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  1. Your tutor might be able to help you stand more comfortably but if you are new to upright bass you can expect a bit of discomfort until your body gets used to what is at best, an awkward position. Your left arm and hand will need to develop more strength which will happen as you play more. I play standing because I like to move a lot when I play and whether it is DB or EUB I'm on my feet, it just seems more natural to me. After a long gig or practice session I am sometimes a bit sore but I think the fact that I move a lot helps avoid pain. If you are in an orchestra or other formal ensemble you can't move around but in the small jazz bands I play in it is OK. I am 72 and started upright about five years ago and my left arm is the first area to start feeling pain but that is partly due to age and my dodgy technique and I find using the bow is worse for me than pizz. Good luck and have fun. 😊
  2. Staggering on

    first gig done!

    Congratulations, what a great way to start 2019! 👍
  3. Staggering on

    Daft as it may seem

    Perfect! 👍
  4. Staggering on


    Looks great! Always exciting to get something new, especially a DB.👍
  5. Staggering on

    EUB or "real" Double Bass for starter?

    About four years ago I switched from EB to an EUB for the jazz and swing bands I'm in. I started with the Stagg which was OK but several months later I came across a used Yamaha SLB 200 at a great price and it is much better than the Stagg in terms of playability and sound, although others on here don't like the Yamaha it works for me.Of course it is also much more expensive. Then last summer I bought a DB and with the right pickup and strings it is a whole new world of fun. Now I use the EUB for some gigs where space and/or access are issues and the Engelhardt DB on the rest of the gigs.Both work great and I have had lots of compliments and questions about both instruments. I guess my suggestion would be to try as many EUB's and DB's as you can and go from there.I was lucky to be in England last April for the BC double bass bash and got the chance to hear and play a number of EUB's and DB's. I was really impressed with the Eminence EUB but it is pretty pricey. Check out the stuff for sale on BC, often real bargains show up. Upright is hard work but it is great fun, for me it's the best way to go and my playing has improved a lot since I've gone upright and when you play upright you feel like a "real" bass player! Go for it!😊
  6. Staggering on

    T Shirts

    Thanks, but it's probably just because I'm old. 😉
  7. Staggering on

    T Shirts

    I have posted this pic before on BC. I just had to buy the shirt when I discovered it online and here I am posing with "Marilyn", my blonde double bass. I always get comments when I wear the shirt, especially if I'm playing "Marilyn".
  8. Staggering on

    Returning to Double Bass after a heart attack

    Sounds like a good plan, take care of yourself first.
  9. Staggering on

    Zyex strings

    Sorry, but I'm passing them on to someone over here(Canada) and quite frankly they are in very bad shape and are not really very playable. They were played a little when new about 10 years ago when the previous owner of my bass bought them and then the bass just sat in a basement storage area until I got it last summer and the storage time was not good for the strings, probably due to dampness.The G also had some issues with rough spots on the winding. At this point in their life I don't think they would be a fair example of what the Corellis are really like.
  10. Staggering on

    What is it with BC and hostility??!

    Just like most of the finer things in life such as a nice single malt....😊
  11. Staggering on

    What is it with BC and hostility??!

    Good one!😉
  12. Staggering on

    What is it with BC and hostility??!

    Careful now, there are some other banjo owners (including me) on this site and an angry banjo player is not a good thing! (I'm not angry,I'm loving this...😉 )
  13. Staggering on

    Zyex strings

    The strings have been on for about a week and have settled in and I am delighted with how they sound and feel. I have played one or two hours each day and have done mostly pizz and some work with the bow and love the brightness and clarity. The tone and volume from string to string are both very even and consistent as I move up the fingerboard, not too far in my case. I opted for the Zyex light gauge and found they are quite a bit thicker than the Corelli 370 F strings and a slightly higher tension but I love the feel of them, very easy to play and easy on the fingers.I have played unplugged and also through my amp and the volume and sustain are very good both ways. I will be using them on the next gig in a couple of weeks and hope they will sound as good through the PA. I know they will cut through the rest of the band better than the old strings and the bass will be more audible so I better get to work on a few of the tricky parts before we play in public, the "dull thud" that I could hide behind is gone and there are real notes now!😊 I ordered these from Gollihur and had a chat with Mark about what I was looking for and took his advice, excellent service from people who really know about the products they sell... and they are bass players! Thanks for the comments from BC members in the posts above.👍
  14. Staggering on

    What is it with BC and hostility??!

    Guilty plea re your first sentence, former teacher and still trying to get over the "correct the error"syndrome...I'm working on it and liking all the good stuff on this site, technical and personal.In OT I even made a resolution for 2019, a first for me. Good vibes and wonderful support from almost everyone on here make it a good part of my day.😊
  15. Staggering on

    Returning to Double Bass after a heart attack

    Beedster and Vinny and others are right, be very careful. I am not a cardiologist but here is my experience. It depends on many variables, most importantly actual damage to your heart and of course your physical condition and general health.In 2017 I had angioplasty and a stent on October 10 and played a three hour gig on my EUB on the 14th with the doctor's OK.I had second stent put in another artery on October 25 and played a two hour gig just over a week later and played several more times in rehearsals and gigs in the next month, again with the doctor's OK. I had not had a heart attack and there was no damage to my heart, this was preventive work to clear some blockages.I am a lucky person in very good health and very fit due to my work as a farrier and an exercise program.I was 71 when the angioplasties were done and I have had no problems working or gigging since but I also stay in touch with my doctors and have had regular follow up appointments and tests and work hard to stay fit. I felt great and the doctors agreed that I was clear to work so I did and I am still working and gigging in two bands. Your situation will be different due to the fact that you had a heart attack but I was very lucky. Please note that I am NOT saying that my experience is typical nor am I suggesting that anyone should do what I did.You will have to feel your way through this with your doctors and do what you can when you feel ready. Many of us on here have had heart issues and I'm sure you will get lots of good advice but above all, be careful and take no silly risks. Good luck and all the best for a quick recovery so you can get back to playing bass.