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  1. Was this in Bass Direct? I am sure I drooled over it there too..
  2. That looks absolutely amazing...if only I had the funds..
  3. Hi I was wondering if the hive mind here had tips for selling gear. You know the best way to accept payments. The best places to meet up. The best option for communication. Please hit me with your valuable knowledge Jonny
  4. Boss RC20XL for sale, hardly used, couldn’t get my head round the looping and quantising. complete with box and manual even a cd of samples.
  5. For Sale Ernie ball Musicman Stingray V H with Piezo. Bought this bass second hand 2 years ago, plays beautifully, sounds as you would expect a Stingray to sound. Up until I got my ACG 5 string this bass was going nowhere. It was clearly gigged before I got it as it carries a few battle scars from the previous owner (No idea who I bought it from a shop). Any questions just ask.
  6. Hi been dabbling in the site for years and realised I have no idea how selling things on here works anymore.. do I need to pay a fee? If so who do I pay and how much?? cheers jonnybass
  7. Enjoy it...I love my ACG five string..
  8. For my music man V I use Dunlop super brights stainless steel 45-135. Sound pretty good for me.
  9. My fender custom classic had the same pre amp as the fender deluxe basses, had it changed for a John east (just bass and treble, passive/active with passive tone). The sound is incredible both in active and passive mode.
  10. Stunning work...and they play incredibly too. Been the proud owner of a recurve 5 for a year now..
  11. I always feel this is merely a mathematical exercise, unless the music written requires the various tempered tunings. Bands don’t write rock songs then say “ah but how much better would it sound if we tempered specifically to D#Major for this tune?”
  12. Lovely, saw it on Instagram and thought what a lucky owner...ACG’s are so good but so bad for the bank balance.
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