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  1. Extension cab for my EA wizzy 12

    Sometimes I used to go out with just the Ten and it filled quite large rooms. I’ve still got it and use it when we have to set up on a carpet. The mids really cut through where a 12 would just sound mushy.
  2. Extension cab for my EA wizzy 12

    Depends how much additional headroom you need. I used to find that a Wizzy 10 was enough, it lifted the mids and somehow managed to put some extra bottom into the 12.
  3. Top tip

    I defer to your superior knowledge, Creeper. I only just scraped Physics A levels but went on to bluff my way to success. So there’s hope for us all I suppose.
  4. Top tip

    Run a bath, then put the bass in it. Measure the volume of water displaced ( make before and after marks on the side of the bath) and calculate the weight of the bass according to Archimedes. Then take the next five days to dry out the electronics and check the neck for any warps. This will save you the £5. May need refinishing.
  5. Where do you store your bass gear?

    The DBs live in the upstairs study, amps, cabs and stands in the garage.
  6. New cab day!

    From Mike Arnapol. That’s a winner!
  7. Two pics, 57 years apart. I hope the B&W won’t frighten the horses.
  8. Private Events

    No, I wasn’t referring to a tip jar which I consider a bit tacky both at private and public gigs. Thing is, a lot of private work comes through agencies so the host doesn’t often get a chance to pay the band at the end. So he shows his appreciation in a tip, often £5-£10 per man.
  9. Private Events

    The tips can be good.
  10. How Many Notes Does it Take to Make a Chord?

    147 replies so far. Come on guys, I’m sure we can get this pointless discussion up to 150 by the end of the day.
  11. Buddy Rich.

    I played a big band gig off one of Buddy’s charts some time ago. The tempo sig was given as Orgasmo Furioso. When I politely inquired I was told it meant Go Like Fcuk. No kiddin’. BTW it is said that in his long career BR was never ever happy with any snare he used.
  12. Barefaced One Ten Cab - Sold

    Sorry, yes.
  13. Fave and unfave music noises

    Love Hammond, hate Fender Rhodes. And what about that bloody wooden box that the pub landlord sits on and bangs, out of time?
  14. Nile Rogers

    Music stand.