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  1. My Yamaha SLB 200 has a 34" fingerboard, nut to bridge is 40 3/4 ".
  2. This is what I made to make it easier to get the bass in and out over the 8" lip at the back of my car, a Hyundai Elantra GT hatchback. It also keeps the neck and scroll up higher so there is no interference with the shifter. In actual use I put an old quilt over the frame for more padding and a wide strap across the bass to keep it in place. There is also a pillow at the back so the bottom of the bass is snug against the hatchback. The front passenger seat is unobstructed and there is plenty of room for an amp, other instruments and all the gear needed for a gig. It's a ply bass and my luthier says he sees no problem with putting it on a rack like this. I made the rack to be a snug fit between the back of the car and the back of the front seats so that when it it is in place it doesn't move. Now it's easy to slide the bass in and out without having to worry about the lip at the back and mess around with pillows to raise the neck and scroll above the shifter. I used this a number of times for gigs and rehearsals so I know it works and I'm hoping it won't be too long before I use it again...sigh...
  3. Yup, and the number of posts seems to be working, I've posted a couple of things today. Not much of a tech guy so all of this stuff is a mystery to me. The numbers aren't a big deal, I just noticed that they had been the same for quite a while. Thanks for your interest and whatever you did to get things rolling again, at least for now. Gotta love this site.😊
  4. See edit in my message, your point did show up when I checked again. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the idea, never thought to look, I'll check it out but my posts seem to be stuck at 425 now. Edit: just looked and it's been at 910 for quite a while....hmmmm.....
  6. Happy Birthday from over here!😊🇨🇦
  7. Could be part of it but I have also posted in General Discussion and EUB and Double Bass too, thanks for replying. Interesting that I'm now at 423, thanks for noticing that, but I wonder what happened to all the others. As above, not concerned, just curious.🤔
  8. I just noticed that the statistics (posts and points) for me have been the same for some time. I looked back several months and I seem to be stuck at 422/ 900 and I'm wondering why that is happening and how many times I actually have posted. Can anyone explain this and update things?Not a big deal, just curious. Thanks
  9. Thanks Al, I'd forgotten about that post. 😊
  10. I have several of these and they work well and stay almost invisible to the audience when placed as in the photo. I use them on EB, EUB, DB, guitar, banjo and mandolin and have never had a problem at home or playing gigs. For EUB and DB I mount them on the bridge, secure and easy to see. I find the large clip ons very distracting when I'm watching someone playing, my eyes just seem to be attracted to them, even more so when they are on banjos and mandolins.
  11. I've seen the country music one on PBS and it is well done and I learned a lot. Before the actual series PBS ran a show telling how the series was made, interesting stuff.
  12. It won't be any time soon in Ontario. The whole province will go into shutdown as of December 26 with only essential stores(food mainly) and some services open, similar to the situation in March. This will last a minimum of 14 days in the northern part and 28 days in the more densely populated south. Restaurants can do take out or delivery only. Limited numbers in big box stores but only if they sell food(Walmart) and hardware and building supply stores. All personal services are closing and the school holiday has been extended well into January. Here we go again, very limited social interaction rules so no live shows and rehearsals only under special conditions, neither of the bands I am in have rehearsed since March and won't be any time soon. They have also ordered all ski hills and cross country ski centres to close, just as most are opening and were hoping to get some business over the holidays. I am lucky that I live in a very rural area and have ski trails on my own property and can use neighbour's trails too. The snowmobile trails (thousands of km crisscrossing the province) were just starting to open in some area and I assume that won't happen now. No idea when any live music venues will open, it looks like a bleak future, at least for a few months.
  13. I've got the box set too and have watched some of the segments several times and learn something every time and enjoy the music. I agree with your feelings about it and was very surprised when I Googled some reviews and found some very harsh criticism from some pretty big names as well as others, I hadn't realized it was so controversial. That being said, maybe I'll watch a couple of segments over the holidays.
  14. Re dots I just looked at the Thomann UK website and searched "fret markers" and they have several kinds of stick ons including dots for the side of the fingerboard. Might be worth checking out if you get a EUB without dots. Good luck.
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