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  1. Staggering on

    Schatten Design Mini Pre

    I used the Mini Pre at a house party our jazz quartet was playing at last night and it worked exactly as I had hoped and I even got the chance to use the volume control when a bass player in the audience said "more bass".Perfect.
  2. Staggering on

    The bass journey

    Great way to look at things...have fun and keep on learning!
  3. Staggering on

    The bass journey

    If you think 5 string and fretless open up possibilities, upright(EUB or acoustic) will take you into yet another whole world.I am a completely different bass player than I was a few years ago when I fell under the spell of uprights.Not for everyone but a great challenge and another way of seeing bass music. Isn't it wonderful to have all these choices!
  4. Staggering on

    How was your gig last night?

    As a contrast to the Hartlepool gig above, our jazz quartet played a house party with about 30 folks in a woodworking shop that had been cleaned up for the occasion.We played two one hour sets to a very appreciative audience and had a great no pressure evening.Not your usual house party with people wandering in and out, these folks were there to hear us and were actually seated in chairs while we played-definitely different.I used my new Schatten Design Mini Pre with my Englehardt ES9 upright straight into the Bose PA and it was great and I got several compliments on the sound(not necessarily the playing!) from a couple of bass players in the audience.Good sound, good music, good crowd, good pay=excellent night.
  5. Staggering on

    How was your gig last night?

    Fun gig for our jazz standards quartet on Saturday night, a somewhat rustic old fishing lodge on the shore of Lake Nipissing here in Ontario.We hadn't played there before and didn't know what to expect but it was a lovely big room that is a bar/restaurant and we had lots of room to set up beside a huge fireplace. Unfortunately on Friday night and most of Saturday we had our first real Northern Ontario snowstorm and although the roads were generally in good shape we knew some of our friends and band fans would not want to make a long snowy drive and so we were pleased with the 30-40 folks who showed up. Most would have had about an hour drive on a mix of highways and rural roads so we knew they would be an appreciative crowd. We usually play three sets over three hours and got through our first set and then passed out copies of our playlist (almost 150 songs) as we have done in the past in situations like this and after a couple of songs to start the set we played mostly requests for rest of the sets so the audience is involved and get to hear what they want and we play songs we might not have chosen for a particular gig.Everyone is happy and it keeps us on our toes. Meals supplied, good staff, plans to rebook us soon and an extra $100.00 on top of our usual fee.Everybody wins ! We were in good form and played exceptionally well and had a lot of fun going into our seventh year together.
  6. Staggering on

    Schatten Design Mini Pre

    Just picked up my Schatten Design Mini Pre and it is exactly what I need.I got the single input model but there is a two channel one available also.It is designed for any acoustic instrument.I have rigged my bass with a KNA DB 1 pickup that sounds great but apparently any type of pickup can be used. This little wonder is made here in Canada but is available through Gollihur (about $60 USD) and is listed by Thomann at what seems to be a ridiculously high price.In Canada it goes for around $70 CDN. It is a very basic preamp with volume control and an adjustable trim pot to match the input.Since I use the EQ on my amp or the EQ on the Bose PA if I'm going direct, all I wanted was an easy way to control the volume and this seems to be the perfect solution-small,simple,adjustable trim, 9V battery(up to 2000 hours apparently).It comes with a belt clip that you can screw onto it but I have it mounted on a bracket on my mike stand which makes it very handy and not as easy to accidentally bump with my arm or hand or jacket. So far I have only tried it at home but I will use it at a gig this weekend with my Englehardt Swingmaster ES 9 and am looking forward to a worry free night and when somebody says "more bass" I can do it! Life is good.
  7. Staggering on


    Good one! I will remember to use that one as I continue to improve on the upright acoustic that I bought after attending the double bass bash in April and meeting you and the other BC members.Thank you bassace and BC.
  8. Staggering on

    How was your gig last night?

