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  1. and...Sharon Jones right in the soul groove here. Not completely convinced about Darryl Hall's singing in this instance, however.
  2. Not sure whether this has been posted before. Had a bit of a funk--out last night:
  3. Update from Andertons today: Delivery now put back to 5th January.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Just jammed along to it. Sort of. Thought I could hear some echoes of Paul Young and Mick Hucknall in the singer's voice. For me, the track slightly ran out of puff and direction about 2/3rds way through. Pino lifted the middle instrumental with some nicely understated playing but, overall, I felt the song lacked sparkle/bounce/interest/hooks. That's just me though.
  6. Not here yet. Last message from Andertons on 27th October said they were expecting delivery "on or around 27th November"...
  7. I wanted a Maple fretboard. The surf green one was just a smidge too, errm, "sweet" for my personal taste.
  8. Held out for as long as I could. Caved in today, and ordered a CAR one...
  9. Andertons are saying late November for delivery. Price has already gone up from £499 to £549, even though none has hit these shores yet... https://www.andertons.co.uk/g-l-tribute-fallout-short-scale-bass-candy-apple-red
  10. Well, it was a long time ago when I did my Psychology degrees! Since then, I spent all of my working life as an Occupational Psychologist trying to understand and predict human behaviour in the workplace. Eventually, I gave up and retired. Took up bass playing instead. Off the top of my head, here are a few things may be innate in humans, but I'm not saying they definitely are; Blink reflex Disgust reaction , and an associated puckered-lipped expression. Garcia Effect, which is an innate predisposition to associate illness with taste on a one-trial basis. Wariness around snakes. The Five-Factor model of personality, sometimes referred to as the OCEAN model. Primacy and Recency effects in memory. - the tendency to remember the first and last things in messages. Eyebrow lift as a greeting. Miller's magic number 7 (Plus or minus 2) - how many "chunks" of information can humans comfortably process at any one time. Innate predisposition and ability to learn language. Chomsky was your main man there, I think The need for some sort of over-arching belief system. Doesn't matter what it is - Shamanism, Sun-worship, Communism, Belief in Spirits/Gods, whatever. It's long been argued that humans have an innate need to believe in something... Steve
  11. Here's the link: https://thepsychologist.bps.org.uk/volume-33/october-2020/which-human-experiences-are-universal
  12. My other half is attempting to learn piano, and she's really struggling. I show her how to play a scale, saying something like: "Let's start on C, do the do-rey-me thing, until we hit C again" Blank looks. She regards two C's an octave apart as different notes because they sound different. She is not Bolivian.
  13. In the latest edition of The Psychologist - the magazine of the British Psychological Society - is a short article in the research section that discusses whether pitch perception is a universal human phenomenon. I'll try to paraphrase it: "In Western music, the octave system is mathematically based - move up an octave, and a given note doubles in frequency. Perhaps Western music has come to use this system because it relates to the way sound waves physically stimulate the cochlea in the inner ear. In other words, there's something biologically fundamental, and universal, about the way we perceive pitch. But, is this true for non-Western music? In 2019, a team from the Max Planck institute revealed that a remote group of people living in the Bolivian rainforest doesn't process pitch in this way. The Bolivians don't perceive similarities between two notes an octave apart. This work adds to other research, notably in vision and smell, revealing that, while all humans possess the same hardware, culture influences our sensory perceptions." I thought that was rather interesting.
  14. Ha! This morning, I decided that I'd sell my Squier Musicmaster. Put it on Gumtree, I thought. Just before I did that, I checked the BC "Wanted" section and discovered that Cheddatom was looking for a white Musicmaster. We swapped photos and -yes! - I had his first ever bass. It's now back with him, and I'm really pleased that it turned out the way it did. Bit of BC Karma, right there. Steve
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