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  1. I can’t remember how long I’ve been using Med Spiros on my double bass. They seem perfectly playable, with good attack, tone and sustain. Funny thing is, when I play my Kolstein EUB with softer Kolstein Heritage strings I find I have to play them a lot harder to get close to my usual DB sound.And then that’s when I get blisters! So the paradox is that mediums are kinder on my fingers that softs. Med Spiros keep in tune and last forever.
  2. As they say, a gentleman. I sold him a Barefaced OneTen last week. A very easy transaction that went very well. Nice guy.
  3. It’ll be of great benefit to all those who play an inanimate object such as a plank. For those who play a double bass there is no need. All the ‘feel’ you need is naturally transmitted through its body.
  4. How committed will you be to DB? I ask this because in the long run you’d be better off upping your budget to £1,000. Yes, it’s a bit of a jump but it’ll be a real investment. Go down to Ben Packham in Kent and he will fix you up with a really nice old ply, or even possibly a hybrid, that will have a decent setup. That’ll keep you going for several years. According to the music you play you may feel that you never need to upgrade.
  5. I have a black metal grille One Ten to sell, complete with Roqsolid cover. I haven’t got any packaging materials to hand so would prefer cash on collection from Burghfield Common. I could meet up within a reasonable distance.
  6. Thanks guys, I’m not usually so tentative about new gear but I’ve really dithered on this one. I’ll send Graeme a PM. BTW Clarky I’m gigging your Kolstein tonight in Oxford. Works great in pubs!
  7. I’m going senile! Yes, it is the NL 112. The latest one is beige.
  8. I presume, from the lack of replies, that no one’s got one. Hardly surprising perhaps in view of the price just north of £900 with shipping. Can we open this up to 12” vs 10”. As I said I’ve been used to tens for many years and I’m wondering whether I should try a twelve. Anyone?
  9. Anyone tried one yet. I’ve been using tens for a number of years with success but wondering whether a twelve would open the sound up a bit, allow it to bloom. Wondering whether to commit a shed- load to those folks at Bass Direct.
  10. Overwater aren’t anymore. They directed me to Laurence who I have dealt with before - I sold him a DB once - but his email address has failed. I have emailed AI in America but got no reply. It’s all very strange. I’ll carry on with my Genzler for now and probably direct my hard-earned somewhere else.
  11. Do AI have a UK presence these days. They seem to have gone off my radar and I need a Clarus. Don’t fancy buying via Thomann.
  12. Just wait until December when you’ll have to compete for space with the bloody tree!
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