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  1. Just don’t go past your mum’s house.
  2. Our last gig is tomorrow. Just slipping in under the radar I think.
  3. Mrs B is convinced it’s the Russians. Really.
  4. Well, how many times have you heard the word ‘soul’ by all and sundry? Cool might be outdated but, believe me, it was the only show in town in the sixties.
  5. Did anyone see the documentary on BBC Two last night. 2 hours of pure gold - at least up to the Quintet. Amazing quantity of good archive film and a great story of his life and loves. And the music was excellent, the double bass sound, particularly Paul Chambers, superb. Get it on catchup; you won’t be disappointed.
  6. The band I play in has played one day a week continuously for the past fifty years. Must be quite a record. Last Tuesday our gate was 21, due very much to virus fears. So next Tue will be our last for the foreseeable, or until the virus goes away. Very sad but sensible.
  7. Is that where the dog licks his balls? I get that sort of reaction when I play a solo.
  8. Do you know, in sixty years of gigs- in the thousands - I can’t remember any fibs, carve ups, rollovers, whatever. Sure, there was one gig in the early days when our skiffle group didn’t get the £2.10 (pre dec) fee but that was because I didn’t have the balls to ask for it. I’ve waited months to be paid by a well known Berkshire worthy and there’s the relatively insignificant hall acoustics thing. But I have always been treated fairly and honourably by clients and fellow musicians alike. Is it because they’re jazzers, I wonder
  9. ‘You’ll like the acoustics in this hall’
  10. My GAS has come to an end. I’ve tried a lot and sold a lot. I now go everywhere with a Puma 500 and I have another one for spare which lives under the passenger seat.
  11. Thanks tinyd. It is a great setup, and you could, as an alternative, simply send the mic to FOH and put a pickup to the backline.
  12. I know some drummers who play like that ☹️
  13. Or anything by Oscar Peterson with Ray Brown on bass. Jazz and walking in its purest form.
  14. Picture the scene: 1962 at Butlins Minehead. We were a four piece and a female singer, married to the guitarist with a small child. We’d won a local talent contest and won a week’s holiday with some work thrown in. Going pro was discussed but I just couldn’t see it. But the others did quite well - writing songs, Hollies, Elvis included, session work, building studios and high end audio. The small child grew up to join Dire Straits. So a very talented lot. But for me there wasn’t a successful outcome that my engineer-wired brain could envisage. So I settled down to a humdrum life of work while the others prospered in music. Any regrets? No, not really; I’ve enjoyed playing the bass for sixty years, in fact I’ve got two gigs this week. I’ve always said that music is a great hobby but not the best way to earn a comfortable living. For most of us, that is.
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