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  2. I think you'll find the sound will improve as the newness wears off the strings
  3. Thanks, just ordered an Elixir C string to try. They don't come in a set and the C string is the worst offender, although if I like the C I'll probably get the other 5. I'm a big fan of La Bella nylons, I have a spare 4 string set somewhere but they might be to thick for the nut.
  4. After longing for one of these beauties for a few months I finally got one. On the day it was delivered I became ill and hardly touched it for the first two weeks. Most BTB's are 35" scale, I wanted something shorter for playing chords, this is 33". It's very comfortable to play seated, seems ok standing and balances well. The strings are D'Addario NYXL and are a bit too bright for my liking. Can anyone recommend something warmer sounding that would fit? The picture doesn't do it justice, it's much nicer.
  5. AeroSilk Piezo system w/Active tone control
  6. Hi Jimmy, sorry only just seen this post. The bridge saddles are staggered with the E saddle being about 1/4" further from end of fingerboard than the G saddle I think you'd struggle to get the intonation spot on, but then it's fretless so if you adjust your technique accordingly it might be ok, after altering the nut of course. It's a great instrument, I used it on quite a few gigs, mainly sitting. Hope this helps
  7. Good to see you back on BC Clarky A nice bass indeed, I'd be tempted to have it back but have too many instruments and not enough gigs.
  8. I've owned over 20 db's & EUBs Right now I'm enjoying the Ibanez UB804 with 34" D'addario black nylon tape wounds. Does it sound like an upright? I'd say yes, more than the NS CR4 & NXT that I had. Maybe not as close as a Yamaha SLB200, but it it sounds good to me and is fun to play which is all that matters. Too many people listen with their eyes.
  9. Is weight an issue for you? It would be too heavy for me at 50lbs
  10. I'm thinking of selling my PJB Super Flightcase which is great for upright. 2 upwards facing speakers so you can hear yourself with no feedback issues due to small drivers,
  11. Another update. I really like Labella 760N black nylons on my fretless basses so tried a set on the Ibanez. They were nice to play but sounded too much like a bass guitar so went for some Daddario ETB92 Tapewounds. What a difference! Less sustain with nice sound. Looking forward to trying them on a couple of gigs next weekend.
  12. Quick update on the Upswing After several hours experimenting with the TC Bodyrez and 3Sigma IR's with a Mooer Radar I decided to ride bareback at a restaurant piano bass duo gig last night. I wanted to keep set up to a minimum so plugged the Upswing into a GK MB200 and AI Upshot speaker. It sounded fine without the pedals and was fun to play.
  13. I like a smidge of reverb on EUB while noodling at home, or on a quiet duo/trio gig but wouldn't need it on DB
  14. Ha likewise Maybe impulse response would work for you
  15. This has been covered over on Talkbass but I wondered if anyone on Basschat had any experiences to share? I've owned a dozen or so different EUB's over the years and have spent many hours and GBP's changing strings and pickup trying to get that upright sound in my head. I'm currently experimenting with a TC Bodyrez and a Mooer Radar using impulse responses from 3sigma audio The Bodyrez is simple to use having one button for on/off/mute and one rotary knob for intensity. It does enhance my already great sounding Ibanez Upswing and my SLB200 with the amp set flat. I spent sometime experimenting in Logic X with the Hawk impulse responses from 3sigma and then decided to go for the Mooer Radar. I'm disappointed with it and the IR's. I can't get a happy sound and find the Radar too fiddly. I've not tried either with bass guitar yet but will report back when I get around to it.
  16. Yes Marc, I've tried foam but find it sucks away the tone. I like the bass to sing but this also has a nice thump to it if I dampen with fingers. I've tried La Bella black & white nylons, TI flats, Rotosound Trubass, and as recommend by someone on Talkbass I got a set of NS Omnibass strings. They didn't do it for me so I went back to the originals. Think they're heavier gauge D'Addario XL. They feel more like double bass strings than all the BG ones I tried. I also got a TC Bodyrez to try, it somehow adds to the sound without having to eq, sounds great with the Acoustic Image set flat, also sounds good through my TecAmp Bona Fide into my Epifani UL110
  17. Quick post gig update I couldn't be more pleased with the Upswing, the sound improved the more I played it through the week as the brightness wore off the factory strings. I spent a few hours trying it through various amps and settled on the Acoustic Image combo for today's gig which was in a small venue with piano, snare & hi-hat, guitar and 4 different singers. I sat on a stool and set the bass up with the nut at eye level. It's great to play, easy on the left hand, feels just like an upright for pizz. I haven't used a bow yet. I got a few compliments about the double bass sound which I achieved. Phil, it does sound much more upright than a fretless, the bass is so resonant acoustically it's loud enough to practice on at home although plugging in does enhance the sound. I was a bit concerned about there being too much sustain but I can tame that. In the mix it just sounded like a good upright. As much as I like the Rob Allen mouse which I've used on hundreds of gigs I think this will take over some of it's duties, if not all. I can dig in on this whereas the mouse responds best to a much lighter touch. I'm hunched up playing the mouse which isn't good for my right arm, (spondylosis), I had no ill effects from playing the Upswing so far. It won't suit everybody but so far I'm pleased with the convenience & portability, the playability and the sound.
  18. After a year of gassing for one of these I finally got one yesterday. It was a toss up between this or an Omnibass as I want something compact that I can play seated. Out of the box it was almost in tune, ready to play. Decent build quality and nice neck profile. The stand on it's lowest setting is ideal for playing sitting on an office chair, maybe a touch high for a dining chair. I'll probably take a stool if I use it live. Sound wise it was more or less as I expected after watching the awful demo vids. I spent a few hours changing strings and ended putting the originals back on. Having tried it through the various amps / speakers / combos I've accumulated so far it sounds best through my AI Coda combo with the mid down a bit and most or all of the treble cut on the bass. The more I play it the more I like it. Looking forward to trying it on a gig, which won't be for over week so got plenty of time to get used to it. https://www.ibanez.com/usa/products/detail/ub804_01.html
  19. Just bought a pick from Paul. All good thanks
  20. Just bought a Bona-Fide from Brian. It's in great condition and arrived in bomb proof packaging. Thanks Brian
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