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  1. Hi been dabbling in the site for years and realised I have no idea how selling things on here works anymore.. do I need to pay a fee? If so who do I pay and how much?? cheers jonnybass
  2. Enjoy it...I love my ACG five string..
  3. Where are you based?
  4. For my music man V I use Dunlop super brights stainless steel 45-135. Sound pretty good for me.
  5. My fender custom classic had the same pre amp as the fender deluxe basses, had it changed for a John east (just bass and treble, passive/active with passive tone). The sound is incredible both in active and passive mode.
  6. Stunning work...and they play incredibly too. Been the proud owner of a recurve 5 for a year now..
  7. I always feel this is merely a mathematical exercise, unless the music written requires the various tempered tunings. Bands don’t write rock songs then say “ah but how much better would it sound if we tempered specifically to D#Major for this tune?”
  8. Lovely, saw it on Instagram and thought what a lucky owner...ACG’s are so good but so bad for the bank balance.
  9. If you can find a musicMan audiophile head. Designed b markbass, two channel with a foot switch...they pop up on the bay once in a while.
  10. That’s the one. Cheers mate. Basschat does t again.
  11. Guys after some assistance from the basschat hive mind. The son of a friend has chosen higher music, and bass guitar...the school aren’t being super helpful and he has three weeks to learn get walkin by Geoff Gascoyne.. I have offered to help, he’s sent the music but to be honest it’s been 20 odd years since I read properly and I am not sure I have read it right. Would someone be willing to read it, play it and send it back to help me out? jonny
  12. I have played 5 strings on and off since 1993. I have found the biggest difference is the lack of shifting for my left hand. To me a bass designed as a five string tends to perform better than a bass designed as a four but with an extra string..for example I think a musician V has a better sounding and feeling low b than a jazz bass V.
  13. I would think that the courier, acting as an agent selling insurance accepts the insurance liability if they 1.know what they are insuring (whether it is on a list of prohibited items or not) and 2. They accept the premium. In my simple way it’s like saying to a company I need travel insurance to go to Vietnam, and the company say fine that’s £60, then my case goes missing, they can’t then say that Vietnam is excluded, if I had told them I was going there and they accepted a premium to insure me to go there. Whether the insurance company pays out or not is between the courier and the insurer.
  14. Had one of these as my first five string in 1993 same colour too, it was such a good player. If this plays as well then it’s allot of bass for the money.
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