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  1. Hurumph. Thought I'd sold this via Gumtree, but buyer started messing me about. So, it's still available. It's sulking in my understairs cupboard. All alone....
  2. Possible buyer waiting in the wings for this, but it's still available if somebody wants it before 26th August.
  3. This started life as a GK BLX 210 cab. Previous owner replaced the original speakers with Eminence Delta 10's, meaning the cab is now rated 700w at 4 ohms. Specs here: https://www.lean-business.co.uk/eshop/eminence-delta-10-8ohm-10-350watt-speaker-p-767.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwqNnqBRATEiwAkHm2BPl3a3te8dnbgA6WNYtxmKi_2k8Uq2GzbXsBZRRK51vASkab0ZjzNhoCB-0QAvD_BwE I bought it off this forum because I needed something to leave at the rehearsal studio. I've used it once a fortnight for rehearsal, but the band's folded, meaning the cab's not needed now. It's in very good condition - no rips or tears anywhere. It has castors, and a strong webbing pull strap so you can trundle it like cabin luggage. All easily removed. Comes with Mesa cover which is a pretty good fit - has a few paint splashes on the cover from garage storage. This is a BIG sounding bass cab with a lot of bottom end. Driven along by my Hartke LH500, I got some seriously impressive thump. Driven by my GK MB500, it sounds sweet, mid-range and nicely balanced. Dimensions: 17 (H) X 18 (D) X 23 (W) cms. Weight: Not sure, being honest. I'd guess somewhere between 20 and 25 Kgs. I'll see if I can borrow some scales. Size and weight will most probably rule out courier. Edit: Just been playing through the cab to check it's all OK. My word - I'd forgotten just how clear, yet deep sounding it is. First time for ages I've heard it outside of a noisy 5-piece bloke-rock band and it's the cleanest-sounding, clearest, deepest cab I think I've ever had the pleasure to play through. Sounds appreciably better than my two TechAmp 112's, I reckon. However, it's more difficult to transport than the two 112's. Makes me wonder if I should be selling it. Flaming band break-ups.....
  4. Heart very much in mouth, here's a short phone-video of us under the "Loose Change" buskers collective banner at a local Makers market. Forget the drummer - he was only there for that one gig, and is not part of our trio. Please remember; I'm not the coolest dude in the bass world. You'll see me wrestling with my notes at a couple of points. Schoolboy error. Will take clothes pegs next time. First time the singer had ever sung in public. First time we had played together in public.
  5. Thanks folks. Here are my thoughts, as prompted by some of the responses; We'd like to keep the band footprint as small as possible - so, 3 people, not 4. Like @Sibob, I don't really enjoy playing bass with no percussion - I feel a bit lost. I tend to agree with @Dannybouy regarding the novelty factor of having the cajon in the line-up - even more so if I switch between it and bass. Joe public would almost certainly not have seen that, and it would differentiate us from virtually all other local acoustic trios. Easier to get gigs as a result, maybe? I'm happy to switch between bass and cajon, depending on the song. I suppose my question is - How do I choose which songs to play bass on, and which songs to play cajon? My first thought was cajon on the slower numbers e.g Don'y know why - Norah Jones, True Colors - Cyndi Lauper, Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen, and bass on the faster songs e.g. Breathless - The Corrs, Sunday Girl - Blondie, Mr Rock and Roll - Amy MacDonald. However, the guitarist and singer have different ideas. Then there's the in-between songs e.g. Thank you - Dido, You're still the one I want - Shania Twain, Out of reach - Gabrielle. Consequently, I'm dazed and confused about what I should play on which song.
