopickups.co.uk/product/4-pole-musicmaster-bass/ Edit: Marc at Mojo says they're single coil, not humbucking.
  9. All of my efforts have certainly reduced the single-coil hum, but it's still there, especially when the washing machine's on. So, I'm looking for a drop-in replacement pickup that's hum-cancelling. Unlike the Fenders, the Squier Musicmaster basses have a bass-specific 4-pole pickup, not a six-poler derived from the Strat pickup. All suggestions gratefully received.
  10. Excitedly buying a lovely-looking Stingray, only to discover when I unpacked it that it was fretless. It never occurred to me to ask about that when I bought it. Twonk.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980-Alembic-Series-II-SSB-Short-Scale-Bass-the-Ultimate-Stanley-bass/174034172591?hash=item28853ebaaf:g:qisAAOSwaPNb6Zzs
  12. Sonny T on the bass. Good Lord. Marvellous musicianship and groove.
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