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  1. I'm am retired. For all of my working life I was an Occupational Psychologist specialising in the assessment of intelligence, personality, aptitudes, motivation, values, in HR settings such as recruitment, development, mergers, succession planning. I've assessed people for a huge range of jobs including Astronaut, Assistant Chief Constable, mortuary assistant, canning line operative, warehouse packer, sales, and umpteen managerial positions. I worked for various consultancies, and then myself. I retired aged 50 and, for a few years, was heavily involved in developing and trialling race yachts, as a semi-pro racing crew. Fully retired from everything now. Loads of time to play bass to my usual mediocre level, and write bad poetry.
  2. Yep - Yesterday, I started to do some basic web research about DAWs and stuff. Quick Google of "Best free DAW" threw up quite a few suggestions, one of which was Tracktion 7. On the T7 website was a link to a YouTube video "Tracktion T7 overview". Aha, I thought - a simple, staightforward introduction to what DAWs are and what they do. Then I played it. I have no idea at all what I was looking at - put me right off the whole idea.
  3. OK - Please pardon my ignorance, but how would I do that?
  4. I'm retired, and I live alone. The main band I play with has suspended all gigs and rehearsals. I'm staying at home whenever I possibly can, and I'm crawling the walls. And it's only Day 1 of the "You must stay at home" situation. Other than jamming along to YouTube, what are other people doing to keep playing? What ways are there of playing/cooperating with other musicians without physically meeting them? I'm certain this has been discussed in the CV threads, but I can't face the prospect of trawling through 100+ pages. Oh, and by the way, I'm not especially IT oriented, so talk of MIDI and DAW and such like may leave me floundering. Sorry.
  5. I may well be confusing myself here! Not too sure whether there were/are US and non-US versions. Apologies...
  6. Good for you! I should perhaps have said that mine is the Skyline variant, not the USA one. Steve
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tanglewood-EB-18-Elfin-Bass-Guitar-short-scale/264649574377?hash=item3d9e5807e9:g:HksAAOSwzAxeV6tJ
  8. Yes - this is the bass I have. It's my no.1 bass and has remained with me while other short-scales have come and gone. Some key points, from my experience: It's very light - noticeably so compared to every other shortscale I've had. This is one of the main reasons I bought it. Hardly any neck-dive - with a wide, rough-finish strap it sits obediently in a slight neck-up position. Stock pickups are fairly bright and modern. I'm fairly sure that the stock arrangement is V/V/T. Mine's been changed to V/blend/T. The neck pickup solo-ed could not honestly be described as "Precision" tone. Rear pickup sounds pretty much like a jazz. Best for me is a 50/50 mix of the two, although I know that when Bassbunny played it, he liked the balance a little more towards the neck. See embedded video for an example of me playing it in a 5-piece covers band. Nut width is 38mm. The neck is quite deep front to back and for that reason feels a lot more substantial than other 38mm short-scale necks I've tried. Also, the neck is positioned more outboard than other shortscales, meaning my fretting hand is a little further away from my body than other shortscales, so the playing position doesn't feel too cramped. Only hardware issue I've had was a slipping hipshot tuning peg - replaced with a new one recently. I've tried quite a few different strings. I've settled on Labella black tapewounds. Their depth of tone balances-out the slightly "modern" tone of the pickups to give a nicely rounded sound with plenty of low end. Fender flatwounds didn't work quite so well - a bit too bright on this bass, in my opinion. These are pretty rare beasts - not often you see these for sale. I suppose the styling is a little "old school", but I forgive it that for the way it sounds. It will most probably stay with me for as long as I'm playing bass. Any other questions - just get in touch. www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzxB5LU29Vc
  9. I've said "Thanks, but no thanks" to this project for a number of reasons, one of which is travel distances involved. Rehearsals look like they'll be in Bolton, and I live right round the other side of Manchester. If anybody is interested, PM me for keys player's contact details.
  10. What especially impressed me was how she launched straight back into the intended piece without even a short break following the major stage and equipment faff. Respect.
  11. Sure thing - I agree with you! I don't mind a bit of ska, reggae and northern soul. I depped for a Northern Soul band a few years ago and enjoyed it. Just tried to ring keys player, but his number was "not recognised" 🙄
  12. Apparently, the bassist and the guitarist - good mates - set up the band 3 months ago. The songs were nearly ready to go out and gig but the bassist had personal health issues to deal with and the guitarist was in another band, and was getting too busy. So, when bassist left he also decided to leave. The keys player seems to have been the one holding it all together. New guitarist recently recruited, just need a bassist now. Apparently. I'm speaking to keys player this evening.
  13. Isn't that marvellous! At the end of the video, it says that nothing was staged or pre-planned. Let's believe that, and revel in the musicianship and stagecraft on show. A moveable feast. Made me smile this damp and dreary morning.
  14. Just got a useful email from them: I've been trading emails with keys player. Covers band, playing ska, reggae, northern soul. Been together 3 months.. Sax, drums, keys vocalist, (new) guitarist, ages 40 - 60. Going to telephone keys player later today.
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