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  1. Back when it first came out - ‘64? - we did a cover of the Tops’ Reach Out I’ll Be There. Enjoyed playing the bass part massively and it would still feature as a fantasy bass line. Haven’t played it for 55 years. Blimey.
  2. Yes, thump or thud. Exactly the noise made by Mr Holland’s bass player. I wish he wouldn’t do it. Sorry if I’ve upset some fans but to me it sounds awful.
  3. I use this combo with my EUB and it works very well with plenty of projection. Nice piece of kit. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Is that a Lifeline pickup I see?
  5. I have frequent dreams of being at a gig and misplacing some piece of gear, an amp or a lead, just before we’re due to start. Or I just can’t get to the gig. Insecurity I suppose.
  6. Yes, watching it now. Hmm.
  7. In practice, I have the mic closer to the table - about 10mm. This picks up a stronger signal with less susceptibility to feedback.
  8. I’ve used a few in the past including two DPAs at various times but would agree with Bilbo re ATM 350. It’s not too expensive and performs well. Here’s an old pic of my home-built mounting.
  9. Strings, all leads duplicated and Tecamp Puma under the passenger seat. And torch.
  10. What are the dims and weight? I had a MAS 45, daftest thing I did was to get rid of it. A great cab.
  11. I play in west Reading every Tuesday but agree re town centre. Upcoming appointment at the hospital, practically in the middle of town. Not looking forward, especially as I don’t get paid:-)
  12. A hard case takes up a lot of space in the car, and it adds to the overall carry weight. Good for flying and the band van but that’s all.
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