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  1. There is such a thing as a slide trumpet tho’.
  2. Jazz musicians never play the same note once.
  3. Was Charlie’s drum tech the cushiest job in rock?
  4. We played support to the Tornadoes back in the day. Like you say, Clem was a perfect gent, lovely guy, even when he was young and could be forgiven for being a bit full of himself. A gig not to be forgotten.
  5. May he rest in peace. A fine tribute, BTW, Ped.
  6. The four rubber feet locate in the holes I’ve made so perhaps the mat’s not strictly necessary.
  7. I’m using a 10” Wizzy for most of my DB gigs these days but it needs raising from the floor a bit. The Mrs asked me to get her a kitchen hop up which come in two sizes. She got the small one and I got the large. I’ve just finished putting an MDF plate on the top to locate the cab and I’m rather pleased with the results. I’ll now make another one to Genzler dimensions. It folds down to not a lot.
  8. Bottesini used to do it all the time.
  9. Things have moved on since I used to stand on a rubber mat to avoid getting a ‘jolt’.
  10. I’ve been to most SE Bashes but sadly I’m now out of range. Have a good one!
  11. And the bassist was my old school friend Les Hurdle. When I knew him he was getting a great sound out of an EBO with added bridge pickup.
  12. Is there a badge if you’re a Porsche owner? Should be.
  13. Thanks for all the positive reactions, guys. Just to bring this story up to date, the young student collected the bass a couple of weeks ago, thanks to Martins’ ‘assist’. George sent me this pic.
  14. I have a good friend who is a bit poorly and is coming to the end of his playing days. He still has his guitars but has sold his drum kits and bits. Which brings him to his double basses - yes, he’s quite versatile. On one of our regular phone calls he asked me to help him with his Martin and a 7/8 German Bass. I remember going to see George Martin with him when he bought that bass and if it wasn’t that I’m on a downsize I’d have snapped it up. I phoned George and explained the circumstances and although Martin’s rarely buy basses in, unless they are old and have improvement potential, we agreed a price for the two basses. A bit of a bargain price but one to make it worth George’s while and which would satisfy my friend. After George collected the basses I emailed him to thank him for accommodating my friend. He told me that he already had someone coming to see the bass who had a small budget, was going to music college and who Martins wanted to help. If that happens it will be a great result and my friend will be absolutely delighted.
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