  6. I'm involved with a start-up acoustic trio. Good acoustic guitarist who adds a voice-synth and guitar synth to his acoustic guitar. Also sings BV's. Pretty good female singer who does not have much live experience, but is coming along really well. She prefers slower/jazzy numbers to up-tempo toe-tappers. Then there's me. I started off playing (electric) bass to all songs, but at the last rehearsal I played cajon on a few. Straight away, both the guitarist and singer said they preferred me on the cajon. Probably a reflection of my rubbish bass-playing! I don't want to play cajon all night. I am happy to switch between bass and cajon, depending on the song. But - how do I choose? I am now faced with the job of saying whether I'd play bass or cajon on a growing songlist of 16 songs. I don't know how to make that decision. Can you good people help, please? Three examples: Breathless - The Corrs. I'd have said bass straight away, but no. Guitarist and singer want me to play cajon. That man - Caro Emerald. Hotel California, specifically this cover: I'd want to play bass, but guitarist is suggesting cajon would be "a better fit".
  7. I've just bought a Squier Vista Musicmaster. Stock pickup is 4-pole single coil job, and it sounds great - clanky and mids-forward - sort of reminds me of DiMarzio P I had in an Ibanez Blazer a while back. My understanding is the Vista Tone pickup is not a strat-derived guitar pickup like the Fender Musicmaster one - the Vista tone pickup is/was specially designed for the bass. But, it's not a humbucker, so it's noisy - it especially likes talking to my washing machine. And my amps (all of them). And my outboard laptop speakers. This is what I've done so far to try to shield the bass: Lined the cavity with aluminium tape. I made sure it was conductive tape. Same tape on the underneath of the pickguard. Resoldered the jack ground lead to the pot, since the original solder was only just hanging in there. Put some isolating tape on the bottom tip of the jack prong to make sure it wasn't contacting the cavity shielding. Installed an extra ground wire, soldered onto same point as bridge ground wire, then screwed into cavity tape. All this has helped quieten the bass, but it still hums and picks up various RFI no mater what room in the house I'm playing in. I don't want to replace the original pickup because it's just the sound I'm looking for. Besides, I'd like to keep the bass as original as possible. So - is there anything else I can do to help quieten the bass? Or does the fact that it's a single coil mean there's only so much that can be done? I'll just have to stop playing when I'm washing my smalls, I suppose.
  8. My band's stopped gigging, dammit. I'm looking for a good covers band to join. I'm mature, experienced and reliable. Also - I pride myself on learning my parts before rehearsals! Soft-rock, pop, soul, indie, Motown, reggae, cheesy 80's power ballads, duo, trios, full bands, coffee-house crews - all good for me. Not into Goth, any sort of metal, classic rock. Or Black Lace. Can't/won't play slap! Loads of videos on YouTube - search "Replaycoversband" for most recent ones. I have loads of time available for rehearsals and gigs, so please get in touch if you think I may be able to help you. Thank you. Examples of playing from recent bands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzxB5LU29Vc Apologies - can't seem to embed the YouTube video here. Just click the link - should work. and:
  9. Hi Mark, Please can you tell us a little more about the band. Specifically: Band name? Band line-up? How long have you been together? What sort of venues/gigs are you aiming at? Do you have any in your gig diary? So that we can appreciate the high standard at which you play, do you have any Facebook/YouTube/Website/Soundcloud links you can post here? Thank you, Steve
  10. My original post was about a scam that was pretty obviously dodgy. I could see that, but I was gathering other people's views and experiences. Much more interesting is the information that's come to light about PayPal's (non)-protection. I've changed the topic title to reflect that. I'm sorry to appear pedantic, but I'd like to understand this as best I can, since I use PayPal fairly frequently. Let's say an item is sold via an online marketplace. The buyer pays for it upfront via PayPal. The seller organises and pays for a tracked courier. The item is duly delivered to the correct address, and is signed for. Then, the buyer claims not to have received the item and claims their money back from PayPal. Who is culpable? Who is responsible for the loss of the item, and for sorting things out? The seller? Should have been able to prove that the person who signed for the item was indeed the buyer? How does the seller do that? The courier? Should have been able to prove that the person who signed for the item was indeed the buyer? How does the courier do that? The buyer? Up to them to track down the item that was delivered to, and signed for, by somebody at the address they provided.
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