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  1. And I’ve just included shipping cost in UK. But that’s as low as I go before I take it off the market.
  2. Get a sensible stand, Jack!
  3. HJ, the Kolstein will rattle if the Schaller mag pickup is left unplugged. Other than that I don’t remember any other rattles.
  4. For double bass. Surprised nobody’s mentioned the EA Wizzy 110. For a ten inch there’s very few lighter cabs and it’s got some very useful mid range that can be eq’d back if necessary. I never liked the BF One 10 for DB as it was too dark for my Lifeline pickup. And I never got on with the small PJB cabs; not enough elasticity if you get my drift. But the Wizzy which I’ve had for at least 15 years is a keeper.
  5. Whatttt? Nail’s no big deal at all, is he. Tom Cruise he ain’t.
  6. I’ve just sold a preamp to Mark. Haven’t sent it off until tomorrow but the money’s already in my PayPal. Just the right guy to deal with.
  7. Yes, it was like that for the MJQ at the Royal Festival Hall. Large venues for small groups without massive sound reinforcement are a big mistake. Now, the Count Basie Orchestra at the (then) Hammersmith Odeon; that was something altogether different. And I have been to concerts recently too,honest.
  8. Isn’t that the good bit about being a bass player? You don’t have to be precise and repeatable each time. ‘Specially if you’re playing jazz ha ha.
  9. Most session musicians are very good at what they do. They can read flyshot off the page and, er, that’s it.
  10. I’ve got one like HJ’s folding trolley. Came from Maplin back in the day. Takes up very little room in the motor and, with a bungee, can work as a double bass trolley. ’Course, the best solution is to have lightweight gear.
  11. Is it a serious dent? If not too bad you could simply match the colour with a furniture repair stick - a waxy crayony thing. That would reduce the obvious ding. You’ll be bound to find a few knocks here and there in a bass’s life.
  12. Actually two Martins. Both very nice but my Bryant’s the one now.
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