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  1. Absolutely! First gig when I was 16, still gigging at 73 and not done yet.
  2. Oops! I just reread the OP and realized that I talked about my old guitar and banjo and that guitars were not included in the topic, I saw bass but missed the guitar in the OP. I usually get upset when other people do things like this and I am suitably contrite, sorry about that. Must read more carefully.🙄 I guess the straps for both those instruments would be OK for this topic, I made them myself when I bought each instrument. I also have a few late '60's Gibson guitar strings in the old paper envelopes that for some reason I never used but stayed in the case all these years and also the original case for the banjo.
  3. Now that sounds like a great gig. Lucky you!👏😁
  4. And here's one of the few selfies that I have taken, this one done old school with a timer on a camera, not a phone.😊
  5. Love the guy, he has a lot of amazing videos including one with Chet Atkins. Lovely bass in this one.
  6. I still have the 1967 Gibson J50 A that I bought new in Toronto when I graduated from university in '67. It went with me on a trip by ship to Australia and back in '67-'68 and it rode around Australia on the back of my motorcycle for about four months. It is still a wonderful guitar and I have played hundreds of gigs with it including the most recent one about a month ago.The bridge was reset shortly after I bought it but that is the only work ever done on it and it has been played outdoors in the rain and just about every situation possible except very large events. It sounds great and although some Gibson fans don't like the adjustable bridge on the J50 A I like it and use it to tweak the set up occasionally.The narrow fingerboard on these guitars is not popular with everyone but I have small hands and it is perfect for me. I also have a Baldwin Ode tenor banjo that I bought new in 1975 and have played and gigged it on and off since then. At one point shortly after I bought it I played four shows a night, six days a week for about six months at a big hotel in Toronto so I needed a good instrument. It was something like $1100 Canadian at the time which was a lot of money in those days but it has held up with no repairs through hundreds of gigs including one last year in the pit band for a production of "Chicago" and a brewery gig in May 2019 and I will be playing it at a rehearsal next week and a gig in August. It still has the original head and sounds fantastic...well,if you like banjos. Neither of these are mint condition "show" instruments, they were made to be played and they show some scars from the years but both are still fine instruments that sound wonderful and are a joy to play. My basses are mere babies: a '97(?)Yamaha EB bought new, a 10+ year old Yamaha SLB 200 EUB and a 2008 Engelhardt Swingmaster ES9 DB. At 73 I still play all of them and gig regularly, they have been the best things in my life and have taken me many places and will live on long after I'm gone to give someone else the joy of making music.
  7. Three hour sidewalk gig Friday night in North Bay went well but it was 33C when we started and 28C at the end and we were cooked! We were well paid and had some strollers stop to listen and a few little kids danced but it was really a paid rehearsal although we did make some contacts that might pay off. First gig using my Boss WL-20 wireless rig going from the KNA DB 1 pick up to my Schatten Design Mini Pre (volume control) mounted on my music stand and then cable to the PA.Worked like a charm and I had plenty of battery left after three 45-50 minute sets. The Bose PA is great for these gigs..great sound, lots of volume, easy to set up and it can be used as a monitor with no feedback so it is our go to system. Good gig but hot. In the first photo you can see that I seem to have lost my head in the middle of the song but I did get it back later.😊
  8. Well I tried the Boss WL-20 with my DB last night at an outdoor street gig with the jazz standards quartet and it was great. The sound was good and no cables underfoot so I could move around as much as I wanted.The batteries had a factory charge on them when I bought them and I used them at home for an hour or two and then played three 45-50 minute sets at the gig and the batteries are still fine. My bass has a KNA DB 1 pick up and after the preamp it goes into our Bose PA which is perfect for this band (keys, sax/clarinet,vocals,bass into the PA,drums acoustic). So far I'm impressed with the simplicity and the sound of this rig and I hope it will continue to work as well.
  9. Yesterday I picked up a Boss WL-20 system to try with my DB. I may also use it with my EB and EUB(both active) but the main purpose is to avoid cables and be able to move around more when I play the DB. I tried a Line 6 G10 a while back but it developed problems and also didn't like the active pick ups. Similar to the G 10 the Boss unit has a small transmitter that plugs into the instrument and an equally small receiver that I have going into my Schatten design mini pre and then a cable to the amp or mixer. I have the pre amp mounted on my mic stand for easy access, it is basically a volume control, I EQ on the amp or mixer and I can move around all I want and even (gasp!) spin the DB if I feel the need. After an hour or two of playing I'm quite happy with the unit and will give it a tryout at an outdoor gig tonight, if it doesn't get cancelled due to possible thunder storms.
  10. Maybe they are trying to work out an arrangement of "The Flight of the......." OK, I couldn't resist, sorry about that.😁
  11. Our seven piece swing/Dixie band had a four hour gig last Friday at the official opening of a small craft brewery. We were set up in the actual brewing part of the building about ten feet from a canning machine that was running most of the time we were there. Concrete floor, steel walls and ceiling and a large industrial garage door open to the parking lot/patio and anywhere from 50 to 100+ beer drinkers there to celebrate the opening and try new beers. The background noise was unbelievably loud so we just went ahead and played two sets of swing(me on DB) and then two sets of Dixie where I switch to banjo.When the BL called the tunes we had to shout them along to everyone and then hope for the best.The Bose PA we use is absolutely wonderful and we could actually hear ourselves just using it as a monitor.We are experienced enough to let the PA do the work and we didn't try to compete with the noise, we were there as background music not to play a concert.Unusual way to set up the band but we were told where to play so we had no choice and the whole building had a concrete floor so there was no other place that would have been better. From what I heard from people I knew at the gig the balance was pretty good and we could be heard. Crazy gig but it went over well and we even got an encore, amazing since most of the audience were between about 25 and 40, not the usual demographic for our type of music. We were well paid, got a couple of beers and the owners said they will probably book us back and we got some good exposure.
  12. Well your wife has the right idea and you are very lucky that way.Go for it!😉 Not particularly good pics but this is me with the Stagg I had and my Engelhardt Swingmaster ES9, not a very well regarded bass by some, but it looks great and sounds good for the music I play.
  13. That is pretty strange, a lot of drop with the jack out. I didn't keep track of my batteries on a regular basis when I had the Stagg but did check them before each gig and replaced them if they had dropped much but I can't remember the details.The batteries lasted quite a while before they started to die and the EUB got quieter and quieter and finally quit, I wish I had checked the voltage at that point to see exactly where it quit working. I actually used the Stagg a lot, it was my first foray into the upright world and sounded good in my jazz quartet but when an SLB appeared with an unbelievably low price I just had to buy it and although some people don't like them it is perfect for me. BTW, I went even farther down the slippery slope last year when I visited England ( I'm Canadian ) and went to the double bass bash in April.That experience produced serious GAS and last June I bought a DB and use it on most gigs but use the SLB for rehearsals and gigs in venues with limited space. Be careful, upright is addictive, but so much fun! 😉😊
  14. The Stagg I owned and the Yamaha SLB200 that I use now both have a power switch in the output jack and some owners are not aware of this and wonder why their batteries don't last. If the cable is plugged in the preamp is on. I assume from the work you have done that you know a lot about electronics and are aware of this but I thought I'd toss it out just so others with battery problems following this thread might find it useful before they look for other solutions. I liked my Stagg but I love the SLB 200, it works for me.
  15. Well done!👏 From your description it sounds like more than a "minor success", most of us would be very happy to have a night like you had.Your future looks good...you will be much more relaxed and have some real fun next time!😊
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