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  1. Interesting stuff and it makes sense. I have often stopped working on something after the first time I actually nailed it and then have trouble the next time I try it. I'm currently working on some swing stuff (melody) on my DB and Slipped Disc is on my list, not bad slow but I always try to speed up before I can really play it from memory and it goes sideways fast. That article has got me going the slow and steady correct way before trying faster tempos. Thanks for the link. Just poured a coffee and now it's time to get back to the bass and learn to be patient.😋
  2. Right you are, the Fm being the relative minor to A flat, same key signature of course. I was just referring to the key signature when I took a quick look at the chart but the song itself is in a minor key, I will try to be more clear next time, your post says what I should have said originally. When we play it we use a vamp over Gm7 as an intro to lead into the melody and that adds to the fun.
  3. We do it in A flat, the tenor player likes it there. First chord in the melody is Fm 9. Good song. In the Real Book Sixth Edition it is in A flat.
  4. I was in a jazz standards quintet playing EB with flats trying to sound like I knew what I was doing. The guitarist was a conservatory graduate who played classical, rock and jazz and had a good knowledge of all of these. He also was an excellent bass player and was usually first call for pit bands for local theatre groups and had written most of the bass lines I was supposed to play. They were very good but sometimes they were tough for me at the time and of course I made some terrible messes on some of his arrangements. This would be followed by a quick nasty look which made me even more nervous and sometimes at the end of a song he would say things like "what key were you playing in?" He was a full time guitar and bass teacher and I could have used the time in the band to learn a lot but he was so intimidating that I probably made more mistakes because of his attitude which meant I often kept the bass volume low(a dull thud) and just tried to get through the songs. A dozen years on I am a much better player and just before the pandemic hit we talked about getting together to jam a bit, I feel much more competent now and I think it would be fun, maybe that will happen soon when things ease a bit.
  5. See my post above re Boss WL20. I have used it straight into my amp and also through a preamp(volume control only) into the PA, no problems yet.
  6. Interesting video but by half way through he has ruined one unit so he will have to replace it(if he can buy one only), he has the thing apart which is tricky to do without damaging it and he has got to the battery which he warns will explode into flames if punctured. All this needs great care and some tools some people might not have. I am basically a frugal (OK, cheap) person but I would go for a new one, maybe the next generation or another brand, if it lasts 3 to 5 years I would write it off as an expendable like strings or get something that has batteries that are easy to replace. Edit: I just checked the Xvive site and they don't show that only one unit (transmitter or receiver) is available so it looks like if you botch the job you have to buy the whole system so be careful if you try it.
  7. Probably not, the Boss WL 20 that I have is apparently the same according to some reviews. I guess the convenience of having no batteries to change or charge and no AC adapter to deal with is enough to offset the fact that the whole unit has to be replaced. I've only had mine a year or so and given the current situation I haven't used it on a lot of gigs, although I use it at home a lot. I wonder if the batteries "wear out"( I know nothing about electronics) or if they have a number of recharging cycles before they can't be charged any more, like some computer batteries. From reviews I have read this seems to be common with devices like this, some last longer than three years. Most of these wireless systems have not actually been on the market for too long so it will be interesting to see how it all works out. As I have said in previous posts, the Boss works great for me and I hope it lasts a long time and when it dies I will have the chance check out all the new gear and do some shopping...GAS...more toys...😊
  8. I'll be 75 next year(I still can't believe that...it seems so old) but I hope to be gigging as soon as I can. The two bands I'm in haven't rehearsed or gigged since March but I have been working on all kinds of music on my DB including trying to work through some Simandl and using the bow. I don't play EB much anymore but I found some transcriptions of some ABBA tunes and I'm having fun reading them and trying to play along with the real thing. I have iRealPro to work with and have also been doing a bit of recording on my Mac using Garage Band. Gotta keep learning, I try to play every day including days when I play through the 200 or so jazz standards my two bands play.
  9. Always the same...EUB and Double Bass, General Discussion, Off Topic and then a few others.
  10. Sadly that is the same with my two bands. There is almost no live music in my area at all except for a few outdoor gigs and some attempts to try to get some indoor gigs at some point in the future but with limited audience sizes and a tightening of bar and restaurant hours in Ontario as of this last weekend as Covid cases increase I can't see much happening for a long time, well into 2021 I think. All of our gigs have been cancelled for the rest of this year. Some of us of rather advanced age are wondering if our gigging days are done but I am trying to stay optimistic and practice almost every day for at least a few minutes, but as all of you know it is hard to stay motivated with no gigs in sight.
  11. Thanks, but of course it"s really all about the bass.😊 In 2018 I made it across the Atlantic and was at the Double Bass Bash at Bicester and met you and some other BC members and played some great instruments and learned a lot about basses. That day was the turning point when I decided that my EUB(Yamaha SLB200) was fine but a real DB would be much better. Less than two months later I found "Marilyn" and we have been making music together since then. That day changed my life...thanks. Now if only I had a few gigs on the calendar..... ☹️
  12. Last gig was February 25 2020 with the jazz standards quartet and I hope it won't be my last. I'm getting old fast and time is getting shorter so I'm really hoping we can get back to gigging with both bands. Fortunately that last gig was in front of a packed and very enthusiastic crowd in our favourite venue and we were in fine form. Luckily we recorded the gig and the recording even sounds quite good considering the equipment we used. The best part was that I had just picked up my DB from the excellent luthier at Stand Up Guy Basses in Toronto (almost 5 hours driving each way from my home) who had done a set up on it. The band, and amazingly, some of our regular fans noticed the difference, money well spent and even the drummer commented on it while we were setting up! In Ontario things are dead except for a very few outdoor gigs and those will be ending soon as the weather gets colder. No indoor gigs are possible here at this point, there are very strict controls and they are being enforced. In February and March I was also rehearsing in a pit band playing tenor banjo for a production of Cabaret and of course that show never happened. I am really missing the gigs and rehearsals as they are great musical times but also a large part of my social life. Let's hope we get through this phase soon and can get back to playing together. Photo of me at the February gig with "Marilyn" my Engelhardt ES9...can't wait to get back to gigging.
  13. One of the reasons I went for the Boss is that it is simple to charge. You plug the transmitter into the receiver(both are very small) and use a USB cord to charge both of them...easy, short cord and no extra pieces other than the small cord to haul around. You can use in breaks if you need to as suggested above.
  14. I use a Boss WL-20 on my DB and EUB(Yamaha SLB 200) and have had no problems. Batteries are built in and not replaceable but it is quick and easy to recharge and will last a long time, I have played four hour gigs with lots of power left. A nice feature is a warning light which tells you when you have about 30 minutes left. I use it to go into my preamp which is mounted on my mic stand and then use a cable to the amp or directly into the PA. I move around a lot when I play and it is nice not to have a cable attached to the DB.
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