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  1. If you’re ever up the M4, B-b, I have a gig with a seven piece every Tuesday at Theale, just a mile off Junction 12. Yes, that narrow bridge is a funny thing with Bryant basses. The feet don’t quite get to the bass bar, a prob that a good luthier can sort out. Laurence Dixon in my case. Strangely Paul Bryant has a s/h bass for sale in Musical Chairs right now. He doesn’t list it as one of his, possibly because of the less than pristine condition that suggests he could have taken it in as a part exchange. But it looks like a Bryant. And at £2800, hmm. BTW, I’ve never considered my bass rustic. It is after all a hand made, hand finished instrument.l
  2. It’s a funny old game. I’ve had a lot of very nice double basses but many of those, while being ‘OK’ have lacked the clarity and playability that we seek. Nowadays people often come up to me to compliment me on my tone/playing. My reply is that I’ve spent an awful lot of money getting there. So how to do it? I’ve always played on Spiro Mitts, never swerved in the past 50 odd years. And I’ve finally come to the ‘right’ bass. It’s a Bryant, not too expensive either.
  3. If I see an ad for a piece of gear that I own, or have owned, I see no harm in putting up a favourable comment if it deserves one. If I’ve had a contrary experience I keep quiet. I see no problem with that.
  4. A TecAmp Puma isn’t much bigger than a book. I have a 500watt model that lives under the passenger seat.
  5. Good explanation. As a jazzer I’d certainly like to get down to Eb, not too bothered about the lower notes. I wonder whether those extensions are more prone to damage with regular gigs. One further thought: my perception is that extensions are favoured in UK orchestras while in Europe (whoops) five stringers are the norm. I could be wrong.
  6. Having played bass for more than 55 years I’d be too embarrassed to say which tune. Probably something very low on the coolometer, like a skiffle tune.
  7. Is this topic still coming up? I think I’ll start a new one - I’ve got a bass with a pointy thing on the end of a wire. Which hole do I stick it in?
  8. Ah, that’ll be the MK2 version. It is a tad inconvenient but as this stand stays at home it’s not too much of a problem. If it was that important I would jack it up by putting legs on it. But respect to those stands that have preceded mine on this topic. Some stylish stuff here.
  9. I made this a few years ago and it’s still doing the job.
  10. Surely it’s all down to your principal/sole source of income. I’ve been playing bass for 55 years and not once in that time have I called myself a musician - although I’ve done and still do a heap of gigs. I’ve called myself a civil engineer or a builder and now I say I’m retired. But never a musician. Conversely there are plenty around who probably don’t come up to a very high musical standard but because music is where they make their living can justifiably call themselves a musician.
  11. I’ve got one of these in my collection and I find I’m using it more and more with DB and travel upright with a mag pickup. It’s plenty loud enough for small/med gigs and conveniently compact. As Subfeeder says, they don’t make these anymore so definitely worth buying. GLWTS
  12. So, Sting Bummer No! My surname’s Sumner Oh, Bummer Sumner then etc, ad nauseam.
  13. Very decent price. Did you not consider castors with plates and four screw holes for fixing to the underside of the cab? Possibly a bit less intrusive than having to drill through and get a nut onto the threaded pillar from inside. Or have I misinterpreted the fixing method?
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