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  1. I played a gig a couple of weeks ago. The booker got the times wrong so we hung around for two hours before we played. Then the one hour drive back over the pitch dark hills with shredded fingers and humping the bass and gear upstairs when I got home. So I’ve cancelled the remaining two gigs in my diary and decided it’s time at 80 to finally pack up. If the Covid lockdown hadn’t interrupted the momentum I’d probably be playing a lot still. But I’ve got a lot to be grateful for. Most of my mates from schooldays turned pro and did well for themselves and I was in a minority in staying out. But I’ve still played with in excess of 120 bands as a permanent or freelance (I’ve got them all listed in my little black book) and made some great music. so, you guys, don’t ‘programme’ your retirement. Just keep playing and enjoying your stuff right up to the point when your body will tell when it’s time to stop. It’s a gift to make music - any sort, any standard - so enjoy it. A lot.
  2. May an eighty year old member of the forum be permitted to say... I think it’s rather good!
  3. You know the definition of a gentleman is someone who owns a banjo. But doesn’t play it. Well, I’m now a gentleman. I own BA55 ACE but don’t display it. So it’s available on a retention certificate for easy transfer. The reg transfers site has it on at £6k but you can have it for £2k less.
  4. Most DB players rely on an adjustable HPF. AI amps have one built in and there are outboards- FDeck is a good one - to be had. I use a Broughton, it does a lot of useful stuff. Edit, that’s not very clear is it. Knobs from left are HPF, variable impedance, pad, phase reverse.
  5. That is very nice indeed. Reminds me of a Kolstein. But it’s a Landscape. Deffo.
  6. I’ll be gigging mine this coming Monday with a 10” Wizzy cab. Seems cheap to me but Clarky is a generous guy. GLWTS
  7. Hah! He’s right, you know. You could almost say that the last thing a double bass needs is a bass amp. A thundering big one anyway. The lower frequencies tend to look after themselves, they travel well into the audience even if you won’t hear them too clearly on stage. It’s a clear mid range that you’ll need and to this end I’d recommend looking for a 10” combo or a head and cab of the same size. OK, 12” if you must but certainly no larger. Enjoy your bass!
  8. There is such a thing as a slide trumpet tho’.
  9. Jazz musicians never play the same note once.
  10. Was Charlie’s drum tech the cushiest job in rock?
  11. We played support to the Tornadoes back in the day. Like you say, Clem was a perfect gent, lovely guy, even when he was young and could be forgiven for being a bit full of himself. A gig not to be forgotten.
  12. May he rest in peace. A fine tribute, BTW, Ped.
  13. The four rubber feet locate in the holes I’ve made so perhaps the mat’s not strictly necessary.
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