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  1. Agree, a contrast to when we were young and every teenager had a guitar or bass. What will it be like in 25 years? I guess that's the way things go with popular music. It could be compared to the the piano market(real piano, not "keyboard") that existed for the better part of a century and every home had a piano and kids took piano lessons and the sheet music market flourished. In my part of the world(Canada) lovely pianos are being sold cheaply or given away and it's been like this for years. Times and tastes change,I'm glad I was around when the guitar boom started in the 60's and I'm still playing, totally changed my life.I have met many fantastic people, including the mother of my son, while gigging or jamming and hope to continue as long as I can.Still gigging in two bands and in my 73rd year. Oh, and we "older men" often have a bit more cash to invest in overpriced instruments to support the market. You know how it goes..."now that I have paid off some debts and am a bit more comfortable financially I'm going to buy the (insert toy of choice here) that I always wanted".Been there, done that and I'm still doing it!
  2. Staggering on

    Moving from electric to double bass

    Great to hear that you finally got your hands on the new bass and that you are are now truly on your way to the heaven and hell that is playing DB. Keep us informed about your progress, it sounds like you have already had some fun!πŸ‘πŸ˜
  3. Staggering on

    Moving from electric to double bass

    Nope, the dots are on the side of the fingerboard facing me. I play standing up and they are easy to see. As I said above, I just use them for a quick check now and then if I'm a bit unsure of the intonation due to band volume or my basic insecurity.😟
  4. Staggering on

    Moving from electric to double bass

    I use one of those White Out pens that is used for correcting typing/printing errors. It's simple to use and easy to make exactly the size of dot you want. It lasts a long time and is easy to remove. Gollihur Music and other dealers sell stick on dots that are neat and easy to apply and remove.
  5. Staggering on

    Moving from electric to double bass

    Ah yes, but it feels so good!😊
  6. Staggering on

    Stagg EUB bridge adjustment

    When I had a Stagg it was set very high when I bought it and I lowered it to the more or less "normal" DB string height of 5-6mm for the G string and about 8-9mm for the E, measured at the end of the fingerboard and it worked fine for me.You might want to check the height at the nut too.Paul made a good point about slacking off the strings a bit before you use the adjusters, it will make it a lot easier. Of course the condition of the neck and fingerboard, what type of music you play and the condition and type of strings should be considered also. If you Google around a bit you will find a lot of threads about setting up a Stagg and there is a lot of good info out there. Good luck and have fun!😊
  7. Staggering on

    Moving from electric to double bass

    I'd say go with the dots, at least to start. The anti-dot movement has never made much sense to me. Every guitar and bass (except for some fretless basses) have dots and inlays on the fingerboard and I've never heard anyone saying that they shouldn't be there and that you will rely on them and hence be a worse player and probably a "bad musician" too. Not only that but guitars, basses,mandolins and banjoes have frets to make getting the right pitch easier! I have put removable dots on my EUB and DB and find them useful sometimes in the heat of the battle to just check occasionally so I actually know I'm in tune, which isn't always easy when playing in a band as opposed to practicing alone. I don't play with my eyes focused on the dots, I'm reading a chart or playing from memory and rarely look at the fingerboard, but it's nice to know the dots are there for a quick reference. ...shuffles off to work on intonation...
  8. Staggering on

    How was your gig last night?

    Two gigs this week. On Thursday the jazz standards quartet played four sets of "wallpaper music" music while about 150 of Canada's mining company executives mingled and networked and ate a stand up banquet of seafood "finger foods" in a large ballroom and drank lots of booze. Nice crowd and several came over to say nice things to us about our music and we had several enquiries re future gigs.The organizers have already booked us for next year. We play quite a few gigs like this and while it may sound like a really boring and thankless job it is interesting to watch toes tapping in the crowd even as they talk and eat and to watch someone walking around doing a bit of grooving to our "background" music which some would call live Muzak. We look at these gigs as paid rehearsals and play a lot of music we don't get to play at our normal gigs and often stretch the song and our solos by adding a few choruses so it is actually fun, believe it or not. You have to have the right attitude to survive these gigs and the fact that we were well paid helps. Last night the seven piece "little big band" played two sets of swing(me on DB) and a set of Dixieland (me on tenor banjo) in a smallish function room at a craft brewery.We drove through a snowstorm to get there and were worried about the turn out but the room was almost full(about 40 something people) and we had a great night with a standing "O" at the end and are booked back for a date in August. All in all a good week and my Engelhardt Swingmaster ES 9 sounded great using the KNA DB 1 pickup into a Schatten Mini Pre (input gain and volume control only) that goes into our Bose PA so I don't even need to take an amp.😊
  9. Staggering on

    Tonight’s gig is cancelled....because...

    I'm Canadian and I'm not offended, at least I don't think I'm offended. What's wrong with my vowels, eh?πŸ˜‰
  10. Staggering on

    Tonight’s gig is cancelled....because...

    ....ahem...sound "person" perhaps?πŸ€”
  11. Staggering on

    Moving from electric to double bass

    Congratulations on moving to DB! Many of us have done the same thing and you will get lots of good ideas and advice on here, there are other threads about this topic on this site. It is definitely a different instrument than EB but it is so much fun to play you will love it. Good luck!πŸ˜€
  12. Yup, just lucky I guess.πŸ˜‰
  13. Careful, banjo owner here...and I don't just own it,I play and gig it!!!😊
  14. This is me too, even after 56 years of gigging. If other musicians are in the audience I have to work hard to forget about them and just play. Once I just relax a bit and stop worrying(it takes a considerable conscious effort for me to do this) everything goes fine because I actually can play the music. It's all a mental thing.πŸ˜•
  15. Staggering on

    Is it just me or...?

    I love it, I love it, I love it! Been there, done that and it feels great! 😊