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  1. Well those are old songs, at least 50 years old now and the people in the nursing homes grew up with those songs, they were all young and fresh faced when the Beatles were active. Come to think of it, so was I. Where did the time go? I've been playing in nursing homes for at least 40 years and it always surprises me that the "old" folks musical taste changes but it is only natural as generations died off. In the 80's music that was 50 years old was from the 1930's and it just keeps moving up the time scale as everyone gets older but it always surprises me. I guess that means I'm getting older too.
  2. This is me but I've never been able to put it into words. Thank you and I am going to try to use it to make 2020 a very good year, or at least a more satisfying year...so many things to do and at 73 I need to get going.
  3. Afternoon NYE gig for the jazz standards quartet at a nursing home. We have done this several years now and start at 1:30PM after the residents/patients make their way to the big recreation room. With staff and family members at least 120 people and some are able to dance, some are in wheelchairs and some are brought in right in their beds. It's a bit bizarre but we are used to it now and have a good time as the audience sings, taps, claps ,nods or dances(even in wheelchairs!) as we move through our carefully chosen two sets. We play less than an hour and a half and then the balloons come down and they break out some bubbly and we launch into Auld Lang Syne and then munch on cookies and other treats as we socialize with the staff and residents and pack up. It's a bit sad since some are in very poor health but everyone enjoys it and it has become a tradition to have us on NYE and it makes us realize how lucky we are to be healthy enough to be able to play the gig and bring some fun into the day. We also are paid so that makes the hour drive better but I know we would do this one for free. Count your blessings folks and have a great 2020.
  4. It was on TV over here a month or two ago and I watched the whole series. I also saw the segment that showed how the film was made and also watched the concert at the Ryman Auditorium that was shown here before the actual series started.Excellent material and well done, typical Ken Burns work. Not as long or as in as much depth as his earlier Jazz production but I learned a lot and was well entertained.
  5. Our jazz standards quartet played a gig yesterday providing background music from 8:30 to 11:30 for an investment company's annual Christmas party and meal for staff and clients and families, a gig we've played at least five times now. About 300 attendees and lots of nice comments and kids seeing live music for a change and the venue staff doing some nice moves to our music as they went about their work. It's a nice venue, we get well paid, easy load in/out and a nice meal as well.We had a relaxed time playing some of our "wallpaper" music with a couple of dozen Christmas/seasonal tunes mixed in, all in all a good gig. About the only drawback is that it is 8:30 to 11:30 AM, a Christmas breakfast party which means leave home at 6:30AM, set up and sound check at 7:30. You gotta love it!
  6. I started with a Stagg but when I found a used Yamaha SLB 200 at a great price I grabbed it fast. It is much better(IMO) than the Stagg and I gigged with it until I bought a DB for gigs although in cramped quarters I still use the Yamaha.As said above, try as many as you can but as you will find, not many stores have them in stock. There are some good suggestions in the earlier posts. As with many other instrument purchases if you get a very basic cheaper model you may get serious GAS for something better so it might be a good idea to get the best you can afford. Check out the for sale listings on this site, you might get lucky. What type of music are you going to use it for? Will you use just an amp or DI into a PA? Check out reviews of the various brands of EUB and you may get an idea of what's available and which ones are best for you. Good luck! Edit: I just looked and there are several EUB's listed in the for sale listings.
  7. How about this? Something to throw back at them!
  8. So do I and I think it might work for the baby bass because the neck and endpin supports are both adjustable. Would the Ingles stand fit the Ampeg, lots of height possibilities.
  9. Absolutely, but I was thinking of "playing by ear" in terms of hearing a melody and then playing it or figuring out a melody without having it written out. I would also include being able to hear and play basic chord change patterns like blues and many jazz standards without having to see them on paper.
  10. For some it is read only. I play in two bands (jazz charts/big band/swing) with several university music graduates that also teach or have taught music in secondary schools and can all read like the wind and can improvise to a degree but absolutely cannot play anything by ear.This includes the reed, brass and keyboard players but the drummer with a similar background is quite flexible, but that is part of his job and he also reads well. We play gigs and work on new charts all the time and these people can sight read some difficult charts. The good thing is that my reading has improved a lot just to be able to keep up with the rest of the band.
  11. I tried a G 10 a couple of years ago with my EB and EUB(both active) and had problems so returned it. Recently I bought a WL 20 and have used it at home, at rehearsals and on about 10 gigs and I love it. So far I have only used it on my DB with a KNA DB 1 pickup and go from the pickup to a Schatten Design Mini Pre that I have mounted on a bracket that will clamp to a mic stand or music stand and I use that to control volume and then cable to the amp or PA as required. It's great not having cables underfoot and I can move the DB around as I play and even spin it if I want( I don't!) and have no wires on me or the bass. From the reviews I have read it seems that the main criticism is that the batteries can't be replaced when they wear out so you have to buy the whole kit instead of just batteries but it seems they have a fairly long life so I'm OK with that. I have never run the batteries right down and have logged my time and get about 5 hours before the first warning light comes on and at that point Boss claims there is still 30 minutes of life left in the batteries.I suppose that time may change as the unit gets older. Small, easy to charge and it works consistently so I would recommend it based on my experience.
  12. Plus one for the DB.👍 I have been playing guitar, banjo and bass and have been gigging at various levels from six nights a week to just few gigs a year since I was 16.I was playing EB in a little jazz quartet about 5 or 6 years ago when I decided to get an EUB and that was the start of a whole new world. I upgraded to a better EUB and then finally got a DB about 18 months ago and use it in two bands and I love it. As has been said it is a whole new instrument and different technique and will make you really work. If you get some lessons and are a decent reader everything from classical to jazz and rockabilly and many other things are open to you and it is FUN to play the beast. At 73 I'm in two bands that both rehearse weekly but I now only play 20 to 40 gigs a year and spend lots of time practicing and informal jamming with friends. I have also played in some pit bands/orchestras to add some more variety. You will find that even if you continue with originals the DB will surprise you and you will find yourself doing things that you would not have thought of on DB. Good luck and keep us posted as things unfold.
  13. The recesses hold it in the correct location but it will still tilt if bumped or when changing strings and sometimes when tuning, just like a DB. It is also a tall bridge (unlike a lot of EUBs ) which makes it more susceptible to bumps. There is a section in the owner's manual about the proper set up for the bridge including the angle. Sounds like you are having a good time with the MK, I like my Yamaha and use it for rehearsals and gigs where space is limited and my DB is too big but I'd love to try the MK. Are you planning to gig with it?
  14. The SLB 200 doesn't have a fixed bridge and it does tilt, I have one and check and adjust it occasionally.
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