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  1. I was sitting reading when my other half said the neighbours had asked if I could play some songs after the VE Day silence. Seriously!? Errr, OK. Hastily arranged picnic table, laptop + speakers, practice amp outside house. Jammed over YT videos: Louie Louie, 500 miles, Thank you (Dido), Theme from Peter Gunn, Love Shack, You Keep it all in, Tainted Love, Can't touch this, Could you be loved, etc, etc. Playing in full sun with black tapewound strings - nightmare staying in tune - wind blowing my notes everywhere, couldn't see laptop screen, etc, etc. Really rather enjoyed it, actually.
  2. So you're a Group B player then! Ha! What basses do you have at the moment, please?
  3. Billy-no-mates here in Group B!?
  4. Any other Group B short scalers out there? What bass do you play? I seem to like the inter-fret spacing of short scale, but not the short distance from the nut to my body. The reason I seem to get on with my Lakland Hollowbody 30 so well appears to be because the neck is positioned quite a way outboard, the neck is fairly chunky front-to-back, and the front strap pin is positioned at F 13. All this means that the bass - even though the neck is 38mm at the nut and 30" scale - doesn't feel anywhere near as cramped as other shorties I've tried.
  5. Thanks for compiling this for us. Worth a stickie, maybe? A good look at the pictures, plus a chat with BC's Scrumpymike (encylopedic knowledge of short scales), has really helped me to narrow-down the basses that would most probably work for me.
  6. That's a game of two halves for me. First half - tremendously impressive, but a bit sterile. Second half - now, then - that, for me, is pure bass-playing virtuosity. I'd pay damned good money to listen to more of the finger-style, but I'd be wandering off to the bar during the slap. Each to their own, of course!
  7. "Sucks teeth" - Great groove. I really like that, even though I'm not normally a fan of slap.
  8. I'm am retired. For all of my working life I was an Occupational Psychologist specialising in the assessment of intelligence, personality, aptitudes, motivation, values, in HR settings such as recruitment, development, mergers, succession planning. I've assessed people for a huge range of jobs including Astronaut, Assistant Chief Constable, mortuary assistant, canning line operative, warehouse packer, sales, and umpteen managerial positions. I worked for various consultancies, and then myself. I retired aged 50 and, for a few years, was heavily involved in developing and trialling race yachts, as a semi-pro racing crew. Fully retired from everything now. Loads of time to play bass to my usual mediocre level, and write bad poetry.
  9. Yep - Yesterday, I started to do some basic web research about DAWs and stuff. Quick Google of "Best free DAW" threw up quite a few suggestions, one of which was Tracktion 7. On the T7 website was a link to a YouTube video "Tracktion T7 overview". Aha, I thought - a simple, staightforward introduction to what DAWs are and what they do. Then I played it. I have no idea at all what I was looking at - put me right off the whole idea.
  10. OK - Please pardon my ignorance, but how would I do that?
  11. I'm retired, and I live alone. The main band I play with has suspended all gigs and rehearsals. I'm staying at home whenever I possibly can, and I'm crawling the walls. And it's only Day 1 of the "You must stay at home" situation. Other than jamming along to YouTube, what are other people doing to keep playing? What ways are there of playing/cooperating with other musicians without physically meeting them? I'm certain this has been discussed in the CV threads, but I can't face the prospect of trawling through 100+ pages. Oh, and by the way, I'm not especially IT oriented, so talk of MIDI and DAW and such like may leave me floundering. Sorry.
  12. I may well be confusing myself here! Not too sure whether there were/are US and non-US versions. Apologies...
  13. Good for you! I should perhaps have said that mine is the Skyline variant, not the USA one. Steve
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