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  1. Staggering on

    travelling for rehearsals

    Looks like "reasonable travel time" varies a lot.I play in two bands that rehearse an hour away from me and both bands rehearse weekly.Gigs(15-20) are also also at least an hour away.I also have played in pit bands for musicals that also require an hour each way.Unfortunately things always seem to be on different days/evenings due to work/family/other musical groups ,especially in the 7 piece swing band. I live in Northern Ontario in Canada where nasty winter weather is just part of life and sometimes the drive to rehearsal is a bit more of an adventure than I would like but I'm smart enough now to know when to stay home on really bad days/nights.I'm 72 and still working part time as well as my band commitments but as was said above "being in a band at all is golden" and even though I figure it actually costs me money to play in the bands it is worth the time and money to me.I have gear(BG,EUB,DB,amp) that works for me and is paid for and currently have no GAS,well,nothing serious. As I have said before, we are so lucky to have music in our lives and be a able share it with bandmates and audiences.I am fortunate at my stage of life to not have some of the responsibilities that many of you have but I also realize my time is running out and I want to use it musically as much as I can,I'm contemplating finding a DB teacher(also an hour away of course) to help me with my DB skills and augment the teaching vids on the net.I live in a very rural area so any type of public transportation is out of the question...remember this is Canada. I'm lucky I get to play lots of different types of music with very good musicians and at this point I'm willing to make time for it and my playing is improving as I try to keep up with them.Making music is magic.
  2. Staggering on

    Fingerboard oil

    I Googled around a bit and found a reference to "Fingerboard Oil-Number One" manufactured by Logic Promotions in Monmouth Gwent on the Rob Chapman(Chapman guitars)forum.Same stuff?Maybe he has a source.It was in a post dated from April 2018.
  3. Staggering on

    Does anyone actually LIKE jazz?

    I've tried Take 5 on my upright and it's a challenge.What key are you playing it in?
  4. Staggering on

    Heart attack

    All of us with heart issues will be following your progress and hoping things go well.Glad to hear you plan to keep gigging. Best of luck!
  5. Staggering on

    Heart attack

    I had angioplasty procedures last October and had stents put in two heart arteries that had some blockage and was gigging within a week.I did not have a heart attack and there was no damage to my heart.Both of my cardiologists said to keep on with my normal activities and continue on with several meds they prescribed.So far so good,I will be seeing the cardiologist for a long term checkup in a couple of weeks and will have several tests done and I'm hoping all is well and I can keep going with my quite active life at age 72.I might even be able to stop some of the meds if things look good. I am a worrier and have had lots of stress in my life but I am learning to handle it better, well,a bit better. Good luck and remember there are a lot of us in the same boat, or maybe the same band seeing this is a BC thread.
  6. Staggering on

    Go Back In Time

  7. Staggering on

    KNA Pickup for Double Bass

    I just got one of these and put it in the G wing slot.Very easy to install, good sound and high output for a piezo pickup...and a good deal from an experienced bass player in this instance.Highly recommended.
  8. Staggering on

    It’s squier not squire.......

    Actually Huey,Dewey and Louie.
  9. Staggering on

    It's plec not pick

    Pleckin' and grinnin'? ...hmmmmmm...
  10. Staggering on

    Pick Up Problem - need advice re: a new set up

    KNA DB-1 pickup This pickup is a wing slot type and I had to do little bit of filing and sanding to get a perfect fit but it comes with wood shims that are used to make a snug installation so it was really very easy to fit.The extra information/instruction sheet that Mark Gollihur writes and is included when you order from him was much better than the basic instructions that came from KNA,Mark was in on the development of this pickup and his advice is always good about anything related to basses.The pickups are made in Europe. I haven't spent too much time with it yet but it is definitely a lot different than the K&K Double Big Twin that came with the bass.Output is significantly higher direct to the amp or preamp and the tone is much more woody and can be shaped easily with amp or preamp.I installed it in the G side wing slot as KNA suggests and it is quite even across all the strings, unlike the K&K that was hard to balance both tone and volume across the strings. I might have more to add after I have tried it at a gig through the Bose PA but at this point it's a definite thumbs up for me.
  11. Staggering on

    How was your gig last night?

    Sunday gig with the seven piece "little big band".We played the same venue as we did in March("Jazz at the Junction" held in a Legion hall) and had another full house of about 100 in a smallish room and they loved it.We did our usual two sets of swing charts and then a shorter Dixieland set where I switch to tenor banjo and one of the band plays tuba.We got another standing O at the end and will be booked back and we got paid. The big thing for me was the gigging debut of "Marilyn",the Englehardt Swingmaster blonde bass I got a few weeks ago.I usually use my Yamaha SLB200 EUB with this band but decided to introduce Marilyn to the world at this gig and it was great.I ran through my K&K Pure preamp into our Bose PA(which can be set for different types of basses including acoustic upright) and the sound was perfect and I had lots of good comments about the sound and the sheer visual impact of that big blonde bass. I used the K&K Double Big Twin pickups that came with the bass(it is ten years old) but will be using the new KNA DB-1 pickup next time, I got it too late to be used for this gig. Not a very good pic but you can see Marilyn waiting in the background while we finish setting up before the gig.
  12. Staggering on

    Recommend me a bag for carrying stuff to gigs

    A large Swiss Gear laptop bag works for me, lots of separate compartments of different sizes to keep cables in and lots of room for odd things.Sturdy handle and it even has shoulder straps that I haven't tried yet.
  13. Staggering on

    Just Buy Them - things you wish you bought sooner

    Going upright-Stagg 5 years ago,Yamaha SLB 200 about 3 years ago and this year bought a double bass and I've never had so much fun.I've also learned a lot about bass music and play much better than I ever did before.Sometimes changing instruments can open up a whole new world.The DB came after I travelled to the BC double bass bash in April and when I got back to Canada I just had to get a "real" bass.
  14. Staggering on

    Pick Up Problem - need advice re: a new set up

    The Double Big Twin is not fitted in the wing slots,the piezo pads(4) are held to the bridge with adhesive.I have the same pickup on the Engelhardt Swingmaster ES 9 that I recently bought used and am awaiting the arrival of a KNA DB-1 pickup that I ordered from Gollihur.Mark suggested this wood encased wing pickup for my bass to cut some of the string noise and get a more woody sound.It also has a higher output than the K&K and I may not need to use the preamp(K&K) that came with the bass. I am expecting the pickup soon and will report on its performance.A little research that I did turned up a lot of positive reviews for the DB-1,including comments from some BC members. The KNA is also one of the lowest priced pickups which is a bonus if it works well.Many of you know the Gollihur site, it is a goldmine of information and they know what they are talking about and ship worldwide.They are in the USA but have sent my pickup to me in Canada with no issues, they do this stuff all the time.Mark will answer email or phone questions about all of the products they sell and just about anything else related to basses. Edit-some of the above comments came while I was writing, sorry about the repetition.