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  1. I’ve been using an ACG for about 3/4 years now. With the filter eq. I understood the concept, after @skelf explained it, but it took a while to get my ears and brain into dialling it in. Even now I will have active practice sessions just dialling in different tones. I love it.
  2. Hi lovely looking bass. What scale is it?
  3. I owned an s2 classic five string. Couldn’t fault the fit and finish. Weight was manageable and loved the neck profile. Found the headless neck a little difficult to get used to, but got used to it eventually. For me, what I didn’t like was the electronics. They are powerful, flexible and clear, but I like more “character”. oh and the growl they make is a wonderful thing.
  4. Had one of these, biggest regret in getting rid off this for my first 5 string...the neck played so well and the p pickup sounded terrific
  5. This is the my fourth five string bass, every bit as nice a b string as the two music man V’s I have owned. Only my ACG feels better for my fingers.
  6. The sheer weight of expectation I think 😊
  7. A couple of weeks ago I ordered myself a sire v7 five string. The idea being that I needed a backup bass when I didn’t feel comfy taking out my ACG recurve 5. I currently work with two bands, a covers band, doing most styles (but allot of disco and soul) and an originals band (5 piece zappaesque proggy stuff). this week I had rehearsals with both bands so took the sire along to give it a run. Wow what a bass..feels comfy, although after 2.5 hours wearing it with no break, it’s heavier than my ACG. The main thing was the sound, the preamp is very flexible but totally musical, clear across the range, varying the sound between soul deep thump and articulate modern zing was no problem. Love the rolled fingerboard, the neck shape is chunkier than I prefer but I’ll get used to that. the down side? The tuners...not the easiest to tune, but stable enough. They are Heavy so on a five they bring the neck down a little. I also don’t like where the passive tone knob is, too easy to turn down the volume accidentally. Overall what a bass, comfy, it’s going to need minimal mods to make it absolutely killer for me, and I haven’t even restrung it yet and set it up for my preferences. If you are thinking about a sire and weight isn’t an issue for you, I’d say go for it.
  8. It’s a great colour, the neck is a little chunky but the sound and feel are great.
  9. Haha sorry...mis type..8.5 pounds ish I think...not as light as my acg but not too heavy (for me). Ymmv
  10. It’s a little neck heavy but overall under 8.5kg.
  11. I have been on the lookout for a backup five for my acg for a while. Finally pulled the trigger and picked up a b stock sire v7 five in burgundy. Amazing amount of bass for the money. What a sound. ..here’s a quick photo more to follow later
  12. I like it, I think it looks and sounds great.
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