    Excellent gig Tuesday night with the jazz standards quartet at Jazz At The Junction in North Bay Ontario, an hour from home. We were the first band to play when it opened about a year and a half ago and we get booked back every three months or so.The place was packed and extra chairs had to be brought in and the crowd was really up for it with many of our regulars and some new faces too.It was one of those nights when everything just goes well-good audience, good songs and all of us played better than usual and we all clicked on pretty much every song( which doesn't happen every time we play).Even our usually very serious keyboard player came out of her shell and surprised us with some great solos and her voice was in top form too.One of our best performances in the six year history of the band. This was the first time I have used my new KNA DB-1 pickup on a gig and I was really impressed as were the band members and some musicians in the audience.I was playing my Englehardt Swingmaster ES 1 and used a K&K preamp as a volume control only and went straight into our Bose PA.With the Bose you can set the input to "Bass" and then choose from a whole bunch of choices of electric(eg.Fender Jazz) and acoustic basses to get the correct input.I used "Acoustic Gage Pickup" and it was awesome.I then used the EQ settings on the Bose to dial in exactly what I wanted, set the trim and channel volume and used the preamp to make minor adjustments to the volume.Best sound ever for me...I love the Englehardt(not everyone's choice of course)and the KNA is very powerful and has a great sound, not as "quacky" as a lot of piezos. All in all a fun gig and very satisfying to find to find that my new pickup was all I had hoped for.I will use it next week for a seven piece swing band gig and for the other gigs for both bands-happy days! I drove home after the gig in a bit of rain that turned into snow as I got closer to home and ended with an inch or so in my driveway, good thing I put on my snow tires last week.
  9. Staggering on

    Lighter feeling strings?

    According to the string ID illustrations on the Gollihur site you are correct.You can tell if they are light or heavy by the colour of the ring at the pegbox-light is yellow, heavy is dark orange.
  10. If you can't find one in the U.K. BassBooks.com in the USA has it listed on their website.Good luck.
  11. Staggering on

    I've Been Playing Bass For 50 Years, So What?

    Perfect! ...I can't add anything to that except to say that I played my first gig 56 years ago.
  12. Staggering on

    travelling for rehearsals

    Looks like "reasonable travel time" varies a lot.I play in two bands that rehearse an hour away from me and both bands rehearse weekly.Gigs(15-20) are also also at least an hour away.I also have played in pit bands for musicals that also require an hour each way.Unfortunately things always seem to be on different days/evenings due to work/family/other musical groups ,especially in the 7 piece swing band. I live in Northern Ontario in Canada where nasty winter weather is just part of life and sometimes the drive to rehearsal is a bit more of an adventure than I would like but I'm smart enough now to know when to stay home on really bad days/nights.I'm 72 and still working part time as well as my band commitments but as was said above "being in a band at all is golden" and even though I figure it actually costs me money to play in the bands it is worth the time and money to me.I have gear(BG,EUB,DB,amp) that works for me and is paid for and currently have no GAS,well,nothing serious. As I have said before, we are so lucky to have music in our lives and be a able share it with bandmates and audiences.I am fortunate at my stage of life to not have some of the responsibilities that many of you have but I also realize my time is running out and I want to use it musically as much as I can,I'm contemplating finding a DB teacher(also an hour away of course) to help me with my DB skills and augment the teaching vids on the net.I live in a very rural area so any type of public transportation is out of the question...remember this is Canada. I'm lucky I get to play lots of different types of music with very good musicians and at this point I'm willing to make time for it and my playing is improving as I try to keep up with them.Making music is magic.
  13. Staggering on

    Fingerboard oil

    I Googled around a bit and found a reference to "Fingerboard Oil-Number One" manufactured by Logic Promotions in Monmouth Gwent on the Rob Chapman(Chapman guitars)forum.Same stuff?Maybe he has a source.It was in a post dated from April 2018.
  14. Staggering on

    Does anyone actually LIKE jazz?

    I've tried Take 5 on my upright and it's a challenge.What key are you playing it in?