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  1. Good to see you back on BC Clarky A nice bass indeed, I'd be tempted to have it back but have too many instruments and not enough gigs.
  2. I've owned over 20 db's & EUBs Right now I'm enjoying the Ibanez UB804 with 34" D'addario black nylon tape wounds. Does it sound like an upright? I'd say yes, more than the NS CR4 & NXT that I had. Maybe not as close as a Yamaha SLB200, but it it sounds good to me and is fun to play which is all that matters. Too many people listen with their eyes.
  3. Is weight an issue for you? It would be too heavy for me at 50lbs
  4. I'm thinking of selling my PJB Super Flightcase which is great for upright. 2 upwards facing speakers so you can hear yourself with no feedback issues due to small drivers,
  5. Another update. I really like Labella 760N black nylons on my fretless basses so tried a set on the Ibanez. They were nice to play but sounded too much like a bass guitar so went for some Daddario ETB92 Tapewounds. What a difference! Less sustain with nice sound. Looking forward to trying them on a couple of gigs next weekend.
  6. Quick update on the Upswing After several hours experimenting with the TC Bodyrez and 3Sigma IR's with a Mooer Radar I decided to ride bareback at a restaurant piano bass duo gig last night. I wanted to keep set up to a minimum so plugged the Upswing into a GK MB200 and AI Upshot speaker. It sounded fine without the pedals and was fun to play.
  7. I like a smidge of reverb on EUB while noodling at home, or on a quiet duo/trio gig but wouldn't need it on DB
  8. Ha likewise Maybe impulse response would work for you
  9. This has been covered over on Talkbass but I wondered if anyone on Basschat had any experiences to share? I've owned a dozen or so different EUB's over the years and have spent many hours and GBP's changing strings and pickup trying to get that upright sound in my head. I'm currently experimenting with a TC Bodyrez and a Mooer Radar using impulse responses from 3sigma audio The Bodyrez is simple to use having one button for on/off/mute and one rotary knob for intensity. It does enhance my already great sounding Ibanez Upswing and my SLB200 with the amp set flat. I spent sometime experimenting in Logic X with the Hawk impulse responses from 3sigma and then decided to go for the Mooer Radar. I'm disappointed with it and the IR's. I can't get a happy sound and find the Radar too fiddly. I've not tried either with bass guitar yet but will report back when I get around to it.
  10. Yes Marc, I've tried foam but find it sucks away the tone. I like the bass to sing but this also has a nice thump to it if I dampen with fingers. I've tried La Bella black & white nylons, TI flats, Rotosound Trubass, and as recommend by someone on Talkbass I got a set of NS Omnibass strings. They didn't do it for me so I went back to the originals. Think they're heavier gauge D'Addario XL. They feel more like double bass strings than all the BG ones I tried. I also got a TC Bodyrez to try, it somehow adds to the sound without having to eq, sounds great with the Acoustic Image set flat, also sounds good through my TecAmp Bona Fide into my Epifani UL110
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