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  1. I'm up for another trip to England, I guess we have to wait for a while though...😟
  2. Would your 150 year old bass be the one I saw and photographed at the Double Bass Bash near Bicester in April 2018? That day sealed my fate as a bass player and within two months I bought the upright you see in the photo to go along with the Yamaha SLB 200 that I had been using and that is rarely played now that I have a "real" bass.
  3. After seeing many BC members recommend iReal Pro I got it about three weeks ago and the timing was perfect, the shut down was just starting and all my rehearsals, gigs and jams ended. I have several Real Books so I can play along with the chords on the app or use the melody lines in the books to work on my reading skills and have a backing track to play along with and I'm having fun! It's quite addictive and there are hundreds of songs to work on and other parts of the app that I haven't really looked at yet. I certainly miss playing with live musicians but this is a good alternative for now and I'm learning a lot. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
  4. Yup, it's an Engle and it works for me.😊
  5. I noticed that I was getting a few marks on Marilyn (my blonde beauty) from belts, jean rivets and other bits of clothing so I asked a friend who is a very creative seamstress if she could make a bib for the bass. After some searching on the net we decided that the bib that Christian McBride sometimes uses would be a good one to copy. Mine is made of two layers of black velveteen and was custom made to fit my bass snugly, the two ties hold it securely in place. So far I have been using it daily for a week or so and it hasn't moved or wrinkled at all and it does its job perfectly. I use it at home and band rehearsals and may use it when we ever get back to playing gigs.☹️ Now if only I could find something that makes my playing sound like Christian McBride...πŸ˜‰
  6. I have had a Fusion case for close to ten years and it is holding up well and is light and easy to carry and pack in a vehicle.
  7. Twenty-three years as a high school teacher (geography, English, music) and loved every minute of it. I was very involved in everything from outdoor education to drama and music productions but after one of my best years I left because I was worried about becoming one of those teachers who hated the job and the kids. Friends, colleagues, family and students were surprised and many to this day can't believe I would leave a very secure job that I loved and was good at part way through my career. I took a farrier course and for the next twenty-seven years I worked on horses in a large area of Northern Ontario. It meant a lot of driving but I loved the work had a successful career working on horses every day and seeing some interesting places and meeting some great people. Unfortunately I had to retire from that business a year ago at age 72 when I developed some serious wrist/hand/finger problems and was advised to quit before it got worse. So now I play in two bands with stiff and sore hands and play in the occasional theatre pit band(Cabaret coming up in May) and try to stay busy and in shape while enjoying life in the country in a house I built 40 years ago when I moved here from Toronto. I have been gigging since I was 16 and hope to continue for as long as possible.
  8. Good song, good musicians, good video...I loved that, makes me feel good! 😊 ....nice bass too...πŸ‘
  9. My car (Hyundai Elantra GT Hatchback) has plenty of room for my bass but it is awkward to load and unload due to the drop from the lip of the hatch opening to the floor. In the past I loaded the bass flat on its back onto some pillows and then turned it so it was on its side with the neck stuck through between the front seats. To make things easier I put together a frame from 11/2" PVC pipe that is level with the hatch opening and I slide the bass in on the "rails" and can guide the neck so the scroll goes between the seats easily without any contact. I put a strap over the bass and a pillow at the back where the endpin is so it can't move back and is held snugly in place when I close the hatch. Two things to note: 1)the bass is a ply bass and heavy but very strongly built 2) I checked with my luthier and he felt this would be fine for this bass, in fact that's how I took it to his shop and back home again. I have used this system a number of times now for rehearsals and gigs and it makes the loading/unloading part of the trip much easier. For clarity I did not show the quilt that I put over the frame when I actually use it. You might not want to use this system for your expensive carved bass but it works for me.
  10. It seems they like to work on bass players, look what happened to my head!
  11. Jazz quartet gig last night in a small club that was packed with a mixture of our regulars and a lot of folks who hadn't heard us before. I had been in a bit of a blue funk for a few days about life in general but that crowd and the way our band played lifted me up as soon as we started the first song, it was one of those nights where we played really well and the audience appreciated it, one to remember. We've been together for over eight years and played a lot of gigs and every once in a while it all comes together perfectly and makes for a memorable evening. We gained some new followers as well and that is always a good thing. I was especially happy because it was the first gig since I had my DB set up a couple of weeks ago and it sounded totally different and much better than a cheap ply bass should and I got a lot of positive comments from band members and others. Money well spent. Hard to get to sleep after that gig, a great night.😊
  12. Actually a "washtub" bass and I made one in the 70's and had a lot of fun with it. In the US and Canada these things were/are the equivalent to the tea chest basses that developed in the UK,there is a shortage of tea chests on this side of the Atlantic. I can't wait to see how this build goes, and of course we will expect to hear it! 😊
  13. Yup, those are the ones, and they are surprisingly cheap and come in a pack of 10. For a long cable I sometimes use two of them at opposite sides of the cable loop to keep things nice and neat. They look quite flimsy but have held up well for me.
  14. For my bass cables (from 6' to 30') and the band mic cables we use the D'Addario PW-ECT-10 elastic cable ties. They clip to the cable and stretch to fit the coil. I've been using these for several years with no problems and no fails. They fit most cables except for very thick ones and they stay on the cable well.
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