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  1. Hey! Had this requested by a student and wanted to share the bass tab and video lesson here. https://jeffrey-thomas.com/tabs/bass/mac-miller/whats-the-use/ Enjoy! Thanks, Jeff
  2. Howdy! I just completed the tab for a student who is working on Gimme Three Steps. Pretty cool "Southern Rock" lines on the track and I have everything nailed down. https://jeffrey-thomas.com/tabs/bass/lynyrd-skynyrd/gimme-three-steps/ Thanks and enjoy! Jeff
  3. Hi! I just added a video preview walking through pg. 1 for "Rio" by Duran Duran: https://jeffrey-thomas.com/tabs/bass/duran-duran/rio/ Thanks, Jeff
  4. Hey, I just wanted to share a link to my free guitar tab for a awesome jazz blues by Joe Pass: https://jeffrey-thomas.com/tabs/guitar/joe-pass/the-blue-side-of-jazz/ Enjoy and thanks, Jeff
  5. Hey! I just wanted to send a invite out for my bass tab archive. I am uploading new music weekly and you will find a variety of tunes, theory and technique studies. https://jeffrey-thomas.com/tabs/instruments-t/bass/ Thanks, Jeff
  6. Hi, I hope it is ok to post lessons here?... Anyway, this a video bass lesson with tab for "Electric Feel" by MGMT: https://jeffrey-thomas.com/videos/bass/mgmt/electric-feel/ Thanks, Jeff
  7. Hey, here is a good video lesson from my archive on the "rhythmic code" for 16th notes. This is for the bassist who wants to get better at the playing technique and counting for 16th notes. https://jeffrey-thomas.com/videos/bass/rhythm-study/16th-note-subdivisions/ Thanks, Jeff
  8. Hey! Thanks for the reply. I have tried my notation programs and I have pretty intense deadlines for writing. I can just get it done faster by hand and don't have to compromise music by having a limitation in the notation software. Or spending 30 minutes to find out how to divide the "e" of a 16th note into a 32nd...lol. Is it ok to just post links to the content on my site? I am in the process of uploading 6 years of writing to the site. Everything from classic rock to funk, pop etc...
  9. Hmm, I tried to attache a .pdf and it does not seem to be working? Here is a link to the tab on my site: https://jeffrey-thomas.com/tabs/bass/deep-purple/space-trucking/
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