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  1. Any cab builders remember the ARU, Acoustic Resistance Unit? Not sure what it did but the cab designs had it fixed in the back panel, approx 10”x10”. It was meant to allow a smaller cab but my 2x12” was huge! It took up all the load area of a Mini van on its back. That huge.
  2. Yes, an 8” combo at 17lbs and 10” at 18lbs.
  3. Only went to one, Cornbury, because it was four miles down the road. Loved it. Booker T followed by the Zombies. Didn’t like the look of the people in the VIP enclosure tho.
  4. Welcome back Clarky, we’ve missed you.
  5. Don’t be silly, I’m a bass player.
  6. Nobody remember Ted Wallace? A bit boutique but surely someone.
  7. Elastic bands? R Harris Stylophone?
  8. I used a Leak TL 50 mono hifi amp with a pair of KT88s at the output. A home built valve preamp and Goodmans 18” completed the rig. With a DB, of course. I had that in the sixties, there wasn’t much else around in those days. We played support to a band who had a very young Elkie Brooks on vocals. When they wheeled in a B15 I’d never seen anything so cool.
  9. Actually yesterday afternoon. I was with a four piece, clarinet, keyboard, bass, drums. We played for a private party of 19 posh people on a Thames river boat, capacity 100, departing from the Compleat Angler at Marlow. Hotel people were very nice, waiving the £10 parking charge and charging only £3.20 for a lime and soda. When the host arrived there as a bit of a row because he was expecting a six piece trad band - usual agency pink torpedo up. But once we got under way everyone was happy, probably aided and abetted by copious amounts of champagne served all afternoon. The gig was fro1.00 to 6.00 - yes, that’s five hours. But we took it steady, not allowed to play in locks and a great afternoon was had by all. At the end the host bunged us a £150 tip and his gorgeous young partner insisted on energetically kissing all the band with great enthusiasm. And I got seconds.Whats not to like. I got up at 8 this morning fresh as.
  10. I like 90% of them. I voted for Nobody Does it Better simply because Carly Simon had one of the best voices in the business. I agree re Gladys Knight too. And can anyone ever arrange strings better than John Barry did? You see, by having to have just one favourite you’re shutting out so much other good stuff.
  11. I had a gig last night.
  12. Our song was a Sweden reject, I understand. Good, half-hearted way to start.
  13. The Union flag hung upside down signals distress........
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