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  1. Hmmmmm... could be an interesting entry in this month's Off Topic photo comp, check it out.
  2. I ordered one of those when I owned a Stagg EUB and was very disappointed with it, poorly made and not very robust. It was better than the soft case but I had to be almost as careful with it as I was with the soft case. I don't think the NS would fit in it. I just checked the Gollihur Music site and they sell a hard case as well as a replacement soft case and also a flight case for NS instruments. They are in the USA but ship world wide and provide excellent service, I have bought several items from them and had no problems with shipping across the border to me in Canada. They will answer emails promptly and figure out costs for shipping. I have no connection with them other than as a customer and as such recommend them.
  3. I saw him in Toronto in the very early '70's and even though I was into folk music at the time I always had a soft spot for the big band/orchestra sound. I think I went to the concert alone because none of my cool friends would go to see him. Of course all his stuff sounds pretty much the same but that was the magic of it, and like it or not the arrangements he wrote were consistently very good and played by excellent musicians.
  4. Gift certificate for Long and McQuade (music store chain in Canada) from my son. My handy little metronome died a few weeks ago so the timing is perfect...oops, sorry about that, I typed it before I realized where that was going.😊
  5. Now that would be a great idea.πŸ‘
  6. Very nice! Amazing progress in such a short time, after more than 30 years I still couldn't work up a performance like that.πŸ‘ ...and you're having FUN!😊
  7. Still playing the 1967 Gibson J50A guitar I bought brand new in 1967 in Toronto. I used it on a gig last year and it has been played a lot over the years. I used it on a return trip to Australia by ship right after I bought it in '67 and countless indoor and outdoor gigs and it has never let me down and still sounds and plays great. One professional set up about 15 years ago.
  8. I always wash my hands before rehearsals and gigs to get them clean after load in and set up. My hands sweat a lot so I wipe down the neck and strings from end to end carefully every time I play, even if only for a few minutes at home. Same routine for EB, EUB, DB, guitar and banjo.
  9. We have a gig booked in August but I can't see that happening. We had a gig booked for last night at a brewery and another one tonight at a banquet, both cancelled of course. In "normal" times I would be loading my gear and getting dressed to go to tonight's gig at this very hour....frustrating.
  10. 1967 Gibson J 50 Adj that I bought new. Played at many gigs and jams over the years and still a joy to play, I can't believe I've had it for 53 years...I'm getting pretty old I guess.πŸ˜•
  11. I always thought "Hello in there" (released in 1971) was a fine song but over the years my feelings about the song have changed. I was a young guitar player folk music guy when I first heard it and as the song and I get older it touches me in different ways. I'll be 74 in May, and somehow that young guitar player has disappeared and now there is an old guy who might very well be the subject of the song. I still think it is a wonderful song though...
  12. ...and you got the stand which would be about 25% of what you paid for everything! I had a Stagg EUB that I sold when I got my Yamaha SLB 200 but I kept the Stagg stand and it is perfect for the Yamaha at home and at gigs, it's well made and easy to set up. You did indeed do well on this deal.πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
  13. Thank you, I'll pass that comment on to the seamstress, she took on the job as an interesting challenge complete with making a pattern and a fabric prototype before actually sewing up the final version. 😊
  14. I downloaded some ABBA bass transcriptions just before this thread started and dug out my electric bass(I usually play DB these days) and have had a ball playing the lines with the CD blasting away. Some interesting and tricky licks and many of them are in keys that challenge my reading skills. Lots of fun and good energy for these difficult times.😊
  15. I'm up for another trip to England, I guess we have to wait for a while though...😟
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